Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Before leaving office President Obama signs bill protecting Atheists and Freethinkers. I knew I loved this guy.

Courtesy of the Progressive Secular Humanist:  

For the first time, atheists and other nonreligious persons are explicitly named as a class protected by the law. 

President Barack Obama has signed into law the Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Act. The new law protects atheists, humanists, and other freethinkers around the world from religious persecution. 

Congress passed the international religious freedom bill protecting atheists, humanists, and other non-theists last week with overwhelming bipartisan support, and Obama signed the legislation into law last Friday, Dec. 16. 

The new law explicitly protects atheists, humanists, and other non-theists, and upgrades the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act. 

I have to admit that as impressed as I am that Obama signed this bill, I am even more impressed that it received bipartisan support.

That is good news for this country, and even better news for those of us shunned by society for our critical thinking skills.

Also keep in mind that it is HIGHLY doubtful that this bill would have been written, or signed during a Donald Trump presidency.

Even with one foot out the door President Obama has our backs.


  1. A. J. Billings3:14 AM

    When I saw the title of this posting, I thought it was from the Onion.

    No way our faithful red state "Christian" Republican would approve of , never mind signing that bill.

    I surmise that the same bill gives the Christian Taliban and Domionionists a warm feeling that their prejudice and hatred of other beliefs will also be protected by law.

    We are going to have a rough ride with the Terrible Trump for 4 years, so any glimmer of hope is a good thing

    1. Anonymous11:32 AM

      What is this RWNJ are wanting on twitter? "First Amendment Defense Act"
      Did POTUS sneak this in to counteract that?

  2. Anonymous3:54 AM

    O'Reilly: Left wants 'power taken away from the white establishment'

    Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said on Tuesday night that liberals want to get rid of the Electoral College because they want “power taken away from the white establishment.”

    After Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election to Donald Trump, O’Reilly said Tuesday night, “The left in America is demanding that the Electoral College system put into place in 1787 be scrapped. But there is a hidden reason for this.”

    The host of "The O'Reilly Factor" explained on his show that a close look at the voting patterns revealed that most of the minority votes usually went to Democrats, and that getting rid of the Electoral College would silence white voters in rural areas.

    “Very few commentators will tell you that the heart of liberalism in America today is based on race. It permeates almost every issue. That white men have set up a system of oppression. That system must be destroyed,” he said, explaining how he believed liberals view the world.

  3. Es gibt keinen Gott und Dirac ist sein Prophet (There is no God and [Paul] Dirac is his Prophet).
    ———Wolfgang Pauli.

  4. Anonymous4:38 AM

    Trump wins. Still screws over Fake Trump University students. They get about 1/2 of what they paid in. Why can't President Trump give back their money he fuc_ed them out of?

    If Trump University doesn't come up with the $25 million to fund the settlement, Donald Trump himself has to come up with the money.

    ..... A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a $25 million deal to settle fraud lawsuits over President-elect Donald Trump's Trump University real estate seminar program.

    U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel issued an order Tuesday evening giving an initial sign-off on the settlement and setting a March 30 court hearing to hear any objections from individuals who paid between about $1500 for a three-day seminar and roughly $35,000 for an in-person mentorship. Under the deal, they are expected to receive about half that money back, less any refunds they may have already received ....

  5. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Beautiful picture. Nice.

  6. Randall6:56 AM

    Even a cursory, once-through read of the Constitution should make this one a no-brainer.
    The problem is: those with "no brains" oppose ANY and EVERY attempt to allow freedoms to anyone other than those who support THEIR personal form of religion.

  7. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Pastor and son beat 12-year-old with an electrical cord as punishment for ‘rejecting faith’

    Authorities in Minneapolis, MN last week arrested a pastor and his son on assault charges after a 12-year-old boy filed a criminal complaint alleging the pair beat him with a 2-by-4 inside the church, the StarTribune reports.

    Good News Mission Church pastor Dong Wook Kim and his 19-year old son Joo Seong Kim face two counts of assault and one count of malicious punishment of a child after police say they beat the victim with wood and an electrical cord as a form of religious discipline between Dec. 14 and 17. According to the StarTribune, the Kims felt their young victim was “misbehaving in school and had rejected his faith.” The victim told police his 4-year old sister similarly suffered abuse.

  8. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Obama's mother was an agnostic.

    In The Audacity of Hope Obama wrote, "I was not raised in a religious household ... My mother's own experiences ... only reinforced this inherited skepticism. Her memories of the Christians who populated her youth were not fond ones ... And yet for all her professed secularism, my mother was in many ways the most spiritually awakened person that I've ever known."[69] "Religion for her was "just one of the many ways—and not necessarily the best way—that man attempted to control the unknowable and understand the deeper truths about our lives," Obama wrote.[70]

  9. Well, this bill signing brightened up my day a bit! Perhaps there are more atheists/agnostics in congress than one knows about?

  10. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Critical thinking skills! Is that what you call the vile and hateful posts on this blog?

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Anonymous10:30 AM
      Critical thinking skills! Is that what you call the vile and hateful posts on this blog?

    2. Anonymous12:25 PM

      10:30 What you call "vile and hateful" ends up just being the truth, and the truth can hurt.
      Also, to someone like you "critical thinking skills" are just words about a concept you don't understand.

    3. Anonymous6:17 PM

      11:34 You just made my point. Wipe the slobber off your mouth.

    4. Anonymous6:22 PM

      So now instead of being Alicia or one of the Palin clan, anyone who disagrees with you is a Russian troll. Damn, you are some gullible people.

    5. On this blog it's often the case. But on occasion it is acknowledged that keen superior intellects--like that of Barack Obama, among many others--think otherwise, while granting protection to all nones.

  11. Spelling: Freethnkers should be Freethinkers.

    Now that the unpresidented Trump is on the road to stealing our country, we must be extra vigilant as to our spelling and grammar.


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