Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Twitter-in-Chief is being all presidential again.


Well apparently this is in response to their review of his restaurant in Trump Tower. Calling it "The Worst Restaurant in America."

I especially like this part:As my companions and I contemplated the most painless way to eat our flaccid, gray Szechuan dumplings with their flaccid, gray innards, as a campy version of “Jingle Bells” jackhammered in the background, a giant gold box tied with red ribbon toppled onto us. Trump, it seemed, was already fighting against the War on Christmas.

It should also be noted that there is a long standing feud between Trump and the editor of Vanity Fair,  Graydon Carter, who was famously the person who first described Trump as a "short fingered vulgarian."

Next target, the media.
You know if somebody were to finally release their tax returns we could all see that for ourselves.

I know, not gonna happen.

And finally, for now at least:
Actually the White House announced almost a month before the election that there was evidence that Russia was meddling in the election.

If they had spoken out more aggressively to declare that the election was now tainted, there would have been a huge outcry from the Republicans and Right Wing news outlets saying that the Obama Administration were themselves now interfering with the outcome of the election.

The White House really could not do anything except hope that the media did their jobs, and that the American people were smart enough to see through Trump's bullshit.

Sadly they were disappointed on both fronts.

And that my friends is a preview of the next four years.

Odin help us all.


  1. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Oops. Sorry, but I meant to say that my links are about the new DC hotel, not Trump Tower and its restaurant.

    1. Anonymous12:32 PM

      Thought I'd sent this. Guess not.

      Hah. Love it. Trump is so thin-skinned. Wow, I didn’t realize that the guy, Graydon Carter, was the one who gave Trump his vulgarian name—of course Trump can’t handle the review, especially coming from this guy’s mag!

      I just read up some more at this article

      It also says at various sites online that VF is “the magazine Trump doesn’t want you to read.” Now we know why.

      Dana Milbank did a fun article on his own visit to Trump DC a while back. I’ll paste in the link. I read other reviews of the hotel before the election and even right up to it. Until Trump won, the hotel was doing so bad that rates were slashed and no one was around. It was a ghost town.

    2. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Wasn't there a story about health violations in his restaurants a while back?

      Vanity Fair is a good magazine, one more reason to renew my subscription is they got to trump.

    3. Anonymous3:13 PM

      He is the Twit-In-Chief

  2. Odin has it covered. Been hanging with Odin since I was read troll and Norse fairie tales at my grandmother's knee.

    The restaurant review is just so Trump! I would expect nothing less than crap with the violation of hummus and ricotta combined for some god-awful reason that doesn't even make sense. Or the random topping of stuff with truffle oil. Egads.

    Another hilarious but spot on article walks the reader through the Post Office Hotel in D.C. that Trump leases from the government for 3 million per year. It is a riot of royal blue and gilded everything .... right down to the tissue and toilet paper holders.

    Some exotic Russian Empire liqueur is offered on a crystal spoon because everyone should experience an eye dropper full of stuff that tastes like cough syrup the Kremlin way. Boy, that orange-man was thinking ahead, wasn't he?

    Well, most know that the Donald's taste is all in his mouth, but I give him credit for a liberal taco salad on the menu. Except the picture of the salad looks like pica de miele.
    Dog stuff.

    1. Anonymous12:34 PM

      The crystal spoon thing cracked me up and also a detail I read about bottled Trump water lining the stairs. Ivanka was in charge of decorating the DC place and it looks amateurish. She considers herself such an expert, but pics of her home are lacking. She just put one up for sale and the decor is lame, unfinished looking.

    2. Anonymous2:05 PM

      I personally prefer Zeus. He hates hubris.

      Just wait, Donnie, this will be fun!

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Whiny little bitch. He has the emotional maturity of a six year old. Wah, wah, wah, wah... . Pathetic that millions voted for this clown. Is he going to spend his presidency twittering insults and threats to the vast intelligent world that despises him? The fools in this country wanted a thin skinned whiny doofus just like them. They succeeded. They think the 'billionaire' whiny doofus and his SS and medicare gutting henchmen are going to make their lives all better. Peawits.

  4. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Bite your tongue, G. Only two more years. Something has to send him flying out the white house doors.
    From my lips to Odin's ears.

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM

  6. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Unfortunately, this country has a huge confederacy of dunces. Most of them live in the southern welfare states but of course they are everywhere. The one standard deviation on the low side group has really screwed us over.

    1. Let me tell you... they are in the Midwest for damn sure, also too.

    2. Anonymous12:49 PM

      laurens a true bigot.

    3. Anonymous1:49 PM

      12:49, Let's say that you know what a bigot is. Why is laurens a true bigot? Do you prefer false bigots?

      My favorite are lying bigots. They're always entertaining.

    4. Anonymous2:09 PM

      The ones in the Midwest are southerns that moved north to work in the factories.

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Oh ffs, who's on diaper duty today? KELL_A_ANNNNNE! I think DonDon needs to be changed. He's awfully cranky.

  8. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Hilarious. He is right too.

    Didn't vote for him, but starting to like him more and more for the tizzy he sends you liberals into every day.

    You can't control him!

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      I call BS on you. Liberal was a dead giveaway.

    2. Anonymous1:40 PM

      Sorry to disappoint you 1:15, it isn't just Republicans and/or Trump voters that call liberals 'liberals', and find you to be a confused bunch.

    3. Anonymous1:48 PM

      The problem is, YOU deplorables can't control him either. Dumbass putin can't control him... and that could easily lead to WW3.

    4. Anonymous2:07 PM

      Only an asshole who claims to dislike liberals would troll a liberal blog 24/7. Alicia Mangelsdorf claims to hate liberals, but she accepts financial support and a place to stay from her liberal parents.

  9. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Just watched Jorge Ramo's Hate Rising. That is some scary crap. Not only the unleashed hate but that those fat bellied toothless southerners want this country to be theirs. It was funny to watch Ramos who looks like someone who could serve on Hitler's crew being lectured by this fat guy with a wifebeater tshirt about white's being supreme. The guy was so damned dumb he couldn't tell that Ramos was whiter than him. I tell you fellow Americans, we are in for a shitload of hurt if this is the America you want. Just the thought of a bunch of Deliverance people trying to own this country makes me think of pigs squealing. Then there was this faux elite white guy talking about how America belongs to the whites and whites run things better. So the whole time Trump was campaigning make America great again that it was just really let's make it white again. WOW, just WOW! Everything up until this year was just a big fat lie fed to us to get us to this awful point. Now we pay the piper. This world has gone stark raving mad. Thanks to Palin. Thanks to Trump. Thanks to Putin.

    1. Anonymous1:59 PM

      "this country makes me think of pigs squealing"

    2. Anonymous9:08 PM

      @1:12 pm, thank you.

      Jorge Ramos - Hate Rising, 50 min youtube video


  10. Anonymous1:27 PM


    You remind me of my quitter governor Sarah Palin. Man is she thinks skinned

    Stop tweeting and start attending the President's Daily Briefings.

    1. Leland2:23 PM

      "...start attending the President's Daily Briefings."

      Tain't gonna happen. He says he is too smart. He thinks that Pence will be able to attend those briefings. The man is so stupid he doesn't even know that Pence is going to be the President of the Senate, which will definitely keep him too busy.

  11. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Excuse me, but that is TWIT in chief.

    Maybe even a worse twit than palin!

    1. Anonymous9:09 PM

      Donald Trump is a twut plain and simple!


  12. Anonymous1:46 PM

    I think when TRump takes office, Americans will have two sources of "news:" 1) TRump's tweets and 2) Trump News.

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

  13. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Monica Crowley, Conspiracy Theorist Extraordinaire, To Be Trump’s Deputy National Security Adviser

    Donald Trump has reportedly named Monica Crowley to be his deputy national security adviser for strategic communications. Nobody except Crowley and her fellow conspiracy-theory lovers should feel more secure as a result.

    Crowley, who has just given up her Fox News gig to serve in the Trump administration, has long been one of Fox's biggest Trump cheerleaders. But she has an even longer history of wild conspiracy theories. A few of our favorites:

  14. Anonymous1:56 PM


  15. Anonymous2:17 PM

    “Either Trump is f---ing his daughter or he’s shirking nepotism laws. Which is worse?”

    (FYI - Like you IM readers I don't like unqualified Trump or incompetent Sarah Palin but I don't want you IM readers to think I wrote that. Those witty words came from Julia Ioffe (Vanity Fair) in her tweet to Trump). That's why Trump is fighting with Vanity Fair.

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      That'll do it... :)

  16. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I've always liked Graydon Carter. Trust a Canadian writer to come up with 'short-fingered vulgarian', it's perfect.

  17. Anonymous3:08 PM

    Graydon Carter has been the editor of Vanity Fair for at least a generation, in my memory. Living in Australia, I had to wait two months for my copy to arrive by boat prior to the internet and it was always a special day when it finally arrived in my tiny rural town.

    Vanity Fair has always been, and continues to be, the place to go if you want to read the best journalism, investigative or otherwise.

    I've been a subscriber to Vanity Fair for 35 years and in my estimation Graydon Carter and his magazine are quite safe. My only criticism is there is too much about celebrities nowadays but I suppose that's the American market speaking.

  18. Anonymous3:34 PM

    Drunk Little Prick>

  19. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Can't wait to read the restaurant review online! Not all of the magazine is online however, and vice versa. This month's "Holiday 2016/2017" print copy (with Jennifer Lawrence on the cover) contains an absolutely scathing Editor's Letter. Graydon Carter titles it "From 9/11 to 11/9" and it is blistering, listing so much evidence of Trump's unfitness for office. It's a great read! Sorry, no link-because there isn't any, but well worth it to grab in the grocery line, peruse at the library or even subscribe!

    Wild Tortoise

    1. Anonymous1:49 AM

      Wild Tortoise, thanks for mentioning that issue. I get the print copy of Vanity Fair and also read that Editor's Letter.

      Yes, it is scathing and I love it! Even made a copy for my best friend who also despises Trump and what he has done to our country.

      I'm renewing my subscription immediately! Another way to help get through this nightmare.

  20. Anonymous3:57 PM

  21. Here's your next four years.

    Trump will control all of the media.

    "U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler plans to step down on Jan. 20, he said on Thursday, a move expected to hand Republicans a 2-1 majority on the panel when Donald Trump takes office as president.

    Wheeler could have kept the commission at 2-2 until Trump names a new member who needs to be confirmed by the Senate. Last week, two Republican FCC commissioners said the Trump administration should quickly reverse many significant policies set by the telecommunications and cable regulatory body under Democratic President Barack Obama.

    Unless the U.S. Senate reconfirms Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, she will have to leave at end of the month. Senate Democrats on Thursday held out the possibility that Republicans could put her back on the FCC next year.

    With the departures of Wheeler and Rosenworcel, the only remaining Democrat on the panel would be Mignon Clyburn, whose term does not expire until June 2017.

    Trump will get to select the next chairman.

    Wheeler, a former cable TV and mobile phone industry lobbyist, repeatedly clashed with companies during his tenure at the FCC, especially over the 2015 order to reclassify broadband internet service providers under a section of communications law that treats them more like public utilities and subjects them to stricter regulation as part of the commission's "net neutrality" rules."


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