Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Sarah Palin rails against fake news while citing an op-ed that she wrote herself. Update!

Courtesy of Simple Sarah's Facebook page: 

"If it's Monday, it's delete the press." 

As a victim of fake news for years now, I'm accustomed to waking up to headlines like these - false, fake & foolhardily written. Keep it up media! Really, please do. The more you attack, the more we win.

At this point Sarah Palin actually links to Snopes to prove that the story in the top right hand corner is fake. Snopes!

I did not even know that she knew how to find Snopes on the internet.

And Palin's point is valid. She has indeed been the focus of a number of fake news stories over the years.

Why not? After all the true stories about her are only a tiny bit more believable than the fake stories about her.

However having said that did you notice the story at the bottom left?

That story was based on the op-ed that Palin and her ghostwriter posted on a Right Wing news site, that was reported on by just about every news outlet in the country.

So color me confused. Is she complaining that SHE wrote fake news, or is she suggesting that everybody who covered it wrote fake news?

Because I read it and she most certainly DID refer to Trump's deal with Carrier as "crony capitalism."

So is she upset that the MSM reported accurately on what she wrote, or is she upset that she wrote it, or perhaps is her wig just a little too snug this morning and is cutting of the blood flow to her brain?

I'm not sure but that last one sounds like a pretty good subject for a fake news story if anybody wants to run with it.

Update: Even Glen Beck thinks that Palin is suffering some kind of brain damage.

Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

Beck said that Palin’s fawning endorsement and sycophantic defense of Donald Trump during the campaign was “crazy,” but it is even more bizarre that once it was reported that she was possibly under consideration for the position of secretary of veterans affairs in Trump’s administration, she turned around and attacked Trump over his plan to prevent Carrier from moving a thousand jobs to Mexico. 

“Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?” Beck asked his staff during his weekly “Think Tank” television program. “Because I don’t know what has happened to her.” 

Palin attacking Trump over the Carrier deal is absurd, Beck said, because “you own it, Sarah. You brought it to the table. He said he would do that!” 

Eventually, Beck and his staff concluded that perhaps Palin is lashing out at Trump because she is just “butt-hurt” over the fact that she may not get the V.A. secretary position.

You know when even Glenn Beck is asking if your brain is broken,  you might want to check to see if your brain is broken.


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Who knows what she means? It seems like Republicans have become the party of being two-faced.

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      What's 2-faced about this?

    2. Anonymous9:10 AM

      What's 2 faced about this is Sarah Palin calling out fake news when she is one who deals in propaganda. Brietbart is one of the worst offenders of fake news, and Sarah regularly links to and writes for that blog site.

    3. Anonymous10:40 AM

      What's two-faced about this? Bah hah hah hah.
      She, or at least her ghostwriter, call Trump out, and then she tries to paint it as fake news, that she called him out? Oh no, nothing two-faced about that.
      But, hmm, is it possible that the ghost-writer did go rogue, and Sarry herself had no intention of criticizing Donny?

    4. Anonymous12:32 PM

      $carah is multi faced .

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    She's clearly referencing sites implying she turned on Trump and no longer supports him just because she doesn't like his potential cronyism deal. And now you're joining the shit media by writing the same thing as untrustworthy media. I continue to be ashamed I once, years ago, liked this blog.

    1. Anonymous9:08 AM

      If you don't like this blog, why do you waste your precious time here? There are other blogs that you might enjoy better. Why spend your time reading a blog you're ashamed of??

    2. Cracklin Charlie9:23 AM

      Easy solution...Go Away!

      Good bye.

    3. 8:44
      You never would make it on a high school debate team. Just sayin'.

    4. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Trumps cronyism was fine until she didn't get invited to join in the spoils. Now,she's like a spurned lover.

  3. Anonymous8:45 AM

    The real culprit in the city’s decline has been federal policies that put corporate health ahead of community health, such as free-trade agreements that sacrifice U.S. jobs for foreign trade. President Bill Clinton’s NAFTA treaty is particularly reviled among auto workers. Such agreements have made it easier for car companies and others to leave their communities for lower labor costs elsewhere.

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      "Following diplomatic negotiations dating back to 1990 among the three nations, U.S. President George H. W. Bush, Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Mexican President Carlos Salinas, each RESPONSIBLE for spearheading and promoting the agreement, ceremonially SIGNED the agreement in their respective capitals on December 17, 1992.[7] The signed agreement then needed to be ratified by each nation's legislative or parliamentary branch.", "Bush, who had worked to "FAST TRACK" the signing prior to the end of his term, ran out of time and had to pass the required ratification and signing of the implementation law>Clinton ADDed two side agreements, The North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC) and the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC) "<Then Bill signed the bill.

    2. Anonymous9:51 AM

      9:18 is correct. Bush signed it 12/17/1992. And more Repubs than Dems voted for it:


  4. Anonymous9:05 AM

    She made sure that headline about Trump was one of four fake news stories. She's clearly trying to use the topic to walk back what she said about the Carrier deal. She said what she said. The headline is not out of line using the wording "Turns on Trump." We see wording like this all the time when someone breaks from a usual POV or connection. We know that the wording applies to a differing of stance on the subject matter of the article. She's trying to say that she's being wrongly accused of now having totally turned against Trump. It looks like she is trying to blame the MSM for any fallout since her posts were made regarding that Carrier deal. Of course the Blaze is not the MSM, but the MSM reported what Palin said about Carrier and it was basically what the Blaze has said. It is not lying to say that what she said was a turning against Trump. It very much went against all that he said and did. She has to accept that.

    1. Anonymous9:26 AM

      Welcome to:

  5. Anonymous9:08 AM

    She only became the subject of fake news because she was such a joke. It was so easy to report the most ridic things and everyone could believe these because of her stupidity and highly embarrassing public presence. In her case, anyone with ab rain knew when the news was fake and just a laugh at her expense (which she so deserved). It was not at all the same thing as the kind of fake news we saw during the election and are still seeing.

  6. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Sounds like she's trying to get back into Lardass's good graces. She thought she was going to get that Cabinet position and didn't, and then she lashed out about Carrier. She said something that for once made sense, but she's now walking it back without really walking it back. She wants back in with Trump.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Sara and drumpf are sooooo alike.

    2. Anonymous9:53 AM

      Exactly! She always wants it both ways.

    3. Anonymous10:45 AM

      We all know she didn't write an article with that many big words in it. So is it possible that the attack on Trump came entirely from the ghost writer, for his or her own purposes? Either to slam Trump, or to sink Palin, or both? With all of the squabbling and dysfunctionality within the GOP, one could believe there's all sorts of palace intrigue afoot at the moment.

    4. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Question is who is the ghost writer?

  7. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Funny how Sarah has never taken issue with Fox falsely promoting her so many times, like when they aired footage of what were supposedly large crowds during her book tour but the video was really from 2008 when she first hit the campaign trail with McCain. There are so many false stories and pics out there that put her in a positive light. She has never complained about those.

  8. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Glenn Beck ‘sincerely’ worried about Sarah Palin: ‘Has she had a brain aneurysm?’

    “Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?” Beck said Monday night during his weekly “Think Tank” television program. “Because I don’t know what has happened to her.”

    Beck said the failed vice presidential candidate and former half-term governor of Alaska had mounted a “crazy” defense of Donald Trump during the election campaign.

    But then Palin attacked Trump over his heavily touted deal with Carrier, which resulted in the company keeping some manufacturing jobs in Indiana in exchange for $7 million in tax incentives, while she was under consideration for secretary of the Veterans Administration.

    Trump’s deal with Carrier turned out to be not quite as sweet as the president-elect had boasted, and Palin described as “special interest crony capitalism.”

    “You own it, Sarah — you brought it to the table,” Beck said. “He said he would do that!”

    Eventually, Beck and his staff concluded that perhaps Palin is lashing out at Trump because she is just “butt-hurt” over the fact that she may not get the V.A. secretary position.

    Watch video below, via RightWingWatch:



    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      THAT is what she's responding to! HA - sjp

  9. Anonymous9:31 AM

    My friend and I met two cute guys Saturday night playing pool. We were having a lot of fun when one of the guys said that he voted for Trump and really believed in him. I was a little bummed but asked him some questions to see where he was coming from. I then asked what they thought of Sarah Palin. Both just busted out laughing saying she is dumber than a rock and that republicans (such as themselves) do not take her seriously. One stated "have you ever heard her talk? She doesn't make sense and she is so stupid!" Well, at least we agreed on that. The Trump supporter ended up asking me out on a date and I just couldn't do it. We are simply too fundamentally different.

    1. Elliegrl11:49 AM

      I see that as subtle misogyny. Trump is the male Palin. Palin, I can't believe it myself, is more sane than Trump. She actually had some policy ideas. Really bad ones, but still something. I'd be less concerned if word salad Sarah had the nuclear launch button. And she & her friends (like Dairygate) defined crony capitalism. BTW, what happened w/Dairygate?

  10. Anonymous9:37 AM


    #2 pooh-pooh
    "A pooh-pooh (also styled as poo-poo) is a fallacy in informal logic that consists of dismissing an argument as being unworthy of serious consideration. Scholars generally characterize the fallacy as a rhetorical device in which the speaker ridicules an argument without responding to the substance of the argument."
    (like voting for drumpf in TeXa$?)

  11. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Flynn Family Fake News Fiasco Proves Trump’s Conspiracy Entourage Is Unfit To Govern

    ...The Trump team doesn’t seem to be on the same page regarding reality. Tuesday morning the discrepancy surrounded whether or not conspiracy artist Mike Flynn Jr. was working with the Trump transition team, given his role in spreading “pizzagate”; aka, the fake news that Hillary Clinton was involved in a child sex-trafficking scheme supposedly operating in the back of a D.C. pizza restaurant. “Pizzagate” is one of many fake conspiracies peddled about Hillary Clinton by the Right, but it was also cited by the gunman who fired one or more shots in the Comet Ping Pong Pizza restaurant.

    After Mike Flynn Jr.’s, a top aide to Trump’s National Security Adviser, “pizzagate” tweets became an embarrassment, Vice President-elect Mike Pence said General Mike Flynn’s son had no involvement in the transition team, even though he has an official transition email address.


  12. Anonymous9:44 AM

    “Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?” Beck inquired. “Because I don’t know what has happened to her.”


    1. Anonymous10:37 AM

      Palin has always been nuttier than a fruitcake - and, Beck is just now understanding - or coming to grips with it? Needless to say, he's been extremely slow on the uptake!

      He should have been paying more attention to what Alaskans have always known about her and reiterated time and time again!

      She is the LAST person that should be in a government position because she's not qualified, hates to work, quits at every position she has ever had and is
      dim witted!

    2. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Pot meet kettle. One idiot calling out another.

  13. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Report: Trump's NatSec Pick Pushed Fake News 16 Times Since August

    ...Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, President-elect Donald Trump's pick for national security advisor, has reportedly promoted conspiracy theories and unfounded accusations at least 16 times since August.

    Flynn used his Twitter account in recent months to push unproven and outrageous allegations about top Democrats, according to a Politico report published Tuesday.

    The report cited Flynn's retweet of a post claiming that Hillary Clinton "secretly waged war" on the Catholic Church and another which called President Barack Obama a "jihadi" who "laundered" money for Muslim terrorists in Iran.

    Flynn promoted a claim that John Podesta, Clinton's campaign manager, took part in occult rituals involving bodily fluids. He also posted tweets suggesting that Clinton's emails contained information on "Money Laundering, Sex Crimes w Children, etc" and asking readers to "decide" for themselves based on a "MUST READ" article by True Pundit, a fake news site.


  14. Anonymous9:52 AM


  15. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Trump tweeted that he was going to cancel the contract with Boeing because of the hefty $4 billion price tag. However, $4 billion is practically a mysterious, made-up number from Trump – no one knows where he got that number.


    1. Anonymous10:18 AM


    2. Anonymous10:44 AM

      My first thought was that Boeing is centered in WA State and we're a liberal state with a Dem Gov. That's how it's going to work for the next 4 years. He'll destroy everything over half of the country believes in. I used to think I was being a bit paranoid (we lived through W, right?)but I'm really scared.

    3. Anonymous11:40 AM

      10:44, all the more inducement for us to separate. WA, CA, HI, OR, NM in our own country. Fuck the USA, it is not something I love anymore, I only fear it.

    4. Anonymous12:03 PM

      So, who will build it? Airbus? Aren't they French?

    5. Anonymous12:47 PM

      Up here, up here, too - Alaska is moving blue and it's a pleasure to watch. Way past time the state got away from the Republican majority control (Alaska Legislature) that ran it financially in the ground.

      The state is in a recession, the unemployment rate is 6.8% where the national rate if 5% - oil industry is moving out of the state along w/its employees, etc. Reminds me of the last recession! Next to go will be the housing sector - values dropping, etc.

  16. Anonymous10:19 AM

    “The threats that we now face are the most severe that have ever arisen in human history,” Chomsky warned. “They are literal threats to survival: nuclear war, environmental catastrophe.”

    He continued, “They became more urgent on November 8th, for the reasons you know and that I mentioned. They have to be faced directly, and soon, if the human experiment is not to prove to be a disastrous failure.”

    Watch his full remarks below.


  17. Anonymous10:21 AM

    As of Tuesday morning, Clinton leads Trump 65,467,571 to 62,813,613, according to voter data from the Cook Political Report — a margin of 2,653,958 votes. That lead represents nearly a 2.1 percent edge in the popular vote as a whole.

  18. Anonymous10:33 AM

    And, now Sarah Palin doesn't like the black Santa Claus?!!!

    Alaskans have always known her to be racist - she is a pig and the most evil woman Alaska has to offer!

    She calls herself a 'christian'? Give me a fucking break! The door is wide open and awaits her arrival in Hell!

    1. Okay that one was actually fake news.

      Try not to become part of the problem.

    2. Anonymous12:41 PM

      Please enlighten so that we know when something is 'fake' news - had no clue. Sounded exactly like something related to Palin though!

    3. Anonymous2:47 PM

      12:41. There is no one "clue" to KNOW what is fake or not. Go to multiple sources and look at the original source. Dont' go to sites that are notorious for printing fake or sensationalist news. Learn to read between the lines...an example is the Daily Mail out of the UK....they usually have a lot of truth buried in their articles (actual quotes) but if you read just their headlines, the headlines are WAAAYYYY over-interpretations of those quotes...or they completely and purposefully misinterpret them.

      It usually becomes pretty obvious when something is real or not. Also, look at what headlines say and then how they reference "sources." If they say somebody said something, look for where they got that information. In this example, where did they get the information that Palin said that about the black santa? If they can "find" the quote, you should to. So, if she never said it, you'll run into a dead end quickly (you'll just see many other fake news or opinion sites just retyping the original fake source.

      Just try to be a little more aware and not believe everything you see in print. Good god, by now any adult should know you can't believe everything in print. We all need to be a bit more discerning in where we read and what we believe. What happens when we believe everything we see is that the real problems get buried in fake reports. THIS problem is why we have an orange demi-god with a bad comb-over hiding his empty brain as our president-elect....people believed everything they read about Hillary and all of the diarrhea that Trump's anus-mouth spewed.

    4. Anonymous8:46 AM

      Sarah only has herself to blame. She's made so many outrageous claims herself that her idiocy has grown legs and people quite frankly aren't surprized and are willing to accept falsehoods about her as fact.

  19. Anonymous10:39 AM

    That story in the bottom right is about $arah's new grandchild $ay'lur Grey'ce right?

    1. Anonymous12:30 PM

      You are so bad.
      And I like it....

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      You mean the one she is never ever photographed with?

    3. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Or perhaps Track Menard's latest!!

    4. Anonymous5:22 AM

      Has that christian mom had ONE grandchild conceived in a marriage?

  20. Anonymous10:48 AM

    It's not just Trump. This is also wreaking havoc on lives.
    It’s like clockwork. Every year, right in the middle of October, I find myself stricken with panic and exhaustion that has nothing to do with my job or my personal life and everything to do with one simple environmental factor. The sun is going down, and all it takes to make my stomach drop is one glance out the window to see the sky growing dark by 6:30 p.m. The feeling is primal and consuming, and it’s at the root of my seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


    1. Anonymous11:13 AM

      Wow. Now it all makes sense. Great article, so informative.

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      6:30? Geez, it's 4:30 here in MI, and the sun is about to set. We won;t see dusk at 6:30 until April.

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      Take Vitamin D, it really helps.

    4. Anonymous5:24 AM

      A nice (and safe) firepit with a few good friends around it also is good for some S.A.D. therapy.

  21. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Democrats Trap Trump And Turn The Tables On Republicans With Buy American Amendment


  22. Anonymous10:57 AM

    A Second GOP Texas Elector Says He Will Not Vote For Donald Trump

    ..."Mr. Trump goes out of his way to attack the cast of 'Saturday Night Live' for bias. He tweets day and night, but waited two days to offer sympathy to the Ohio State community after an attack there. He does not encourage civil discourse, but chooses to stoke fear and create outrage," Christopher Suprun wrote in his op-ed. "This is unacceptable."

    Suprun wrote that the Electoral College was designed to "determine if candidates are qualified, not engaged in demagogy, and independent from foreign influence."

    "Mr. Trump shows us again and again that he does not meet these standards. Given his own public statements, it isn’t clear how the Electoral College can ignore these issues, and so it should reject him," he said.


    1. Anonymous11:14 AM

      A lawsuit by two Democratic electors is seeking to overturn state laws that bind Electoral College electors, and if successful, could open the door to the Electoral College rejecting Trump.

      ...Could a lawsuit like this work? Could the Electoral College electors rebel? The answer to these questions is that no one is quite sure. The laws binding electors to the popular vote winner have never been challenged, so they have never had to be enforced. The lawsuit itself is a long shot, but if it were successful, it would give the electors the power to vote their conscience and break away from Trump.


    2. Anonymous12:30 PM

      I don't think he has offered anything regarding the warehouse fire either, has he? And was that due to a lack of inspections, following the regulations Trump wants to dismantle, or stupidity? Look for more and more of these things if he does half of what he claims he wants to do. Nowhere will be safe.

  23. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Trending story that Clinton won just 57 counties is untrue


  24. Anonymous10:59 AM

    False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and Satirical “News” Sources


  25. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Trump Campaign Admits Pizza Sex Conspiracy Weirdo Was Involved in Transition


  26. Anonymous11:05 AM

    New pro-Trump group takes form, with Kellyanne Conway possibly at the helm


  27. Anonymous11:07 AM

    If Democrats want to win, they should filibuster Trump early and often


  28. Anonymous11:09 AM

    The Wisconsin recount may have a surprise in store after all


  29. Anonymous11:16 AM

    “Donald, it was a movie,” Ford said as he addressed the camera. “It’s not like this in real life, but how would you know?”


  30. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Paper Owned by Trump's Son-In-Law Runs Alarming Op-Ed Calling for FBI Crackdown on Anti-Trump Protests
    From the outset, Jared Kushner's New York Observer has been an instrument of the Trump campaign.


    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      What newspaper does his son-in-law own? How come you didn't provide the name of it? Weird!

    2. Anonymous1:17 PM

      The did. Jared Kushner's New York Observer.

    3. Anonymous4:03 PM

      12:37....You can't read. Weird!

  31. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Thanks for running this gryph. I thought it would give you a laugh ;) Pretty damn funny,huh!?

  32. Anonymous11:50 AM

    Tiny simple Sarah is butt hurt and is probably throwing tantrums between fetal position catatonia. That ghost written condemnation probably went out after a tantrum. Now the succubus has reconsidered because it didn't work; she didn't get the type of attention she craves (look over here, look over here, I'm special, pick me, me, me, me, me ...)

  33. Anonymous12:00 PM


    When someone sells their stocks because they have inside nonpublic knowledge that the stock prices will drop, that is called "inside trading".

    Insider trading is the trading of a public company's stock or other securities (such as bonds or stock options) by individuals with access to nonpublic information about the company. In various countries, some kinds of trading based on insider information is illegal


    ● Trump owned stock in Boeing.

    ● Is it just great timing Trump sold his Boeing stock in June?

    ● Trump used his position as president-elect to singlehandedly bring down Boeing's stock value.

    ● They say when stock prices drops that's the time to buy more.

    ● Wonder if Trump, his wife, his kids, his friends and his cabinet members bought more Boeing stock after Trump's announcement made Boeing's stock dropped?

    ● Keep in mind Trump and people within his cabinet tend to make money through other's griefs and losses.

    USA Today:
    Spokesman: Trump sold all his stock in June

    Donald Trump sold all his stock back in June, a transition team spokesman said today, showing the president-elect has begun to address concerns about complicated entanglements between his business and new government life.

    Questions about Trump's stock holdings came back into view Tuesday after he criticized the costs of Boeing (BA) to build a new Air Force One. "The president-elect sold all of his stock back in June. I do not know if he had any Boeing stock at that time," says Trump spokesman Jason Miller...

    1. Anonymous7:10 PM

      you speak like it hasn't been done before...
      may be after a nap you can wake up and see...
      that it's been happening since the 29' crash!

  34. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Sarah's an ankle biter now. If you don't pay attention to her, she will pee on your carpet.

  35. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Sara“Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?”<Hoohaa

  36. Randall2:33 PM

    Sarah Palin is crazy and stupid.
    How is this NEWS to anybody?

  37. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Palin created her own fake reality from the moment that she married a man who was not the father of her first child.

    Before that she claimed a University degree that no one can verify, and then went forth to pretend to be a Mayor that could do her job yet had to hire someone else to do it for her.

    She moved on to a position on the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, an olive branch handed to her when Murkowski realized that his daughter was a much better choice to replace him than a woman that couldn't even handle being Mayor of Wasilla. She thanked him by being completely unprepared for the position and got herself out of it by being a whistle-blower for against those that realized she was in over her head and were about ready to call her out on it.

    Cut to Governor, and we all know that tale. She didn't show up for work she blamed others for her shortcomings and went as far as to say she couldn't be at work because people were picking on her kids. Oh, then she just up and quit rather than face the music.

    She's a moron, and a perpetual victim, with a record that is questionable at best. On top of that all she cost McCain the 2008 election, yet still maintains that she has what it takes to be Interior Secretary or head of the VA?

    She's a delusional liar who has no concept of her own inadequacy.

    1. Anonymous6:25 PM

      Funny that when "Bristol's Blog" shut down after Nancy French was out for whatever reason. Mommie Dearest used to link to it all the time....Bristol's thoughts....LMAO

      Seems the addition of MOH to D'OH as the next up and coming power political couple isn't working out that well.

      Is that why you're yapping, $arah?
      You THOUGHT you were all that. You weren't.

  38. Anonymous6:46 PM

    So she wants to eliminate the Press, they aren’t the ones with the fake news.

    She is the problem along with her buddies at FOX and Briebart etc.

    F.U. Sarah.

    As for Glen Beck, maybe he stopped taking mind-altering drugs, this is the second time he said something rational. The other time had to do with trump being a moron or something similar.

  39. Anonymous7:39 PM

    How insignificant you are, $arah? ANY post concerrning you or your tribe used to garner hundreds of comments in the old days.

    It's not that IMers left. You became a joke and not worthy of commenting on anymore, including the tribe you call a family.

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      SarahPac ran out of money to employ trolls who used to stir shit at IM. That is the reason for fewer posts.

  40. Anonymous3:28 AM

    I think Sarah Palin is just mad as hell that Trump did not give her a cushy job. Now her husband and children have to get real jobs. She should too but I doubt she will.

  41. Anonymous3:50 AM

    Interesting how it was said after the pizza shootings, nobody got hurt, just normal behavior. Really? A new gov employee praises fake news, helps out to spread the fake damaging news and daddy is the new questionable deplorable head of what? All normal?

  42. Anonymous5:33 AM

    So, just WHEN is $he gonna 'launch' her latest grandbastard to her adoring public?


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