Saturday, November 05, 2016

The spread of Christianity in a nutshell.

No it is not lost on me that Tutu is a Bishop in the Anglican Church, however that does not make his words any less true.

Whenever anybody attempts to convince me of all the good that Christianity has done in the world, all I have to do is think about the indigenous people of Alaska and in many other parts of the world, to remember the cost of all of that "good."

Entire cultures and civilizations were wiped out to make room for the Christian expansion, and in exchange for the loss of their land, their heritage, and in some cases even their language, they were promised a life after death that nobody has proved exists in the thousands of years of Christianity's existence.

That is a hell of a marketing ploy.


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    The missionaries did the same thing in Hawaii too. The largest land owners/richest families here are the direct descendants of those same missionaries. They took away the Hawaiians culture, religion, language & then took their children from their families & isolated them in "boarding" schools, just as they did to natives across the globe. Evil personified.

  2. Anonymous4:02 AM

    And it continues. My voting place is in a church. Imagine that. Separation of church and state. We the people are so bamboozled by a few.

  3. Anonymous4:27 AM

    I've always thought missionaries were the rudest and lowest-of-the-low. What incredible hubris it takes to barge into other people's homes and inform them they're doing religion wrong. Even worse, where christians are involved, it usually involves stealing (land, children, lives).

    1. Anonymous6:39 AM

      Well said. No one has a right to force their views or their God on others ...

  4. Anonymous4:45 AM

    Good things can be done by good people with no religion at all.

    1. Leland6:43 AM

      I agree, 4:45. However, I would bet that the rate of religious people stealing this way is far higher per capita - and always has been.

  5. One of these heathens asked a missionary, "So, you're telling me if I hear the word of your God and don't 'repent' I am going to hell?

    'If you didn't come here, I would never have known about this and thus not go to hell.

    "What kind of a monster are you, to come here just to tell me this?"

  6. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Smart heathen. Good question.

  7. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Off the top of my head, I can't think of any good that christianity has done.

  8. Anonymous6:38 AM

    A.Original culture and religions of Europe were destroyed in the name of " real God" and anti Paganism.. And today we fight Islam as a middle eastern religion but Christianity was already exported from the middle east to begin with !
    B. The Indians( India) managed to preserve their original religion somewhat compared to anyone else around the world

  9. Anonymous10:15 AM

    I think Native people were truly in touch with their higher power than the white people who came to take that away from them. My people had a one to one communion with nature. It was all good. Now when we try to go back to it we are told that we have many demons on our shoulders from our generational sins. Whatever that is. Guilt, fear, and passive bullying has bee then the tools of missionaries since day one. Oh, and Donald's campaign too by the way. The old trick of the trade.

    1. Anonymous12:46 PM

      I am agnostic myself but I really admire and even envy the spirituality of Native Americans.

  10. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I like the way he framed it, and it went on during the crusades and even before that. What's ours is ours and what's yours is ours as well.

  11. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Christianity has done great good. Study history, but first get rid of your knee-jerk biases.

    Shallow man, Gryphen.

  12. Catholic Crone10:35 PM

    Universities (the first and still some of the best), banks, hospitals, science, music, art, literature, medicine. And it was inseparable from the faith. You can spend years of effort and lots of $$$$ to get a classical education or just use your search engines of choice. Or think like IM guy.


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