Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Even crazy old Pat Robertson knows that Donald Trump putting Sarah Palin on his cabinet would be a "terrible thing."

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch: 

Even Pat Robertson was baffled by reports that President-elect Donald Trump is considering Sarah Palin to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, telling his “The 700 Club” co-host Wendy Griffith today that Palin should absolutely not be nominated to the Cabinet post.

“Heaven help us from that,” Robertson said. “That would be a terrible thing. Terrible. Terrible.” 

When Griffith said Palin has “a lot on her plate,” Robertson responded, “Too much on her plate, that’s a nice way of putting it.”

As RWW points out Robertson used to be a big fan of Bible Thumping Barbie, but even he has seen way too much of her lunacy and family scandals to support her these days.

My new answer to people asking me how crazy this election cycle is, is to tell them it's so crazy that I am actually in agreement with Pat "Jesus is coming tomorrow" Robertson.


  1. Anonymous2:05 PM

    This is what Sarah Palin has foisted upon Americans:

    2006: pregnant with Trig?

    2008: pregnant with TRIPP?

    2010: pregnant with secret baby?

    2015:Original birth photo.

    2015: Fake birth photo.

    1. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Anon 2:05PM
      You can't put partial URLs with '...'on the end. They will lead to no where.
      please post FULL URL's.


    2. Anonymous3:16 PM



    3. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Sarah Foisted much worse on the American public than a bunch of pregnancies.

      She created an atmosphere where the uneducated are to be praised and ignorance is a badge of honor.

      As well as promoting violence, hatred and lies as "civil behavior"

    4. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Don't forget the racism she also pushed - remember those rallies where they actually wanted to kill Obama?

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    OMG! Things couldn't get any crazier. She'll be pissed about this. hahahahah! I'm beginning to wonder if the pols and religious right know more about her than we do. They sure want to dump her ass and forgetabouther.

  3. Anonymous2:17 PM

    Giuliani, Newt, and Christie all got the boot (although Trump let bug eyes save face by making his own statement first), and so there's no reason why Scarah should expect a position at this point.

    OT, but Marinas Lupas hasn't any tweets showing online (I don't do twitter-twitter so don't know how it all works--I just see what's online) since mid-July. Do we even know if she's actually still alive?

    1. Anonymous3:03 PM

      Maybe she was a Putin mole and has returned to the mother country.

    2. Anonymous3:08 PM

      As slimy as that trio of men is, they, at least, have brains and education:
      Giuliani was a U.S. Attorney and then Mayor of New York City.
      Gingrich has a Ph.D. (thinks he's smarter than all other Ph.D.s) and was the Speaker of the House of Representatives -- third in line to be President.
      Christie was a U.S. Attorney (sent Jared Kushner's father to prison -- Ivanka Trump's father-in-law) and a two-term Governor of New Jersey.
      All of them are execrable, but they're all college graduates. Sarah never got past that elementary job requirement.

    3. all were despised and reviled by their peers

  4. Anonymous2:35 PM

    You gotta see SP's FB post linking to a site that claims she resigned the governorship because of the fire at a Wasilla church! Quite a bizarre article, lacking facts, but SP was sure gleeful about the info. in it!

    1. Anonymous2:43 PM

      No, I don't "have to" see it.
      Just another fake news story.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM


      More fecesbook fuckery by a nitwit?

      Would probably be TLDR.

  5. Anonymous2:40 PM


    Lucky Pat didn't get on board the McCain Palin crazy train in 2008!

    She would have been the Vice Presidunce at least if they had won.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    The magic number of electoral college votes it would take to reverse the election of Trump is 37. However more than that are signaling their interest in investigating Trump before casting their votes. In fact, forty members of the Electoral College on Tuesday signed a letter demanding an intelligence briefing on Russian interference in the election ahead of their Dec. 19 vote.

    Ten electors originally signed the letter when it was published Monday, and 30 more have since added their names.

    “We further require a briefing on all investigative findings, as these matters directly impact the core factors in our deliberations of whether Mr. Trump is fit to serve as President of the United States,” the electors reported in their letter.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      They are all Democrats. Don't get your hopes up. I had mine up until I found that out.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      If they are all Democrats it wouldn't matter. They're not voting for Trump anyway. But check out Keith Olbermann's ideas for stopping Trump. It'll never happen since his electors are gleefully stupid, but fun to think about.

  7. Anonymous2:43 PM

    U.S. Officials: Putin Personally Involved in U.S. Election Hack

    U.S. intelligence officials now believe with "a high level of confidence" that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, senior U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News.

    Two senior officials with direct access to the information say new intelligence shows that Putin personally directed how hacked material from Democrats was leaked and otherwise used. The intelligence came from diplomatic sources and spies working for U.S. allies, the officials said.

    Putin's objectives were multifaceted, a high-level intelligence source told NBC News. What began as a "vendetta" against Hillary Clinton morphed into an effort to show corruption in American politics and to "split off key American allies by creating the image that [other countries] couldn't depend on the U.S. to be a credible global leader anymore," the official said.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Gosh I wonder what information was exchanged during Ivanka's vacation with Putin's girlfriend?

    2. Sarah3:35 PM

      Not that their's anything wrong wit that!

      Have you tried any of those ass rocket diet shakes yet?

    3. Anonymous7:56 PM

      Putin is just all pissy that someone didn't need him and can do better than him. shrug.

    4. Anonymous9:07 PM

      756 is that the reason Russia graves were exhumed? is that why Sarah resigned?
      that would expalin Sarah's weirdness and Putin's being all up in USA business! does the Gryphen know anything about it?

    5. Anonymous5:28 AM

      9:07 just stop it with the stupid, oh-so-cryptic comments about palin.
      You don't know shit, you never have, & if you really did have some genuine dirt, you'd state it plainly. Every $aara post on IM, there you are with your grade-school, spy vs. spy crap. It's not even entertaining.

    6. Anonymous6:49 PM

      Sounds like 528 is bellowing in her bourbon? Really?

      In the Criminal Justice System DNA does count now what would you know about that?

      When someone is worth a lot of money - people will say and do anything to keep it!

      Seems Silly Sarah resigned over it!

  8. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Poor, poor old Sarah! More and more folks (national figures) want nothing to do with her. Alaskans are not surprised at all!

    1. Anonymous3:55 PM

      What she failed to realize was that their "I love $arah Palin" response was a euphemism for "what a dumb cluck!"

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Ex-CIA officer: Trump’s ‘horrifying’ incompetence poses worst threat to US since the Civil War

    ...“There’s a rift flowing all across the headlines, the page and everyone’s consciousness. It’s tremendous. But it actually is only a secondary issue compared to the larger issue of the competence, or lack thereof, of the President-elect with regard to national security and international affairs,” Carle said. “It’s stunning, and an existential moment for the United States, much less the C.I.A., absolutely.”

    We are currently unprecedented territory, Carle said.

    “My personal experience goes back to President Reagan. But that means I overlapped with colleagues whose direct experiences go back to the Eisenhower administration, frankly. And there’s never been a circumstance like this,” he said.

    Trump, he said, is “almost clinically incapable of dealing with the world that we all live in,” which makes him wildly dangerous as a commander-in-chief.

    “It’s a horrifying moment,” Carle said. “Others have said that the U.S. is facing — and I completely agree and I myself have said separately — that the U.S. is facing the greatest crisis to its institution since 1861.”

    1. Anonymous3:23 PM

      Where were these guys BEFORE the election?

      Not that is matters because as donnie told us a number of times: the election was rigged!!!!!

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    Oh little baby Sarah is going to absolutely hate this story! Can you demand he take it back, Sarah? Do you have any pull? Didn't think so. When the head of the right-wing nuts think you're a nut, you're toast.

  11. Anonymous3:19 PM

    What is on her plate?

    Toad's Rocky Mountain Oysters?

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Next to the mashed potatoes...

  12. Anonymous3:20 PM

    LOL. Pat and $arah trying to outJesus each other, when they're just a couple of grifters.


  13. Anonymous3:22 PM

    O/T HA, HA What is the matter? little donnie can’t live in the W. H. without his daughter or is he ashamed of the porn model he married?

    Nepotism, conflict of interest. Why do we have to pay for TWO first ladies?

    How Ivanka Trump Could Radically Remake The Role Of First Daughter

    O/T While we are on the topic of crooks and liars:

    Senate Dems Call On DeVos To Pay $5 Million Fine From 2008 PAC Violation

    Multiple Democratic senators have called on President-elect Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, to pay more than $5 million in fines and late fees owed by a now-inactive school choice organization which violated Ohio's campaign finance law.

    Sens. Tom Udall (D-NM), Ed Markey (D-MA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sent DeVos a letter Monday “to express significant concerns” about $5.3 million in fines and late fees owed by All Children Matter PAC to the state of Ohio. In 2008, the group donated $870,000 from its federal account in Virginia to an Ohio affiliate even after the Ohio Elections Commission told the PAC, then headed by DeVos, that any transfer of more than $10,000 would be illegal.

    The election commission fined DeVos’ PAC $2.6 million at the time, a penalty which increased to $5.3 million including late fees after the PAC refused to pay.

    “Rather than pay the fines for violating the law, the All Children Matter PAC simply ceased operation and never paid the significant sum it owed to the state of Ohio,” the senators’ letter says......

    1. Anonymous3:50 PM

      I suspect befuddled Donnie needs the security of his family to hide behind. He's simply too damaged to understand the complexities of government, he needs his kids to explain to him and shield him from criticism.

  14. Anonymous3:32 PM

    “Too much on her plate, that’s a nice way of putting it.”
    Is he insinuating that she is a drunken, mentally ill drug addict with out of control children?

    Time for sarah to fire up FB and retaliate before trump gives the job to someone else.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      It's all that SarahPACing and babies dropping left and right and DV arrests and charges, and their was that Obama and Michele family that illegitimatyely ooccupied the White House that filled her plate

  15. calvin and hobbes rolling on floor laughing.jpg

  16. OMG. I'm going to have to defend Palin! Everybody get out the way---I may be sick.

    Here I go . . . .Sarah Palin is just as crazy, incompetent or deplorable as the rest of Trump's incoming cabinet.
    Her slime would be no different than theirs---except maybe thicker and dumber. She would be the perfect person to eff up the agency--- just like the other cabinet
    members will mess up theirs.


  17. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Keith Olbermann's latest:
    Hamilton’s Plan to Keep Trump From Becoming President - Get Hillary's Electoral College voters to vote for a substitute republican.

    1. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Thank you!
      Watched, shared.
      Seems like a fine plan.

  18. Anonymous4:25 PM


    "Here's what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud," Romney said.

    "His promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University.

    He's playing members of the American public for suckers:

    He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.

    "Did Donald Trump need an apology from Mitt Romney?"

    (Vice President-elect Mike Pence and Priebus also wanted Mitt Romney to apologize)

    (CNN) As President-elect Donald Trump considered Mitt Romney for secretary of state, Trump wanted one thing Romney wouldn't give him: an apology....

    .... Trump personally saw it in business deal terms: He would get the mea culpa he sought from Romney; Romney would get the job he covets.

    But Romney -- who titled his own book "No Apology" -- declined....

    .... "The political culture can at times leave us all evaluating the motives of politicians through a very cynical lens. But Romney was prepared to subject himself to this process because of the country he loves and that he wants to serve. It's really that simple."....

    Read more:

    1. Anonymous5:15 PM

      My man Romney

      Fuck nah I ain't apologizing to Mr. Ivanka.

  19. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Whoever said Ivanka is the
    Co-First Lady because the original First Lady is staying in New York and your friends made fun of you, well....

    Sources: Ivanka Trump to have East Wing office

    • Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were reportedly house-hunting in Georgetown Sunday

    Washington (CNN) Ivanka Trump is poised to play an active role in her father's administration, assuming some of the duties normally assigned to the first lady.

    Trump transition aides are already planning for an "Office of the First Family," in the East Wing where the current office of the first lady is located, sources familiar with the plan told CNN....

    More at:

  20. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Poor old Sarah, nobody wants her anywhere near the levers of power.

  21. Anonymous5:13 PM

    A fake can always see a fake.

    Even old crazy Pat Robinson knows you keep your game outside of politics. He is ok with using people and taking their money as long as it's kept within the the confines of just a scam on the poor and uneducated who believe that Dog will deliver them from all their ills.

    Palin is a new level.He does not want to make having kids out of wedlock a "norm".

    Palin is trying to do that, she is trying to justify behavior that old farts like him never supported and doing it all in the name of religeon. In his day Levi and Barstool would have gotten

    married. Period. Sarah would have stayed her ass at home and actually taken care of her kids, especially Trig. Palin is a fake and he knows it.

    A person who uses Dog as a lifeline for every "F" up her family does.It's ok to really have no morals, to beat your girlfriend, to spit out a kid to gain a Husband. To use Dog as a crutch so you don't have to face how effed up your family really is.

    If she really lived her bible Sarah would not be so "butt hurt" all the time she would just let it slide but we all know she is vindictive and pissed that she has to support a bunch of losers because she came first.

    That is her own private hell and the money flow just is not coming in like it used to.Her husband is a loser who uses her money, her kids use her money. A bunch of users.

    She had to buy Track a house. This is the woman who says "Buck up or get off the truck". She is nothing but a loser in all the things that really matter.

  22. Anonymous5:22 PM

    What's that service called when you ask the Alaska State Troopers to check in on Sarah Palin after she religiously reads todays Immoral Minority? Is it called Wellness Check?

    1. Anonymous6:19 PM

      I don't know a Trooper up here that would even take the time to check on her if a wellness check was actually requested.

      There are very few people more hated by our Alaska State Troopers than is Mrs. Sarah Palin.

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      My friend Captain Harry from Deadliest Catch ,and I just had an interesting conversation about just that. She's a joke. Captain Harry sends love to Alaskans.

    3. Anonymous4:38 AM

      If she really is such a ducking joke to Alaaaaskans, then spill the gd beans on the faked pregnancy, MatSu Regional and CBJ. They enabled her. Statute of limitations is up. SPILL IT.

  23. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Pat Robertson
    Glenn Beck
    FOX News
    State of Alaska
    Native Alaskans
    SarahPac donors
    and everybody else

    are all tired of old Sarah. Her fancy pageant walking, sticking out and rolling her tongue, winking, hill billy lingo, librarian look, trying to appear educated with her glasses, using baby Trig, as a prop, pretending to like vets and all that other bullshit doesn't work anymore.

    1. Anonymous8:30 PM

      Old is the keyword. Look at her photos from 2008.

      Trig is no longer a baby and we now know he can say bullshit and the Palin's laugh. They treat him like some kind of trained monkey but his cuteness factor is gone.

      Sarah could have been an advocate for downs syndrome children but she chose to use Trig for sympathy and her own gain instead like he was an object. Never once did he interfere with her travel or her gain. If any of her followers think that she changed his crapped pants or was involved with any kind of therapy for him you are suckers.

      Trig has never stopped Sarah from doing anything. There was no sacrifice on her part but it's coming. The money is running out, the speaking engagements are gone and she will be forced to finally sit her ass at home and get a reality check about what it means to the real people who struggle.

      I cant wait for her sunshine and rainbow house to crumble. She could have been a voice, she chose not to.She chose to use Trig for her image and own gain and i say to you there is no lower form of human being that has the oppurtunity to make a difference and remain silent.

      Trig is an anchor around her neck now and not the cute little baby she paraded on stage to get her praise. All you need to know about this woman is when she was a Vice Presidential candidate was she was going to be an advocate for kids like Trig. After the loss she pissed it away. She is a liar and selfish.

  24. Anonymous7:18 PM

    With all her money Palin is still and will always be white trash.

    C4P is still holding out hopes that Trump will put her in charge of the VA,because she loves the vets don't ya know. Yeah, they really think that bimbo can fix it when she cant even fix her own nut son Track.Being in the military did not make him what he is Sarah did.

    That genetic pool is a cesspool.

  25. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Well, that is one thing I agree with Robertson on. He probably knows more about her than he lets on.

  26. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Lets place bets on if Piper will ever go to college. Why should she. She has seen what Mama shells out for the other lazy asses so her best bet would be advertising slim shakes or posing in a bikini Piper has boobs. When you live in a family that rewards getting knocked up as an achievement the easy money is a given.

    Wheres my house? Piper says. You buy one of your kids a house you better be buying them all a house.

    Does Sarah pay it out of guilt or for the sense of control it gives her.I go for control.

    1. Anonymous8:47 PM


      Is Piper the only minor (child) that you target with this kind of vile online bullying and sexual innuendo? Do you also compose such online comments of your friends and neighbors minor children in this sick manner also? Maybe you need checking in to.

    2. Anonymous10:11 PM

      Vapors....what will we do if little piggy can't take the heat!!

    3. Anonymous11:41 PM

      Wow, is right 8:47. The comment by 7:45 is directed at the values (lack of 'any and all of them') in the Palin parenting milieu. Do you also compose such online comments on your neighbors' sites?Maybe you need a refresher course in reading comprehension?

      Circle D All of the above

    4. Anonymous11:43 PM

      I feel sorry for all the kids that Sarah Palin birthed and 'borrowed.' I know for a fact from friends of those kids that it was/is Hell House.

    5. "“Too much on her plate..."
      ...and not a damn thing in that cavernous empty skull of hers.

    6. Anonymous4:41 AM

      Ummm Sarah puts the photos out for us to see. My neighbors don't. So there is that.

    7. Anonymous8:05 AM

      @8:47, how is it that we know about Piper's inability to understand 'flash cards'? It is because Sarah Palin uses her kids to garner media attention, no matter how bad she makes them look. Their lack of education, 'mono' dropouts, vandalism charges, forced military enlistments, 6 bastard babies, and drunken family brawls tell a lot about their family values.

  27. She isn't getting appointed to anything by Trump. She's OUT. She *knows* it. Otherwise she wouldn't have burned that bridge by accusing him of crony capitalism. She did that in retaliation because she was told she wasn't getting squat. She's just as vindictive as he is and that was her way of getting her revenge.

    1. Anonymous5:57 AM

      I'll bet the fridge is bearing the brunt if it.

    2. Anonymous6:11 AM

      11:41 ,Palin and co. all struggle with reader comprehension. What do you expect coming from uneducated,unemployed layabouts? The same can be said for the trolls they hire. Guess walmart won't even hire them so they troll for palins.

  28. Anonymous2:29 AM

    Everyone has dirty dirt on each other. All the bribes and extortion on the right has heads spinning. Drain the swamp and sewer pond and the big turds will float to the top and surface. Wait? can we hear from Kelly annie Conway. She is so sweet and cute. Explains why the devil wears a wig.

    1. Anonymous7:57 AM

      Conway wears a wig to hide that long scar along her left eye.

  29. Anonymous4:43 AM

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but are Robertson and Franklin Graham enemies? Is this really just a slam at Graham in disguise 'cause he loved Palin?
    nIt's still a wim win for us and a lose lose for Saree, but the punch of it is a tad diluted.

  30. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Hey Todd, do you publicly claim that 'loon' as your wife? No wonder you go elsewhere for sex.


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