Saturday, November 26, 2016

Wisconsin agrees to presidential recount, but even before it starts they are dismissing over a thousand votes for Trump. Update!

Courtesy of NPR:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission announced Friday that it would hold a statewide recount of the presidential vote. The move was in response to petitions from two candidates, the Green Party's Jill Stein and independent Rocky Roque De La Fuente. 

Federal law requires that all recounts be finished 35 days after the election, which is Dec. 13. One or both of the candidates will be required to pay for the recount.

Well that is certainly good news, and it is especially important in light of this news:
The presidential election of 2016 was the most contentious and bizarre in American history. On top of the vile rhetoric that was spewed by now President-elect Donald Trump, it now appears that certain voting tallies in Wisconsin were hedged in Trump’s favor. A county in Wisconsin named Outagamie County had four precincts in the areas of Cicero, Grand Chute, Bear Creek, and Hortonville which all showed that they had fewer people overall than had voted in the presidential election. This instance, naturally, caused the Internet to fly in a fury claiming, rightly, that voter fraud was taking place. The precincts quickly adjusted their voting totals, which removed over a thousand votes from Donald Trump’s side. What a coincidence, the party which has spent years decrying voter fraud were once again benefiting from voter fraud. 

And THAT is only one county in Wisconsin.

Here is more from The Palmer Report:

At the end of election night the New York Times reported that Donald Trump had won the state of Wisconsin with a total of 1,409,467 votes, giving him a winning margin of 27,257 votes over Hillary Clinton’s total of 1,382,210. These numbers were based on what the individual counties and precincts were reporting that night. But now seventeen days later, based on various Wisconsin precincts revising their own totals, Dave Wasserman of the respected Cook Political Report has updated the totals. Donald Trump now has 1,404,536 total votes in Wisconsin, while Hillary Clinton now has 1,382,011 total votes. 

Two things immediately jump out, as first spotted by music critic Dave Greenwald. The first is that, even ahead of the forthcoming recount in Wisconsin, Donald Trump’s lead has already shrunk to just 22,525 votes. That means 18% of his “lead” has already vanished, based on precincts catching some of their own incorrect numbers, and internet gawkers catching others. But the second thing that jumps out is that the revisions have served to erase thousands of votes from Trump, while affirming that Clinton’s vote total was essentially correct to begin with.

So is it possible that Philadelphia and Michigan also have disparities like this among their election results? Do you really even need to ask?

Which brings me to my Saturday morning rant.

I am sick and tired of people saying some version of "Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate," or "The Democrats simply did not get their message out," or "The Clinton Campaign's arrogance cost them this election."

No, No, and NO!

This election was not lost. This election was stolen.

Even if you dismiss this stuff in Wisconsin as being nothing more than a few aberrations which did not affect the outcome, the evidence that this election was stolen is still overwhelming.

First there is the incredible disparity between the electoral vote and the popular vote which now shows Hillary Clinton ahead by 2.2 million votes.

Add to that the fact that the Republicans launched an investigation designed to implant in the American psyche the idea that Hillary was a criminal of some kind.

Then add Russian hackers who targeted ONLY institutions that might have dirt on Hillary, Wikileaks who then dumped that data for public consumption, a media that gleefully reported that illegally attained information to the public while also exaggerating it to attract consumers, and then finally FBI Director James Comey who gambled with his very future by coming out and alluding to the possibility that Hillary might still be indicted.

So you tell me, which presidential candidate could have withstood all of that and emerged victorious?

Bernie Sanders? Don't make me laugh.

Donald Trump? Not on your life.

Barack Obama? No, probably not even him.

NO candidate in American history has had to weather this kind of shit storm.

And now it turns out that the final vote tally might not be accurate.

The Republicans are counting on Democrats to blame ourselves or each other for this "loss," after all that's the same thing we did back in 2000

"Oh if only AL Gore had not been so stiff, or maybe if he had allowed Bill Clinton to campaign for him, or maybe if he had not used the term 'blind trust' so much."

No we won that election, and we allowed it to be stolen from us.

And the same thing just happened again.

So go ahead and blame the most qualified candidate that we have ever run for office, or blame the DNC for not "allowing" Sanders to win instead, or maybe just blame yourselves. After all that is what we do.

And that is what the Republicans, the Right Wing media, and Vladimir Putin are counting on.

But if we don't start looking at the reality of what went on in this election, we are going to find ourselves right back here again in four, eight, or twelve years.

Update: Well now the Clinton Campaign is officially participating in this recount effort.

Good for them!


  1. Anonymous8:47 AM

    drumpf effect> "don't like it? to bad."

    1. Anonymous9:02 AM

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Still pushing your Hillary bullshit I see.

    Apparently the more you sniff it the more you believe it.

    1. What you smell are FACTS dipshit.

      I know your type is allergic to them, but they exist all the same.

    2. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Opinions are not facts Gryphen. You are full of opinions you confuse with facts. You are a confused person.

      Trump won the electoral vote. Fact.

      That is the only important FACT.

      If somehow any recounts completely swing enough states to give Hillary the electoral college, then you will have something to talk about. But don't count on it.

      Go out for a hike and get some fresh air buddy. You are losing it.

    3. Anonymous10:22 AM

      @9:58 AM Why the fuck do you come here with your bullshit, kid?

    4. Anonymous10:24 AM

      8:53 is on one again. What part of 'you don't know shit'do you understand?

    5. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Hahahahahahaaa 10:22 and 10:24.

      Lets see who is sworn in as President January 20th.

      Shit in one hand and wish in the other buckos, see which one fills up first lololol.

    6. Anonymous5:48 PM

      Well this article explains the Trolls specifically from Russia! Internet Research Agency a must read!
      Our ignorant spewing friend here is most likely spewing propganda! But dickweed, You're shit don't fly here.
      Go back to you desk in St Petersburg & FUCK OFF!

  3. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Nothing I can add to what Gryphen has said. EXACTLY.

    Well, I'll just add that I was pretty PO'd to see that our pres had weighed in and made the usual "the people have spoken" comment. I get that neither he nor Hillary would want to say something to stir the pot, but I wish he'd have just chosen to say nothing at all.

    1. Anonymous9:41 AM

      President Obama has to keep the peace among the citizens above all else. He is one of the most patient men in history, he did what he had to do and will wait to see what takes place now. I even think he got some balls rolling behind the scenes.

    2. Anonymous10:05 AM

      And I get that. Of course. And Obama's Castro statement today is an example of being presidential. But the very detailed remarks he made about the election results, including what Russia's hopes probably were and that he didn't see any issues with cyber security and the election results were not at all compromised, was, in my opinion, way too much. He could have stayed silent and waited or found a brief and generic statement to make.

    3. Anonymous11:33 AM

      It is nice of you to decide what the President should or should not say based on your feelings 10:05 lol.

  4. Anonymous9:02 AM

    ALL 3 SO FAR......

    1. Anonymous9:38 AM

      They don't know what they're about to start. We WILL see Civil War part deux if they continue this trac. Obama sees it, hence the official statement of "stop."

    2. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Clinton campaign to join Wisconsin recount

    3. Anonymous9:51 AM

      The campaign also said it would participate in recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan if they went forward.

    4. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Post that "official statemen" please.

      Civil war to prevent a Fascist dictator for President? Yeah,it could happen.

    5. Anonymous10:15 AM

      They are not starting anything, from Clinton's campaign councel (which Gryph of course did not print):

      "But, in a post on Medium, Marc Elias, the campaign's counsel, said the campaign's own investigation has not uncovered any evidence of hacking of voting systems."

      "Because we had not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology, we had not planned to exercise this option ourselves, but now that a recount has been initiated in Wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides," Elias wrote on Medium.

      and from the administration:

      A senior administration official said in a statement that there is no evidence of any hacking.
      "The federal government did not observe any increased level of malicious cyber activity aimed at disrupting our electoral process on Election Day," the official said. "As we have noted before, we remained confident in the overall integrity of electoral infrastructure, a confidence that was borne out on Election Day. As a result, we believe our elections were free and fair from a cybersecurity perspective."

    6. Anonymous5:51 PM

      "They don't know what they're about to start. We WILL see Civil War part deux if they continue this trac. "
      You pussies always say that when you lose.
      STFU and go do more crack.

  5. Anonymous9:33 AM

    You know, I was suspicious when Donald was bragging that he was going to be called the Brexit president back in June. Then I thought why is he building this hotel in D.C.? This coup must have been planned as far back as when they started building the hotel. Or further. And according to Hitler's book just incite the normally unhappy and blaming type people, and the rest is history. Hmmmmm. Okay. And they were depending on the Democrats who are always self-analyzing if they could have done better. Then they went for the jugular. Not only politics but psychology. Hitler's people used lots of psychology.

    1. Anonymous10:02 AM

      It doesn't take a lot of carefully planned psychological ministrations to excite the GOP base, they literally are the dumbest 25% of our population.

  6. Anonymous9:37 AM

    For those who condemn Trump on his reality star status, Obama showed himself to be obsessed with the late night circuit and such things. There's no difference.

    1. Anonymous9:56 AM


      So funny.

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      Every fucking President reaches out to the country through popular media; it humanizes them, it gives the average Joe a glimpse of the actual person rather than the politician.

      Do you ever give it a rest? You're like the fucking Kanye West of this blog, never sleeping and saying crazy shit all the time.

    3. Anonymous10:07 AM

      God, the idiocy. There is no comparison.

    4. Anonymous10:20 AM

      9:37, you are insane.

    5. 9:37, is being so stupid physically painful?

    6. Anonymous5:52 PM

      Anonymous9:37 AM
      fuck off Russian TROLL You are busted. Now go fuck yourself.

  7. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I am sick and tired of people saying some version of "Hillary Clinton was a flawed candidate," or "The Democrats simply did not get their message out," or "The Clinton Campaign's arrogance cost them this election."

    Oh me too Gryphen. No matter what, she got 2 million more votes. How these media can go on and on discussing how she lost is beyond me.

  8. Anonymous9:39 AM

    This is OT, yet it's not really. The contrast between how someone presidential and Trump is so stark. Trump is an "I was first" child who always immediately tweets something inane and out of his need to say he's said something first. What pres would exclaim that Castro is dead and leave it at that. Of course, Trimp's people then composed something else for him to tweet. No matter how much help Obama might have in composing things he puts out there, we know he does much of his own writing and of course could do well on his own. Trump is an ass and will never comprehend what being presidential means.

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Sorry about those typos. Hard to wake up today.

  9. Anonymous9:41 AM

    In every other democracy in the world, Clinton would be person preparing to take office. EVERY.OTHER.DEMOCRACY.IN.THE.WORLD.

  10. Anonymous9:51 AM

    "Then add Russian hackers who targeted ONLY institutions that might have dirt on Hillary"

    Here's one place I disagree with you, Gryphen. I suspect that they also gathered lots of incriminating information on Trump to use at a later time in order to 'persuade' him to support policies that benefit them. They may not have made that information public, but it doesn't mean they didn't collect it.

    1. Well that's supposition and I am trying to stick to the facts.

      We can imagine all kinds of scenarios, but that has no place in this conversation.

    2. Anonymous10:28 AM

      I respectfully disagree, Gryphen.

      There is an opinion piece on the Washington Post entitled, "American's Keep Looking Away From the Election's Most Alarming Story" written by Eric Chenoweth who is the co-director of The Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe detailing the interference of the Russian government AND Wikileaks, in this election cycle. It's worth the read.

      Here is the link:

    3. Anonymous5:55 PM

      The night this story broke
      another mentioned a SeX tape

      The russians are blackmailing trump. And putin is dating a Chinese spy!
      This whole election reads like a spy novel and add the TRolls with their propganda and lies, spewing out there "Trump won" when indeed he HASN'T won at all!

  11. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Now the news is really tryin to inform that money may not go to recount. Excuse me, they are trying to show we may have a possblle corrupt election. Currently orange arse is not my pres. He is so ugly. Oh and trump is talking about himself when he talked about castro. Orange garbage.

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

      I know. Always someone trying to challenge and detract from what is a real and legitimate issue or story. Groan.

  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    What people saw in Hillary Clinton was just another career politician who rubs elbows with the 1% and they wanted something different. She lost the primary to Obama in 2008 for a reason, why trot her back out 8 years later? Because it was her turn?

    It had nothing to do with her qualifications, charisma, her charm or her personality, it was for many people just another cog in the wheel of what they felt was a Clinton dynasty and after 8 years of a charismatic newcomer people found Clinton to be taking a step backwards.

    Why do you think so many people went nuts for Bernie during the primary? I mean really, an old white socialist career politician? Apparently he was fresh enough to energize a lot of voters and many of those voters either went third party or stayed home on election day, while the disenfranchised GOP base and the powerful corporate types got out the vote for Trump, regardless of how flawed he is.

    I voted for Hillary because I thought that she would be somewhat better for America than Trump, at least she would do no harm being that she would face 4-8 years of absolute GOP congressional obstruction, but still, she would have been a respectable face to lead our nation, but I guess not enough others were willing to make that choice

    Trump is a joke and he has the rest of the world laughing at us, but not enough people cared about that; they just wanted to blow it all up, so we'll just have to wait 4 years or 8 years and see where the pieces settle.

    1. I think one of the stupidest terms in politics is "Clinton dynasty." Two people in the same generation related by marriage running for the same office 16-24 years apart does not constitute a dynasty.

    2. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Nefer, I don't care if you disagree but a lot of people saw it that way, Hillary was basically running the show during Bill's presidency, and she did a lot of good, and if there was no Obama a lot more people would have gotten behind her, but by saying "dynasty" we really mean "old school business as usual" that's what Hillary was.

      She lost the primary in 2008 for a reason and she should have just been happy with her tenure as SOS and not put her hat in the ring this time.

      She did more harm than good because she didn't resonate with the voters, any more than she did in 2008.

    3. Anonymous4:38 PM

      3:14 Apparently she resonated with 2 million more voters than Trump did.

  13. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Where was Anonymous during this election to stop this Republican skullduggery ? They stopped Rove and company from stealing Ohio and the 2012 election for Romney, but seemed to be non-existent this election cycle.

  14. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Oh god, thats why PAPER BALLOTS, always no exception. hope we (wisconsin ) can change it!

    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      These precincts were using paper ballots. The election official in charge of certifying the election said that it was a calculation error while counting the ballots. I guess maybe find someone who knows how to use a 10 key more efficiently?

  15. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Election Fraud Complaint Filed As More People Voted Than Total Voters In 4 Wisconsin Precincts

    An election fraud complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin Elections Commission after it was uncovered that more people voted in the presidential race than the total number of votes in 4 precincts in Wisconsin.

    ...“When you have not one, but four separate precincts reporting that more people voted for president than voted overall, that should not be treated as a clerical error, but rather as a coordinated attempt to commit widespread election fraud,” said Scott Dworkin, Senior Advisor to the Coalition. “The Wisconsin Elections Commission should not look into just these precincts, but into every other precinct in the state where there was a discrepancy,” Dworkin added.

    The state should be looking into every vote in every precinct because this level of error is unprecedented. The numbers aren’t adding up in Wisconsin. As more irregularities are found in the totals scrutiny should be increased.

    1. I agree. That is conspiracy to commit fraud.

      There is so much corruption in this election that is just being ignored in the spirit of a smooth transition. The Republicans know it. They can always count on the Democrats to roll over and play dead. We did it twice before and they had no reason to think we wouldn't do it again. That emboldened them to be even more blatant in their cheating.

      I suspect from now on Democrats will continue to lose.

      The great democratic experiment is over. We did last longer than communism but that isn't much consolation.

  16. Anonymous10:17 AM

    $5,793,796.62 raised

    Clinton to follow Stein’s lead and back recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania: campaign attorney

    Hillary is now leading the national popular vote by 2.1 million, and is approaching a 2 percent margin. That’s a greater margin than John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Grover Cleveland, James A. Garfield, and James K. Polk had when they were elected. If her lead continues to grow, she could approach Jimmy Carter’s margin, and perhaps George W. Bush’s margin of victory in 2004.

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      $5,834,799.26 raised

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM

  17. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Republicans now control every Southern state legislature for the first time in American history

  18. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Your president disagrees gryphen

    1. Good cop Bad cop....think about it.

    2. Exactly 11:08. Always be above the fray and let someone not as embedded (Stein) put the feelers out. Notice how Hilary then said--she was in. And the President becomes uninvolved.

      Its called diplomacy. The Trump administration has to go to a dictionary to define it.

    3. Anonymous12:28 PM

      Oh yes, it must be a high stakes game of good cop bad cop, just like on tv lol.

  19. Anonymous10:40 AM

    The reason popular votes are higher is because of state populations.

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Yes, but only in very rare instances has the electoral vote not mirrored the popular vote, and never by such a large margin, that's what makes this situation unique and has many questioning whether the Electoral College is the appropriate tool for electing POTUS.

  20. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I'd love to remind people Detroit died because of unions.

    1. Anonymous11:08 AM


    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      Tis truth to that statement.

    3. Anonymous11:20 AM

      Interesting article on this topic:

    4. "I'd love to remind people Detroit died because of unions."
      Well, go right ahead. It is your right to say what you please, no matter how brainless.

    5. Anonymous12:11 PM

      The unions made Detroit. What killed Detroit was voting in black leaders that robbed the city blind, so much for helping your own.

      Coleman Young, Kirkpatrick and the Detroit board of education robbed the city blind.

    6. Anonymous12:35 PM

      Not only are you off topic, you're also full of shit. MANAGEMENT killed hourly UAW jobs, and that -- ALONE -- is what crippled shop towns from Saginaw to the Ohio border.

    7. Anonymous3:11 PM

      It's not the auto company unions that destroyed Detroit but actually the City unions that destroyed the city. It's all in black and white in so many articles written during the time. Please, all of you stop confusing corporate unions with actual city worker unions.

  21. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Because of the states involved, I have no doubt that there was fraud involved, especially in the vote tallying. I also strongly suspect that Trump's pal Vladimir was helping the evil along. It is highly ironic that Russia, the bane of the former GOP, is now publicly helping the GOP.

  22. Anonymous10:49 AM

    For the person who asked this at 10:06:
    Where was Anonymous during this election to stop this Republican skullduggery ? They stopped Rove and company from stealing Ohio and the 2012 election for Romney, but seemed to be non-existent this election cycle.
    Anonymous may very well have been the ones committing the skullduggery. On their anonymous global twitter feed they ranted and railed against Hillary and how they were taking her down. They were my anti-Rove and Romney heros back in the day.

    It broke my heart to realize that they were so determined to expose Hillary for shit she never did that they'd help elect Trump through their actions.

    On election day their twitter page was suddenly strangely silent regarding Hillary. Maybe they were too busy 'taking her down' to actually tweet about it?

  23. Anonymous11:07 AM

    The school where I vote was rebuilt to hold three times as many kids. And three times as many people now have to vote there. The lines were long.

    It was set up so that we entered the school, down a hallway and in to cast votes through the cafeteria doors. The voting booths were two feet to our left right inside the doors.

    The voter line bypassed the voting booths in a big loop that circled back around the room to vote.

    While waiting with hundreds of others in the hallway, the republican info table was only 6 feet or so from the doors while the democrat table was way farther down; maybe twenty feet.

    The republican woman was helping to direct voters from the other schools to get in the correct lines right at the cafeteria doors within three feet of the voter booths.

    Literally three feet from the voting booths she would blow a wooden train whistle and call out, "Get on board the Trump train."

    I complained to the resident election official about the violation of campaigning within a hundred feet and she basically blew me off.

    I also said something to the republican woman and she smirked. She lowered her voice until I was through the doors and then she was clearly audible again.

    This is the kind of blatant lawbreaking that makes me want to punch a bitch in the face. Except it's, ya know...against the law.

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      Too bad you didn't call the local Democrats on election day.

      I live in Michigan and they had several numbers to call if any one thought "funny business" was happening.

  24. Anonymous11:36 AM

    Looks like they're getting nervous

    Statement from Trump on Jill Stein's #Recount2016:

  25. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Trump's election less than three weeks ago is already turbocharging Trump building projects around the globe.

    Trump’s presidency, overseas business deals and relations with foreign governments could all become intertwined

  26. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Outagamie County

    But the second thing that jumps out is that the revisions have served to erase thousands of votes from Trump, while affirming that Clinton’s vote total was essentially correct to begin with.

    Sounds like “out game me county” and there was “funny business” going on. More people voted for trump that actual live there or actual voted. How exactly do they “adjust” the ballots?

    Still say the only truth trump told during the campaign was the election was rigged!!

    Personally, my stomach dropped when Comey came out the second time with the “email revelation”. I said to myself, Hillary just lost the election; they are going to steal the election no matter what.

    The recount is important, the truth needs to be documented, the republicans couldn’t win, so they stole the election again !!!

    Even if it comes out Hillary won the Electoral College then what? 4 more years of prosecuting her for made up allegations, although I believe she would endure it for the good of the country and at least trump could go back to only fleecing his investors instead of the taxpayers.

  27. Anonymous12:19 PM

    O/T When will the swamp dwellers come to the realization that trump only creates jobs overseas.

    Potential Conflicts Around the Globe for Trump, the Businessman President

    ...... Federal law does not prevent Mr. Trump from taking actions that could benefit him and his family financially; the president is exempt from most conflict-of-interest laws. But the Constitution, through what is called the emoluments clause, appears to prohibit him from taking payments or gifts from a foreign government entity, a standard that some legal experts say he may violate by renting space in Trump Tower in New York to the Bank of China or if he hosts foreign diplomats in one of his hotels.....

  28. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I have to confess when ABC cut in with a special report last night; I was hoping little fingers donnie had choked to death on his turkey dinner.

  29. Anonymous1:52 PM

    Oh boy, is trump worried the TRUTH will come out? I don’t care if Hillary conceded a recount is legal.

    Trump can’t stop the recount, in fact if he is so sure he won, he should welcome the process.
    Trump: Wisconsin recount is a 'scam'

    Trump rages as Clinton helps recount

  30. I am so proud of my vote for his strong, much maligned woman. For all our sakes, and for the sake of the country, let us all hope that she prevails. Beyond that, I hope law enforcement is ready for what will possibly be coming next, should Trump lose his ability to rule the world and turn the Presidency into a late night infomercial. The rabble will be many, loud, and looking to make someone to pay for the toppling of their demigod. Lord help us all!

  31. Now that they know they're going to be "audited" they are quickly moving to "clean up the books."

    I suspect it's going to be very close. Between the clean up and the recount, it will be interesting to see how close Hillary gets in all three states, not to mention increasing her popular vote margins.

    There is a big piece of shit regarding the North Carolina Board of Elections and disenfranchised voters too. I wish that one would hit the fan. Has to do with challenging the registrations of voters or something. Very big stink that I'm not hearing enough about.

    I did hear that quite a few absentee ballots that were requested from Florida were never received. Would be interesting to investigate that too.

    All in all this is a totally corrupt election and there is no way the results should stand. We should not be counting on the electoral college alone to fix it.

    Russia, FBI, election mismanagement (to be kind) have all tainted this election.


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