Monday, December 05, 2016

Enraged by baseless conspiracy theory man opens fire inside Washington pizza joint.

Courtesy of The New York Times: 

A man fired a rifle on Sunday inside a Washington pizza restaurant that has been subjected to harassment based on false stories tying it to child abuse, the police said. No one was hurt, and the man was arrested. 

The man, Edgar M. Welch, 28, of Salisbury, N.C., told the police that he had come to the restaurant, Comet Ping Pong, in northwest Washington, to “self-investigate” what is being called Pizzagate, an online conspiracy theory asserting, with no evidence, that the restaurant is somehow tied to a child abuse ring. He entered the restaurant shortly before 3 p.m. with a rifle and fired it at least once inside, the police said. 

The gunfire sharply escalated what had already been a tense period for the restaurant, its employees and the quiet neighborhood since the fake stories began spreading. Dozens of threats against employees had been made via email and social media. 

People inside the restaurant fled, and the police locked down the area, ordering patrons of a nearby bookstore and cafe called Politics and Prose to remain locked inside. Officers with rifles and protective gear surrounded the restaurant and apprehended Mr. Welch. Two additional firearms were found, one on Mr. Welch and the other in his vehicle, the police said. 

The police closed down a normally busy Connecticut Avenue, which runs in front of the restaurant, for several hours Sunday as they searched the area for other potential threats.

If you are not a Right Wing lunatic you probably have not heard of pizzagate, so visiting this BBC article will bring you up to speed.

In a nutshell it was the result of a some prankster sites purposefully misreporting the content on those Podesta e-mails and a bunch of simple minded knuckledraggers taking it from there.

So even though Snopes identified this as bullshit back in November, it did nothing to change the minds of these cretins and this is the result.

It just goes to show that fake news is not only dangerous, it can in fact prove fatal.


  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    Sort of like what Demboski is doing right here in AK, right now.

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    It’s Pay Back Time: Senate Democrats Will Delay And Obstruct Trump Nominees

    In the spirit of what comes around goes around, Senate Democrats are planning on using delay tactics that will chew up most of Trump's first hundred days in office to hold up the cabinet nominees.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    On Sunday, Trump vowed to impose a 35% tariff to keep jobs from leaving the US. By Monday, after Congressional Republicans and business leaders weighed in, the plan was dead.

  4. Anonymous12:22 PM

    Red state residents voted for Trump thinking that they were making America great again. Instead, they may have screwed themselves out of affordable health insurance.

    1. Anonymous6:56 PM

      Insurance, safe workplaces, air to breathe and water to drink, fair pay, unions, pensions-they have screwed all of us out of everything that is good about America.

  5. Anonymous12:23 PM

    I think this bit of fake news influenced voters.

    1. Leland3:49 PM

      I would think it safe to say that ALL the fake news affected voters one way or another unless they were already completely convinced who they were voting for.

  6. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Court Delays GOP Lawsuit To Gut Obamacare
    House Republicans sued Obama to block health care subsidies. After Trump’s win, they changed their minds.

    1. Anonymous12:43 PM

      How Trump Plan To Gut Obamacare Will Take Down Medicare

    2. They don't need to any more.

      They'll defund subsidies to the poor through Trump's budget and then vote to repeal the ACA in it's entirety.

  7. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Trump Lied About ‘Spontaneous’ Call With Taiwan, They Had Been Planning To Talk For Months

    1. Anonymous1:20 PM

      Yep. And same goes for Ivanka and Japan. I posed a link on IM this morning about how she has been in talks for two years with Japan re her line and the government of Japan is the biggest investor.

    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Well, at the end of a Trump administration, the US may well have collapsed but it looks like Trump will have become a billionaire. (I don't think he is now.)

  8. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Obama invites the Dalai Lama to WH, China expresses anger, no one says anything.

    Trump talks to Taiwan President (PM?), China expresses anger, people go apeshit.

    These two presidential events are no different.
    Both men should strength when fighting against Chinese immorality and intimidation.

    Lose the double standard.

    1. Anonymous1:19 PM

      OMFG. They ARE totally different. If you would bother to really get informed by reading enough and on a consistent basis, you'd understand.

    2. False equivalence.

    3. Anonymous1:32 PM


    4. Anonymous1:48 PM

      Lose the idiocy and try to think clown.

    5. Anonymous1:49 PM

      Lose the pretense of intelligence. It's not working for you.

    6. Anonymous1:56 PM

      Boy, you are obsessed with false information.

      Obama is the president and received information from the State Dept.

      Trump is NOT president and is an idiot promoting his business.

  9. Trump is considering Fast Food CEO for Labor Secretary.

    There goes minimum wage, overtime and child labor.

    "For those who want to preserve President Barack Obama’s legacy on the labor front, Puzder would be an alarming choice to put atop the Labor Department. He’s been a loud critic of several of the president’s priorities and reforms, including raising the minimum wage and making more workers eligible for overtime pay."

    This guy would also regulate health and safety regulations.

    "As the nation’s top labor official, the labor secretary is in charge of the agency’s wage-and-hour division, which investigates allegations of wage theft. Puzder would have some experience in this arena. Like all fast-food chains, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s restaurants have been investigated frequently in the past for allegedly shorting employees on pay. Most fast-food restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees rather than the chain itself.

    A recent analysis by Bloomberg found that fast-food joints like Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. that operate on the franchise model are often found to have broken the law. Wage-and-hour officials found violations about 60 percent of the time that they investigated those two chains, according to Bloomberg.

    On his personal blog, Puzder wrote that Trump’s victory in the election will be good for the restaurant business, since the incoming president will roll back regulations that Puzder deems too burdensome. Obamacare, in particular, has helped lead to a “government-mandated restaurant recession,” Puzder wrote, even though the National Restaurant Association predicts that restaurant growth will outpace the economy at large this year."

    1. Anonymous1:14 PM

      Why, OF COURSE Trump is into this guy who uses sex (not just bouncy boobs but endless sex act imitations and so much symbolic ejaculating) in all his commercials and says that anyone who finds it offensive can go to hell. There are a number of interview comments online that people can look up for themselves.

      I'm in CA. Every Carl's I've ever seen has had Asian or Latino employees. That’s fine. What's not fine is knowing that these employees are probably being ripped off by this POS who Trump wants in the Cabinet.

      Well, we know that Paris Hilton turned Trump on when she was only 12 and that he and Melania watched her 2004 porn movie together. Yes, another first--a PGOTUS (Pussy Grabber) and FLOTUS who have admitted to watching Paris Hilton's sex tape. Trump surely got off watching Paris climb all over that car in the Carl's commercial and act as if she was having sex in every possible position and being ejaculated into and on by one or more penises pumping gallons of semen. And he surely was turned on by every sexual Carl’s commercial before and after that one. And Trump surely saw her in a much more recent commercial and was turned on even more by the two-women idea. And so when it came time to consider someone for Sec of Labor, Puzder immediately came to Trump’s mind.

    2. Anonymous1:17 PM

      Whenever the economy's bsd, fast food places get more business. When the economy sank in 2008, McD's and Burger King had tons of business soon after. I remember reading how things were going great especially for B King, which had been pretty stagnant until then.

    3. Burger King is now "Canadian". They did so to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

      I don't support Tax scoflaws with my business.

  10. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Breitbart’s War On Kellog Backfires SPECTACULARLY As More Advertisers Flee The Hate

    1. LOL. Another log jam busted. Watch them flee.

      I'm already a member of AARP but I suppose I can go out and buy some more 3M tape and office products. A box of corn flakes might be yummy too.

  11. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Trump Gets WRECKED On Twitter For Promising To Tweet Less If Press Kisses His A**

    ...The Whiner-in-Chief humiliated himself again.

    Trump hates the free press, which is why he is threatening to destroy the First Amendment as soon as he gets in office. He has accused the media of creating false stories about him even though all the stories he has been whining about are factually correct. Trump just hates reports that tell the ugly truth about him.

    In the weeks since winning the election, Trump has told lie after lie on Twitter, the biggest of which was that 3 million people voted illegally, a claim that has been thoroughly debunked.

    On Monday, Trump literally offered the media a deal. He says he will stop tweeting so much as long as the media kisses his ass. In other words, only print stories that make him look good, which is the way dictators use the press.

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      He's obviously taking advice from his Russian pal.

    2. Anonymous2:00 PM

      I thought trump already told us he is going to use twitter and HIS videos instead of press conferences.

      Gosh he can't even remember all the lies he tells and he hasn't even been officially elected.

    3. The thing is, he's too stupid to know that HE can't change the First Amendment or any of them for that matter... He is so arrogant and IGNORANT he THINKS ~HE~ can do it...

      "The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures."

    4. Anonymous6:51 PM

      But see, he controls all of Congress, and soon will have the SC under his orange thumb as well. Who knows what they will do to our documents? Trump doesn't abide by it in life; why would he suddenly follow laws now that he is 'exempt' from everything?

  12. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Mike Flynn and son promote fake news - imagine that from a National Security Advisor LOL

    1. Anonymous1:54 PM

      and that's one way they won, and will lose. Keep digging for the rigging!

  13. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Those creepy little microbes in the pond had a lot of fun promoting this horrible story. That says so much about who they really are.


    Write a letter to the Electors. They might read it.

  15. Anonymous1:48 PM

    O/T Michigan began the recount at noon today!!! It was on local news

  16. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Screw this asshole.. Loss of gun rights for the rest of breathing days and charge with terrorism.

  17. Trump finally got Carson to agree to a cabinet position.

    "Trump’s choice to nominate Carson is just the latest confirmation that he’s prioritizing loyalty over government experience. One of the president-elect’s first hirings was Steve Bannon, a former Breitbart executive with ties to white nationalists. Bannon was a close adviser to Trump during the campaign.

    He is also tapping a billionaire former coal mine owner to be commerce secretary and Hollywood financier for Treasury secretary."

    So now he has his token black and his token women.

    He can go back to nominating CEOs and generous donors. After all, they paid to play.

    "Trump’s nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to lead HUD reminds me of that commercial,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) said in a statement on Monday. “’Do you have any experience running a large federal agency or knowledge of housing and urban development?’ ‘No, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.’" "

    That could be said of most of Trump's cabinet picks.

    "The congressman said the nomination “would actually be funny if it weren’t so tragic.” Among other programs, HUD oversees efforts to fight housing discrimination and aid homeless veterans.

    “I call on Dr. Carson to do the right thing, follow his own prior statements which indicated he wasn’t qualified to lead a federal agency, and withdraw,” Lieu said. “America is the greatest nation on earth. We are not a TV reality show or a funny commercial.” "

    Trump seems to be picking his cabinet like contestants on The Apprentice.

    1. Anonymous2:36 PM

      “America is the greatest nation on earth. We are not a TV reality show or a funny commercial.” "
      After trump is finished we will no longer be great, but at least we will be the world TV reality show.

  18. Anonymous2:16 PM

    In an article I read, it said Mike FLynn (or his son) were responsible for the tweets.

    1. Anonymous6:44 PM

      A son of Flynn, and Flynn knew about it.

  19. A small part of me would like to exact the same kind of hateful fake news story/situation on a drumpf supporter's business, but I'm not cut from that kind of cloth, I don't hate anyone, and I don't dislike drumpf supporters enough to put them in harms way. I do think that whoever started this should be held accountable and have consequences exacted upon them by the authorities.

  20. Anonymous3:25 PM

    The very first article I read about this case of violence was on Yahoo. In that article the writer stated the shooter was a "victim" of this fake news story. That told me immediately that he was a white male. WTF< how does someone armed and shooting up a place become a victim?! Trump's new white order is already in effect I guess.

    1. Yahoo has very poorly written articles. They have also shifted to the right in the past several months.

  21. Anonymous4:59 PM

    “That evening when no one was left in the church, Darryl had me perform oral sex on him in the Academy and when driving me home, he pulled off to the side of the road and had sex with me in his car. I was only 14 at the time.”

  22. Scruffer5:11 PM

    Not just a man - it's the son of the man currently considered/nominated for National Security Advisor.
    According to TPM this man may already be on the government payroll.
    EXTREMELY scary!

  23. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Yeah...fake news can be so damaging...
    especially when it is loudly and
    repeatedly parroted by the MSM!

    The chair-throwing story was reported as fact not just by MSNBC but by news outlets such as the New York Times, the Associated Press, and CBS.

    Do I have to get into the run up to the Iraq war?


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