Friday, November 04, 2016

Excerpts leak from new Megyn Kelly book. I don't think it is going to make Roger Ailes' must read list.

Courtesy of Radar Online:

Kelly — who is in the final months of a $15-million-a-year contract with the network — claims in the book that when Carlson first filed her complaint, Ailes commenced an “intense campaign” to get her and other stars to speak in his defense. 

“I was approached several times, and several times I refused,” she claims in the book, obtained by Radar. 

She insists, however, “There was no way I was going to lie to protect him.” 

Ailes vehemently has denied any misconduct. But Kelly claims in the book that he started to harass her, too, in the summer of 2005, a few months after she was hired as a legal correspondent in Fox’s Washington bureau. 

She writes that she was informed by her managing editor that she’d “captured the attention of Mr. Ailes” and she was summoned to the first of a series of meetings in his Manhattan office. 

“Roger began pushing the limits,” she alleges. “There was a pattern to his behavior. I would be called into Roger’s office, he would shut the door, and over the next hour or two, he would engage in a kind of cat-and-mouse game with me — veering between obviously inappropriate sexually charged comments (e.g. about the ‘very sexy bras’ I must have and how he’d like to see me in them) and legitimate professional advice.”

Kelly claims that Ailes attempted several times to get her to exchange sexual favors for career advancement but she rebuffed him each time.

Ultimately Ailes became more aggressive:

But in January 2006, she claims, he “crossed a new line — trying to grab me repeatedly and kiss me on the lips.” When she shoved him away, she alleges, “he asked me an ominous question: ‘When is your contract up?’ And then, for the third time, he tried to kiss me.”

Kelly claims all of that stopped in about six months after she reported the behavior to a supervisor.

Kelly also claims that she knew crossing Ailes was "a major risk" as the reason for her years of silence.

Radar Online also notes that the book is being published by Harper Collins which is owned by the same company which owns Fox News, so that might mean that though Kelly has free rein to talk about Ailes, she could be limited in making accusations against Fox News itself.

However it is also true that her contract with Fox is up in just a few months, so who knows, we might just get the whole lurid story someday.


  1. Anonymous4:53 PM

    It appears to be a culture of OLD UGLY LIARS behaving badly and not being held accountable. And protected AND enabled by other LIARS.

    1. Anonymous5:23 PM

      So he harassed Megyn, and then had the nerve to ask her to defend him against sexual harassment complaints.

      Chutzpah of astronomic proportions.

    2. Leland4:34 AM

      5:23, remember that the jackass (Ailes) more than likely didn't consider what he did to Kelly to be sexual harassment. Doesn't mean he was right, just that he didn't think it was.

  2. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Damn. I do love watching physics at work. LOL. Blowback really does fuckin' suck.

    Oh and fuck Mitch McConnell.


  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    I am by no means pretty in ANY sense of the word, but the thought of Ailes zoning in is just ewwww. Good for Megyn!

  4. Men with a talent get only the advice. Women with a talent get the advice dangled between comments about our underwear, swimsuits, boyfriends, cooking, breastfeeding... ad infinitum.

  5. Anonymous5:40 PM

    You could just about write a book of Trump falsehoods too - check this out -

  6. Anonymous5:54 PM

    Used to think Kelly was fairly attractive, now she is kinda starting to look like a menopausal alien.

    1. Anonymous6:18 PM

      $atah's got her beat by a mile and then some!

    2. Anonymous5:46 AM

      $atan has her beat? UH, any FAUXcaster is creepy, but that's a bit far.

  7. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Lyyyyyying Melania. AP breaking news: she worked here for 10 months before she had a visa to do so.

    1. Anonymous6:37 PM

      And no one will care.
      THIS is what we have become.

    2. SallyinMI6:45 PM

      Of course she did. And she barely speaks English, posed for porn shots, and slept with at least one married man. And THIS is who the GOP sees a a fit role model for American girls? I just spent some time of a site where they are creaming their pants over Palin making appearances this weekend (and she'll be with Trump in NYC on Tuesday night!!!!) They are insane. I guess she tweeted that she's bringing Willow and Piper along. Will she leave them alone with Trump in hopes of securing her position on the new network? Bet she does.

    3. Anonymous7:02 PM

      First report said ten months Melania worked illegally but it was ten jobs. However, the new story about the National Enquirer says a Playmate's affair with Trump lasted ten months. Must be why the word about Melania was originally ten months.

    4. Anonymous10:15 PM

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Melania Trump was paid for 10 modeling jobs in the United States worth $20,056 that occurred in the seven weeks before she had legal permission to work in the country, according to detailed accounting ledgers, contracts and related documents from 20 years ago provided to The Associated Press.":

  8. Anonymous6:23 PM

    For those of you who can, PLEASE watch Bill Maher tonight! President Obama. Excellent.

    1. Anonymous7:27 PM

      President Obama: FULL INTERVIEW | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

    2. Anonymous7:59 PM

      Bill gave more than enough time to the Trump dude on the left (name who cares). A serious show and very well done.

  9. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Good night.

    Jay Z and Beyonce, et al concert in Cleveland and a fine very short speech by Hillary.

    Megyn Kelly reminding everyone about Ailes' scumminess and of course he and Trump are buds and Trump has defended him.

    Melania's illegal working is verified.

    Trump's affair (one of how many plus how many assaults) while married to Melania came out.

    Christie's two underlings were found guilty on all counts and Christie's rally appearances in NH have been canceled.

    FBI truths are coming out more and more, and so is Giuliani's knowledge of things.

    Word is that Hillary's chances of winning are at 99% now.

    A good day.

    1. Anonymous12:45 AM

      what word is that? Trump is closing in by the minute.

  10. Anonymous7:09 PM

    Gryphen, I just saw on Huffington Post that the 13 year old rape victim just dropped her lawsuit against Trump,

    What the f#ck?????? How???

    1. Anonymous7:34 PM

      I've been wondering, too. I could understand, more, not going through with the planned news conference even with Lisa Bloom there for her and I'd expect all sorts of protection if needed, but why drop the case?

      I have to admit that a part of me is starting to wonder if she's been truthful about the Trump aspect of things. If not, then dropping the case and not letting things get out of control and do damage to the true stories out there is something I'm all for. If she should be embellishing the facts, if that came out then we'd have to hear that all the accusers are liars - so often, we see this happen.

    2. Anonymous8:07 PM

      Bullshit! You'd like to think that, wouldn't you, 7:34 PM? Do you know what's in play here and the power behind taking you out of life because you chose to speak up?

    3. Anonymous8:12 PM

      She was either threatened again, or she accepted a large cash settlement with a non-disclosure agreement.

    4. Anonymous9:11 PM

      After reading on Jezebel the two stories regarding the origin of the charge, the initial media contact, the first botched lawsuit and these new allegations I understood the whole thing to be a rather shaky claim to begin with.

      No one could ever hammer this woman down and her stories kept changing, which is certainly why she refused to go on air and why the charges were dropped.

    5. Anonymous10:32 PM

    6. Anonymous10:37 PM

      They got to her. Probably paid her off with usual non-disclosure.

      I hope she got the money up front and in cash. I doubt any check would clear.

    7. Anonymous12:16 AM

      She was full of shit. Always was. You morons just want to believe every bad thing you hear about Trump.

      Y'all aren't very bright in other words.

    8. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Hmmmm.... she was a distraction plant by T.Rump all along would be my guess.

  11. Anonymous7:13 PM

    I call bullshit on the harassment stopping when she told a supervisor. Unless the supervisor was one of the Murdochs. She's lying to make Fox News and News Corp. look better.

    1. Anonymous5:49 AM

      who she perhaps was sleeping with?

  12. Anonymous7:19 PM

    Well, I don't know about that 6:19pm.
    Megan.... no wig, no fake boobs , no butt
    pads and has her own teeth!

  13. Anonymous10:22 PM

  14. Anonymous10:38 PM

    She didn't have to go through Harper Collins. She could have sat on the book until her contract was up, then shopped it to any publisher with no gag on what she could and could not say.

  15. Anonymous10:56 PM


    "Juror 4 said the lack of engagement by law enforcement during the occupation coupled with visits to the refuge by politicians led him to see how the occupiers could view their presence as not being illegal." NO it is JUST REALITY...

    1. Anonymous8:59 AM

      Google "Sevier County White Caps" (C. 1885-1904) to see how criminals can be jurors.

      PS: The White Cappers were not KKK as there were no black people to terrorize in that area. They started out just 'punishing' women for 'misbehaving' (community leaders in disguise would pull the ladies out into their yards in the middle of the night and whip them), and moved on to murder-for-hire.

      It was a shameful era fraught with collusion and oppression. My great-great uncle was a prominent White Capper and was hung for the murder of a young couple (hit job) in 1904, effectively ending the White Capper's reign of terror.

  16. Anonymous11:10 PM

    Donald Trump - Paid abortions and prostitutes

  17. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Donald Trump, Presidential candidate, has been caught in compromising situations with Russian prostitutes. Donald Trump, anti-abortion Presidential candidate has paid for at least a dozen abortions, some since 2011. This is the ‘evangelical hero?’ No. He is a self-serving Russian dupe who uses his money and power to not just sexually assault women, but to force unwanted abortions on them and keep that threat over their heads through non-disclosure agreements.

    1. Anonymous4:41 AM

      He should have said, i had them rip it out of her...

  18. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Bill Maher is spot on in his show tonight about being worried that Trump could win. He said it was a right wing coup to stop Hillary from winning. I felt that from the time "they" zoned in on her when she was first lady. What is it about our country that we are so phobic about change? The whites don't want to lose their privilege of being on top of the rung so they sell us out to Russia even? Okay, if Trump wins, we go through hell. Don't anyone who voted for him whine. That's if you're not joining his Nazi regime willingly. The rest of us can bend over, put our heads between our legs and kiss our ass goodbye. Ahhh. America, she was a good country with good ideals. But in the ends she gave up and gave herself over to an idiot. Sad. Go out and vote, people. This is a test of our great democracy. Are we strong? Or did we become so complacent? Let's see in four days.

  19. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Early Voting Stability Despite News Volatility

  20. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Up until today I wasn't too worried (had faith that sanity would prevail and we would elect Hillary Clinton) - but now after all the news today I'm worried (verging on terrified!!!) -
    Rape case against trump has been dropped
    Melania - did work illegally in this country but no one is going to do anything about it - not even making a little fuss about it - zip nada - all ok here
    FBI is in the tank for trump - this is the most disheartening - the alt right has even infiltrated the FBI (with their eye on the supreme court next)
    A guy in front of a polling place with trump shirt and gun - and its all ok, no one does anything !!!!
    And the polls are slipping and Clinton was under 270 electoral votes
    And an electoral voter in Washington State saying he won't vote for her no matter what the final count is in his state (he thinks she is a criminal) !!! WTF
    and watched Bill Maher (had it on dvr) and he's worried - I've never seen him so worried !!!!
    Sure he's ranted - but this time he was truly deeply worried - Even his guest David Frum said the repubs (the few sane ones left) are scared !!!!!
    I feel like the alt right has "sleeper cells" all over - fbi, electoral college, immigration, etc and they can use that influence now to take power

    I need to find some good news soon or I may not be able to sleep between now and the election

    1. Anonymous8:42 AM

      We can only imagine how the German Jews felt as sanity collapsed around them.

      Dread is the feeling of impending doom. Wednesday, we'll feel vomitus relief or abject terror.

  21. Anonymous4:44 AM

    She has a right to tell what happened. Riles could have just paid for a foreign mail order wife.

  22. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Chick-en? “She’s trying to paint herself as some champion of women, and what does she do? She doesn’t even sit down with one of the top female journalists in the country,”...

  23. Anonymous3:10 PM

    What a damn shame that Fox News is the only game in town, poor Megyn had to stay there and take all the abuse.


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