Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sarah Palin links to article claiming that the Wasilla church fire led to her resignation. Uh, nope.

In the article that Palin links to it says this:

Ever since she burst onto the national stage as Sen. John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, Sarah Palin has been scrutinized and ridiculed by the “tolerant” left. 

Palin’s family has come under attack, as well. 

Over the past decade, the former governor of Alaska has handled things with a grace unseen from most politicians. 

Yesterday was the anniversary of Palin’s church being burned that led to her announcement to step down as governor.

Wait, what?

This article then links to another article which does not mention the church fire at all but gives Palin credit for Donald Trump's rise to power. (Right along with Vladimir Putin I would assume.)

The article also claims that Palin was under constant attack from the Left, (You're welcome.) and that those attacks are why we do not have Palin in office any longer. (Once again, you're welcome.)

Now look, at this point nobody knows for sure who started that church fire. The investigation kind of just petered out.

Those on the Right blame Palin critics, though that makes no real sense. (I mean if WE really wanted to hurt Palin we would have burned down the Mugshot Saloon.)

And those on the Left think that it was likely a supporter burning up records that she did not want revealed.

However what I do know for sure is that it in no way had any impact on Palin's decision to leave office.


  1. Anonymous8:35 AM

    FFS! She followed the money. Period.


  2. Anonymous8:50 AM

    solid turd

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    She became so full of herself and thought she was a star and too good for the job she had. It was boring to her, plus she had accomplished very little and that sure was not going to change. She had dissed McCain's people and tried doing things her way--she thought she was above them, too. She wanted to find any excuse to come back down to the lower 48. She wanted to be on TV.

    God, and here she is using the fire anniversary to put herself out there. Eight years later, she is a joke that nobody even bothers listening to and she keeps looking for ways to get herself out there in the news--and then she is immediately forgotten again by anyone who paid attention. She is so desperate. And she knew better than to try the book route again--her books have become utter failures, so there's no money there. She needs to get her man ass to EDD and talk to someone about getting a job.

    Good article from when the quitter quit:,8599,1908800-2,00.html

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Unless there was something about the fire that led straight to her....

    Enquiring minds want to know!!


    1. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Maybe evidence was uncovered linking the fire to her and Taaahhd? Maybe she was told "Quit, or the truth will come out" Poor, poor $carah, so sweet and innocent, yet such a victim. Her family "targeted"? For having nmerous unwed pregnancies, drunken brawls, grifting the shit shakes? Ah, so sad.

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      I have always thought that the Palin crew of thugs had something to do with that fire and the fire that killed Dar Miller, the pediatric nurse who probably knew Trig's origins. Palin doesn't believe in coincidences. Neither do I. Investigations were silenced.
      So Sarah still remains middle-aged, prematurely aged, and retarded.

      And while I am at it, let me add Scottie Nell Hughes who doesn't believe in facts as truth, and Kellyanne Conway who looks like wrinkled KMart underpants and Tommie Lahar the attack rabid dog, all are certifiable liars with the same song. The saving grace is none of those women will do well in the Putin/Trump oligarchy because they are not a 2.5 on a scale to 10.

      And Sarah will never be on TV with any of them again.

    3. Anonymous9:50 AM

      Wrinkled Kmart underpants. Good one!

    4. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

    5. Anonymous10:33 AM

      When I hear "Kellyanne" I immediately think of Lily Tomlin's little girl on the swing!! Kellyanne looks like she would be at home on a barstool, something about her screams "low class"

    6. Anonymous10:58 AM

      You folks have so many Palin conspiracies to solve these days. Which one are you going to solve first? As of yet you all have a track record of zero.

    7. Anonymous10:59 AM

      Kellyanne Conway who looks like wrinkled KMart underpants

      Good description. And don't forget Kayleigh McInanny.

    8. Anonymous11:05 AM

      napoleon complex tawd, chuck_tard sr & jr are fire bugzzzz ...

    9. Anonymous12:10 PM

      10:58 AM Bristol has shown us at least 2:



    10. Anonymous12:22 PM

      @10:58 AM Do you care to discuss Track's drunken domestic violence attack on his pregnant girlfriend? Did Sarah 'buy her off' with a house in the woods? Can Bristol actually name all of her babies' real daddies? 2006, 2010, 2015(11-4) and even this current pregnancy? Dakota made a deal with the devil(sarah) to claim paternity.

    11. Anonymous1:38 PM

      Lilly Tomlin's charachter was Little Edith Ann,
      And Sarah in the Elan Frank video is absolutely acting like three year old Little Edith Ann lying her magical thinkig pants off!

    12. Anonymous5:00 PM

      Sideshow for the Main Attraction...

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    That church fire... Didn't it happen sometime in winter, shortly after she came back from the defeat in November? It took her more than seven months to resign, blaming it on that suspicious fire?
    Yeah, right, and I have a bridge to Nowhere to sell you, $arah PayMe!

  6. Anonymous8:58 AM

    What a crock of crap, and her brain dead followers will take it as gospel.

    Tell me AGAIN how this harpy is anything even remotely Christian?

  7. Anonymous9:05 AM

    $50 says Track or Willow started the church fire.

    1. Anonymous9:16 AM

      I'm putting my money on someone hired by Tawd. He's good at knowing how to hide an evidence trail. Water in gas tanks, etc.

      NOW - maybe he hired his own kids since they would only get hit with juvie charges IF they got caught.

    2. Anonymous9:22 AM

      My money's on the bus tamperer.

    3. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Best bet is Chuck, Sr. The night Sarah was born back in Idaho, Chuck remembers lingering to enjoy the fire that consumed an auto dealership. I always thought that was so odd that he recalled THAT as if it were the main event, even as Sally was in labor, giving birth to Sarah. And it was not long after that that they moved to Alaska.

    4. Anonymous3:27 PM

      Okay 10:50 - I'm changing my bet from Tawd to Chuck Sr based on that tidbit you included. RILLY? What goof-ball book included this goof-ball factoid?

      Anyway - even though I'm now betting with you, can we keep Tawd in the loop? Maybe as the Deputy Conspirer in Cheap to the HEAD Inspirer in Cheap?

    5. Anonymous5:02 PM

      Someone needs to toss Chucky Sr down a mine shaft! Hatchers Pass has plenty empty!

  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    The article also claims that Palin was under constant attack from the Left, (You're welcome.) and that those attacks are why we do not have Palin in office any longer. (Once again, you're welcome.)
    Some Grizzly Mama, huh?
    She's the biggest effing coward there is.

    Sarah Lou Who, who was not more than two.
    Apologies to Dr. Suess.

  9. Anonymous9:14 AM

    So, how many years before the "real" reason can be released?

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      Probably when McCain passes away. I think trump knows hence the reason he's cut her loose.

    2. Anonymous4:51 PM

      Oh I think when Sara is dead broke that SHE will be the one to leak her own dirty laundry. Then she can act the victim and get the fools to send her more cash.

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Always a victim. LOL. Tiny simple Sarah just plies her BS over and over and over again. Only the intolerant ignorant right can't see through her conniving smokescreens ... she is full of it and always has been. That square pillow crap was hilarious. Only an idiot playing to idiots would even try such a stunt. Unfortunately (as we see) there are a lot of idiots on the right). Who's Trig's mommy, Sarah? Yea, she followed the money. She was gleeful to cash in. Also, corruption is ingrained in the simpleton's DNA. She also quit to avoid the ramifications of engaging in illegal behavior. Being a POS is what she does.

  11. Anonymous9:25 AM

    President-elect Trump isn't doing a proper vetting of his nominees for financial and conflict of interest issues. It is being reported that Trump is handing out jobs in his administration based on "gut instinct and chemistry." The consequences of Trump's refusal to properly vet his cabinet could do immense damage to the American people.

  12. Anonymous9:29 AM

    This is OT, but tied to the idiocy of Palin types. Salon has an article about how shocked the Trump supporters are that he (and the GOP) is going to go through with dismantling Obamacare. They're all now so afraid--they want to keep their Obamacare and are also signing up for it. They say, when asked about it in this article, that they never thought Trump meant what he said. So, up until now we have been hearing GOP pundits and voters say that the MSM was idiotic for taking Trump so literally. They have been saying that Trump's fans knew he didn't mean everything he said and that we're all fools for not seeing that he was talking euphemistically. So, they didn't think he meant what he said about things like a literal wall, and they also didn't think he meant what he said about Obamacare. Now, they're freaked.

  13. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Trump Again Asks Why Russian Hacking Wasn’t Addressed Before The Election, Even Though It Was
    Seems like the president-elect is ignoring the facts.

    ...But the White House ― and many others, including intelligence officials, Clinton and even Trump himself ― did bring up the Russian hacking before the election.

    Here’s part of a New York Times report from July 26:

  14. Anonymous9:34 AM

    She spent the next 8 yrs attacking our president. Piss and moan,LOSER. Grifting off others trust funds,mineshafts,church fires,Trig,death of Christina Taylor Green,Gabby, burning down Dar's house,watered down gas...These chickens will always come home to roost . Looks like Karma caught up with Screech.

    1. Anonymous11:11 AM

      Hey Dr. CBJ, how does it feel to be an accomplice to the despicable Sarah Palin?

      Did you really think you were helping an abused or troubled teen when you enabled Sarah Heath Palin to continue forward in her evil ways?

      Without your faux-pregnancy help the emotionally damaged and mentally ill Sarah might have disappeared sooner or not risen as high in the national GOP.

      Take responsibility for your actions, even if you think you were duped by Sarah. Fess up...your once good reputation is now ruined anyway. Better late than never to clear your conscience.

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Her reputation is not ruined at all and she is practically retired at this point as it is. Look at you and your ridiculous comment to nobody 11:11. Do you this CBJ reads here or would even care what a Palin stalker thinks, especially 8 years later. Hahahahahaaa!

    3. Anonymous12:02 PM

      11:27 am You sure can spot a stalker. Experience? Trolling is addictive, Palin Troll.Did Dr. CBJ handle Bristol's 2006 'MONO' birth?

    4. Anonymous12:33 PM

      12:02 a true Palin stalking nut-job. Lol. What is it like being infatuated for so many years over unimportant people?

    5. Anonymous12:36 PM

      11:27 stalks the Palins and then projects. That is what she does. She pretends to be an 'insider'. She really knows nothing. Her mommy and daddy support her because her mind is mush.

    6. Anonymous1:43 PM

      CBJ's reputation is ruined/ Who cares if she is retired...she is running Alaska cares, staying on the low low down..cause she and we know the less emphasis put on her claim of being a high risk OB, the better for hr.
      She is a piece of shit human being, lying for the lord, huh CBJ?
      The truth will come out someday hun.

    7. Anonymous2:37 PM

      12:33, if the Palins are so unimportant why do you defend them on every thread? Up your 'lol' trolling ass. You don't impress anyone here with your childish lol retorts.

    8. Anonymous2:44 PM

      The truth brings the Palin trolls out of the basement, whining about how everyone else is a stalker. Maybe Bristol or Sarah will sit in your face so that you can really enjoy the stench.

    9. Anonymous3:26 PM

      CBJ may not read this blog, but Sarah and Bristol do. It's those two liars we have been goading for eight years!

    10. Anonymous3:39 PM

      Word in the medical community is that CBJ was blind-sided by what Sarah did and was horrified by the lie, especially after Palin actually got what she was after in the VP nomination. I feel bad for the doc. Another victim of Palin's bottomless, thoughtless ambition.

    11. Anonymous5:06 PM

      I heard that the one with the trust fund got themselves a DNA test? anyways it is HUGE and got Russia to exhume graves!
      oh Sarah what have you really done? WWIII

    12. Anonymous8:27 PM

      lol. (that is mostly for you 2:27).

      And no doubt many are impressed. 5:06 looking at you, you are impressed Mr. Russian Monarchy. Pretty sure 3:39 is mightily impressed also too.

    13. Anonymous4:39 AM

      Then that makes CBJ an even BIGGER piece of shit human being.
      Blindsided? Defend yourself! So, you would rather let your name be forged and your professional reputation ruined AND by not saying anything being COMPLICIT in the hoax?
      Fuck that from here to Mars.
      She had a professional and patriotic duty to speak up.
      That she didn't is reprehensible.
      I am calling bullshit on bing "blindsided".
      No one from UW medical school is that fucking stooooopid.

    14. Anonymous8:28 AM

      Well after 8+ years 4:39, all you have is the claim of a hoax from websites like Gryph's, and all their believing followers like you.

      There is no hoax if it hasn't been proven.

      Even Gryph has admitted that the assumption that Trig is not Sarah's child are likely to never be proven at this point.

      CBJ seems to have continued with a successful and respected career before and after being somewhat thrust into the spotlight during the 2008 campaign. She is a Doctor, not a politician. Her concerns are not yours.

  15. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Judge Orders Trump To Sit For 7-Hour Deposition In Celebrity Chef Lawsuit

  16. Anonymous9:39 AM

    I don't even know how to say this but I think people who tend to blame have rotten brains. Donald is like that. Now he's in a position to punish all his critics because somehow, even tho, this is suppose to be America, we now live in an extention of Russian. Thanks Palin. I have to say about Putin, he's evil to the core but somewhat of a genius. He played the Republicans, Trump, Palin, and whoever else helped win the Republicans everything they ever wanted. It of coarse saddens me that we as a country was handed over to Russia so covertly. This morning Whoopie and her cohorts were barking about it like yesterday was the elections. It's taken one month before people's brains started to react to this atrocity. Ah, well. Seems to me as Trump aligns himself with Russia, Duarte, and against every American interest, we as Americans have lost our voice. Like the Jewish people back in Nazi Germany, we stand helplessly by and say things, like "he wouldn't" whilst he does.
    Since, I am Native Alaskans and have been conquered before by another culture, I am conditioned to accept change. In fact going to Barnes and Noble and getting my Russian Rosetta Stone series soon. It's easy folks of America to watch your country get taken over. It happens slowly. But still you no longer count. You just stand by as your' value system get overridden by another. Your culture is invalidated very slowly. Soon you will bow down. We did, as Native Americans. It hurts now and again, but if you need someone to cry to we are here, and we will pat your head in sympathy. Not much else we will do. Hard to feel helpless, isn't it?

    1. Agree but so sorry.

    2. Anonymous1:04 PM

      As Native Americans, you stood up recently against the pipeline. But there does seem to be a lot of bowing and even groveling going on among the white rulers. It sends a chill up my spine. There are also MANY MANY of us who will never bow down to this minority president, the biggest loser ever to occupy the WH, offering nothing but chaos. I hope you will really be in sympathy, not just pat our heads.

  17. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Lindsey Graham Accuses Russia Of Hacking His Campaign Email Account (VIDEO)

  18. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Donald was leading in every primary poll BEFORE she endorsed him. And, in the primaries, every state that she campaigned for him in her lost. He lost the primary in Alaska. And some random website gives her credit for his winning the primary??? BTW, the articles at this Young Conservatives are very poorly written and poorly laid out. I don't just say this because they are conservative. Although I hate them, I will concede that the writers at Breitbart and Ann Coulter both know how to write.

    1. Anonymous11:20 AM

      This article uses all of her buzzwords, so I have no doubt about the source.

  19. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Alaska woman sues to block electors from voting for Trump

    A Hillary Clinton supporter from Anchorage is suing Alaska's three members of the Electoral College, claiming their anticipated votes for President-elect Donald Trump next Monday will violate her constitutional rights.

    Janice Park's lawsuit will be heard Thursday in federal court in Anchorage. It claims that since Clinton is winning the overall nationwide popular vote, her vote for Clinton will not be counted as a full vote since Trump will likely win the electoral college process. She claims this will deprive her of her Fifth Amendment rights of equal protection and the principal of one person, one vote.

  20. Anonymous9:50 AM

    What was the watered down gas incident?

    1. Anonymous10:43 AM

      Curtis Menard Jr. (reportedly the father of Track PayMe) took a flight that crashed. Water was discovered to have been added to the gas in the plane.

    2. Anonymous10:48 AM

      Menard plane crash. Water in the gas.

    3. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Curt Menard's death in plane crash.

      How the water actually got in the fuel tan of the airplane is still unknown.

    4. Anonymous4:48 PM

      @ anon 10:43 am
      Correction, biological father of Trackmarks and Piper the diaper.

    5. Anonymous5:07 PM

      Boys in Big Lake are killing a bottle of booze in three or four swigs...uh oh...

  21. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Now Donald Trump voters are worried he might take their Obamacare away

    Why Obamacare enrollees voted for Trump
    In Whitley County, Kentucky, the uninsured rate declined 60 percent under Obamacare. So why did 82 percent of voters there support Donald Trump?

    1. Anonymous10:45 AM

      Kinfucky is where Mitch "The Bitch" McConnell represents the people who vote him back into office every time.Except he does not represent those people, just rich donors.

    2. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Trump said all those things would be safe if he was elected...but he is surrounded by some deplorable advisers and cabinet members. They can't wait to ram it all home.

  22. Anonymous10:10 AM

    So a fire set by someone is now the reason Fire Bug Sarah resigned. Let's go back to her resignation video. Nope, not an effing word on that.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      Money money money - M O N E Y!


      But it's CRIMES committed is why she QUIT!

      If you or me committed such crimes we would be in prison...

      What was her yapping - I will do it until the courts say I can't or something like that?

  23. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Republicans Sneak Bill To GUT Social Security, RAISE Retirement Age & REDUCE Benefits

    ...The plan changes also include deleting any cost of living (COLA) increases for retirees with higher incomes: singles over $85,000 and couples making over $170,000. It would also reduce the benefits for spouses of higher-income retirees.

    ... ‘Apparently, nothing upsets house republicans like the idea of hard-working people getting to enjoy a secure and dignified retirement. While Speaker Ryan sharpens his knives for Medicare, chairman Johnson’s bill is an alarming sign that Republicans are greedily eyeing devastating cuts to Americans’ Social Security benefits as well.

    ‘The top Republican on the Social Security subcommittee is rolling out legislation that cuts benefits by more than a third, raises the retirement age from 67 to 69, cuts seniors’ cost of living adjustments, and targets benefits for the families of disabled and retired workers.’

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Newticles Gingrich is gloating about all this. For someone who has held a government job most of his life, he does not want others to benefit. Remember, he was so busy working for this country, that it made him cheat on his wife and screw around with Calista.

    2. Anonymous1:36 PM


  24. Anonymous10:28 AM

    We MUST NOT let Putin's pick be President, it is so obvious that trump is working in Russia's best interests just by his appointments.

    1. Anonymous10:59 AM

      The American voting public elected Donald Trump. He will be the next President.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM


      The American voting public picked Hillary you doofus.

    3. Anonymous11:56 AM


    4. Anonymous12:32 PM

      If the American Voting public had picked Hillary, 11:26 she would be the President Elect, but she isn't. America has spoken and Trump will be the next President, chosen by America.

    5. Careful 12:32, you spelled Russia wrong.

      Better watch that.

    6. Anonymous2:43 PM

      @ 12:32 American chose Hillary!!!

      If trump becomes president it will only be because the Electoral College picks traitor trump.

      Ha Ha no mandate and most unpopular, traitorous president elect in the history of the USAA.

    7. Anonymous5:10 PM

      Putin will not be running Russia.

      So don't worry be happy!

    8. Anonymous5:40 PM

      More like the USSA. United Soviet States of America.

    9. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Humanity likes Variety

      not one size fits all

  25. Anonymous10:35 AM

    So a fire while she was dragging Trig around in the snow in a diaper and no pants for her 'book tour,' led her to resign seven months later? Sure it did. Did Nancy French write this drivel?

    1. Anonymous1:40 PM

      david french

  26. Anonymous11:03 AM

    All she does is lie. Everything about her is fake except her stupidity. She's a bonafide dummy. Secretary of mindless idiocy would suit her.

    1. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Exactly. I guess that is why she just sits in her bed all day eating Taco Bell. She is despised around Alaska along with her bratty Bristol.

    2. Anonymous3:50 PM

      The Sarah Palin Diet:

      Quad shot double mocha with cream with a half-cup of Bailey's Irish (once back home)

      Trig's Adderal
      More Bailey's with home-brew coffee

      Trig's Adderal plus
      Drive thru TB for Crunch wrap Supreme
      Stop by the Oaken Keg (That's the Thursday liquor store) Grab a case of Yellow Tail Merlot liter bottles


  27. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Harry Reid Drops A Truth Bomb: Putin Was ‘Clearly” Involved in Hacking U.S. Election

  28. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Members of the incoming Trump administration are floating ideas that would radically bring changes to the White House Press Corps. All of the suggested changes would benefit Trump by allowing the White House to intimidate journalists into compliance while restricting the free flow of information from the White House to the American people.…

  29. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I can't see her Facebook article due to the
    PO.ST thingy. It just shows an error.

  30. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Burning down Mugshots most likely would have prevented a few Palin bastards from being born.

    1. Anonymous11:54 AM

      Dakota has probably been there to see if any of the patrons has Sailor's genes.

    2. Anonymous2:16 PM

      Dakotas more concerned about how many patrons have Bristols jeans.

    3. Anonymous4:46 PM

      Personally I think that Duhkota could care less who Barstool fucks, I think she is just his beard and nothing more.

    4. Anonymous5:12 PM

      collecting that SPERM to insert into her pussy is a HARD job for the Barstool!

    5. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Who was the sperm donor to Bristol here?

    6. Anonymous5:49 PM

      probably related to the reason she resigned! pop them babies out for a check!

  31. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Sarah doesn't get any press these days. So she has to recycle her "poor pitiful me" memes. She's not only out on the fringe, she is scraping the bottom of the barrel to try to stay relevant. Ain't workin' Sarah.

  32. Anonymous12:38 PM

    Bristol Palin: "I was not pregnant during the 2010 DWTS competition, I was eating too much. I wore a scarf in Haiti in December, 2010, because I was cold in that hot weather, even though I was wearing a t-shirt".

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      12:38 PM:
      She was COLD in that HOT weather??


    2. Anonymous5:33 PM

      2:37 PM: What other explanation could she possibly have than deflecting from her pregnant belly? What happened to that baby?

    3. Anonymous6:11 PM

      Was her explanation here in November, 2010 "too many cheeseburgers"? It should be 'too much tube steak'.

    4. Anonymous1:10 PM

      Uh huh...a scarf draped down in front of her that looks like she borrowed it off a curtain rod at the hotel,and short sleeves. Please barstool ,get help for your mental problems. Habitual lies are a sign of deep seated issues. Perhaps shock therapy might help. Maybe you can get a two for one rate treating your psycho mom also and too.

    5. Anonymous5:49 PM

      I think that whole family is into R A P E.
      They all have the signs of it and enjoy it!

  33. Anonymous12:48 PM

    So, the church being burned seven months prior prompted the harried phone call to TAWD on the slope to come home for her big announcement?
    Uh huh. Riiiight.

    1. That so called explanation is a large load of moose nuggets.

    2. Anonymous5:17 PM

      That goofy Best Buddy and what was so 'beneficial' to adopt is the reason Sarah resigned! Thou shall not steal or kill!
      Especially when they are a Motherfucking Russian! Face palm...dumb damn broad!

    3. Anonymous6:15 AM

      5:17, are you saying the Russian pornoactress ex-BFF of bristol is the birth mother of Trig?
      WOuld Tawwd be the dad and Marina is the mom?

    4. Anonymous5:48 PM

      I don't think so 6:15 - but the fact that they get SPERM donors to birth babies that they give away to gather a check? Yeah...
      Who is the father indeed...

  34. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Don't you have to attend for it to be "my church" ?

    1. Anonymous4:31 AM

      lol , YES!
      Thanks for the chuckle!

  35. Anonymous2:19 PM

    A church fire caused her to quit as governor? Well, that's a new one!

    What does having your church burning down have to do with running Alaska? Unless she quit to rebuild it...? Pretty sure we would have heard about her outside doing carpertry. She could have made a reality show about it, "Extreme Church F***over!"

  36. Who is this "Sarah Palin" person and why does Gryph clutter up a perfectly fine blog with references to this person who no one cares about and who has accomplished nothing?

  37. Anonymous2:35 PM

    the former governor of Alaska has handled things with a grace unseen from most politicians.
    Ok, I had my laugh of the day.

    Now the real reason she quit should be made public.

  38. Anonymous3:21 PM

    "After a fire at their local church, the Palins hurry to get there before the TV cameras leave"

    I think we established that that wasn't Sarah's big fat head.... maybe Diana taking a break from her criminal activities?

    omg these are real comments from the pond

    'Will Jesus Palin rise from the dead?'

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      3:21 Just more braindead comments from the mentally challenged. Too funny!

  39. Anonymous3:33 PM


    "Bristol" is typing as fast as she can on "her" blog dissing all the female nominees for trump's cabinet!!

    Think "she" is jealous of having been left out? c4p thinks that they are afraid of her strength, in reality, it's just that they have spoken with her and figured out she's an idiot!!!~

    1. Anonymous6:37 AM

      Oh yeah,uninvited to the party,again barstool? That makes twice in one month. No military ball,no appointment from the orange turd either. Sucks to be you.

  40. Anonymous3:36 PM

    So what is the real reason she quit?? I always thought it was because of money and she didn't want to go back to her boring life after the election.

    1. Sarah and some other Republicans are glad the truth hasn't come out about July 3, 2009.


    2. Anonymous5:45 PM

      oh and how would Dan know who has a Will registered at Palmer courts? oh wrong Dan?

  41. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Giggle...the Gryphen knows why...

    Knowledge is Power

  42. Anonymous5:52 PM

    NFL is on and Sarah Palin was featured as watching!
    Then they fumbled getting a touchdown! Bummer...

    1. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Shouldn't granny be baking cookies and wrapping presents for all those bastard grand babies?

    2. Anonymous4:29 AM

      Seattle is due for a huge earthquake......Palin curse......beware.
      I have family there!

  43. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Sarah Palin's most favorite sheriff fails again:

  44. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Was it someone's house that 'burned down' that had her all freaked out? I mean after all MEA board members resigned after a rumor that they buzzed the wrong address and poof 'up in smoke'? Poor poor Sarah! Ya just can't do anything right!

  45. Anonymous3:12 AM

    Here's stupid sarah projecting again. Telling on herself seems to be what she does best. Suspicious fires,sarah????? Hmmmmm. Daddy sure enjoyed watching that auto dealership burn while his wife was in the hospital calving . Sounds like you had some *firebug in you in more ways than 1.

    1. Anonymous5:44 PM

      oh snap and gingersnap this holiday season!

  46. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Sarah will try and send her goons after who this time? Will someone get notice their family is DEAD?
    Remember Sarah an eye for an eye with your God's Will. Some are bitch hunting now! Happy Hunting!

  47. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Ugly marionette-mouth in that photo...and yet the ugliness outside is nothing compared to her ugly evilness inside.

  48. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Her Scarh, ask barstool, willblow, or trick-track who burned the church down....or maybe your OWN "better-half."

  49. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Come on...she quit because she's lazy and was looking for easy fame and fortune, easy money, and free money. Just get a job already palin KKKlan.


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