Wednesday, December 28, 2016

President Obama leaves Donald Trump in the dust as the most admired man of 2016, while Hillary Clinton wins again for the 15th year in row.

Courtesy of Gallup: 

Americans are most likely to name President Barack Obama as the man they admire most in 2016. Twenty-two percent mentioned Obama in response to the open-ended question. President-elect Donald Trump was second at 15%. It is Obama's ninth consecutive win, but the seven-percentage-point margin this year is his narrowest victory yet.

Obama's win over Trump this year is largely a result of the president earning more mentions among Democrats than Trump receives from Republicans. Fifty percent of Democrats named Obama as most admired, compared with 34% of Republicans choosing Trump. 

The remainder of this year's top 10 most admired man list includes Pope Francis, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Rev. Billy Graham, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, The Dalai Lama, former President Bill Clinton, businessman and philanthropist Bill Gates, and Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

I would not be surprised if next year, after Trump has demonstrated what a total fuck up he is, that President Obama might STILL win this category and by an even wider margin.

As for the women:

Americans named Hillary Clinton the Most Admired Woman for the 15th consecutive year and 21st time overall. Since her initial win in 1993 as first lady, Clinton has topped the list every year but 1995 and 1996 (when she finished behind Mother Teresa) and 2001 (behind Laura Bush). Eleanor Roosevelt has the second-most No. 1 finishes among women, at 13. 

First lady Michelle Obama finished second on the Most Admired Woman list this year, tied with 2012 as her best finish. The remainder of the top 10 most admired women include German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former and current talk-show hosts Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Elizabeth of England, human rights activist Malala Yousafzai, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Okay well it is just pathetic that Sarah Palin still makes this list, even if it is with only 1%.

But wait, isn't there a name missing?

Why didn't future first lady Melania Trump make the list?

Does that mean that prostituting yourself to a disgusting wealthy man in order to live a life of opulence is not considered admirable?

Hmm, who knew?


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    How did trump score that high?

    In general, I don't understand why people idolize famous people they don't even know over family or friends?

    1. Anonymous4:51 PM

      it is all about the money in the minds of people who admire him. Somehow they have convinced themselves that because he is a businessman he is “successful” and worthy (despite four bankruptcies and countless lawsuits). The irrational worship of businessmen in our country is out of proportion to their accomplishment a lot of times.

    2. Anonymous5:18 PM

      4:51, I think you are right on target. His fans also think that what they see as his own wealth is going to rub off on them.

    3. Anonymous6:15 PM

      And the sorry state of affairs for the poor is that Trump wouldn't have a clue how to relate to them and most assuredly looks 'down' upon them.

      They were outfoxed by the asshole if they voted for him! They are going to learn their lesson the hard way and will have no one to blame but themselves and the fat-assed jerk that will never be potus to many throughout our country!

    4. Name recognition.

      That's his peak.

      Next year it will be lower. It will sink with each succeeding year until he's at 1 with Sarah Palin, then like her, never mentioned any more.

    5. Anonymous1:10 AM

      Some were bamboozled, some just plain dumb. And the fake news Media, Liars and Riggers will be on President Obama's list.

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Sorry for the O/T ;

    Debbie Reynolds dead one day after her daughter.

    1. Anonymous5:17 PM

      I heard. My friend called me. I can't believe it. The family's going through so much right now.

    2. Anonymous5:54 PM

      Maybe we are in the middle of the rapture and all the good ones are being saved first.

    3. Anonymous7:39 PM

      No thanks 5:54 PM. I am scared shitless that my father will die before the end of this year. Please. People die and there is NO rhythm to it.

    4. Anonymous10:40 PM

      Drug, drink, and lifestyle addled Hollywood and MTV personalities are the good ones being saved first lol?

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM



    Fucker has been tweeting against President Obama and is now complaining that it is not a smooth transition.


    Trump should not be tweeting against our president. Supposed to be one president one voice.

    Let President Obama finish his term

    Trump: 'NOT' a smooth transition after Obama roadblocks

    (CNN) Donald Trump accused President Barack Obama on Wednesday of making "many inflammatory statements and roadblocks" during the President-elect's transition to the White House.

    "Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks. Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!"

    TrumpDonald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump
    Doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory President O statements and roadblocks.Thought it was going to be a smooth transition - NOT!

    6:07 AM - 28 Dec 2016

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      It's such a crock! Trump went rogue right after BO met with him at the WH. He's been pulling shit ever since, and yet he's blaming our pres. God, I hate this lardass with all my being.

    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      I would love to hear the conversations President Obama and First Lady Michelle have about the lard-ass Republican Donald Trump!

      Trump is no match to either of them and he knows it! They are loved and respected throughout the country and world and Donald and his porn wife are NOT!

    3. Anonymous6:12 PM

      May Trump have a massive stroke and keel over dead before he is suppose to take the oath which he'll never follow or abide by.

      The country would be much, much better off without him!

    4. Was calling Taiwan and raising hell with the Chinese a smooth transition?

      Was interferring with the UN vote on Israel/Palestine a smooth transition?

      Someone needs to sew Trump's mouth closed to get him to stop lying and fucking up.

      Personally, I'm glad Obama is starting to speak out. Can't wait until the gag and shackles are off and he can really lay into Trump and the GOP BananaRepublicans behind him.

  4. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Debbie Reynolds has just died. Bless her heart (not being sarcastic). I hope she didn't suffer too much after losing Carrie.

    1. Anonymous5:36 PM

      Debbie Reynolds, Singin’ in the Rain star and mother to Carrie Fisher, has died at 84

  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    How the fuck did Sarah Palin make the list? It is apparent that Alaskan know the 'real' Palin vs some on the national level!

    She's a liar, fraud and evil as they come in every part of her life! Assuredly is not someone that should be admired or respected. If you notice, none of the Republicans on the national level want a thing to do with her. Alaskans detest her and her family. She couldn't get the job of dog catcher in Alaska!

    1. Anonymous7:42 PM

      The pee pond was shut down so the shut ins had more time to fill out online surveys that promise to pay inbox dollars but never do.

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Yahoo News
    Trump says he had a ‘nice conversation’ with Obama after Twitter tiff

    PALM BEACH, Fla. — President-elect Donald Trump told Yahoo News he spoke with President Barack Obama on Wednesday after he sent a tweet accusing the White House of using “roadblocks” to prevent a “smooth transition.”

    “He phoned me. We had a very nice conversation,” Trump said, briefly speaking with reporters outside of his Mar-a-Lago estate.

    Yahoo News asked Trump whether he brought up any of his concerns about transition roadblocks with the president. Trump replied by referencing a speech earlier in the day by Secretary of State John Kerry, who he said Israel was undermining the Middle East peace process by building settlements on occupied land in the Palestinian territories. Trump did not specify exactly how he feels Obama undermined the transition, but his tweet came as he criticized the current administration for allowing the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements on Friday.

    “We had a general conversation,” Trump said of his discussion with Obama. “I think the secretary’s speech really spoke for itself, but we had a very general conversation. Very, very nice. Appreciated that he called.”

    President Obama and the president-elect have spoken regularly since the election. After their initial meeting on Nov. 10, the Wall Street Journal reported that Obama planned to “spend more time with his successor than presidents typically do.”

    White House press secretary Josh Earnest did not respond to an email from Yahoo News asking for the Obama administration’s take on the conversation with Trump.

    The president-elect discussed his call with Obama when he took a pair of questions from reporters outside the main entrance of his Florida country club. Trump spent his Christmas holiday at the club, and has conducted transition meetings there.

    More at Yahoooooo

    1. Anonymous2:41 AM

      Of course Obama called him. Trump is a blithering idiot, and Obama would like for him NOT to blow the world to smithereens on day one. Alas, Trump will do it anyway. Notice how there's never any content to these interviews. "He called. It was nice. I appreciate the call. Off to golf now." We are screwed. I think Debbie Reynolds had the right idea.

  7. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Will Melania even make it on the lost next year after a full year as FLOTUS? Chances are that Palin will still be on the list and Mel won't be.

    1. Anonymous4:39 AM

      I wish she WOULD 'make it on the lost' next year, like, Get Lost.
      I attempt to poke gentle fun at your typo, 5:16pm, certainly not trying to school you in spelling. Your typo inspired my wish for that hooker to go away.

  8. Anonymous5:17 PM

    The poll was rigged !!!!


  9. Anonymous5:19 PM



    Washington Post:
    ....Trump talked to reporters Wednesday in what became his longest question-and-answer session since the election.

    He refused to directly answer a question about whether Israel should stop building settlements, saying he is “very, very strong on Israel.”...


    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      They say he talked to the press for 74 seconds.

    2. Anonymous1:58 AM

      Give the orange asshole a break. He is missing his "first lady" Ivanka is in Hawaii on vacation.

  10. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Public Service Announcement:

    President Trump's 2017 State of the Union speech will not be televised.

    Instead it will be tweeted in 1000 or more tweets.

    That is all.

    1. Anonymous5:42 PM

      Supposedly he is writing it himself, HA HA, all 140 characters telling us how great he is, how bigly he won, how much harder it is to win the electoral college, blah blah blah.

      Slogans with no substance.

    2. Anonymous5:51 PM

      Ten characters: Huuuuuuuge

    3. LOL.

      Please let it be true.

      I don't have Twitter so will be spared.

    4. Anonymous2:02 AM

      Maybe he will show photos of Malaria nude? He used to show them to his friends when they first got together. I imagaine many of them had already seen her nude when they "hired" her for an addignment. Nobody can convince e she actually made a living posing for those nude lesbian porno shots. No curves, straight up and down. Along came tRump, and suddenly she had breasts! Shows them off every chance she gets also, too. We are going from CLASS (the Obama family) to CRASS.

  11. Anonymous5:34 PM


  12. Anonymous5:35 PM


    Trump: I hate Obama.
    Trump: We had a great talk. I love Obama

    Very un-presidential!
    Make up your damn mind....

    1. Anonymous2:03 AM

      What mind? I think he is in the early (or not so early?) stages of Alzheimers. No rational person acts like he does.

    2. Anonymous4:41 AM

      @203, Donnie Tinyhands' dad was an Alzie veggie for 6 years until he finally croaked. That shit runs in the family, and Donnie mos def has Alzie.

  13. Anonymous5:37 PM

    The 2016 Crookie Awards! Fourth Place: Kellyanne Conway

    1. Reine Priebus got 5th place and Dick Cheney got lifetime achievement.

      They're counting down.

      Who could 3rd, 2nd and 1st place be?

      Well you KNOW Donald Trump will be in 1st place for years to come.

      2nd and 3rd place?

      I'm thinking Pence, Giuliani and Christie have to be in there somewhere.

      All these guys really drive Rush Limbaugh down the list. He just can't compete with the shit they make up.

  14. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Breaking News:

    Obama takes Presidential Book of Secrets and replaces it with a coloring book for Trump.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      I hope he didn't get him those fat crayons. They are so hard for little hands to hold.

    2. Anonymous6:34 PM

      Good one!

    3. Anonymous2:04 AM

      To keep his attention, maybe they are all photos of nude girls and young women.

    4. Anonymous4:42 AM

      @2:04, all photos of Ivanka, circa age 13.

  15. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Robert Reich, Bill Clinton’s labor secretary who has transformed himself into the Michael Moore of Facebook, is promoting something called the Freedom United Concert to air at the same time as the inauguration. The concert would benefit all the usual liberal charities and Reich hopes to get big names like Jay-Z and Madonna to perform. “Presto,” he writes. “The Trump inauguration loses all the TV ratings. Basically, no one watches it.”

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM

      I sure hope it works - know I'll not watch the asshole taking his oath! Hope the Freedom United Concert demolishes the ratings for Trump. Would be a slice of heaven seeing the asshole lose ratings!

    2. Anonymous8:17 PM

      Just hack tv, blackout rumpy fat orange fugly face channels out. Or do it locally.

    3. Anonymous10:38 PM

      Somebody still doesn't know the freedom united concert is not a real thing. Love to see them switching channels only to find the inauguration on every station.

    4. Anonymous2:07 AM

      I will not watch it. Malaris will get pneumonia, with her boobs hanging out in cold weather. I mean her REAL ones, not to mention the ones in the tRump family. What a low class, crass group of frauds they all are. Not fit for the WH, that is for sure.

  16. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Obama Acts To Save Nearly 1.5 Million Acres Of Federal Land Before Leaving Office

    While Native American tribes and environmentalists are applauding Obama’s steps to protect the land, Republicans in Congress are already attacking the move and vowing to reverse it when Trump takes office.

    Obama Designates Two New National Monuments, Protecting 1.65 Million Acres

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Take a look inside Utah’s new national monument

    2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    3. Won't help with his Deplorable Oligarchs in charge. They'll be selling off land and selling licenses to log and drill in our national parks and monuments.

    4. Anonymous4:44 AM

      Then sharpen up your pitchforks, etc, there's more of us than there are of them. They can only get away with what we let them.

  17. Anonymous6:06 PM

    Since 2009, under President Obama’s leadership, the country has fought back from the most devastating economic downturn since the Great Depression, ultimately leading to a much stronger economy that has created millions of new jobs during the longest streak of private sector job growth in history.

    Before the Trump campaign was even an idea, the economy was growing, the stock market was soaring, and deficits were falling.

    The economic picture before the election was the same as it is now – pretty positive. Trump’s existence didn’t make that possible.

    The only thing that has changed is that we now have a president-elect who will shamelessly take credit for things he wishes he could’ve done – and millions of his supporters who will eat it right up.

    1. Anonymous2:10 AM

      President Obama did all these good deeds while battling the racists in DC. The gop just cannot admit that the dems. ALWAYS have smart people in their leadership. The gop likes dumb, ignorant people like tRump.

  18. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Here we go again, narcissistic Trump tooting his horn with his third person tweet.

    Donald J. Trump
    Twitter › realDonaldTrump

    'Economists say Trump delivered hope'

    Mmmm Trump me good person. Me deliver hope.

    1. Anonymous8:34 PM

      The market went down after the xmas bump.

    2. Anonymous2:11 AM

      Maybe "Hope" is going to be the newest mrs. tRump, freshly delivered from mother Russia?

  19. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Trump is known for holding grudges

    Trump will get even with you.

    But when it comes to Vladimir,

    Come on, people need to get on with their lives. Leave him alone.

    Asked about Russia sanctions, Trump says 'we ought to get on with our lives'

    U.S. President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday suggested that the United States and Russia lay to rest the controversy over Moscow's computer hacking of Democratic Party computers, saying, "We ought to get on with our lives."

    Trump has cast doubt on the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies that Russian hackers took information from Democratic Party computers and individuals and posted it online to help Trump win the election.

    The Obama administration plans to announce on Thursday a series of retaliatory measures against Russia for hacking into U.S. political institutions and individuals and leaking information, two U.S. officials said on Wednesday.

    Asked by reporters if the United States should sanction Russia, Trump replied: "I think we ought to get on with our lives. I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what's going on."....

    1. Anonymous8:14 PM

      Rtump said that?! Baffoonary orange fugly blob. Well he should take his own advice. Stop tweeting. The fool. What a very dumb statement to make. Oh, he is the king of bankruptcies and no profits really just doesn't pay taxes like every other American.

    2. Anonymous2:13 AM

      "nobody knows what is going on" that would be led by tRump. Clueless s-o-b.

    3. Anonymous4:46 AM

      I read it like this:

      "I'm scared shitless of Putin and what he's capable of doing." -Donnie Tinyhands

  20. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Donald Trump and the GOP, I want my party back

  21. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Donald Trump announced on Wednesday what was supposedly a new deal to bring 5,000 Sprint jobs back to the United States over the next several years.

    The only problem? Those jobs were part of a previously-announced deal from Japan’s SoftBank to create 50,000 jobs in the U.S.

    In the same announcement on Wednesday, Trump also said that startup OneWeb will be hiring 3,000 Americans in 2017. According to MarketWatch, though, those 3,000 jobs “can also be credited to SoftBank.”

    Though Trump’s announcement today was nothing new and he was just trying to take credit for jobs that would have likely been created without his election, the media was quick to run with it and give the president-elect a positive headline.

  22. Anonymous6:37 PM

    There's your 1%, $arah, too bad that's it's the bottom end, huh? Keep whining, girlfriend!

  23. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Question: Why isn't the press following up on the sexual assault accusations against Trump? The numerous accusations seem to have disappeared from the headlines. Why?

    1. Anonymous7:00 AM

  24. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Holy word salad, Batman!

    Trump was asked what he thought about Sen. Lindsey Graham's statement that sanctions were due against Russia and Vladimir Putin for their hacking during the election. Check out his reply:

    "I think that computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what is going on. We have speed, we have a lot of other things, but I’m not sure we have the kind the security we need. But I have not spoken with the senators and I will certainly will be over a period of time."

    This is Palin-level word sausage. If tomorrow his little piggy eyes are crossed....

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Just become king of the Amish fatty cheeto. Stay in the 1800s. Take ryan and mitch the bitch too.

  25. Anonymous12:50 AM

    What does it say in the Russian kgb spy book when caught?

  26. Anonymous12:56 AM

    OLD PEOPLE should not use social media, facebook or twitter. Social media is like a social disease. There is not much good about it.

    1. Anonymous6:59 AM

      Is that for Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and the 'liberal' Mangelsdorfs?

  27. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Did mr trump share with everyone what he got for Christmas this year? And how Church services inspired him this year?

    1. Anonymous8:56 AM

      He does not know the meaning even.

  28. Anonymous4:40 AM

    President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in deed are favorites of mine and will always be.

    Donald Trump does not rate a 'one' from me! Find him a deplorable human being! Cannot imagine him beating Barack Obama in 'anything' ever!

  29. Anonymous4:45 AM

    How in the world did Mike Pence and Sarah Palin ever get on these lists?

  30. Anonymous5:01 AM

    Maleria went to church with him, showing off all her "assets" Trailer trash have nothing on this classless family. She is too old to be wearing mini skirts, and overhanging boobs. Imagine if our cassy, intelligent First Lady Michelle had dressed like this? The lower the gop goes, the less respect they earn.

  31. Anonymous5:55 AM



    Kellyanne Conway 'is being SNUBBED by Washington DC's top private schools and struggling to find places for her four kids because of anti-Trump bias'

    ▪ Conway is reportedly having a hard time finding schools for her four children

    ▪ She apparently reached out for help at Elisabeth Marrow School in New Jersey

    ▪ 49-year-old's twins currently attend the school, which held a concert last week

    ▪'She is asking everyone with connections to DC schools for help,' a source said

    ▪ President Obama and the First Lady sent their daughters Malia and Sasha to Sidwell Friends School

    ▪ That is the same school that Bill and Hillary Clinton chose for their daughter Chelsea when they moved to Washington DC in 1993

    Read post at

    1. Anonymous7:21 AM

      hahahahaha lmao.
      I hope they can't get houses either.
      I hope they can't get restaurant reservations.
      I hope doctors, dentists, plumbers aren't taking new clients.
      Kellyanne Conjob is a pariah and should be treated as such.


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