Thursday, December 29, 2016

President Obama issues sanctions against Russia for interfering in our elections.

Courtesy of ABC News:  

President Obama has expelled 35 Russian nationals and sanctioned five Russian entities and four individuals for an alleged cyber assault on Democratic political organizations during the 2016 presidential campaign, the White House announced today. 

“I have ordered a number of actions in response to the Russian government’s aggressive harassment of U.S. officials and cyber operations aimed at the U.S. election,” Obama wrote in a statement. “These actions follow repeated private and public warnings that we have issued to the Russian government, and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm U.S. interests in violation of established international norms of behavior.” 

Obama noted that all Americans “should be alarmed by Russia’s actions” which were designed to “interfere with the U.S. election process.” 

“These data theft and disclosure activities could only have been directed by the highest levels of the Russian government,” Obama said. “Moreover, our diplomats have experienced an unacceptable level of harassment in Moscow by Russian security services and police over the last year. Such activities have consequences.”

Yeah they do, and the worst one is that we now get that tangerine colored asshole getting his slime all over the people's White House.

Apparently Obama broadened an April 2015 executive order giving the President the authority to punish foreign actors who carry out cyberattacks against the U.S.

Obama also announced that the Department of Homeland Security and FBI will declassify “technical information on Russian civilian and military intelligence service cyber activity” to help networks defend against “Russia’s global campaign of malicious cyber activities."

In other words non-government security experts will now have the means to prevent and possibly track hacks directed against us from Russia moving forward.

Paul Ryan has already come out in support of the sanctions, saying they are "overdue," and it appears that they are supported by the vast majority of the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate, which makes any attempt by the Trump Administration to roll them back especially tricky.

The FBI and Homeland Security also released a joint report detailing the different threads they have followed linking Russia to the hacking of the DNC, Clinton Campaign, and John Podesta.

That will make it especially hard for Trump and his supporters to deny that Russia was behind the hacks that interfered with this election, as well as raising suspicions concerning anybody who still denies that fact.

As a matter of fact it appears that Obama has Trump and Putin a little boxed in here.



    "In addition to hitting two Russian intelligence agencies, three companies and four individual intelligence officers with sanctions banning them from travel and business with U.S. companies or individuals, Obama ordered 35 Russian operatives posted at diplomatic facilities in Washington and San Francisco to leave. The administration is also closing down two Russian compounds in Maryland and New York used to gather intelligence, according to the president’s statement."

    He better close them down and kick them out before January 20 to be sure to make it as difficult as possible for Trump to put his buddy back in the cat bird seat.

    "But Obama appears committed to proving Russia’s responsibility. His administration wants Congress to receive intelligence reports showing the proof before Trump enters office and is able to call off such investigations.

    The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI released a 13-page joint report on Thursday that provided some details of what the agencies know about the Russian actions. Officials may release more public details on its findings soon, according to The New York Times.

    The Intercept reported Thursday morning that the National Security Agency has successfully tracked Russian hacking in the past; its capabilities may be the key to the intelligence community’s confidence in Russia’s meddling."

    "Obama’s sanctions target the Russian intelligence agency believed to be responsible for the hacking, and they place Trump in a bind: It could be politically difficult for him to waive the sanctions once he is in office, particularly because many on Capitol Hill, including members of his own party, are keen to signal toughness against Moscow.

    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) issued a statement commending Obama’s plan soon after the president announced it. “Russia does not share America’s interests. In fact, it has consistently sought to undermine them, sowing dangerous instability around the world,” he said, though he criticized the president’s past handling of Moscow."

    Someone should point out to Trump that *THAT* is what Presidents do. They don't spend their time whining on Twitter.

    1. Anonymous9:34 AM

      Thankyou for running this,gryph. Please go online and sign the petition requesting the Mormon choir Not to "throw roses" at the feet of this wanna be hitler. Whether agnostic,athiest,or otherwise, United we stand,divided we fall.

  2. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Unfortunately, too little too late.

    The time to let this go public was BEFORE orange anus face was put into the top job by his idiocracy.

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    If only it were "checkmate", but it's better than nothing. The release of all the info is great, but why could it not have been done before Dec 19? and the EC vote...but suspect they (and their families) were threatened, if Thuggie's previous behavior is anything to do by.

    1. Leland3:04 PM

      "...but suspect they (and their families) were threatened, if Thuggie's previous behavior is anything to do by."

      You suspect? Hell, the man openly threatened them if they didn't cast the vote they were elected to, despite their legal right to change their vote - mostly.

    2. Anonymous3:05 PM

      Except for a war or Mars invasion, if ever there was reason to redo the election, this was it.

  4. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Trump's statement was that it is "time to move on to bigger and better things."

    Like what, hanging out with Don King? What is more important than national security? Clearly, he's just associating all the hacking talk and actions with the election. He's so self-centered and so myopic that he cannot see the big picture. He's talking about moving on like he did yesterday, like there simply is nothing of value to the hacking matter.

    He bought himself time with saying that he'll meet with intel people next week. His buddy Putin won't be getting any out-and-out support from Trump today or for the next few days. Or so it seems.

    But at least he kept his mouth shut as far as any direct contesting of Obama's actions.

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Hey now, he's been busy with Kanye and grabbing things. Not to mention blowing off intelligence briefings. Give the poor guy a break!

    2. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Yeah, he's also been busy making more false claims about keeping thousands more jobs here in the US.

    3. Anonymous3:31 PM

      By holding off on saying anything until after a meeting next week, he buys time with how to handle it all and to weigh a variety of responses and how they'll go over.

      Plus, he's now gotta be working on the biz angle and figuring out how he can say something that will sound supportive of Americans while not doing any damage to the Trump brand in Russia and to any progress he's been making in terms of building there.

    4. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Trump will be a horrible representative of the American people. Fuck him!!! He will never represent me as potus!

  5. Anonymous3:03 PM

    The joint report has assertions, but no evidence. The report merely restates the well-leaked premise that Apt 28/29 are connected to the Russian govt. It doesn't give any proof.

    1. Anonymous3:33 PM

      The proof happens to be classified information, which is why is wasn't included in the report.

    2. Anonymous5:13 PM

      Nonsense. According to Obama, it's not all classified and what's not classified is to be reported.

      And since when do liberals roll over like sheep and say "well OK, if you say it, it must be so" when organizations that are well-known for lying to the American people say "it's classified, just believe us" ?

    3. Anonymous10:07 PM

      17 intelligence organizations agree on this intel. Seventeen of them! Google it. And the inference was announced as early as the summer.

    4. Anonymous6:10 AM

      How does googling for more of the same inferences, leaks, opinions, "we are confident it's so" rhetoric change the fact that they have given not a single piece of evidence that proves what they claim is true? Every one of those 17 organizations has been proven to have lied to the American people, the Congress and the president to the to serve their own purposes. You all know this. Did you suddenly become naive sheep? I don't think so. I think you're pretending claims are evidence because it fits your current political narrative of laying blame for the election on anybody but Clinton and the DNC.

  6. Anonymous3:11 PM

    So, as the words "breaking news” were flashing across CNN and MSNBC and people were covering the sanctions in great deal today with many experts, Fox wasn’t covering it. They were obsessing over Kerry’s speech and spewing how the Dems don't support Israel. When they got done they moved on to how Amazon is now going to sell merchandise at stadiums and on to celeb stuff. At one point they mentioned the sanctions and that lasted all of ten seconds and was one item in a list of items.

    1. Why do we need to support Israel. They've been a country for how long now? 50 years? 60 years? I think they can wear their big boy pants and protect themselves. They also need to grow up and realize that they can't make their country safe by taking land away from others. Two wrongs don't make a right. It would be in their interest to make peace with Palestinians and help them in achieving their own homeland as many helped the Israelis do the same.

      They don't need any aid either.

    2. Anonymous10:12 AM

      Like Kerry said,they've settled on the land of others like swiss cheese. There's no making a separate state with the way it is. Let them stand on their own. Let the people who want to send them money,not America.

  7. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Even though Trump will be president on January 20th, he will be an illegitimate president and


    1. Leland3:49 PM

      Not really, 3:22. First, the Electoral College has voted him into office. (How long he will STAY there is anybody's guess!) Second, he isn't SMART enough to see himself as illegitimate.

    2. He didn't get all 306 electoral votes.

      He lost the popular by the biggest margin ever for someone still winning the electoral.

      He knows he had to CHEAT to win. When you cheat, even if you win you lose.

      He is the biggest loser ever.

    3. Leland8:31 AM

      Mia, who said anything about 306 votes? It takes only 270 - which he got. LEGALLY (so far, anyway) he IS the president to be. That does NOT mean anything other than he is.

      It does not mean he can't be impeached if the effort is made strongly enough. That does NOT mean he isn't too stupid to know he is actually illegitimate in the minds of huge numbers of people as you say in your post. He will NEVER admit he cheated because HE doesn't call what was done "cheating".

      I WILL agree with your last line, however. He IS the biggest loser and I am afraid he won't last long. No, I'm not saying I don't want him out of the presidency, but I don't like the idea of solving this sort of problem with violence. It would not be good for the history of the country.

      Will it come to that? I sincerely hope not.

  8. Anonymous3:24 PM

    I keep thinking about how gutted my WW2 vet dad would be to see idiot Americans handing over their country to the Russians without even a fight.

    I'm relieved that my recently-deceased mom doesn't have to live through this either.

    1. Anonymous3:48 PM

      Eh, the Russians were allies in WW2.

      You should get to know your history a bit better.

    2. Anonymous4:06 PM

      May Trump meet death soon - he's pure evil trying to make Putin and Russia America's friend.

      What a fucking idiot that knows zero about our history or just plain out and out doesn't give a shit! He will NEVER represent me as potus!

      Thank you, President Obama, for disclosing this information to the country and world!

    3. Leland5:08 PM


      Yes, the Russians were allies in WW2, but they immediately started trying to take over all of Europe as soon as Berlin fell. It was they who claimed everything of Germany that was east of Berlin. They began almost immediately trying to conquer the world with their socialism and communism and the cold war.

      It is probably THAT to which 3:24 is referring.

      And besides, Allies can turn on you. The Japanese were our allies in WW1!

    4. Anonymous6:45 PM

      Yep we give israel billions a year, we get endless wars and battles in the middle east with none of their troops to support said war. All while they murder Palestinians for "throwing rocks" and bulldoze their home, then build israeli exclusive settlements where their homes where. Allies can change especially when one makes you disliked by the world for their continued theft of land, and you turning a blind eye always. 38 Billion we give to israel, where is America's national health care? Maybe that money can help.

    5. Anonymous12:17 PM

      6:45 are you not aware of the billions we also provide other middle east countries?

      Fiscal Year 2012:
      Iraq: 1.94 billion
      Egypt: 1.4 billion
      Jordan: 1.14 billion

      And that is just 3 of the dozens, already adding up to more than Israel.

  9. Anonymous3:26 PM

    Trump's statement called for moving on to "bigger and better things," and then he followed it with this: "Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week" blah blah blah.

    So, as much as he things the hacking matter is nothing and a waste of time, "nevertheless" he will meet with people and force himself to listen to them. Wow, it's so much work to put the citizens first. He doesn't want to have to waste his time on something he considers unimportant, but nevertheless he will have a meeting. What kind of meeting could be more important than one about security?

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM

      It takes him a whole week! Stay safe, America; not comforting to think of Donnie at the helm after 1/20!

  10. Anonymous3:31 PM


  11. Anonymous3:33 PM

    Does anybody know if Melanoma is on the 72 hour git out of President Obama's country?

  12. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Fuck Donald Trump and may he rot in Hell soon! He is not qualified to be POTUS!

    1. Leland8:39 AM

      I disagree. Under the Constitution, he is "qualified".

      On the other hand, had you said CAPABLE, I would agree wholeheartedly. I would even call him dangerous, along with quite a few other negatives.

      Unfortunately, QUALIFIED is not one of the negatives. He is over 35. He was born here. He has lived IN the US continuously for the past ten years. It is those 3 things that "qualify" him under the Constitution.

      Sorry, but sometimes the "misuse" of words bothers me.

  13. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Charles Krauthammer, noted rightwing pundit, opens a huge can of industrial grade whoopass on Trump:

    1. Anonymous7:42 PM

      Wow! A "huge can of industrial grade whoopass" is right!

      I think that's the first time I've ever agreed with Krauthammer.

  14. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Trump Issues Weak Statement After Obama Reminds Russia That He’s Still President

    Trump's response suggests that holding Russia accountable for its unprecedented election meddling isn't that high on his list of priorities.

    President-Elect Donald Trump issued an official statement on Thursday after the Obama administration announced harsh retaliatory measures against Russia for its hacking of the 2016 election.

    Despite both parties joining hands to strongly condemn Russia’s interference and support President Obama’s tough actions, Trump’s response was short and weak – and it didn’t even explicitly mention the Russian cyberattack.

    The full statement:

    It’s time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. Nevertheless, in the interest of our country and its great people, I will meet with leaders of the intelligence community next week in order to be updated on the facts of this situation.

    It’s clear that Trump cares very little about Russia’s attack on the U.S. – probably because it helped put him in the White House – but he also isn’t even bothering to get “updated on the facts” until next week.

    Meanwhile, the Obama administration and members of both political parties are treating the matter with the seriousness that it deserves.

    As the New York Times noted Thursday, Obama’s counter-punch represents the strongest ever U.S. response to a state-sponsored cyber attack. The administration ordered 35 Russian intelligence diplomats to leave the country and imposed harsh sanctions on two Russian intelligence services and four top officers.

    Trump’s statement on Thursday suggests that holding Russia accountable for its unprecedented election meddling isn’t that high on his list of priorities. His response echoes his earlier statement on Wednesday from his Mar-a-Lago hideout, when he said it’s “time for our country to move on.”



      "After he takes the oath of office in late January, Trump could unilaterally act to roll back the sanctions, which include expelling 35 Russian operatives and closing down two Russian facilities in the United States. But White House officials argued that if he did so, Trump would risk looking like he had caved to Russian interests.

      “If a future president decided he wanted to allow in a large tranche of Russian intelligence agents, presumably a future president could do that,” a senior Obama administration official said on a Thursday press call. “We don’t think it would make much sense to reopen Russian intelligence compounds. ... We don’t think it makes much sense to invite back in Russian intelligence agents.” "

      Yup. Obama, chess. Trump, playing with his toes.

  15. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Theocracy Alert – Preacher Pence Wants the Bible Taught As Science

    Evolution is an anti-Christian atheistic religion. Persuade President Trump to impose a nationwide moratorium on teaching evolution in schools.

    ...The evangelical malcontents claim that evolutionary science is nothing but an anti-Christian nasty religion and has no place in the public schools’ science curriculum. Instead, they demand that all science classes at all levels teach the first 26 verses of the Christian bible as science; a proposal that has vice-president elect Mike Pence’s loyal and steadfast support.

    The Christian extremists’ petition to Pence said in part,

    “We the undersigned note that you spoke out on the subject of science education and presenting students with all available information. We object to the teaching of the very controversial theory of evolution as part of the K-12 science curriculum which we regard to be unnecessary.

    It is obvious to us that Evolutionism-Darwinism is an anti-Christian atheistic dogma masquerading as science. There is no doubt that evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular religion—a full-fledged alternative to Christianity.

    We therefore urge you to persuade President Trump to issue an executive order imposing a nationwide indefinite moratorium on the teaching of evolution in public schools.”

    The religious right’s petition was sent directly to preacher Pence because he has coveted for Genesis 1: 1-26 to be taught as science in public schools forever. In fact, Pence is renowned for rejecting science, particularly evolutionary science, and claims the first 26 verses in the Christian bible are the only “rational explanation” any human being needs to understand the world.


    1. And at the same time they will whine and complain that U.S. students are scoring so low on science exams compared to other countries.

  16. Anonymous3:57 PM

    "Con man keep fuckin' with me! You, your wife and your kids will join the Russians and will be sent back to Russia too"

  17. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Geez. It's sad that Obama will leave the White House. It's like having the only adult in this country leave. Now, we are going to be led by pussy grabbing party boy and his cohorts. Horrors.

  18. Anonymous7:50 PM

    FYI -"The president will need to sign the execution warrant, something George W. Bush did in 2008, but the order was stayed.">"was convicted in a series of rapes and murders. "

  19. Russia, go stand in the corner until you see the error of your ways. Then we will eat some ice cream.

    President Obama

    1. Anonymous10:12 PM

      Comrade Two ducks, stop bashing our great President. Aren't you happy yet since your vote got Trump in the Oval Office in January?

    2. The other alternative would be to bomb Trump shit all over the world when we are finished with Putin's.

  20. I knew it was too good to be true.

    "Obama hits back for Russia hack, but leaves top spy off the hook

    In what White House officials portrayed as tough retaliation for Russia’s cyberattack on the U.S. election, President Obama on Thursday evicted 35 suspected Russian spies from the country and imposed economic sanctions on four top officials of the country’s military intelligence service.

    But the administration’s newly imposed sanctions list contains a striking omission: Aleksander Bortnikov, Russia’s top spy. As chief of the Russian Federal Security Service, or FSB (Russia’s successor to the Soviet KGB), Bortnikov heads the spy agency that launched his country’s cyberattack on the members of the Democratic National Committee and other U.S. political figures nearly a year and a half ago, according to a newly released joint FBI-Department of Homeland Security report.

    Yet while the FSB itself and Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU (as well as three of its private contractors), were subject to sanctions, the list of individuals facing potential economic reprisals if they come to the United States was selective: Igor Korobov, current chief of the GRU and three of his top deputies were targeted (even though there is little evidence they actually come to the U.S.) Yet Bortnikov — a more significant player who last year attended a White House summit on countering the threat of violent extremism — and other high-ranking FSB officials were untouched by the new Treasury Department sanctions, underscoring what some critics say are the limits of the administration’s response."

  21. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Does Gryphen realize Sarah gets sympathy when liberals abuse her tenacious, private-living kids? His immoral posts reflect more on him and have nothing to do with her. If anything, you're proving she's an exceptional mom who raises strong kids who can survive EVERYTHING in the world in just a few years. Fairly confident no one else can say that. They had a great childhood. 1 would've played hockey professionally without injury, so he and his friend joined the army and were greeted by a huge family congrats party in late 2007. The others have always been content and balanced. One is a stellar mom and her kids know it.

  22. Anonymous9:12 AM

    I'm just proud of Track for not staying unhappily married back then. And I've never been convinced he was content with getting back together with this one. Or he might have waited to buy his house after the wedding and put both names on it. We know Kyla was a planned baby. J doesn't seem stupid with BC. She is was honor student IN BIOLOGY.
    This is why people at young ages need to be taught the only way to prevent pg is abstinence, probably why fewer teens have less sex today as stats say. Thanks Bristol for your help, though you'd never take credit and it probably has more to do with BC costs and the MTV shows if anything. But love your sense of responsibility and honestly telling people sex in high school isn't worth it even if it is just with the one person and people like you don't sleep around. Most girls say it's not worth it. Which is why we need to START discussing sex with boys and not harass parents of girls. Sarah and Todd did EVERYTHING right. Which is why both Levi and Bristol said they had to hang out at his house where he had no rules (she was allowed to just go to his room. Had to sneak around at her home.)


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