Sunday, November 27, 2016

The domestic terrorists who took over the wildlife refuge in Oregon are totally pissy that they might be on a terrorist watch list.

Jon Ritzheimer, claims he is not a terrorist. Uh huh.
Courtesy of Oregon Live: 

Some Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers appear to have jumped from one conflict with the federal government straight into another: At least three claim to now be in a federal database of known or suspected terrorists. 

Jason Blomgren, 42, Jon Ritzheimer, 33, and Jeff Banta, 47, believe they're on the terrorist watch list, created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks to track people who could be a threat to national security. 

All three said federal airport agents have pulled them out of regular screening lines to pat them down and question them when they've tried to fly. Ritzheimer also said he got extra scrutiny when police stopped him for a minor traffic accident. 

They said their boarding passes get marked with "SSSS," widely acknowledged among civil rights attorneys as the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration's notice to give somebody special screening at the airport. Any law enforcement official checking Blomgren's criminal history could see a warning to approach him with caution because he may be a member of a terrorist organization.

What the hell is this country coming to when armed men can't take over a government facility without finding themselves labeled as terrorists and treated as if they might be dangerous? 

But hey, I think that these pinheads can look forward to some good news on that front.

I have a feeling that the Trump Administration is going to turn a blind eye to any domestic terrorism without links to Islam.

I imagine that the new motto for law enforcement when it comes to terrorism will be, "If they brown, take cover on the ground. But if they white, they alright."

Yep good news for them, not such goods news for all of us.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Ritzheimer was a cowardly, whiny little bitch from day one. Who ran when the going got tough. They think that they get to pull that crap and remain without scrutiny?

  2. Well, at least their antics are having some consequences.

  3. A. J. Billings7:31 AM

    Let's all just imagine what the response and death toll would be if a group of armed Black lives matter people took over one of the buildings at a national park.

    Or if a band of native peoples of American decided to grab their AR-15's and occupy a post office or a school in protest.

    But somehow, the white Mormons and CHristian gun fanatics get a free pass and walk away after causing 2 million in damage.

    Sounds about right for the CHristian manifest destiny crowd

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      North Dakota has already proved what this country thinks of indigenous people and their rights.

    2. So True A.J. These people need to be behind bars in my opinion. I am a white, elderly, female Southerner for the record and I despise those who take advantage of others in any way. These Bundy idiots should stay behind bars for years in my opinion. They will lead any uprising that may come but will quickly chicken out and hide. What ever happened to American integrity? It sure isn't in any of these idiots. I am with the American Natives in their resistance to the pipeline. They have been cheated out of so very much for all their lives. Not that it is really relevant but one of my ancestors helped to settle Jamestown. I'm not proud of the fact that they took so much from the natives. He supposedly married Pocohontas' first cousin so I suppose he helped at least to keep her alive and procreating. But my understanding is that she kept him alive when her father raided the settlement and so many were killed. I'm rather proud to have Princess Eagle Plume in my ancestry. Assuming of course, that it is all true. The indigenous peoples of all countries need support and the truth of their suppression needs to be out there for all to see. I didn't suppress them nor did you originally but they are still paying dearly for oppression. In my opinion, we owe them.

  4. Best to be aware before you play...

  5. Anonymous7:46 AM

    READ THIS: created by Washington's right-wing Heritage Foundation> the "military-industrial-congressional-complex," not the white working class-"For the Defense Industry, Trump's WIN Means Happy Days are Here Again.""

    dick FUCKing cheney

  6. Anonymous7:49 AM

    G.? I read 'TOTAL PUSSY'

  7. Anonymous8:05 AM

    "” Al Baldasaro, a Trump supporter and New Hampshire lawmaker who called for the execution of Hillary Clinton during the campaign, told The Daily Beast. “It’s not that he’s not going to do it. He’s going to let Congress do their job… It’s going to continue its investigations.”"Limbaugh>
    “I never expected Trump to actually prosecute her,” he said on his show. “And the reason is… I’m falling back on what some of the standard protocols for politics are after victory and this just, we in America do not prosecute defeated political enemies... If he did it, it was going to be icing on the cake for me. But I never expected him to do it.” drumpf:
    "“I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation… we’re gonna have a special prosecutor.” He then added that if he were in charge, she’d “be in jail.”"

  8. "If they brown, take cover on the ground. But if they white, they alright."
    I don't see them taking cover. I think a more likely policy will be: "If they brown, take them down. If they white, they alright."

    1. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Spot on, Nefer!

  9. O/T: The Federal Trade Commission has (finally!) taken a strong stand on testing and advertising of homeopathic products. This article: has links to FTC documents.

    So, one more question about a Trump presidency: will he support (or ignore) this, or is he a believer who will scuttle the FTC's effort?

    Another link:

    And, for fun, google: trump homeopathy. One proponent suggests treating Trump's temperament with Fluoric Acidum (hydrofluoric acid), diluted beyond all detection, of course.

  10. Anonymous8:31 AM

    The mainstream press is legitimizing Trump’s lies by reporting them as truth. Hillary Clinton is not behind the recount. The Democratic Party is not behind the recount. Sen. Sanders’ answer on the recount was in lockstep with the official answer given by the Clinton campaign.

    Martha Raddatz was one of the media attendees at the off the record meeting with Trump in Trump Tower. According to reports, Trump used the session to yell at the press. That bullying appears to have paid dividends, as journalists like Martha Raddatz are using Trump’s tweets as a factual basis for their questions.

  11. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Trump’s Kleptocracy Is So Astounding It Already Feels Like Old News

    ...Trump’s brazen use of his office for personal enrichment signals something even more worrisome than four or more years of kleptocratic government. It reveals how willing the new administration is to obliterate governing norms and how little stands in his way.

  12. Now they ought to tag all the members of all militia groups, promise keepers, or whatever other garbage name they can come up with. Also anyone with a weapons charge in their past who also arev registered Rethuglikan, and all Nazis, or whatever they call their groups. They're all fuckin' terrorists.

    1. Chip them like dogs or an ear tag like cows?

      I say, why not do both?

    2. I have said the eartag bit many times on threads. Nice to meet a likeminded person. Yeah that white trash Nazi bunch gets to slide when they're more dangerous than anything ISIS can throw at us. Their real danger is that they live among us in every part of the country, and the go unidentified.

  13. As well they should be.

    Just because that travesty of a trial in Oregon let them go free doesn't negate the fact that they committed an act of domestic terrorism and as such should be on a watch list and monitored for future acts of terrorism.

  14. Randall3:50 PM

    They can't be terrorists...
    they're not Muslims!
    And they're white guys!
    Don'tcha see?
    Don'cha SEE?


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