Friday, December 23, 2016

Donald Trump is apparently choosing cabinet members based on their appearance. No, I am not kidding.

Ooh, she looks qualified.
Courtesy of the Washington Post:  

Donald Trump believes that those who aspire to the most visible spots in his administration should not just be able to do the job, but also look the part.

“Presentation is very important because you’re representing America not only on the national stage but also the international stage, depending on the position,” said Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller. 

To lead the Pentagon, Trump chose a rugged combat general, whom he compares to a historic one. At the United Nations, his ambassador will be a poised and elegant Indian American with a compelling immigrant backstory. As secretary of state, Trump tapped a neophyte to international diplomacy, but one whose silvery hair and boardroom bearing project authority.

The parade of potential job-seekers passing a bank of media cameras to board the elevators at Trump Tower has the feel of a casting call. It is no coincidence that a disproportionate share of the names most mentioned for jobs at the upper echelon of the Trump administration are familiar faces to obsessive viewers of cable news — of whom the president-elect is one. 

“He likes people who present themselves very well, and he’s very impressed when somebody has a background of being good on television because he thinks it’s a very important medium for public policy,” said Chris Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media and a longtime friend of Trump. “Don’t forget, he’s a showbiz guy. He was at the pinnacle of showbiz, and he thinks about showbiz. He sees this as a business that relates to the public.” 

“The look might not necessarily be somebody who should be on the cover of GQ magazine or Vanity Fair,” Ruddy said. “It’s more about the look and the demeanor and the swagger.”

It may seem hard to believe that a guy who looks like an orangesicle melting in the sun would choose these important positions based on appearance, but considering the fact that this guy once owned the Miss Universe pageant and chooses his wives from a modeling catalogue that really does not seem that far fetched.

Especially if you remember that Trump also hired and fired female employees at his golf resort if they were "not pretty enough."

Even among his own children he clearly likes the pretty one the best.

Of course knowing this only makes the apparent passing over of Sarah Palin for a position in his administration even more humiliating for a woman who came out early in support of the pussy grabber, and whose entire persona is built around her now fading looks.


  1. Style over substance. Ignorance over intellect. Image over intelligence. Beauty over brains. Swagger over strength.

    Horrifying, and daily, the future looms ever more horrific.

    I only hope the GOP could once and for all be permanently destroyed, demolished, eradicated. To allow, support, and push such as OrangeFuhrer is absolutely, positively criminally, clinically insane, symptomatic of ODS, Obama Derangement Syndrome (they lost their minds because a Black man was elected President).

    1. Anonymous3:38 AM

      Mulatto. mother was white from Kansas. I don't know why people insist on claiming him to a category. Generalization of black, white, brown etc. Ancestry DNA solved that mystery. And when we as a people stop being shallow minded poopy brains, then we might be able to expand research and genetically map out the cure for cancers and disease. The fight over color and origins is boring. We can only Hope that is will cure ODS and even PDS palin derangement syndrome.

    2. 3:38

      It goes back to the Slave South. Even if you had a drop of African blood you were "black". The musical Showboat is about that.

      They even had cutesy names for it like Quadroon if you were a quarter black and Octaroon if you were an 8th. Didn't matter if you looked white or how many generations of your ancestors were white. One black ancestor and you were black.

      The British included Indians among the "black". Then there were the red Native Americans, the brown Mexicans and some latin natives and the yellow Asians. All based on color and appearance rather than genetics, DNA or anything else.

      I think one of the reasons they are so anti-science and so anti-evolution is because of all of the studies showing that humans migrated out of Africa and we share a common ancestor who

    3. I am not categorizing President Obama. He self identifies as Black. Furthermore, mulatto is a derogatory term. Before attempting to chastize and school others, educate yourself. Additionally, none of these terms used to label biracial individuals have scientific or benign origins.

      The issue of the color line remains the basic problem in this country. Who has created, fostered, & promulgated this problem? White people. This is the main reason whites in confederate states vote Republican since 1964 - they hate Black people and other people of color. Until this problem is dealt with and SOLVED, stop trying to denigrate it. Deal with your own internalized racism and do not ever think you need to label others shallow when your own thinking lacks depth and rationality.

      As an African American, I could care less about color, race, and ethnic origins. And I have more white ancestors than President Obama. One of my great-uncles in fact left Georgia during the Great Migration, settled in Ohio, and "passed" for white for decades. My family history is not rare; it is replicated countless times.

  2. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Omg. He can't handle it. He just tweeted Mika with crazy. I think he has syphillis. Omg. He is just a citizen. EC you be damned.

  3. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Ivanka, what's up (literally) with the nipples when daddy kisses you? Some would say that's rather telling.


    1. Anonymous7:00 AM

      Perhaps having daddy drumpf cozying up to her sends a cold shiver up her spine? If the camera could capture crawling skin, I suspect we would see both women's skin on the move.
      Other than Palin, Kelly Ann, and Coulter types, I don't think there are many women who aren't repulsed by the pussy grabber. Marla, Ivanka, Tiffany and Melania have other motive$.

  4. Anonymous3:39 AM

    His taste in "appearances" is as bad as his taste in decorating a room.

  5. Anonymous3:42 AM

    M joe just down playing nuke talk. Wow. And takking as if he is prez. If this was Hillary, just think.

  6. Anonymous4:26 AM

    This is to be expected from the shallow crass orange shitgibbon who views women(and apparently men) as pieces to be used in his quest for aggrandizement.

  7. a. j. billings4:35 AM

    Trump is a sybaritic sociopathic child rapist, and a titianically ignorant shit.

    I hope he dies of an cheeseburger induced aneurysm, in spite of Pence the Christian Taliban leader waiting in the wings

    1. Anonymous7:25 AM

      LOL! Out of the corner of my eye, read: a SYPHILITIC sociopathic child rapist...
      Thanks for making me feel better, even wiping hot chocolate off the keyboard.

      Wild Tortoise

    2. Anonymous7:26 AM

      ps- I'd feel even better if it was a taco bowl induced aneurysm.....


  8. Anonymous4:56 AM


    About those nukes...

    "BREAKING: Trump to #morningjoe on the nukes tweet: 'Let it be an arms race'"

  9. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Maleria looks like Lucy Lui in that photo. Ivanka may be "prettier" than her or Tiffany, but she is no beauty. Look at her smile, half her face disappears and ALL those horse teeth are on full display. Not attractive at all. Maybe tRump thinks he is so good looking that he does not want any ugly people on his team, to compare him to?

    1. Anonymous6:55 AM

      I thought the same thing. She looks Asian in that photo.

    2. Anonymous4:19 PM

      The best plastic surgery that Trump's money can buy:

  10. Sharon5:55 AM

    Seriously Gryphen....the picture you used, I swear his mouth looks exactly like an infected, swollen asshole (I would imagine) angry and red. I mean when everything spewing out is shit, what else could it be?

    I am a NJ woman keenly aware of Donald's history long before the nation was and I always called them blow fish I have to apologize to those fish as I was wrong.

    This is the best opinion piece I have ever read about our politics

    1. Anonymous7:12 AM

      " They have talk radio — an entire medium built on outrage — where liberals have an anemic presence. They have Fox News, a network that creates, channels, and maintains conservative anger. And they have members of Congress always eager to use their official capacity to feed the outrage machine.""Yes, I'll be shouted at if I do the right thing. But I'm going to do it anyway." The outrage machine works by creating fear — but it's up to everyone else whether they succumb"

  11. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Ivanka's TURKEY ISIS done.

  12. Anonymous12:12 PM

    In addition to his policies, the picture above is why I call Trump a bottom-feeding-sucker-fish. If that mouth doesn't look like a sucker's mouth, I don't know what does!


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