Sunday, January 08, 2017

Final tally, President Obama created 11.3 million jobs.

You're welcome America.
Courtesy of CNN Money: 

The final tally is in: 11.3 million new jobs were created under President Obama. 

The president is claiming a big victory on getting Americans back to work again. 

"Businesses that were bleeding jobs unleashed the longest streak of job creation on record," Obama wrote in a letter to the American people this week. 

He's right: The economy has added jobs for 75 straight months, although his overall jobs gains aren't as strong as some prior presidents.

Sure other Presidents had more success at creating jobs, but then those guys did not enter office with the country losing 800,000 jobs a month, and hurtling towards a second Great Depression.

Nor did they have to contend with an opposition party that was determined to undermine EVERY SINGLE policy that they put forward.

In light of all that President Obama's achievement is historic.


  1. Obama is the best president.

  2. Anonymous7:34 AM

    He's my guy and has always been. An outstanding POTUS and representative of us and America.

    Trump has such big shoes to fill and never will! He's just not qualified for the job in any stretch of the imagination! God, but we are in trouble and are going to miss The Obama family in the White House!

    God speed, President Obama and I hope you stay involved and help protect us from the harm of the thug taking office on 1/20/17.

  3. Anonymous7:58 AM


  4. Anonymous8:05 AM

    "EVERY SINGLE policy that they put forward."..

    I HATED the name OBAMAcare.
    It was to make it 'BAD','BAD',BAD'

    1. Anonymous8:27 AM

      LISTEN to the JUBILATION!!
      They ALL JIZZed themselves!

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      @8:27 it started with a shout "LIAR"

  5. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Remember? This should make one think:

  6. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I will miss President Obama's steady leadership.

    1. Anonymous3:30 PM

      From behind. Steady while leading from behind lol.

  7. Anonymous9:06 AM

    I would just love to know how this joke of an incoming administration and congress are going to blame everything they gut on President Obama. Are people really that stupid to believe it???

    I haven't visited c4p since the election, but I think of that vg1 dude who's everyone's rock star and the government programs he's a part of that keep him alive and sustainable. When the rug is pulled out, they'll say President Obama killed him? What absolute IDIOTS.

    I may not agree with everything President Obama did, but trusted that he knows more of situations than I ever will and the hog slop that the media tries to feed is just that.

    BEST president of my lifetime; turning 60 this year.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      I respect and admire President Obama, and I think he did the best for the country on a whole. There would never be a politician that I will agree with on every issue or that everyone will agree with on every issue, but damn he came really close to fitting that for me. And, in full disclosure, I thought he was much more of a centrist than we needed.

    2. Well, it is his fault of passing all that stuff. If it wasn't for that they wouldn't have to go through the bother of revoking it all. Now people will know exactly what they're missing and blame the Republicans for taking away their healthcare.

      See? It *is* all Obama's fault.

  8. SallyinMI9:12 AM

    I will miss having the right to determine my family size, and the right to vote. Make no mistake. The angry scared white men are coming after that next.

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      I can picture a property ownership requirement. That will eliminate a lot of voters in large cities who rent. And the property requirement will be a matter of acres, not square feet.

    2. Anonymous10:53 AM

      @anon 9:37am
      And that "property ownership" will have the caveat that the property must be solely owned by the voter, no mortgage. Which means even in an upper middle class family, if they manage to pay off their home only one person would be allowed to vote.

    3. That property ownership will have to be by a male.

      Women will lose the vote and their right to own property.

      Pretty soon you'll have to get a male relative to give you permission to have your own bank account and will have to cosign your credit card.

      Can the burkas be far behind?

  9. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Does he have a GOP congress?


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