Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Time magazine chooses Donald Trump as the "Person of the Year."

Courtesy of Time: 

This is the 90th time we have named the person who had the greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year. So which is it this year: Better or worse? The challenge for Donald Trump is how profoundly the country disagrees about the answer. 

It’s hard to measure the scale of his disruption. This real estate baron and casino owner turned reality-TV star and provocateur—never a day spent in public office, never a debt owed to any interest besides his own—now surveys the smoking ruin of a vast political edifice that once housed parties, pundits, donors, pollsters, all those who did not see him coming or take him seriously. Out of this reckoning, Trump is poised to preside, for better or worse. 

For those who believe this is all for the better, Trump’s victory represents a long-overdue rebuke to an entrenched and arrogant governing class; for those who see it as for the worse, the destruction extends to cherished norms of civility and discourse, a politics poisoned by vile streams of racism, sexism, nativism. To his believers, he delivers change—broad, deep, historic change, not modest measures doled out in Dixie cups; to his detractors, he inspires fear both for what he may do and what may be done in his name.

I think before any  of the Trumpsters start trumpeting they should be reminded that in 1938 Time magazine chose Adolph Hitler as their "Man of the Year."

Gee, look how little has changed in seventy eight years. We had a fascist on the cover then, and we have one on the cover now.

One has to wonder who will choose the next Person of the Year after Trump has all of the journalists rounded up, waterboarded, and sent to some gulag under the control of his Russian BFF?


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM


    Daily Banter:
    Glenn Beck Mocks Sarah Palin, Asks Whether She Has "Had a Brain Aneurysm"

    According to Beck, Palin has gone completely crazy after she turned on Donald Trump over his "crony capitalism" intervention with Carrier last week, essentially wrecking her chances of running the VA (a job Beck bizarrely believes Palin would be "great" at).

    “Let me go back, real quick, Sarah Palin. Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?” Glenn Beck asked on his TheBlaze network on Monday night.

    “Because I don’t know what has happened to her.”


  2. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Dole was paid $140,000 between May and October for his lobbying efforts and made contact with the Trump campaign before the election.

    1. Anonymous9:18 AM

      And he knew better, Dole did. Lost any respect I had for him.

    2. Anonymous9:59 AM

      this now

    3. Anonymous12:44 PM

      Viagra is now linked to melanoma, skin cancer for all the old geezers!!!

    4. 9:59

      ONLY 30 million?

      Won't matter. They won't give a shit. They have to repeal it to get their big fucking tax breaks for the über wealthy.

      It's just going to be a matter of how to LIE to spin it.

  3. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Has SARAH PALIN been turned over to the Trump Transition Team Leadership (Ivanka, Donnie Jr, Eric, Tiffany and Barron?)

    .... it also included a “disparagement” clause which prevented campaign staffers from saying anything demeaning about Trump.

    Palin said that while the details of the deal aren’t known there are enough red flags to question whether the agreement isn’t just another example of “crony capitalism.”

    “When government steps in arbitrarily with individual subsidies, favoring one business over others, it sets inconsistent, unfair, illogical precedent,” Palin wrote. “Meanwhile, the invisible hand that best orchestrates a free people’s free enterprise system gets amputated."

    Sarah Palin may have amputated her own hand with Ivanka for talking bad about daddy, the Leader of the Free World?

  4. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Here is "the Man"

  5. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I'm not surprised. It would have been much more significant for TIME to have chosen the Newsweek reporter, Kurt Eichenwald, who showed the country what good journalism is and who did the best job possible in telling the world what a shmuck this country was saddling itself with.

    1. Anonymous7:13 AM

      Never let the competition win. NEVER!

  6. Anonymous7:05 AM

    It is 1938 in America?

    1. That will be their February issue, once Trump is crowned and starts signing executive orders.

  7. Anonymous7:16 AM

    I'm appalled this asshole is 'gracing' Time Magazine! I would never purchase a copy of it! I'll bet Time Magazine even worked w/Trump as to which photo should be displayed on their cover. Wouldn't surprise me one bit!

    Trump is on track for ruining our country - making it a third world country - controlling the press - making the poor poorer and the middle class poor! And, the rich, richer. He's manipulating the stock market (Boeing, etc.).

    Our only saving factor will be that he has a mass heart attack or debilitating stroke OR is impeached within his first year of 'rule' as potus!

    Get ready America - protect yourselves - our country is already in an uproar! Look at your own communities and cities.

    An example? Look at Anchorage, AK! Check out their Assembly meeting held last night! Fear and hate is spreading to include the northland!

    Love your neighbors - no matter their color or religion and protect them!

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      You bet drumpf wanted that pic. Drumpf Has his back turned on everyone, sitting in a old "leather 'wood' armchair, In the shadow of 'Abyss'. That ISIS drumpf to a 'fuck you all' someone here to see ME? .."T"

      Look at his eyes. He BELIEVES his own truth.

    2. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Yep! Do look closely at his eyes in that photo - satanic and evil which is what he has been projecting for over a year! He's only just begun!

    3. Anonymous10:37 AM

      The big left hand claw fingers too..strange..
      Is that a monster glove he grabs pu$$y with?

    4. anon@7.16a Please note that the "Time Person of the Year" is supposed to be the person who most influenced the world in the year. NOT the "best" person. That's why Hitler, Nixon, and Trump and several other bad guys get the "honor".

      And, yes, Trump probably did work with Time to pick out the best picture. They probably work with all the people under consideration.

      I fully support Time's choice even though I consider Trump to be the worst of the worst. He's the one who - for better or for worse - influenced news this year.

  8. Anonymous7:20 AM


  9. OMFG. Before I've even had 1/4 of a cup of coffee. I should know better than to open up my computer before I've finished sipping some java.
    Way to give me a headache, stomachache, bodyache this morning. I know it's not your fault Gryphen...and if it weren't for you I'd not know what was happening in the world.
    But WTflippingF Time magazine?
    All this does is make him think he's bigger and badder and better than he is.
    He won't read the paragraphs above detailing the way more than half of America sees him....he's going to GLOAT. And I am going to be physically ill yet another day.
    You'd think Time magazine may have learned a lesson back in 1938. Eh? Not saying it was their fault he went on to be a SUPREME madman, but giving him more voice probably, surely, didn't help.

  10. Anonymous7:30 AM

    It would have been even more appropriate if they had listed all of their picks for the last 80 years. That would have included ole Adolph.

    Wasn't bin ladin on the cover one year as man of the year?

  11. Anonymous7:39 AM

    OT? "Roughly 10,000 geese landed in the Berkeley Pit at the end of November, turning the water "white with birds,"

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      Where's my AK-47 and scope? We eat therefore we hunt.
      - Lou Sarah

    2. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Lou Sarah. The ONLY place you "hunt" is at the grocery store. Having to send Taaahhhd to the relatives for moose meat to make your "famous" chilli, gave the game away. Fake, phony, grifting BITCH.

    3. Oh, but nothing to worry about. Your drinking water will be fine. The chances of a spill are practically infinitesimal. Just as Kentucky.

  12. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Just in: Hillary Clinton finally officially declared winner of New Hampshire

  13. Anonymous8:05 AM

    CRAZY mild $eXx $stuff > Jacks off to Marilyn Monroe
    "The cult in Texas...
    takes a shower after he takes a 'CRAP' on himself?
    Enjoys the simple stuff. >"2 hot chicks in college"


    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

    2. Anonymous12:48 PM

      Got hers:

  14. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Fox Friends Outraged Over Atheists 'Making Christmas Great Again'

  15. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Calculated! 2020< vision

    1. Anonymous8:31 AM

      "We have replaced celebrating achievements with celebrating being the biggest victim. "In a victim culture, nobody grows or wins. Brooks describes how victimhood makes it more and more difficult for us to resolve political and social conflicts and every policy difference becomes an argument “between good (us) and evil (them).” When our ability to express differences is suffocated and Americans cease to aspire to greater levels than that of a victim, the American dream dies as well."

      "Honor is the value we believe we have in ourselves—not tied to our social status, bank account, level of education, or any other external factor, but our right to have pride in ourselves"

  16. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I used to jokingly say that based on my past, I could never run for office. I guess Lord Cheetos has put that one to bed.

  17. Anonymous8:20 AM

    What a difference three years make. Not surprised as we have witnessed the last couple of months and years.

    Trump likes you, Trump hates you.

    Trump is going to sue the numerous women accusing him of being a sexual predator after he's the GOP presidential nominee and now nothing.

    Trump will never settle or pay for Trump University and we know what happened there.

    Trump swore Obama is not an American and given him a hard time for 8 years. Now he acts like Obama is his best friend.

    The election is crooked and now it's not.

    On Wednesday, Trump told NBC that winning the 2016 person of the year award was "a tremendous honor."

    But in April 2013:

    Donald J. Trump ✔@realDonaldTrump

    The Time Magazine list of the 100 Most Influential People is a joke and stunt of a magazine that will, like Newsweek,soon be dead. Bad list!

    8:54 PM - 26 Apr 2013

    1. Anonymous8:55 AM

      Remember all the pissing and moaning he did when Merkel won the cover last year? Having tantrums has paid off for the orange postule his entire life. He will NEVER be an adult - NEVER.

    2. Morons just elected a 2 year old to be president.

  18. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Donald Trump Named Time Person of the Year, Joining Proud Ranks of Stalin and Hitler

    The magazine has awarded every U.S. President since Carter with the POTY cover, so picking Trump is just par for the course. (Nixon got the cover twice, too, but poor Gerald Ford did not.) More importantly, Time doesn’t endeavor to select the best person of the year, but the person “deemed to have most influenced the year’s news, for better or worse.” By those criteria, it’d be hard to justify picking anyone else.

    If you’re still worked up about it, take comfort in knowing that Time really means the “better or worse” part.

    The magazine awarded

    Adolf Hitler with the cover in 1938,

    Josef Stalin in ’39 and ’42, and

    Ayatollah Khomeini in ’79.

    Even worse, they picked you, you filthy animal, for the cover in 2006.

  19. Anonymous8:31 AM

    ‘Leave, Nazis!’ Greets Alt-Right in Texas
    Rocks were thrown amid violent confrontations as thousands of protesters faced down white supremacists, national socialists, and alt-right activists in Texas.

  20. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Ohio’s Insane Guns Everywhere Bill Covers Airports, Childcare Centers, and Even Police Stations
    This may be the model legislation of the Trump era, promising to solve a fictitious problem by creating a deadly real one.

  21. Anonymous8:34 AM

    We Must Fight the Most Anti-Muslim Administration Ever
    From Flynn to Carson to Bannon, Donald Trump’s presidential team is taking shape as the most blatantly anti-Muslim ever. We must not accept this.

    A clash of civilizations is truly brewing. But it’s not Islam versus the West, as right-wing pundits want you to believe. Rather it’s the Trump administration versus Islam. And no one is happier about this than ISIS and Al Qaeda.

    Donald Trump, without a doubt, spewed the most viciously anti-Muslim comments of any person elected President of our great nation. Trump served up a buffet of hate-mongering comments about Muslims this campaign ranging from his infamous line that “Islam hates us” to claiming that “thousands” of Muslims cheered in New Jersey on 9/11—an assertion so fact free that even Trump’s defender in chief Rudy Giuliani denied it was true.

    Trump even lied to Americans with his claim that Muslim Americans “saw bombs all over the apartment” of the San Bernardino terrorists but didn’t report them. Well, that, like so much of what Trump said this campaign, was a figment of his imagination.

  22. Anonymous8:36 AM


  23. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Here are 8 of history’s worst people who were named TIME’s person of the year

  24. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Time person has always been purely on influential not solely humanitarian. He is the obvious choice.

  25. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Seriously who cares? I was Time's Person of the Year in 2006. It ain't a big deal.

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      ME too Exactly> " It ain't a big deal." BUTtfucked>
      It is 'The ART of the DEAL'!

  26. Anonymous9:28 AM

    He's so ugly. Sooooo damn ugly. And he looks like a rich old hunchbacked woman posing there as if it's some kind of painting done in 1848 or something and she's got a lapdog with her. I love how Trump's hair looks so thin on the side--they really highlighted that--and how toward the back you can see that he has no hair growing down toward his collar (that's why he keeps it long, and he inherited it from his dad—one of these days I will come across a pic I should have saved of Fred with a bun at the back of his head).

    He was an ass being interviewed about the cover this morn by Matt Lauer. As usual, he played is game of acting like he doesn’t get something. When Lauer asked him about being called a divider instead of uniter, he said something about not yet being pres, yet so how can he be a divider. OF COURSE he knows what that "divider” means and that he is fucking guilty as sin.

    Yes, bring on he heart attack.

  27. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Trump is in a honeymoon phase right now. Things will get much harder and he will meet resistance from the Congress and Senate. He will also have to grapple with becoming more unpopular as he is unable to do all the things he promised his base. He will become bored with the job because he thinks it's all about tweeting and making phone calls to threaten US companies. He lies and lies and shortly after becoming president, he will start to feel serious blowback on that. 4 years from now he will be the most unpopular president in history.

    1. Anonymous10:33 AM

      I seriously doubt he'll make four years! I so hope to see him impeached in the first year for not following the laws of potus.

      He's one lying white guy that is going to run into trouble once he takes the oath for potus -- an oath he'll never follow or respect!

  28. Randall9:47 AM

    To those among us who voted for Trump because you wanted CHANGE to come to Washington, D.C. wanted change you voted in an old, white billionaire

    So far Donald Trump has chosen for his cabinet:
    Steve Mnuchin. (some folks thought it was just sleazy that Hillary Clinton gave a speech to members of Goldman Sachs. Steve Mnuchin is an executive officer at Goldman Sachs!)

    Wilber Ross, Commerce Secretary: Ross is another old, white billionaire

    Elaine Chao, Transportation Secretarty: Elaine is the wife of Mitch McConnel - a life-long, old, white politician

    Jeff Sessions, Attorney General: another old, white, life-long politician

    Todd Rickets, deputy Commerce Secretary - another old, white, billionaire

    You wanted change?
    You're gonna get change alright
    ...your bank account is gonna change into THEIR bank accounts overnight.

    When Trump and his old, white, billionaire crony partners cut taxes on the wealthy and corporations, where do you think those taxes are going to come from?

    Same place as when Bush II did it - your bank account.
    You're gonna see change alright...

    1. Anonymous10:05 AM

      And he's surrounded himself with the losers (some criminal) from the past. Guiliani, Newt, Palin, Dole etc etc...

    2. Anonymous10:29 AM

      Palin, Guilani, Gingrich, Dole have not been picked by Trump to be members of his administration and I seriously doubt any of them will be included.

      Trump is picking military guys - for the additional wars he wants to initiate....civil war in our country and WWIII.

      Amazing watching all of this unfold! We are in big trouble!

  29. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Graphic artist of the year award.

  30. Anonymous10:21 AM

    That should be "Prick of the Year". He is just loving all the attention, with no work at all. Wait until the country expects him to get the job done. His family has as little experience as he does, yet are taking roles in this. Grifters gotta grift.

  31. Anonymous10:55 AM

    THIS IS WHO should be TIMES person "You're a good boy"

  32. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Times video of the world>

  33. Ferry Fey11:30 AM

    I wonder what the deal is with titling him "President of the United States of America" when he isn't yet. Is that some sort of nuanced commentary?

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      Doesn't it say President of the DIVIDED States of America?

    2. Anonymous12:56 PM

      It says president of the DIVIDED states of American, hardly a complement.

  34. Anonymous12:59 PM

    They sure captured the evil look and the thinning hair. I suppose trump is going to twitter “unfair” they used a bad photo !!!

    Is he turned in his chair because he is turning his back on America?

    President of the divided states... courtesy of traitor trump and his “victory ego tour” is not exactly mending the fences.

    Now he is going to have a twitter tantrum: I won the popular vote, I have a mandate

  35. Anonymous2:50 PM

    For those who believe this is all for the better, Trump’s victory represents a long-overdue rebuke to an entrenched and arrogant governing class;
    I guess they must be really disappointed with his cabinet: the list of who’s who on Wall St, lobbyist firms, CEO’s, billionaires, millionaires and long-time politicians.

    No truck drivers, no unemployed coal miners or steel workers etc in the bunch.

  36. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Creepy picture of the pussy grabber.


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