Monday, December 05, 2016

The Immoral Minority finally comes to Facebook!

So finally after stubbornly refusing to give IM a Facebook presence, I caved in yesterday and created this page.

One of my faults as a blogger is that I am resistant to self promotion.

I do not typically post links to my blog on Reddit, or HuffPo, or any other news outlets or websites.

To me that has always seemed arrogant and conceited.

And for quite awhile this blog did just fine through word of mouth and the occasional glare of national attention.

However things have now changed.

As you have been reading in my recent posts, websites promoting fake news have managed to increase their clicks by huge margins simply by using the tools available to them on Facebook.

In fact fake news has overwhelmed actual news to the point where facts and truth have been all but drowned out completely.

So in order to compete against all of that it is important that rather than rejecting Facebook we start using it as a means to inform and do good, rather than simply a place to disseminate lies and do evil.

To accomplish that I need all of you to provide a little help.

If you can help spread the word and introduce IM to a few more folks on your friends list that would be of great assistance.

Also, many of you will be pleased that on Facebook there is a "Like" button which folks have been asking me to put here for years. So now you can like IM to your heart's content.

Trust me with Donald Trump in office we have much to do, and with your help I think we can have some impact.

Oh and yes, there is a little unfinished Sarah Palin business to tie up as well.

Thank you for your years of support, and thank you for the support on Facebook that I know you will continue to provide.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Unfinished Sarah Palin business?


    1. I won't be holding my breath.

      The time has come and gone for any revelations to be effective.

      Palin is now in the "who the fuck cares" category of the media's attention. At this point they aren't going to care about whatever it is no matter how much proof there is and they certainly aren't going to do anything like broadcast it to a wider audience.

      Too late and too little.

      G. missed the boat on taking her down.

      And I'm tired of an 8 YEAR TEASE.

    2. I am not sure what tease you are talking about.

      Part of the reason that she is in the "who the fuck cares" category is due to revelations on this blog, and in Joe, Geoffrey, and Frank's books, to which I contributed.

      The only big things left unrevealed at this point are from a few sources who refuse to go public, which is the only way it would ever get any attention whatsoever.

      However I do have a couple of unused pictures, and the stories behind them, that will prove interesting and of course more information from my discussions with Levi.

    3. And what about the wild ride, Trig's parentage, etc?

      You said neither Sarah nor Bristol is Trig's Mother.

      Well, who is it? You don't think that is relevant?

      We were promised a reveal on Trig's parentage and that never happened.

      You're holding yourself up to a journalistic standard that no longer exists. Your sources won't go public? Who cares. You don't have to reveal your sources, plus you're not a journalist, you're a blogger. I think this past election shows that you don't have to have three reliable public sources for every "story" you "publish."

    4. Anonymous12:28 PM


    5. I have never said that I knew who Trig's biological parents were for sure, because I don't.

      But I have shared theories from members of the Palin family and their friends.

      As for talking about information provided by people who want to stay anonymous, I can only do that if it does not risk revealing their identity to the Palins.

      And in the past I have.

      However I will not risk anybody's livelihood or ability to live in their community just to satisfy curious people on the internet.

      Let's keep a little perspective here, these are real lives we are talking about.

    6. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Just to satisfy curious people on the internet"??
      Now, that's just insulting lol!
      The choosing of Palin in 08 was based on one big lie. The implications from proving that do waaaay more than satisfy us curious folk.

    7. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Let's have a little perspective here - our country was hoaxed. Which paved he way for the shit mess we are in now.

  2. So, is your IM blog ending?

    1. Anonymous9:21 AM

      I'm an elderly senior and have followed tis blog since its inception. Is the blog completely finished now?

      How do I access you on Facebook? Please give me instructions - do I ask that Immoral Minority become my friend or do I put in that full title that is noted above to become my friend?

      I want to make sure I don't lose track of you, Gryphen, and your wonderful research and commentary!

    2. Anonymous9:27 AM

      I hope not as I refuse to open a Facebook account ..

    3. Anonymous9:47 AM

      Ditto on never opening a facebook account.

    4. Anonymous10:03 AM

      NO WAY will I volunteer my privacy to blog FREELY and expose myself to Mark Z or anyone else. It is a GOOD step for G, but not for me.

    5. Anonymous10:04 AM

      I don't believe IM as a blog is ending...just having a facebook presence as well. 9:21, there is a link in the first sentence of this post "this page" it will take you to the facebook page. IM's fb page is not set to private so you don't have to have an acct to access it.

      I have a fb acct but am having second thoughts about the platform itself. I think Zuckerberg deserves some scrutiny after he did NOTHING to stop the fake news coming out of fb even after he was alerted to it. Also I'm beginning to have trust issues with him personally, especially on politics. Facebook is a huge social network but, imo, needs to be "watched", especially during a Trump/Republican administration.

    6. Anonymous10:19 AM

      Posted on another thread:
      "White Women and Fear"
      "Obama’s presidency threatened the white supremacist conception of power and privilege that has ruled the United States from day one."the politics of fear conditioned and defined their political choice. In the face of a threat to their perceived position of racial superiority; Trump, looked to this self-defined strong man as a source of security. He, they believed, would protect them from these multiple threats, and they, in turn, would offer him their vote and their loyalty." it is undeniable they rely on Donald Trump, one of the more odious examples of brutal patriarchy, to protect and defend them."I wrote this because to stimulate discussion and understanding about why 53 percent of white women who voted cast their ballots for Trump. I hope it will generate ideas about where we go from here. I look forward to your thoughts."

    7. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Nov 23rd>Censorship!

    8. Anonymous10:40 AM

      This is my favorite blog, and I will not go on Facebook. Please keep THIS blog going for those of us who do not want to join Facebook.

    9. Anonymous11:50 AM

      Appreciate all the comments regarding following IM on Facebook. I'll stay here and continue following Gryphen and his interesting topics (as I've done for years).

    10. Anonymous11:50 AM

      I agree with other posters who don't go on Facebook. But I'm assuming the blog will stay right here.

      I closed my FB account probably 6 or more years ago, & I don't miss it. It sucked up way too much time, & I hated how people only post the brag-worthy stuff & rarely the real-life stuff.

    11. 10:19

      Do you think men have become more feminine and that is the fear?

    12. Anonymous2:07 PM

      You guys: Graphen opened the FB Page, so he gets new and more traffic with his stories. He will still do this blog here, but it will also be on FB!
      I wish he had done this some years ago, so that the PayMe travesty would have gotten legs.
      One thing, though, Graphen, that YOU do need to be careful of is the trolls. The ones who just hit and run and open a new account immediately after they posted some foul-languaged (is that even a word?) response to something, either on your site (if it is public), or in your private messages. Thankfully, you can block them.
      Alicia tried several times with several different names to gush to me about just what a wonderful mother Barf$tool is, and how her snowflake son is the epitome of a good x-tian boy.
      Somehow, after blocking about 3 of her aliases, FB got the hang of it and never let her bother my inbox agai.

    13. Anonymous2:09 PM

      I agree, I refuse to open a facebook account and give out too much personal information !!!!

      Too bad if this blog closes down since I have been following since 2008 and enjoyed it immensely.

      It is bad enough having Google track my every move with their advertising.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Great development!

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    OT? RESIST and be a part of the solution"The {AP-prentice} approach is opportunistic rather than strategic, concerned with short-term victories rather than the unglamorous work of building something enduring and strong, anticipating and minimizing unintended consequences, understanding historical imperatives, and assessing the potential levers that can effect systemic change."Journalists must instead set out to challenge" EVERYTHING drumpf DOES."It’s essential to gather new information from diverse sources, always. But no single detail can reveal the whole picture, and it’s the synthesis of complex and varied information that delivers true understanding."“Rexnord of Indiana”—a business that makes industrial components—“is moving to Mexico and rather viciously firing all of its 300 workers,” Trump tweeted. “This is happening all over our country. No more!”
    ALL FOR 1!
    caution from Jim Wright:

    1. Companys have been doing this for decades, ever since the REPUBLICANS in congress made it profitable to ship their goods back to the U.S. with no tariffs.

      There is NO outrage over these same companies dodging their taxes by moving their corporate headquarters to another company?

      That is why I refuse to buy Burger King. They bought a Canadian company, declared themselves to be Canadian all so they didn't have to pay their U.S. taxes any more.

      Guess who passed that tax dodge through Congress?

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    You're going to get more likes than the Palin woman without having to pay. :)

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    VP elect"“He’s going to say what he BELIEVES to be TRUE and I know that he’s always going to speak in that way as president,” Pence said." drumpf>“If the press would cover me accurately & honorably, I would have far less reason to ‘tweet,’”<nothing but THE TRUTH HURTS!
    Former Vice President Dick Cheney warned Trump to “be careful” with his tweets. “I think one of the reasons people get so concerned about the tweets is it’s sort of a way around the press,” he told CNN’s Barbara Starr at a Reagan National Defense Forum on Sunday, pausing for laughter before telling Starr. “He doesn’t have to rely upon — it’s modern era, modern technology. He’s at the point where we don’t need you guys anymore.”

    1. What he BELIEVES to be true isn't the same as truth or facts.

      You know you are on dangerous ground when even Dick Cheney is warning you about your behavior.

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Don't count Sarah Palin out of President Trump's administration. He said he wants her in it.

    Barstool what will mommy's new title be?

    Secretary of HUD Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of the Interior Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Treasury Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Energy Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Education Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Trump Punk'd Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of You Got Fired Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of You're On Ivanka's No Way List Sarah Palin?

    Secretary of Guess Who's Going Back To Alaska Sarah Palin?

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      She'll be Secretary of Word Salad.

    2. Anonymous9:46 AM

      the "c"word>

    3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    4. Secretary of the Inferior.

    5. Anonymous3:17 PM

      She is perfect for that role. Born to play it!
      Thanks for the chuckle.

  8. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Well, I hope you keep writing this blog because there is no way in hell or highwater that I will be signing up for that garbage Facebook.

  9. Anonymous9:53 AM

    1. This won't really get play across the media until when, February?, when it's too late.

      I think all of the electors in the Electoral College need to know this right NOW.

      I doubt any of them read politicususa, nor would believe it if they read it. It would have to come from a different source they trust.

  10. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Democrats Drop A Bombshell Report That Exposes Trump’s Planned Devious War On Seniors

    The first peek at what the incoming Trump administration has planned can be found in HHS nominee Rep. Tom Price's budget plan, and what the new administration is signaling is nothing less than a war on the nation's seniors.

    Sneaking massive benefit cuts through the back door –

    Rigging the budget process to cut earned benefits–

    Unraveling longstanding guarantees to those who rely on Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment Insurance and other Benefits –

    Rigging the budget with a fast-track for billionaire tax breaks –

    1. Anonymous2:17 PM

      I have a feeling that trump is going to back down just as soon as the millions of seniors find out about this.

      Including the idiot,'keep the government out of my medicare" teabagger group.

  11. Anonymous10:02 AM

    The Main Stream Media is Still Pimping For Trump

    ...Now, one understands the abject stupidity permeating the population, it’s just the pathetic truth and something to be acutely concerned over. However, it is beyond comprehension that anyone in their right mind attributed to Trump something that still-Indiana Governor Mike Pence did; buy favors from a Trump-related company at Indiana taxpayer’s expense with a significant tax gift and a ten-year “incentive” program Pence will leave for taxpayers to fund over the next decade. And yet all week the news was about Trump’s accomplishment.

    Where the media is failing is giving Trump any credit for the payoff whatsoever. He is a private citizen, and technically he isn’t the president-elect until the Electoral College votes are counted. For the media to associate the Trump name with Mike Pence’s payoff to Carrier is beyond the pale and here’s why. Trump has no authority whatsoever in the state of Indiana; in fact, the big-time wrestling celebrity has no authority in America; he is still just a stinking private citizen and nothing else.

    1. They have to.

      He now controls the FCC and the internet. He can cut them off or control them easily by threatening to cut off their means of broadcast.

    2. Anonymous2:18 PM

      trump does not control the FCC or the Internet.

      He would like you to believe that, but he doesn't.

  12. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Because Trump’s economic plans are not going to make America great again, but they are going to make living in a blue state great again. Because Democratic-controlled states will finally be rid of the red-state “socialist moochers.”

    ...In other words, they can “maintain the Obamacare insurance exchanges, the low-income subsidies and the expansion of the Medicaid program.” The only states that need to suffer under a Trump administration are Red states, and we poor Democrats who happen to live in them.

    ...“[B]lue state Democrats could look forward to the satisfaction of watching Trump’s voters stew in their own political juices as Red State America finally frees itself from the evil grip of global elites and big government and turns itself into a low-tax, low-wage, low health paradise where it’s every man for himself.”

    1. I'm lucky I retired when I did.

      I have a safe, state pension and my healthcare is through my former employer. Once I reach 65, I can continue that healthcare, I just have to pay for it and I can afford to pay for it.

      To all the rednecks in the red states that drank the koolaid I say TOLD YOU SO and it is gonna suck to be you.

      Now I want that wall built along the California border to keep all the riff raff freeloaders out.

    2. Anonymous12:57 PM

      Hah! I'm with you here in CA, mlaiuppa!

    3. Anonymous2:15 PM

      I'm with you, mayalupa and 12:57! But build the wall all along the West Coast - including (most of) Oregon and (most of) Washington state...

      The thing is, though, when those red staters find out that they are scr*wed, then quite likely, they will move to one of the blue states and then mooch off the Dems.

  13. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Trump’s Emboldened Religious Right Will Wreak Havoc on America

    ...No matter how one assesses the Trump-evangelical love-fest, it is obvious that the religious right was more than willing to install a lying sexual predator, one who specifically admits to never asking forgiveness, if he pledged to give them what they wanted: power to impose compliance to their religious beliefs over the government and the people. Those beliefs included three specific areas the evangelicals demand be implemented according to their, and the Vatican’s, dogmata. They want a Supreme Court justice who will repeal Roe v. Wade, something Trump promised is a priority of any nominee and something that will “happen automatically.” They also demand that Planned Parenthood be defunded, legal protections to discriminate against any American who doesn’t embrace evangelical dogma, and the requirement that health insurance plans cover birth control is abolished. Of course they want much, much more, but those are first on their agenda to set the stage for inserting their religion into all aspects of government; there is no other legitimate reason for any of their demands.

    1. They don't give a shit about Trump. They've got PENCE in the cat bird seat. That's all they care about.

      That's why Trump was forced to choose Pence.

      And don't forget the new Sec. of Ed is going to try to insert Religion into public schools. Yeah, good luck with that one. Teachers are NOT going to tolerate that. And you can't put "Compliance Police" in every classroom for 8 hours every day.

  14. For those asking, no I am not moving IM to Facebook and closing the blog down.

    1. Anonymous10:25 AM

      thank you G. for clearing that up.
      Love you man.

    2. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Thank you!!

    3. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Outstanding, Gryphen. Pleases me no end!

  15. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Hopefully, it won't take off. You and your regulars are a big enough embarrassment as it is. But, I understand if you need more ka-ching.

    1. fuck off asswipe!

    2. Anonymous10:47 AM

      Bristles? Go hawk your shit shakes, rave about your "husband" Duh and leave us alone. Why do you log onto this blog, just to bitch - BITCH?"

    3. Anonymous11:28 AM

      And yet, here you are. Just another big embarrassing regular.

    4. Anonymous12:55 PM

      It must be embarrassing for you when we tell the truth and question your lies.

    5. Anonymous2:15 PM

      @ 10:14 boy you are going to be busy spreading your hatred on two sites. Will you be able to keep up?

  16. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Early on Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith ordered an immediate recount of the election votes in Michigan to begin at noon and for the state to “assemble necessary staff to work sufficient hours” to complete it by Dec 13th.

  17. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Trump Has No Mandate As 54% Of Americans Voted Against Him

    The reason why Republicans are so touchy about recounts and losing the popular vote is that President-elect Donald Trump has no mandate as 54% of voters cast their votes against the next president.

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      Democratic politicians should give full support to investigating how the votes are tallied, also how many people were denied access to a voting place, or had their votes destroyed. The gop only wins when they cheat.

    2. Anonymous2:20 PM

      From an article that was deleted earlier:
      "In Arizona, Trump probably would not have been able to secure the state’s 11 electoral votes without purging almost 271,000 voters. The difference between candidates in this state is approximately 85,000. In Michigan, the difference between candidates vying for the state’s 16 electoral votes was well under 11,000 – almost 450,000 voters had been purged. And in North Carolina, Trump won 15 electoral votes by approximately 177,000 votes. Close to 600,000 votes had to be purged from the system to accomplish this."

  18. YEAH!!..i liked

    1. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Good choice of profile pic, too, Gryph!

  19. Anonymous11:01 AM

    for all you folks who like to be anonymous here, you can still be anonymous on Facebook. Make one in your dog or cats name.

    1. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Sigh.... you just don't get it with facebook. Never. Never facebook.

    2. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Oh I get it. I rarely ever use Facebook, but if one is concerned about anonimity, you can have an anonymous Facebook page.

    3. Anonymous2:19 PM

      Yep, even the fake accounts still ping where and who you are so and generally those accounts are deleted by Facebook mgt so it's really not worth the time to be a sheeple.

    4. Elliegrl10:05 PM

      Nope, I had one under my nickname & middle name and they canceled it.

  20. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Liked! I'm now politically "out of the closet" on FB. :)

  21. Anonymous11:18 AM

    I notified my senator and rep that McCrory in NCarolina conceded after Cooper, the Democratic candidate for governor, got so far ahead in the recount.

    Send an email or phone your legislators to tell them that we do not believe that over 10,000 voters voted for Trump in NC and then split their ticket and voted for a Democrat for Governor.

    Joy Reid's panel guest said we must not let up telling our politicians we want justice and honesty in our elections. The electoral college has not met yet. Do your duty! Floridians who asked for mail ballots did not receive them and we know how close FL was and who the supposed winner would be. Florida needs a recount that included those votes not yet counted.

  22. Sorry, don't do Facebook or Twitter and never will.

    Also no Pinterest, Imgr, or any of that other crap.

    Their privacy policies are ineffectual and effectually non-existent.

    I've lived quite serenely without it all.

    I have three friends on Livejournal with access to my blog, all others blocked. I'm fine with that. Haven't had any problems with Livejournal making my blog public, "killing" me or selling my information to spammers.

  23. Anonymous11:35 AM

    "I do not typically post links to my blog on Reddit, or HuffPo, or any other news outlets or websites."

    How about Twitter. ;-)

    1. Anonymous2:17 PM

      I've had a twitter account since 2006 but never used it, is there a twitter for this blog?

  24. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Facebook does not need more biased bullshit. Bad move.

  25. "Republicans are the friend that borrows money from you to cover a bill, then posts vacation pics on Instagram and accuses you of being a hater when you ask for your money back. They’re the “f*ck boy” who spends their day on Facebook making fun of “people who don’t wanna hustle” when they live with their mother and don’t pay their own bills. They’re the uncle who comes to your cookout without a dish, but packs two plates to go and complains about the seasoning. I could continue the slander for days, but let’s take a fact-based look at this foolishness."

    1. Anonymous2:58 AM

      sooo true! I know people like that. My cousin for one. 45 years old. Works hard, but daddy still bails her out with buying a house, cars. She has a kid on the spectrum who gets bullied, yet still voted for Trump and defends him. Hope her daddy continues to rescue her when the shit hits more of the fan.

  26. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I haven't had a Facebook since 2009 and none of my immediate family Facebook but I think a lot of other people do have them so this will give them a platform to follow you since it seems that some people do Facebook and not blogs? I guess the more readership you have the better and if some come here and those that do the Facebook go there it should be a win win.

  27. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Boy the trolls are going to have to get up extra early in order to spread their lies on TWO sites.

    1. Anonymous4:54 PM

      I don't think that any trolls can do his Facebook unless he accepts them as friends? Haven't used it for many years but I only think interaction is allowed if the Facebook owner allows people to comment and see the content.

  28. Anonymous3:27 PM

    Ok. Got several of my FB friends who already have accepted my invitation to join theimmoralminority. They did not know about this blog here before, and I believe they will be valuable members of your FB site, Gryphen!

  29. Elliegrl12:05 PM

    I got so excited BC I thought the graphic was a T-shirt! You could do cafepress or something similar, and get a friend to do a logo or graphic and the company makes & sells the merch & you get a cut. I bet lots of us would buy!

    I wanted to thank you for over & over pounding away at Christianity. This is my 1st yr as an atheist & I owe a lot of it to you. :-D It hasn't been easy, but I feel like a veil has been lifted from my eyes. Thank you Gryph!


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