Saturday, December 10, 2016

Russia also hacked the RNC, but unlike the DNC hack did not release any of the information. Things that make you go "Hmmm."

Courtesy of the New York Times:

American intelligence agencies have concluded with “high confidence” that Russia acted covertly in the latter stages of the presidential campaign to harm Hillary Clinton’s chances and promote Donald J. Trump, according to senior administration officials. 

They based that conclusion, in part, on another finding — which they say was also reached with high confidence — that the Russians hacked the Republican National Committee’s computer systems in addition to their attacks on Democratic organizations, but did not release whatever information they gleaned from the Republican networks.

For their part the Republicans claim they were NOT successfully hacked, however the intelligence agencies disagree: 

“We now have high confidence that they hacked the D.N.C. and the R.N.C., and conspicuously released no documents” from the Republican organization, one senior administration official said, referring to the Russians.

The Trump transition team had this to say about these allegations:
Actually the information that supposedly demonstrated that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction was cherry picked by the Bush Administration, and was NOT the consensus of the intelligence community as a whole.

I wonder how it feels for some of these older Republican lawmakers to realize that after decades of fighting the Russians, and working to keep them in check, that they have now become their little bitches?

It also makes me wonder just what dirt the Russians might have on the Republicans to keep them in line moving forward.

For instance currently the Russians are moving nuclear capable missiles into Eastern Europe. Let's see now long it takes for any of the Republican Senators are House members to make a fuss about it.


  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    Dollars to donuts there's a lot more to this story.Trump probably asked Putin for his help and the gop used their bag of dirty tricks and stole this election from the American people.This was a rotten deal from day one.If you can't win honestly cheat and lie your asses off,sell out your country whatever.Republicans are scum and traitors.

  2. Anonymous2:41 PM

    As if I wasn't already having nightmares, that Russian article Gryphen links to makes me want to sign up for the next shuttle off the planet.

    Every single congressman and senator who sits on their hands regarding this mess is a traitor.

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:31 PM

      Quite a pickle their candidate has gotten them into, isn't it?

      He will demand their loyalty, and in giving it, they expose themselves to being branded a traitor.

      What a long, strange trip this election has been.

    2. Anonymous1:41 AM

      I agree, Anon 2:41
      OMG if all I am reading is true, there were so many people who knew what was going on and yet they did nothing. I read that Obama knew, too, and I am having a hard time understanding how and why he didn't do anything about it if it's true.

    3. Anonymous6:51 AM

      Anonymous1:41 AM
      I think Obama is going with the "When they go low we go high" that has served them these last 9 yrs however, this is NOT THE TIME FOR THAT! I think that is why Hillary conceded so fast (smooth transition of power) and why this has gone so far. Now Obama has to step in and make it "official" Russia is being investigated. Trump should be included so he stops this "Lets all move along" shit and starts shitting his pants about being arrest as a spy/espionage and Rudy guliani b/c news reports we know they knew about the hacking "We have something up our sleeves".
      All of them in Washington better get a fucking clue!


    " “Some of the Republicans in the briefing also seemed opposed to the idea of going public with such explosive allegations in the final stages of an election.” Almost immediately afterward, Republicans in Congress trumpeted explosive (but ultimately empty) allegations from a different agency. Of the many causes of the election outcome, one was simply that Trump’s supporters in government were willing to put the system at risk in order to win, and Clinton’s supporters were not."

    And there you have it. The information was there. But the Democrats were unwilling to release it. Spineless. Flaccid.

    Who is going to protect us from Trump now? Certainly not the Democrats that could have prevented this in the first place.

    Trump's statement "begins by dismissing the veracity of the CIA’s conclusions, and then immediately proceeds to imply that the truth of the matter is irrelevant, since Trump won. The CIA can’t be trusted, it all happened so long ago, but it doesn’t matter because Trump won.

    And that is the nub of it. Very little will come of this, except perhaps that future presidential campaigns may have to account for the political risk of offending the Kremlin when devising their Russia stance (lest they be targeted by hackers). When all the smoke has cleared away and the outrage dissipated, the bottom line will be that Russia set out to influence the U.S. election, and Republicans in Congress decided not to speak out against them, and both their calculations were rewarded."

    Toothless, neutered Democrats.

    I'm now registered as Peace and Freedom.

    1. Anonymous3:34 PM

      I wish you could come arse-kicking with me.

  4. Anonymous3:08 PM

    To eliminate bribery possibilities, RNC should release all hacked emails, docs etc to the public immediately!

  5. Anonymous3:10 PM

    Something to make you go hmmm

  6. Anonymous3:32 PM

    I never thought I'd be thankful that my mom and dad, along with most of the Greatest Generation, aren't here to see a Communist puppet in the Oval Office.

    1. Anonymous3:49 PM

      I think the same thing. Even our dogs are blessed not to be here. Being very attuned to our emotions, they would worry along with us.

  7. So basically after Russia hacking the DNC idiots voted in Trump over nothing in the DNC emails. Now, the RNC is going to drop to their knees because Putin has their emails by their thin short hairs. Who the hell thought that we'd be here.

    Wonder what they have on Trump?

    1. Cracklin Charlie9:23 PM

      Well, for starters, he may have conspired with a foreign government to influence a national election. That ought to be enough. But, beyond that, that government may have been grooming him for this deception for several years. They have got plenty.

      And not just on him, either.

  8. Anonymous3:58 PM

    St. Ronnie is rolling in his grave, the evil empire is running his party !!!

    I hope heads will roll when all the truth comes out, traitor trump did not win the election.

    We had a coup and a dictator took over the government.

  9. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hair Fuhrer is messing with the Alphabet Agencies?

    "“To have the president-elect of the United States simply reject the fact-based narrative that the intelligence community puts together because it conflicts with his a priori assumptions — wow,” said Michael V. Hayden, who was the director of the N.S.A. and later the C.I.A. under President George W. Bush."

  10. Anonymous4:30 PM

    First, I just read that Bristle is fragrant again. Jeez, what is this-number seven? Someone asked about what Putin might have on Rethugs-I read before the election that Fat Donald had been "compromised" during a trip to Russia for the Miss Universe contest. Do we need to think very hard to imagine movies starring him and several under-age lovelies? Nope. This is a freakin' nightmare. So glad to be really old.

    1. Anonymous5:10 PM

      I'm old too.

      I remember when Tricky Dicky got on boarded the helicopter and flew off to his pardon.

      I still wonder if they should have thrown his ass out into the Potomac River like Trick Dick and Henry Ks buddies were doing in Chile.

  11. "George W. Bush's CIA Briefer: Bush and Cheney Falsely Presented WMD Intelligence to Public...........Bush and Cheney were not misled by flawed intelligence; they used the flawed intelligence to mislead."

  12. Anonymous6:01 PM

  13. Anonymous6:09 PM

    It was Hillary's judgment that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction. Her bad judgment is just one reason she lost the election.

    1. Anonymous7:02 AM

      Anonymous6:09 PM
      It was Hillary's judgment that Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction. Her bad judgment is just one reason she lost the election.
      Youfucking berniebrosare treasoneous bastards and the reason Hillary didn't WIN by a LARGER margin! She won you fucktard!

  14. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I despise conspiracy theories. So consider this speculation. A few months back there was some discussion Trump may owe a great deal of money to Russian interests. If true, we the electorate have just been gamed to fulfill those debts in some very interesting ways.

  15. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Just throw the orange pos out. Even in any sport game there are rules. I can't believe the rupubicgrabbers are doing nothing about throwing the bum out for conflicts, russian foreign entity in our business, it is appauling to state the least.

  16. Anonymous7:01 AM

    Nothing would make me happier than to find out that russian operatives, with full knowledge of trump, somehow manipulated voting apparatus and threw the election. Yeah, I know, far fetched but a guy can hope!


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