Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Recount update.

Problems in Michigan: 

The final result of the US presidential election is still unclear almost a month after polling day – and the recount in Michigan has now been thrown into chaos because of broken voting machines. 

As officials began a full recount in the swing state, it emerged that faulty machines mean half of all votes cast in the city of Detroit may be ineligible for recount. A third of voting precincts in Wayne County, that largest of Michigan's counties, could also be disqualified. 

The problems were discovered after voting clerks were unable to match the number of votes cast on the machines with the number of people who had been registered at polling stations.

Officials said at least 87 of Detroit’s decade-old voting machines had failed on Election Day, with many jamming when ballot papers were fed in. In 392 of the city’s 662 voting precincts, the number of votes recorded on machines was not the same as the number of voters registerered by polling station staff.

And yet they keep on using this machines.

I tell you, something is going on with this election, and it is not all due to faulty machines.

Lawsuit files in Florida: 

Three central Florida voters are mounting an unlikely bid to overturn the presidential election result in the Sunshine State. 

In a lawsuit filed Monday in Leon Circuit Court, they assert that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, actually won Florida. The plaintiffs, who live in Osceola and Volusia counties, say the state’s official election results were off because of hacking, malfunctioning voting machines and other problems. 

They're asking for a hand recount of every paper ballot in Florida, at the expense of defendants including Trump, Gov. Rick Scott and the 29 Republican presidential electors from Florida.

The Group "Protect Our Elections" is claiming that there are over a hundred thousand uncounted votes in Florida:   

Protect Our Elections, a liberal-leaning group based in Washington, D.C., says more than 160,000 votes in Florida weren't counted during last month's presidential election. The group claims each of those votes matters a great deal because Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 112,911 votes in the Sunshine State. Trump won by roughly 1.5 percent, a margin high enough to avoid the state's automatic-recount provisions.

Well isn't that interesting?

Wisconsin is about halfway through its recount process with no huge changes in the vote tally thus far.

The lawsuit that Jill Stein filed in Pennsylvania calls the election system there a national disgrace: 

Court documents seeking a recount in Pennsylvania's presidential election paint an unflattering picture of the state's voting system, calling it a "national disgrace" that uses "vulnerable, hackable, antiquated technology," but offer no specific evidence the results of the Nov. 8 election were hacked.

And that is where we are right now.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    In Wisconsin, the seals were broken on the ballot boxes. So much for "honest" elections. Bob Dole was arranging the phone conversation between tRump and Taiwan president months ago, before the election. Who knew tRump would win (apart from Dole, obviously)? Something STINKS about this entire election. The dems had better step on it and insist on better methods of voting, plus access for EVERYONE.

    1. You are right. A LOT stinks about this brouhaha. I think it was set-up and wasn't known if it would work until election night. I also think that a lot of repubs were a part of it because they did not want to lose control and thought Hillary would beat their extremely flawed whack job. I believe it is called "insurance."
      Right. Get going Dems!

    2. Anonymous10:04 AM

      They'd already done so much to limit voters by way of closed polling places (soooo many), limited early voting days, cut hours, so many ID hoops to jump through--but that wasn't enough and they definitely played with the votes on Nov. 8. No doubt.

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire :)

  3. Anonymous9:03 AM

    dick FUCKing cheney?

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Trump will not like todays The View. Referred to having the attention of a gnat. He really didn't want to become president, he just wants attention and to be loved.

    Examples of wanting attention and to be loved is his Victory Tours, his tweets and his daily Rose Ceremony he has interviewing potential cabinet members. When will Sarah Palin be invited to his golf course so she feels like she has a chance to get a rose?

  5. Anonymous9:28 AM

    I contacted my reps asking for a recount in NC. Have any of you here done likewise? NC dem governor won by over 10,000 votes before the recount was completed. No way did Rethugs vote for a dem gov and split their ticket to vote for Drumpf for pres. Please contact your reps to get a recount for pres votes in NC.

  6. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Alaskans has been saying something is wrong for years. Why now is this news?

    -Glenn Beck

    In reference to Glenn Beck's diagnosis of Sarah Palin's aneurysm.

    The words used in 2008 describing Sarah Palin was "Blue Funk" and "catatonic stupor".

    "New Book Reveals Sarah Palin Is Dumb AND Mentally Unstable"

    "Book 'Game Change' portrays Sarah Palin as unstable ignoramus who believed Saddam was behind 9/11"

    Alaskans has been trying to tell America that something is wrong with Sarah Palin and now America is taking notice and waking up?

    I could be wrong, wasn't it reported that during her vp debate prep or it may have been during another occasion, was it reported that Sarah Palin was found in a corner of a room balled up crying or in some type of comatose state? I believe it was described as a Blue Funk?

    “Game Change,” the 2008 deconstruction, says the stress of vaulting onto the national stage caused Palin to have wild ... next she would fall into a strange blue funk,”

    "When her aides tried to quiz her she would routinely shut down - chin on her chest, arms folded, eyes cast to the floor, speechless and motionless, lost in what those around her described as a kind of catatonic stupor," the book says.

    "If I had known everything I know now, I would not have done this," the book quotes Palin as saying

  7. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Michigan GOP Elector Launches Website Urging Electors To Vote For Trump

    Coming This January: Trump Could Land At His Inauguration By Chopper

    1. Will he have a fog machine too?

  8. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Democrats Drop A Bombshell Report That Exposes Trump’s Planned Devious War On Seniors

    The first peek at what the incoming Trump administration has planned can be found in HHS nominee Rep. Tom Price's budget plan, and what the new administration is signaling is nothing less than a war on the nation's seniors.

  9. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Hillary's Popular Vote Margin now 2.68 million

  10. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Nearly 30 Million Will Lose Insurance After ACA Repeal

    1. Anonymous10:15 AM

      We haven't signed up yet for 2017 and probably won't since it seems rather certain it will be demolished in the first few months of his admin.

    2. Anonymous12:37 PM

      It is not going to be demolished in the firs few months of his administration.

      You keep forgetting republicans are the threaten but do nothing party!!! He can't just repeal the law.

    3. Anonymous12:42 PM

      Nice try, 1015a.
      Anyone and everyone who can't get coverage through their employer or Medicare needs to be d@mned sure they sign up for ACA coverage for 2017.

    4. Anonymous1:51 PM

      @10:15 well aren’t you going to be in for a big surprise: no subsidy, no insurance plus nice big fat penalty AND NO REPEAL !!!

      By the way, when you get sick, stay away from the ER, we don’t want to subsidize your bills.

    5. Anonymous3:39 PM


      Our policies would each have a $5000 deductible so paying the penalty and using ER for our needs is much more affordable than signing up for ACA, especially since AK only has one carrier now and our rates would increase 600% over last year.

      Also any catastrophic care we need can't be denied by a hospital and they can't legally seize any of our assets to pay for care we can't afford through our general liquidity. We've covered our bases and won't be participating in this sham of a program this year.

      Either the GOP improves it or kills it, but as it is now it doesn't work for us. We're not alone up here in just saying "no" to "Affordable" care that isn't really affordable in a state with one carrier.

  11. Anonymous9:49 AM

    "Twitter user warned that she had reported me to the FBI and to Project Veritas — a right-wing organization led by James O’Keefe that stages elaborate stings of reporters, liberals and others; heavily edits its gotcha videos; and then tries to get those people fired."
    "“This is the type of thing you might expect from a Jeff Sessions Department of Justice,” said Miller, referring to Trump’s pick for attorney general. “But they’re jumping the gun. It’s unbelievable.”<Not Funny.

    1. More indications of Fascist suppression and intimidation of the Press.

  12. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Bernie Sanders Calls On Millions Of Americans To Stand Together In Protest Against Trump

  13. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Federal Court Ruling Protects Jill Stein’s Michigan Recount, Despite State Decision
    A recount that started Monday continues until further notice.

    1. They stopped in Wednesday night.

      Too many precincts were going to be exempted from recount due to unability to count ballots because Michigan is INCOMPETENT to run a decent election.

      At least Florida can now pass the baton of Biggest Dumbass running of an election to Michigan.

      Until Pennsylvania wins it from Michigan.

  14. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Trump inauguration protest groups demand access to Washington sites

  15. Anonymous10:12 AM

    US judge to hear arguments on Michigan presidential recount

    A U.S. federal judge in Michigan has set a hearing for Wednesday morning to reconsider an order he issued on Sunday to accelerate the presidential vote recount requested by Green Party candidate Jill Stein, according to officials.

    The hearing comes a day after contradictory court orders were issued relating to Stein’s effort: a Michigan state appeals court on Tuesday ordered the recount be halted, while a federal appeals court said the process should proceed.

    1. Federal trumps State. The recount should continue.

  16. There was funnybusiness in N.C. too.

    Ballots challenged for no reason because they don't have to give any reason. Is anyone surprised they were in predominantly Democratic districts?

  17. Anonymous11:24 AM

    EVERYONE should listen to this: Born a Criminal

  18. Anonymous11:33 AM

    OT? North Dakota

  19. Anonymous11:36 AM

  20. Anonymous11:39 AM

  21. Anonymous12:26 PM

  22. Anonymous12:29 PM

  23. Anonymous12:38 PM

    That may explain why “voter” turn out was so low in Detroit, it was down something like 28%. We have paper ballots, at least in Oakland County, Mi. so it seems like they should be able to hand count the ballots.

    However I have the feeling, this is going to end like Bush/Gore because the deadline to finish is coming up soon.

    1. Anonymous2:44 PM

      This is nothing like Bush/Gore so it won't end up like Bush/Gore. Trump won resoundingly. You are buying into conspiracy.

    2. Anonymous2:56 PM

      Trump won resoundingly.
      Only in your mind

  24. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Just for grins, I calculated the electoral college if each state's votes were allocated based on popular vote in that state with reasonable rounding to get even numbers. For example, if a state had 3 votes and the popular vote allocated 1.45 to Trump, 1.35 to Clinton, and .2 to someone else, Trump would get 2 votes and Clinton would get 1.

    Based on this calculation, Trump received 267 votes, Clinton 266 votes, Johnson 3 votes, and McMullen 2 votes. So unless Johnson and McMullen both asked for their votes to be allocated to the same candidate, the election would have been thrown to the House. The House probably would go with Trump, but might select McMullen just because he has the least amount of baggage.

    1. Anonymous1:31 PM

      The GOP should have no trouble choosing McMullen, they are hated by every American already.

    2. They wouldn't choose McMullin. He's Mormon.

      They would probably choose Kasich.

  25. Anonymous1:15 PM

    The slogan NOT MY PRESIDENT, should read NOT THE PRESIDENT.

    I have a feeling the Supreme Court, russians or the republicans are going to step in to block finishing the recount in order to prevent the real winner, Hillary, from taking office.

    then little fingers donnie can go back to his golden tower every night.

  26. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Only America, Russia and Third World countries can't conduct a clean election. It's ridiculous that the US should have 50 different voting systems for one federal election, you're guaranteed that the Republicans will cheat every time.

  27. No wonder Michigan doesn't want a recount.

    They don't want it exposed publicly to the entire country that their running of their own elections is absolutely DEPLORABLE.

    Just reenforces that there needs to be national uniform standards for elections. Everyone uses the same methods and registration and elections are run the same.

    None of this Voter ID shit and different standards for eligibility from state to state. That shit has to stop.

  28. More and more precincts in Michigan are not being able to be recounted due to discrepancies between number of ballots and number of registered voters who voted.

    I don't give a fuck. That means every one of those precincts is TAINTED and there is the possibility of election fraud. NOT VOTER FRAUD. Fraud on the part of those in charge of counting the ballots and overseeing the election.

    Because of this they are going to claim that the election night counts need to stand.

    To me that means they should count everything they can and see if it indicates that the election night counts are wrong.

    This entire election stinks. The FIVE swing states now have questionable outcomes due to those counting the ballots.

    What did Stalin say? It's not who votes but he who counts the votes.

    "The recount of the Michigan's 2016 presidential election expanded across the state Tuesday and continued to uncover problems that made dozens of precincts ineligible for recount under state law. At issue are discrepancies between the number of voters who cast ballots and the number of ballots found in the ballot box on election night. In Wayne County, officials must decide what to do with 610 precincts, including 392 in Detroit, where the numbers don't match. Oakland County has concluded that at least 17 precincts can't be recounted and in Macomb, at least seven are ineligible. What that means is the election night returns will stand (for those precincts)," Chis Thomas, director of elections"

    Assholes say it has happened "on occasion" but doesn't happen regularly.

    Well, it looks like it has happened pretty regularly in Michigan. This ballot handling incompetence looks to be pretty rampant.

    "“I am appalled that so many precincts will be disqualified from a recount. With the discrepancies and machine malfunctions that took place, there is even further justification to make examination of those precincts a priority during the recount, not the opposite,” Rep. Stephanie Chang, D-Detroit, said in a statement. “I am extremely concerned that thousands of Detroit voters’ voices will not be heard during the recount process.” "

    "The recount began at 9 a.m. and continued throughout the day at the Oakland Intermediate Schools conference center in Waterford. By midday, 198 of the county's 520 precincts had been recounted, elections director Joe Rozell said.

    "Things are moving along nicely," Rozell said. "Our teams are moving at the pace we expected and we are on target to finish as planned."

    Rozell said Oakland had found 17 precincts that could not be recounted, including seven in Pontiac, one-third of that city's total. Four of Southfield's precincts couldn't be recounted.

    Both of those cities were strongholds for Hillary Clinton. She won 87% of the votes in Southfield and 82% in Pontiac, according to election results posted on the county website."

    "At the end of the day in Warren, Clinton gained 36 votes to her original 176,317, and Trump added 13 to his original 224,665 votes.

    The gains came after recounters found several ballots with markings that were too faint for the machines to read on Election Day but could be spotted by the humans conducting the recount."

    Florida's hanging chads gave the election to Bush.

    Now Michigan's heads up their asses incompetence is going to bring into question exactly who won the state.

  29. It's over.

    "U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith on Wednesday night halted a Michigan election recount launched by Green Party nominee Jill Stein that had been underway since Monday.

    Stein’s campaign condemned the judgment and promised to challenge the Michigan Court of Appeals decision Goldsmith effectively upheld with his ruling.

    “We are not backing down from this fight ― a fight to protect the hard-fought, hard-won civil and voting rights of all Americans. Our campaign will seek immediate relief in Michigan’s Supreme Court to ensure the recount that is already underway in all Michigan counties continues,” Hayley Horowitz and Jessica Clarke, the Stein campaign’s lead lawyers in Michigan, said in a statement.

    “With so many irregularities in Michigan ― including more than 75,000 under-votes, many in urban areas, and widespread carelessness, and perhaps interference, with preserving ballots ― there is a real possibility the rights of voters in Michigan may have been suppressed during this election,” they continued.

    John Bursch, attorney for Michigan’s Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette, who had challenged Stein’s case for a recount, praised Goldsmith’s decision.

    “This ruling is a huge victory for Michigan taxpayers and the rule of law,” Bursch said in a statement.

    All signs suggest that Stein’s Michigan recount effort, which has already endured multiple judicial challenges, is nearing an end.

    Goldsmith’s Wednesday decision undoes an order he issued early Monday morning requiring the state to proceed with a recount by noon that day and jettison a planned two-day waiting period. Goldsmith made that judgment with the intention of enabling the state to complete the recount by Dec. 13, the deadline needed to allow for sufficient time before the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19."


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