Sunday, November 06, 2016

What really happened during the so called "assassination attempt" on Donald Trump in Nevada.

So if you read my post last night you would see me trying to piece together what happened in real time.

At the time I was just sharing information as I learned it and in the end I think we got fairly close to the truth.

However today we have more detail, including an interview with the poor bastard who was accused of endangering "The Donald."

Austyn Crites, the man who scared Donald Trump off the stage.
Courtesy of  The Guardian: 

The man whose protest saw Donald Trump rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents has said the Republican nominee’s supporters turned on him when he held up a sign reading: “Republicans against Trump”. 

The man, who identified himself as Austyn Crites from Reno, told the Guardian he was holding the sign at a rally when Trump supporters wrestled him to the ground.

The 33-year-old – who says he has been a registered Republican for about six years – said he was kicked, punched and choked, and feared for his life when the crowd turned on him at the gathering in Reno, Nevada. 

Crites cited Trump’s treatment of Mexicans, Muslims and women as the reason he decided to protest again Trump, who he described as “a textbook version of a dictator and a fascist”.

Okay now that is who Crites is, he is a Republican who is ashamed of the man that his party chose to represent them in the presidential election.

But here's the part that the media is not reporting accurately, Donald Trump himself pointed this guy out and incited the crowd to attack him.

Just skip all of the usual Trump bullshit and go to the 34:45 mark on the video.

It is at that point where Trump shades his eyes and says "Oh we have one of those guys from the Hillary Clinton campaign."

He then asks Crites how much he is being paid, and then instructs the crowd to "take him out."

This results in a fight between audience members and Crites, and in less than a minute Trump is hurried off stage by the Secret Service.

Here is what Crites described happened after Trump sicked the crowd on him: 

The Guardian found a bruised and shocked-looking Crites outside the auditorium. He said he was shaken and had pain in the back, but was otherwise uninjured.

“I had a sign that said ‘Republicans against Trump’. It is a sign that you can just print off online.” 

Initially, there was the expected reaction of people around him booing, he said. “And then all of a sudden people next to me are starting to get violent; they’re grabbing at my arm, trying to rip the sign out of my hand,” he said. 

He said he could not be sure but “it looked like” Trump was pointing at him, and may have been “instigating something”. Either way, the crowd piled on him, he said, kicking, punching, holding him on the ground and grabbing his testicles. 

He said he was a wrestler in his youth and used his training to turn his head to the side to maintain an airway open as he was being choked by one man who had him in a headlock. “But there were people wrenching on my neck they could have strangled me to death,” he added. 

Crites said when he was on the ground he heard someone yell “something about a gun” and he kept telling those on top of him that he had merely been holding a sign.

So to be clear Crites was unarmed, and only exercising his First Amendment rights.

It is important to note that EVERYTHING that happened here was the direct result of Donald Trump overreacting to a protester.

The man DID NOT pose a threat, and yet Trump singled him out, instructed the crowd to attack him, and that resulted in somebody yelling about a gun, and Trump diving off of the stage in fear for his life.

(Okay to be fair the Secret Service ushered him off stage, but still the ONLY reason they felt that was necessary is because Trump instigated a fight in the audience.)

Oddly enough Trump's supporters are actually viewing this event as a net positive for their candiate.

For instance this was posted on Sarah Palin's Facebook page today:

Of course it's easy to appear calm when you know that you are exaggerating something for effect and that there is in no real danger.

The take away for me is that this is proof that the giant orange POS starts conflicts and then runs away when there is any hint that he himself might be in harm's way.

And THIS is the guy who is trying to get elected to be America's Commander-in-Chief.

Not on my watch. 


  1. Anonymous8:07 AM


    The Week
    Donald Trump Jr. suggests the false alarm in Nevada was an 'assassination attempt'
    8:05 a.m. ET

    Donald Trump was rushed off the stage by Secret Service agents at a campaign rally in Reno, Nevada, Saturday evening after someone in the audience yelled, "gun!" Fortunately, it was just a false alarm: The supposed attacker, Austyn Crites, was actually a #NeverTrump Republican armed with a sign and no intention of doing Trump or his supporters harm.

    But Donald Trump Jr. didn't let that pesky detail stop him from retweeting a post describing the incident as an "assassination attempt."

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      Yes, I actually agree that it WAS an assassination attempt - but of the protestor, NOT of tRump! tRump actually tried to have this guy assassinated - and, as usual, he gets away with it!

    2. Anonymous9:26 AM

      If it had been an assassination attempt - Trump was wide open on that stage and could have been shot quite easily had someone, somehow gotten in there with a gun on them.

      All folks in attendance at those rallies are scrutinized extremely well before they are even allowed into the area!

      It didn't happen - there was no assassination attempt- Crites did not have a gun on him - and Trump is alive and well spreading this baloney today!

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Has anyone noticed that both Donnie Jr and Eric have speech impediments?

      Bad dentures or lack of chin?

    4. Anonymous11:48 AM

      There were no guns. They all went through a metal detector, which the SS no doubt requires for these events. I'm sure Mr. 2nd amendment would be fine looking at a room full of armed angry people though.

    5. Anonymous10:35 PM

      Kellyanne Conway is aware that it was NOT an assassination attempt and the Clinton Campaign has nothing to do with it, but stated they would not apologize or deny the lying tweets because "that damage is done" and besides, it's working for them.

      She is such a vile piece of shit. I want her destroyed right after Trump goes bankrupt.

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    SARAH PALIN is always babbling about the Lame Steam media.

    Lame Stream Media:
    Most of the present-day U.S. media outlets, which have been shown by studies to be biased in their reporting

    Sarah Palin do you consider the National Enquirer to be part of the Lame Stream media you are always complaining about since it is biased about the stories they post?

    Can America assume that the owner of the National Enquirer and Donald Trump are in cahoots with each other because the National Enquirer refuses to publish a damaging story the National Enquirer purchased the rights to that would further damage the Republican Party's presidential candidate Donald Trump's reputation and presidential chances of winning?

    But I'm sure Donald Trump will deny any connections with the National Enquirer and the owner of the National Enquirer for not publishing the story it owns.

    1. Anonymous10:40 PM

      No one respects the National Enquirer as anything approaching main stream media or legitimate journalism.

      That rag is the "I had Elvis' baby" and "Aliens among us" tin foil beanie wearing paranoid mouth breathers main source of information. NO one takes them seriously. For the exact reason Pecker (what an appropriate name) has stated. He had a story and he killed it. It was true, legitimate and newsworthy. This election the public certainly had a right to know. He decided they didn't.

      Censorship. Yet another check on the Fascist checklist.

  3. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Sarah sees "calm" but I see smug self-satisfaction and pleasure on that ugly face.

    1. Anonymous8:49 AM

      Tat poster picture looks photo shopped to me, big time.

    2. Anonymous9:27 AM


    3. Anonymous10:21 AM


    4. Anonymous10:52 PM

      It's easy to look calm when you know there's no threat.

      I'll bet Trump was smug because the protester was beaten at his command.

      Orange Hitler.

      BTW Samantha Bee has a Trump Insult thesaurus posted now. At the request of viewers, her show put together clips of all of the names she's called him thus far. It's quite entertaining.

      But I think we should stick with Orange Hitler. That seems to be most descriptive and accurate.

  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    SARAH PALIN do you consider the Federal Bureau of Investigation to be Lame Steam investigators?

    Lame Stream Investigators:
    Most of the present-day U.S. federal investigators, which have been shown by studies to be biased in their investigations and reporting

    Sarah Palin do you consider the FBI to be part of the Lame Stream investigators since it is biased about the stories they plant and investigations they refused to look into and report?

    Can America assume that the FBI agents and Donald Trump are in cahoots with each other because the FBI refuses to publish any damaging stories that would further damage the Republican Party's presidential candidate Donald Trump's reputation and presidential chances of winning?

    But I'm sure Donald Trump will deny any connections with the FBI.

  5. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Calm look my ass. Looks like a smirk. He has a smirk that he can turn his rabid people on others. Which will happen on Tuesday if he wins. This man is channeling Hitler as we speak. There are so many people who he is sueing, and that word will fast turn to kill. Please sane Americans, do not Donald win! With him and Putin raising hell, there won't be anywhere we can run and hide our own asses.

    1. Anonymous9:20 AM

      That is the first thing I thought too, 8:25 AM. It is a smirk - he knew he created the harm that came to Crites and could have given a shit less!

      He's going to get his when he loses the race! He's deplorable himself and also the worst kind of a white, Republican, obese, racist man on the planet!

    2. Anonymous9:21 AM

      Especially in Alaska! Putin and Trump would not be kind to us!

    3. Anonymous9:28 AM

      There are so many people he is suing - and so many who get intimidated to drop their suits against him. The latest being the young woman who was raped by him and other billionaires as a 13y/o.
      She had to drop her suit out of fear for her life - just like he promised her all those years ago.

    4. Anonymous9:45 AM

      WHO HE ISIS^^^

    5. Anonymous10:24 AM

      No doubt it is a smirk.

      Whatever it was all about, the film they made sucks and looks stupid.

      My first thought was 'What are those old men doing with Trump?'

    6. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Little Donnie Jr. is as reptilian as his father.

  6. Anonymous8:35 AM

    93% of all paper cuts are lethal. Donald was in grave danger if the sign had hit him.

    Wake up people, this was a clear assassination attempt on Trump.

    1. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Oh, bullshit! No gun was found on Crites. They don't have a clue what a real assassinator even looks like at one of Trump's rallies!

    2. Anonymous10:21 AM

      Who yelled "gun"? It seems there are those Trumpsters that are ready to start a riot.
      You don't yell fire in a crowded arena unless there is a fire.

    3. Anonymous11:46 AM

      And they all went through a metal detector to get in. The 2nd amendment folks don't want guns in public places unless they are the ones packing.

    4. Anonymous10:48 PM

      Perhaps someone yelled 'gun' to keep the protester from being mob-murdered because of a no Trump sign too close to the fragile ego bloated orange GOP POTUS nominee. Donald himself sicced his 'fans' on the protester to liven up the rally.

      It felt staged except for the actual take down of Austyn Crites, a Republican, and his never Trump sign; free speech be damned.


  7. I wasn't there and I don't know Mr. Crites, but none of that surprises me. Reno harbors many more rabid conservatives than LV (for its size). It's the last stop for professional gamblers who aren't much good. They bitterly blame others. You can't be around them.

  8. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Ted Cruz why are you supporting Donald Trump since he directed America to look at the impartial National Enquirer's story against your father being a traitor to the United States of America and linked to a political assassination?

    Teddy does this picture and posts below supports that the National Enquirer is in Donald Trump's corner?

    Can America assume that the owner of the National Enquirer and Donald Trump were in cahoots with each other to bring down Trump's political opponent Ted Cruz?

    But I'm sure Donald Trump will deny any connections with the National Enquirer and the owner of the National Enquirer.

    Trump: We Need to Take National Enquirer Seriously on Ted Cruz
    Slate › blogs › the_slatest › 2016/07/22

    Jul 22, 2016 - The Enquirer ran this hot leaflet scoop with the headline "Ted Cruz Father Now Linked to JFK ...

    Donald Trump Blasts Ted Cruz's Dad For Photo ... - National Enquirer
    National Enquirer › photos › ted-cruz-fat...

    May 3, 2016 - Donald Trump Blasts Ted Cruz's Dad For Photo With JFK Assassin. By National ENQUIRER Staff

    National Enquirer Claims Cruz's Father Has Ties to Lee Harvey ... › 2016/05/03 › national-enq...

    May 3, 2016 - The National Enquirer claims to have "photo evidence" of Ted Cruz's father being tied to JFK assassin ...

    1. Anonymous11:29 AM

      In line at the grocery store, I noticed that the tabloids all have faked and horrible photos of Hillary Clinton (looks like scary Halloween makeup) and fear-mongering stories about what will happen if she's elected. I think the truth is the fear-mongering stories should be IF Trump is elected! Vote for Hillary Clinton so we can regain our sense of equilibrium in our lives.

  9. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Crites Words^

  10. These 2nd amendment guys run the minute someone says GUN but they don't mind voters being intimidated by their "poll watchers" being armed.

  11. Anonymous8:56 AM

    "grabbing his testicles" <THAT IS A SEXUAL A$$AULT!
    $1500.00!? NO.....

  12. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Dumb Drumpf and his posse are third world.

  13. Anonymous9:05 AM

    It's photo shopped. Here's the clip. Those three are never in the positions shown in the picture.

    Nice try Mrs. Todd Palin.

  14. Anonymous9:09 AM



    Otherwise, watch this video:

  15. Anonymous9:12 AM

    from Deplorables to Crites"solely blames Trump’s “hate rhetoric” for turning them “into animals.”"

    1. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Doesn't this make you want to be a Republican?

      What better way to treat your fellow Republican when you don't agree or like?

      We can count on Republicans to hush this up and no reprimands or saying they are any different from those that attack their GOP pals.

      How about a public ball grab? Is it in the party platform yet?

      They treat the press that they hate much better.

  16. Anonymous9:15 AM

    I truly feel sorry for Crites. You could see that he was knocked down and it appeared he was being kicked by Trump supporters before this was even indicated today.

    I so hope Trump gets his ass nailed before this is all over. He has brought on the hate and fear and strongly deserves it going directly back to him!

    Vote for Hillary Clinton. The fucker Trump is the last person we need residing in the White House.

    1. Anonymous11:42 AM

      He should sue Trump for medical bills and pain and suffering-must have been scared he was going to be torn apart alive.

  17. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Yes Sarah, your ugly and racist outbursts during the ’08 campaign worked out really well for you. Now we avoid running into you at the airport or anywhere else in Alaska. You are a old bag of bitterness.

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      And, Alaskans despise the entire Palin klan. They do not travel freely throughout the state - they are afraid of what they'll run into - verbal abuse!

      They don't even venture out of their home on the dead lake and shop, etc. in Palmerr or Wasilla. They've not been back to Juneau, the capitol of Alaska - since she quit! They REALLY, REALLY hate her and Todd there!

      Alaskan would love nothing better than their racists bodies moving from Alaska for good! No one in the rest of the country wants them either!

    2. abbafan11:35 AM

      They better stay the fuck out of Canada as well - we definitely don't want their shit-stank-skank asses here!!

      BTW, that photo of The Donald being hustled away by the Secret Service guy, he looks like he just shit himself YOOGELY!!

      When he gives his concession speech on Tuesday night (and he will!), and he sees the Secret Service detail leave, he will shit himself BIGLY!!

  18. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Secret Service> "They are calling "Gun >
    THEN...> alt-right GO"
    This was a SET UP by drumpf CLEARLY!
    Watch and LISTEN. Crites was already on the ground and look at the "shadow hand gestures " ..Hummm

    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      I agree. It looks more like one of his entertainment productions.

  19. Anonymous9:29 AM

    You can see Donnie's bald spot on the back of his head in that profile. No matter how much and from which direction he combs-over, he looks foolish and fools nobody.
    Plus, which hideous Clairol color is he using now? "Aging Gerbil"?

    1. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Check the photos over the past year - his hair color has changed often!! Plus, we all know he is bald and covering up with that ridiculous mop!

      He's such an idiot thinking others are not on to him. I'm sure they have been for a long time - it's just that no one surrounding him in his inner circle can tell him the truth!

      He's going down as a 'loser' and I can hardly wait!

  20. Anonymous9:30 AM

    So when President Obama is interrupted by a protestor, he tells the crowd not to boo and show the man respect for peacefully protesting, for being a veteran and for being older, cecause u should respect your elders. Trump lies at a rally and says the president was screaming at the guy and disrespect ting him. Project much? Then when someone attempts to peacefully protest at his rally, trump tells the crowd to take him out. I saw an interview where a Trump supporter admits putting hid knee on the guys head when he got taken down by several in the crowd. WHT hasn't he been arrested for admitting to assault?

    1. Anonymous9:45 AM

      Welcome to Drumpf's World.

      (Formerly known as Bizarro World)

      It's easy to navigate with these simple rules:
      1) What was up is now down
      2) what was wrong is now right
      3) what was bad is now good
      4) we are fucked if that fat balding orange douchebag wins and fucked if he loses, but we can deal with his loss a helluva lot better than - shudder - his win.

  21. Anonymous9:41 AM

    dRUMPf is 100% "BULLSHIT". And it is a sure thing when shit is orange like that, it identifies sickness in the body. The body being the rethuglican party.

    May that sickness take them down nationwide.

  22. Anonymous9:46 AM

    He looks like he's gained 30-35 pounds during this campaign. It's surely bumped him up into the "obese" category.

    Hillary's plump, and looks her age. Bill became a vegetarian and slimmed down after his heart operation. The Obamas, of course, are younger and have always looked terrific.
    Melania looks just like what she is -- an aging model full of plastic. And Donnie himself is a fat, balding, no-necked man whose eyes are almost invisible, with his sour squint. He was never handsome. Now he"s ugly.

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      I think Hillary Clinton looks terrific. Plus, she's lost weight during the campaign....she'd be hard to keep up with due to all the speaking engagements and appearances throughout the country.

      Most of us, her age, would not have that stamina. You can bet Trump doesn't! He's horribly overweight and looks it. Check out his face and the fact he has no neck! Plus, he plods across the floor to the mike/podium whenever he speaks and doesn't bounce up or down the stairs. I think he'll keel over and die if elected POTUS! He would not be able to handle the pressure or having folks counter him every step of the way!

      Vote Hillary Clinton!!!

    2. Anonymous11:42 AM

      I think the GOP is counting on him dying. Then they can install Dominionist Pence as POTUS, and have Ted Cruz without the drama. Think about that, anyone still not enthusiastic about Hillary..Pence as POTUS without ever being vetted by the people, and then Paul Ryan handed the VP slot...

  23. SallyinMI9:52 AM

    O/T, Trump sends Sarah and her two unmarried daughters to Michigan today. Guess where they were? Alpena GOP Headquarters (pop. 10,000) and then two hours later, to Cheboygan, (pop. 4500), again to the GOP Headquarters. She gave no speech or rally in some football stadium or gym. No, she just was there to rally the dejected troops and shake some hands. So much for changing minds and influencing anyone. Northern Michigan is inexplicably and reliably GOP, so Trump is wasting OPM by transporting this harridan and her girls around the country. Oh well. Notice there has been NO media attention paid to this other than the two local rags? Yes, sir, Sarah, you sure do rate right up there with noun verb 9-11 and Chris Christie. They aren't listed on Trump's 'appearances' site either. Did you get an ticket to the 'invitation only' after party on Tuesday, dear? Better inflate those boobs and buy something tight and short for Donnie. You do want that TV gig, right?
    Meanwhile the President will be in an Ann Arbor stadium tomorrow, and Hillary is coming to Grand Rapids. Go BLUE!!

    1. Anonymous11:45 AM

      Interesting because they named all the people campaigning today, Sunday in MI: Pence, Obama, Hillary,forgot who else.

      They did not mention Sarah.

    2. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Forgot to add, it was the local news that mentioned everyone campaigning in Mi today.

      Again tonight, nothing about Sarah.

  24. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Mr cowardly 4F was afraid of a sign.

  25. Anonymous10:06 AM

    This SNL opening made ME CRY by the end....

  26. Anonymous10:10 AM

    and grabbing his testicles. ____

    they were grabbed?


  27. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Just read that a GOP judge has lifted what a prior judge (Clinton appointee) had ruled re voter intimidation by Trump in Ohio. disgusting.

  28. Anonymous10:28 AM

    "Sunday, Conway suggested to Fox News that Crites deserved the beating because he was “probably a plant” sent in by the Clinton campaign.

    “This protester, we’re finding out this morning, he’s a Democrat, I’m TOLD,” Conway opined. WTFUCK?

    1. Anonymous11:39 AM

      And people say, Kellyanne, that it wasn't too long ago that you were trying Trump, back when you worked for Teddy Cruz. We've seen the videos, dear...there was no threat to Herr Trumpf. None. And no, the guy is NOT a Democrat. He's an angry Republican who thinks Trump is an idiot.

  29. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Is this a Steve Bannon Production? Where is James O'Keefe?

    How can Donald Trump “drain the swamp” in Washington when some of its slimiest denizens work for his own campaign?

  30. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has the National Enquirer chief executive David Pecker as his trusted friend and supporter

    Führer Adolf Hitler had Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945), his trusted friend and colleague, to the key post of minister for public enlightenment and propaganda.

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      You are right. Trump has Hitler's playbook by his bedside and is following it to the tee.

  31. Anonymous10:54 AM

    When Trump loses he immediately loses secret service protection.That should scare the orange out of him.

    1. Anonymous11:48 AM

      Why? the only ones calling for assassination are his supporters and the only ones running around like nuts with guns are his supporters.

    2. Anonymous2:25 PM

      He probably has the audience full of his goons that are looking for something so they can yell "gun" or do what will cause more disturbances.

      Trump has no doubt practiced for when things line up and his goons make sure there is a big crowd stir up.

      Check his other tape of getting out of harms way with Secret Service. He was also taken by surprise when he tried to pose with the eagle. His face looks tense and terrified.

    3. Anonymous4:38 PM

      He'll have to hire his own security only on a much bigger scale than he did prior to running for POTUS and losing!

      I so hope someone nails his ass where he ends up in the hospital. He has it coming and a good beating is warranted. He's so hateful to others and is very much disliked throughout the country. I think he'll become afraid of his own obese shadow!

  32. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Führer Adolf Hitler had the Waffen-SS (German pronunciation: Armed SS), the armed wing of the Nazi Party's Schutzstaffel (SS, "Protective Squadron").

    Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has the The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the domestic intelligence and security service of the Trump Organization.

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      Exactly. Our human history is playing like a damned broken record. Sad thing is just a few people live outside the matrix and see the pattern. I ask myself, where would I fit in the scheme of things when the shit hits the fan? As a minority, I feel that if Donald wins, I will not ask questions, and start going into hiding. This cannot be good.

  33. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I call major BS on the Trumpster. Brave he is not and never has had to be since he has mastered the art of insult, lying, hate and ego to the max. There was no threat and no gun.

    1. Anonymous3:09 PM

      Damn! No gun.

  34. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Groping Balls and Pussy:
    So what does justice look like under Trump’s America? I guess one version is a country where men and women have an equal right to grope.

  35. Anonymous11:05 AM

    The woman who withdrew her charges against Donald Trump for raping her when she was 13, was she interviewed (wink wink) by the FBI of the TO (Trump Org)?

  36. Anonymous11:49 AM

    Todd Palin - Donald Trump

    All this talk about Trump has some FBI agents in his back pocket to do his bidding made me think of Todd Palin and his wife's 2008 vice presidential Secret Service detail.

    Todd's girlfriend and prostitute Shailey Tripp said Todd pimped her out to Sarah's Secret Service agent.

    Why would Todd do that? Is it so later on Todd could blackmail the Secret Service agent? Does the Secret Service agent now belong to and reports to Todd and has to do his bidding and keeps him out of future trouble?

    Did Trump hire prostitutes to put some (married) FBI agents into compromising positions and they now belong to and report to Trump?

    Shailey Tripp said she recognized the faces of some of the detectives and police officers of the Anchorage Police Department who were investigating her for prostitution. Shailey said she serviced them.

    Shailey said they confiscated evidence that implicated Todd Palin as her pimp but that evidence disappeared and they never implicated Todd.

    Shailey also said something about Todd had her keep notes of who she serviced, when, where and what were their sexual fetishes.

    Why would Todd want that information? Did he use that information to blackmail the Anchorage detectives and police officers which meant Todd owned them? Is that why they destroyed evidence?

    Are some of the FBI agents obligated to Trump and they leaked information as well as leaked false information to the press regarding frontrunner Hillary Clinton?

    Did they also look the other way regarding Trump and Russian agents?

    1. Anonymous12:01 PM

      We didn't look the other way. We closed our eyes.

    2. Anonymous2:17 PM

      That July, around the 4th, the FBI worked on a Saturday to help the Palins with some of their carp. Wasn't it the FBI that never was involved with drugs in the Valley before, weren't they part of the Palins screwing over and setting up Mrs. Johnston?

      It seems FBI and others promised to get back to the media about the Church fire.

      They never got back, they lied.

      All that the fans of Sarah Palin learned was from some fan and he laid out how it was the LGBT that were arsonists. There may have been others that were said to set the fire, but that was in the World Nut News and other far rt media.

      The list is long but I hope someone in Alaska, in the US, feds, state,
      will look more at all the deals with Palins.

      So many crimes were messed with, rigged what have you for the Palins in Alaska and the US. All the Track cover ups, the whole adult family needs to be bailed out with Palin clout and covered up for all their crimes.

      They even wrote about Todd entertaining his Secret Service friends, they were special and a little about the friends was in an article or articles. Because, others that the SS protected were not that friendly.

      John McCain and the DEA and who knows all the agencies doing him favors for Cindy when she stole the kid's medication when she was a user drug addict.

      I don't recall the man that was concerned about Meghan as a child and the drug situation with Cindy. He was violated and treated horribly for caring about the kids. Actually caring for Cindy since getting off drugs would be good for her.

  37. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Remember the time Sarah Palin shot 5 times and still missed a non moving caribou

    Well Trump is so damn big even Sarah Palin could have shot him 100 yards away without daddy's help.

  38. This was staged BULLSHIT.... there wasn't an ounce of fear on his face like the last time,,, and there just happened to be a SWAT team on hand????riiiiiiiiight. A sign waver he identified and the SS pushes him off stage in the worst sort of faked crap I have ever seen. Another gross assumption by drumpf and his paid hit men that we the people are buying this bullshit.... FUCK TRUMP

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      His training in the WWE with Vince McMahon came in handy for this staged stunt. Will his "marks" be angry with him when they discover he took them all for a ride with no results?

  39. Anonymous3:00 PM


  40. Anonymous3:09 PM

    That photo looks photo shopped, look at the direction they are looking in.

    It looks like Trump photo was of him on stage at some rally, then they added in the SS.

    Is there anything Trump will not lie about?

  41. When I viewed the video of him being rushed off stage I couldn't stop laughing. That orange asshole was crouched down as he ran with them and his hair was the most hideous thing that stood out - 2nd only to how much he looked like a bad actor who will never get the part!

    I didn't think I could loathe him anymore than I already do but damn, he proved me wrong! It has to be one of his most embarrassing moments caught on tape. My reaction was straight up - EWWWWW

  42. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Definitely photo-shopped, not the same SS agents as in video.

    Don’t tell me Donnie Jr is a liar just like daddy:)

  43. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Silver lining.

    I don't live in Oceanside but it's close enough for me to hate Darrell Issa with a passion.

    After 16 years and 3 high profile failed attempts, it looks like the Democrats have a chance of wiping that smug look off Darrell Issa's face.

    What little polling there is shows Issa is Tied with Applegate and it's trending Democratic. Yay.

    Issa has never had to defend his seat before. He's never had to print up yard signs or go around actually campaigning. His seat has been that secure.

    But this year an ex-marine, lawyer, veteran and Democrat challenged him in the primary and came within 5 points to make the run-off in November. Applegate started with $53,000 and has campaigned all along. When he won the DNC got behind him and Applegate has had ads on TV and been talking up a storm. Mid October the polling showed Applegate and Issa neck and neck and Issa panicked. How he's got some really awful attack ads out and is campaigning like mad.

    Obama has called out his "chutzpah" for using Obama in his campaign literature. His attempt to deflect Applegate but using Rudy Giuliani didn't help at all.

    Meanwhile Applegate is tying Issa to Trump with great results. Applegate is a veteran and so is using Trump's disrespect of veterans, the military, women, all of it against Issa.

    Looks like it's working.

    As much as I want to see Trump defeated, I am going to celebrate when Darrell Issa gets his clock cleaned. I'll put on a red dress and go out dancing.

    That would give what was thought to be a safe Republican house seat to the Democrats.

    I understand there is another seat in Modesto that may go from Republican to Democrat.

    As California goes, so goes the nation, I hope.


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