Sunday, January 08, 2017

Government Ethics Office upset that Trump cabinet picks scheduled for hearing next week have not submitted paperwork. Update!

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

The head of the Office of Government Ethics expressed alarm Saturday that the Senate would begin considering President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees for cabinet positions before they’ve been fully vetted for conflicts of interests. 

“As OGE’s Director, the announced hearing schedule for several nominees who have not completed the ethics review process is of great concern to me,” wrote OGE director Walter Shaub Jr. in a letter to Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). 

“This schedule has created undue pressure on OGE’s staff and agency ethics officials to rush through these important reviews,” he added. “More significantly, it has left some of the nominees with potentially unknown or unresolved ethics issues shortly before their scheduled hearings.” 

The letter comes ahead of a week in which there will be a flurry of hearings for Trump’s cabinet picks. There will be hearings on six nominees on Wednesday alone.

By the way this is no mere formality,  without this paperwork there is simply no way that these men can be considered for any position of responsibility in a presidential administration.

In fact it is the OGE's job to help these folks avoid any conflict of interest laws, something they simply cannot do without knowing what those conflicts might be.

MSNBC received access to correspondence which shows the OGE desperately trying to do their jobs, and being completely ignored by Trump and his transition team.

Here is what Elizabeth Warren had to say on the topic:

Personally I don't think that Donald Trump wants anybody in his administration that could pass an ethics investigation.

After all ethics never meant anything to him as a businessman, why should they matter now?

The only question remaining is do they matter to the American people?

Update: Reince "twice and" Priebus says that there is "no reason" for Trump's appointees to fill out government ethics paperwork. 

Let me remind you that until very recently this guy was the head of the RNC. 


  1. Anonymous8:41 AM

    I read a NY Times article about people in Louisiana who don't see what the big deal is concerning Russia's interference in the recent election. One man who was quoted hates Hillary so much that he said "he's glad" the Russians did this. Sexism and racism know no bounds with so many people.

    1. Anonymous9:24 AM

      If positions were reversed and the Russians helped a Democrat get elected, could you imagine the outrage from Republicans ?

    2. Anonymous9:55 AM

      They are un-American. They need to go live in Russia. They love having an authority tell them what to think ... stupid and ignorant fools.

    3. Anonymous10:42 AM

      Putin is prime and ready to over govern the fat boy once he takes office. He's probably pretty good at water boarding too since he was a member of the KGB for Russia! Trump would win and cry like a baby if Putin got to him for all the information he now has!

      Protect yourselves Americans! We are going to experience big trouble once the fat boy takes his oath of office!
      Do your own review of the folks Trump has appointed to his pending administration.

      They ALL do require vetting in front of the nation (on TV) and Americans need to watch the process closely!

      Forget watching any speech Trump makes to counter it as the media will play the speech time and time again and probably later on that same day!

      Make time to view the Congressional hearings, Americans! Most important!

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I agree re the only question now is what are we the peeps going to do about it?

    So far, the answer has been "sit back in stunned silence." Recent quotes from E Warren, Bernie, and Schemer are a good sign but waaaaaaaay less than what is needed.

    What is needed? I sure don't know, but one would think the Dem leadership would give us a clue. Hey guys, anyone there? Hello?????

    1. Anonymous9:06 AM

      Stop being a troublemaker. Trump won what don't you understand?

    2. Anonymous9:10 AM

      You ask what is needed? Get your rep's office on speed dial, especially if they are a republican. You call and tell them that you don't want his selections "rammed down our throats" without the proper vetting.

      We operate the same way the Tea Party did. Be loud and clear. I recently retired and let my rep's office know that I would be paying close attention and will be calling him every time they do something they complained about Obama doing. I promised to hold them accountable to being transparent.

    3. Anonymous9:17 AM

      Yes - there are plans for resistance. They are starting in Calif and New York - as well as other areas. Read a good article today - will get back to you when I find it.

      Pat Padrnos

    4. Anonymous9:35 AM

      The difference in the resistance to Trump and the tea party is grass roots vs ASTRO turf. The Koch brothers pumped millions into tea party groups. And, watchaikovsky, while Fox thought it was great how tea party people acted at congressional town halls, they will fo ape shit if progressives use the same tactics

    5. Anonymous10:07 AM

      tRump never has shown his taxes. His chosen people will use those same tactics He will not divest his business interests, either. New rules (no rules) for King Don the con. His son in law, husband of the soon to be First Lady, will be advising him, while doing business with China, too.

    6. Anonymous10:34 AM

      I think it's spelled Schumer, 8:49 AM, but could be wrong!

    7. Anonymous11:11 AM

      9:06 -
      Be honest, if you possibly can.

      Would you be so complacent and accepting if Putin had manipulated the election to give the win to Hillary? Would you say it was fine for her to refuse to produce her tax records? Would you dismiss her refusal to divest herself of businesses that will create undeniable national and international conflicts of interest? Would you be okay if her Cabinet choices refused to follow established security procedures designed to prevent dangerous people from becoming an integral part of the president's inner circle?

      If you say you'd be fine with all of these, you're just lying and you know it.

      Even as a Hillary supporter I would expect her to follow the same processes as previous presidents and I would be angry if a foreign government, particularly a hostile one, was shown to have influenced the election to allow her to win.

      Anyone who says we should just accept this situation and move on without protest is betraying the values this country was founded upon.

    8. I'll be calling Sen. Marco Rubio later this morning and telling him (OK, a staffer) what a terrible, terrible precedent he would be setting if he voted Yea to confirm anyone who has not submitted all their financial disclosure information. I'll start with that, hope everyone will be doing something similar today or by tomorrow morning.

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM



    -Trump Cabinet

    1. Their T-shirt logos are a huge Middle Finger to everything and everybody. I they will get away with it if the Dem elites don't pull their fingers out of their mouths, ears and eyes and pay attention how Democracy is fading before OUR eyes.

      Clinton -- how can you go to his inauguration (read: coronation as dictator)??

    2. Anonymous10:08 AM

      Careful, anyone who disobeys might be bitten by first lady Ivanka. That is a mean set of horse teeth she sports. When she laughs, the lower part of her face disappears completely!

    3. I wonder if Ivanka will be standing at his side for the swearing in (or swearing in general).

  4. Anonymous8:58 AM

    Then, they should ALL be stopped from taking positions within the administration of Trump! Simple as that!

    Abiding by rules is obviously not something Trump plans to do IF provided the oath o office! He is unethical and appears as such a fool and bully!

    It's so obvious he's going to bring major harm to our country! I fear him and his!

    1. Anonymous10:08 AM

      I don't fear him at all; none of us should. Make your voice loud and harass him AND them of the Constitution they are violating 'til the cows come home! He can't stand it, just like the Wasilla Wendingo can't.

      If they think we're going to sit down and take it, they've got another thing coming!

    2. Anonymous11:07 AM

      Stand up and take it then. Either way, you are going to take it and like it.

    3. Anonymous11:38 AM

      I agree that Trump should be feared and somehow stopped from taking the oath of office in 2017! He is geared to bring us major harm throughout the country and world!

  5. Anonymous9:07 AM

    To answer your final question: Does it matter to the American people:

    Nope, cause: Football! This Is Us! Golden Globes!

    Wake tfu people!!! Get your heads outta your asses and TV. It is tempting to want to feed yourself mind candy, but Rome is Burning!

    1. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Bread and circuses. We're f**cked by our own ADHD.

    2. Anonymous10:10 AM

      The gop has a perfect scapegoat when the shit hits the fan for tRump. It will be all Obama's fault.

    3. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Oh crap! Everything has been President Obama's fault since he took his first oath, according to Republicans! Their words will not change about him and they'll go down in history looking like the fools they have shown themselves to be!

      They especially cannot handle the fact President Obama has a much higher approval rating than that of their Donald! And, the fact Hillary Clinton beat Hitler II with the majority of the popular vote (in a landslide) didn't help their blood pressure either!

      Plus, don't forget President Obama has done an outstanding job as POTUS in spite of the obstruction that was put up to counter him - mostly led by Republican McConnell of Kentucky! It'll gall the Hell out of them even further when he wins the designation of one of the best POTUS the country has had!

      And, do not forget his blackness which especially bothered, and continues to bother, those that are racists in our U.S. Congress! (They are very easy to pick out too!)

      We need to obstruct Republicans and keep on top of all the doings of Donald Trump and his administrators because they are NOT going to play fair!

      All their (The Donald and Congress members) ways of breaking laws and rules will require noting and then brought to the attention of Americans as well as some in the press and media.

      We're going to have one, ego-driven maniac (a/k/a a 'mad man') in the White House that is going to require surveillance at all times!

  6. Anonymous9:13 AM

  7. Anonymous9:16 AM


    1. Anonymous9:48 AM

      Rut roh!

      Sarah's BFF Sheldon Adelson on one side of the scandal and Sarah's BFF Nutanyahoo on the other side?

      What will she do?

  8. Anonymous9:16 AM

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      Here's the thing. During the hearings this week for trump nominees, Democratic senators should not make any statements when it is their time to question, just ask questions, and if they go off topic, stop them. They should have planned out who will ask what and have the last questioner harp on stuff the nominee tried to sandbag. Don't bl opiate, make them sqirm. Trumps news conference and six hearings are scheduled on the same day to distract the media. The Democrats need some gotcha moments to get the main steam sheepias attention. Oh, and someone should ask trump why he hasn't revealed what he knows about hacking like he said he would on New Years Eve. Wednesday has come and gone.

    2. Anonymous10:50 AM

      9:16 am here...I was trying to find an article about the glut of hearings and the conference that was scheduled but couldn't. Innit devious how they did that?
      And to your "...why he hasn't revealed what he knows about hacking...Wednesday has come and gone." Yes, I agree! He slipped away without being accountable! He was supposed to talk to reporters with 'answers' because he 'knew things', and lo and behold...a no show, once again! He just tweets up a storm, as usual! Seems that that is the only thing he does best! Maybe that's what he'll do in lieu of press conferences... *SMH*

    3. Anonymous2:33 PM

      His actions are deplorable and he'll never survive four years of the presidency. He does NOTHING except spread falsehoods, create confusion, say he loves Putin and Russia, tell us he is anti minorities, Muslims and wants to 'bomb the Hell out of them for the oil!'

      He's a whiner and cry baby w/no common sense, ego driven and reactive when things don't go his way. Think he's also horribly negative in his approach to things and judges others worse than I've ever seen!

      He'll never survive the presidency!

  9. Paul in Minnesota9:32 AM

    I'll bet the Screachie Wendigo (Sarah) is wetting herself that she cannot be in DC now. She'd love to be part of that corrupt swamp. She'd fit "right" in with all of the other "right" people.

    1. Anonymous9:46 AM

      I'm sure you are right. I mean, if there isn't any vetting, it would be right up her alley.

      If she doesn't get a chance at it though, she might complain that it's not fair, 'cuz after all, she went through hell when she was so "thoroughly vetted" by the "lamestream media" in 2008. /snark

    2. Anonymous10:56 AM

      Oh YES! NO one on God's green earth was vetted like Our Lady Of Perpetual Victimhood! What a joke.

      If she HAD been properly vetted, no way, but McCain needed a shiny object to counteract the intelligent Black Man. She has only proven since how stupid she is and will be forever his legacy.

  10. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Tried to respond to you - but could not - hope you see this.
    Check out Politico - article by Gabriel Debenetti (sp?) titled "Trump Opposition Sets-up Blue State Headquarters."

    Pat Padrnos

  11. Anonymous9:42 AM


  12. Anonymous9:48 AM

    For Georgia Peach>
    FUCK m. mcCONnell with a HOT PITCHFORK up his A$$

    1. Anonymous10:28 AM

      McConnell was the asshole that led the obstruction of President Obama the minute after he took his first oath of office!

      He is a very unattractive man (inside and out), a Republican, a racist, from Kentucky, full of hate and is pure evil!

      It's way past time his white old ass be booted out of Congress. No respect for the man at all. Hell awaits him, I'm sure!

  13. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Did I mention how Chuck Heath is literally the most badass outdoorsman EVER. I'm in awe of his amazing stories. As a guide, and personally. The fact that he sometimes had to carry TWO packs (that's over 150 lbs) and even pull a client up hard terrain... And this man's never been skunked. Every hunter would be jealous of that toughness. Todd has interesting stories too. Hunting is what he, Track and Dakota first bonded over those years ago when they first met.

    "Dad told me that the worst thing that could happen as a guide was to have a plane land with an overweight client. That meant dad would most likely have to carry the guy’s load for him. Sometimes, he even had to tie ropes around out of shape client’s waists and literally drag them up the hills."

    1. Anonymous10:12 AM

      LMAO! Pussies every one!

    2. Anonymous10:40 AM

      Every damned thread. Who are you trying to convince? One look at that tribe and their actions negates everything you say and has for the last eight years for us lower 48 inhabitants. Alaskans sure beg to differ.

      As the saying goes, better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

    3. Anonymous1:36 PM

      "Chuck the super dooper hunter guy" even had to shoot the gun for little miss "does it kick daddy" on her TV show. What a guy, what a family, NOT!

      I've been in Alaska my whole life, unlike the Palin Klan, and our family have never felt the need blow away wildlife as our hobby. It's an anachronistic way of life that has no place in modern society.

  14. Anonymous10:24 AM

    If folks are going to refer to Trump as
    'Mr.' Trump (as he supposedly demands for respect and reverence!), then please refer to 'Mr.' Obama or 'President' Obama instead of 'Obama' which is the norm that we have always seen used throughout his past two terms - especially by Republicans throughout the land.

    Trump does NOT respect others and President Obama DOES. Trump has NO respect for the poor, middle class, minorities or Muslims (on video) and has NOT earned our respect!

    He is going to dictate and rule our country and not serve at our behest. I do not see him maintaining his position as potus for four years - he'll be impeached because of not following the laws, rules and norms of the position.

    Just watch! And, review the terrible people he has named for his administration. They ALL need to be vetted and questioned before Congress even though Trump is currently doing every thing he can to avoid that process for them!

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      I will never use his name with the title of President.

      If he's lucky, I'll bother myself to type the first letter of his name, otherwise, rump it shall be.

    2. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I will NEVER refer to Trump as "Mr." or "President."

      During the campaign, I referred to him as "The Asshole from Manhattan." Now, I've shortened it to "the asshole."

      Last week, I slapped a bumper sticker in the top center of the tailgate of my F250 SuperDuty: "I will show your president the same respect you showed mine." I've already had one Trumpster curse at me -- fuck 'em all.

      This week I'm adding a "He's Not My President" bumper sticker.

    3. Anonymous11:26 AM

      I won't either 10:49 AM I use 'potus' vs 'POTUS' when referring to him!

      He is in dire need of 'earning' the respect of Americans. It will NOT be provided him free gratis!

      Plus, he has to 'have' respect for the poor, middle class, minorities and various religions.

      He says he is a Christian, but assuredly doesn't live or direct the teachings of the varied Christian faiths throughout our country in his words, actions and deeds!

      This is also a man that says he has NEVER asked for forgiveness in his life! That makes me leery of him immediately! He appears to think he is 'above' God and is perfect!!! Yikes!

    4. Anonymous11:43 AM

      Haha bunch of babies. You are all acting exactly like all you surmised the republicans were 'going' to behave, before Hillary totally failed at her campaign. You are a bunch of un-American petulant children.

    5. Anonymous12:53 PM

      And once again, 11:43 AM, you are one SPESHUL kind of stupid.

    6. "You are a bunch of un-American petulant children."
      Says the cheerleader for traitor trump and his bff Putin. Un-American? That would be you. And trump.

    7. Anonymous1:09 PM


      Let's put Trump's politics aside for a moment.

      Now can you, or any other Trump voters here, honestly tell me that you are proud to have elected someone with such an obvious lack of manners and decorum?

      Someone who normalizes sexual aggression and harassment? Someone who presents an embarrassing lack of socially accepted behavior?

      I was not raised to accept these qualities in anyone, much less a person who was elected to run our country and be the social and political "face" of our nation.

      Is it somehow that Trump voters were not raised well with proper social mores and etiquette? There has to be a reason that a person is able to accept such social shortcomings and I'm trying hard to understand what circumstances in a person's upbringing would allow them to normalize such social atrocities.

      I realize that for the last 3 decades there has been an institutional dumbing-down of America. Is it this that has led to a level of social decay that would allow even this numeric minority of US registered voters to be so blind to a candidate's shortcomings?

      This social decay is very evident, however, I personally thought it to be limited to small pockets in some of the more downtrodden areas of our country, but now it seems to be widespread if not actually pandemic.

      How anyone can live like this is truly beyond my understanding and I'd really like someone to try to explain it to me. It's quite the anthropological conundrum and quite worthy of being explored.

      I'm not being "a baby" by not accepting him as the face of my nation, I'm just horrified that it has come to this and quite frankly I'm incapable of recognizing this crass and inelegant man as our President and am shocked to live amongst so many that are able to.

    8. Anonymous1:42 PM

      11:43 AM - spot ON!

    9. Anonymous2:22 PM

      Said so well, 11:43 AM! Totally agree with you.

    10. Anonymous2:23 PM

      Old Redneck: be careful, or your truck will become a target for those a$$holes, and you might be a target, too. Vandalism is rampant nowadays...

    11. Anonymous4:39 AM

      I think that comments at 1:42 pm and 2:22 pm were referring to the comment at 1:09pm, which I also think was great.

  15. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I wish the head of the ethics office (and others!) would grow some balls and state firmly that the cabinet approval hearings cannot go forward until the paperwork has been submitted and formally vetted. What's the use of these regulations and traditions unless they can be enforced? Is the only power the head of the ethics committee has is to whine about it?

  16. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Well, given that Trump never released his tax returns and produce a bogus medical report, how can we be surprised. We will be living in Trumpland, courtesy of his pal Vladimir. Just imagine - the USA will now be puppet state. The media bears a lot of the responsibility for letting the far right usurp so much power and for playing along with Trump throughout almost two years.

    1. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Correct, Beaglemom, I noticed it 1/1/2015.

    2. Anonymous12:51 PM

      We had a good run. Not many democracies make if 240 years as America did. At least we can be an example for others of what NOT to do.

  17. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Reince "twice and" Priebus says that there is "no reason" for Trump's appointees to fill out government ethics paperwork. 
    From the brain trust that was SO anti during the primaries, and now the devoted chief of staff. RME.

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Butt boy. None are principled nor care about anyone but their own selfish endeavors. Country be damned that they were elected to "serve."

  18. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Their first order of business last week was to try to gut the Office of Government Ethics so one must assume that the Trump transition team thought there would be no ethics hearings to contend with.

  19. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Pu$$y RIOT! "We must panic and protest, presumptively assume the worst.”

  20. Don't overlook that Mitch Yertle McConnell is doing exactly what he complained about in 2009.

    "McConnell’s stance on the current Cabinet picks directly contradicts the one he took in 2009. Then the Senate minority leader, McConnell insisted that President Barack Obama’s Cabinet officials meet a list of requirements, including completing their financial disclosure statements and being cleared by the Office of Government Ethics, before the Senate began their confirmation hearings. "

    Once again, the sauce is only for the goose and the gander can do whatever the hell he wants.

    Why can't god call McConnell home? Soon?

    Take Trump too while he's at it.

    1. Anonymous5:19 AM

      Yes, they are a bunch of hypocrites and the Democrats need to continually remind them of this.

      The Democrats need to throw this back in their faces over and over again. They need to take a few lessons from the russian propaganda machine. repeat, repeat repeat.

      Enough of this "trying to get along" crap.

    2. Anonymous7:54 AM

      Please post everywhere. Thks

  21. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Eff!!!! Are there effing rules or Not!!!!!! If they will not follow rules, then I say America do anything you want. Dumb arse!!! Elect!

  22. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Not following rules, will go for other countries too!!!!!!


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