Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Let's add this to the "You can't make this stuff up folks" file.

Here is the source for those who are still in denial.

We have not gone down the rabbit holes folks, we are plummeting out of control down a bottomless pit of hypocrisy.

(H/T to the Democratic Underground.)


  1. Anonymous3:13 AM

    I guess Chuck Schumer will be sending another letter as a reminder !!!

  2. Anonymous3:28 AM

    Is this what 'extreme vetting' looks like?

    This is absolute hypocrisy that is stunning in its depravity. The callous misuse of the American public who depend on ethical behavior, and who believe in the sanctity of truth (and facts) by elected officials is unacceptable to reasonably sane people.


  3. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Such creepy liars. twisted freaks

  4. Anonymous3:41 AM


  5. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Team Trump are such creepy face LIARS in denial. Why? Because so many involved. Don was the chosen one to manipulate why? because he is predictable.

  6. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Off topic but check out the latest Buzz Feed report about tRump's affinity for golden showers. Of course it does explain the hair color.

  7. Anonymous3:58 AM

    How about a copy of the "audit" and the tax returns. The claim is money laundering, mob, sex, photos, failed business, loans and "garbage" as the morning tea explains.

  8. Anonymous4:05 AM

    The "bad actors" in unreal tv land, are having trouble accepting reality today in "REAL" life. Having Evidence is unreal to this bunch of deplorable nuts. Deny lie deny lie deny lie deny lie and it will go away. NOPE.

  9. Anonymous4:12 AM

    O/T Liar in Chief elect but not elected, has had a busy morning. He had his chance to deny his business ties with russia by releasing his financials before the election, he chose to hide them.

    Also he is such a vulgar, crass person it is not hard to believe the story about the golden showers being true, even if it isn't.

    Trump Denys He Has Ties To Russia In Early-Morning Twitter Outburst

    1. Anonymous4:59 AM

      And, as always, this grossly immature person is behaving like a small child caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Only in this case it's much worse because he's being blackmailed (at best) by a long-term adversary of the US. Or is it that he's willingly been Russia's tool all along? The American people deserve an answer now, before the inauguration. And angry, self-serving tweets will not provide the answer.

    2. Anonymous5:35 AM

      The American people deserve an answer now, before the inauguration.
      I don’t want or need an answer from trump, it is all lies anyway.

      I want a in depth investigation which may take months, I am fine with that. Then we can proceed to impeachment and prison for trump.

  10. Anonymous5:31 AM

    Too bad they didn’t finish him off by asking WHY is it different because it is trump !!!!!

  11. Anonymous5:54 AM

    Rex Tillerson is in the hot seat. So?
    Resume is Boy Scouts and Exxon. Well ok lets check it out.......omg

    1. What about the Russian medal he received from Putin?

  12. Only one GOP senator cross the aisle to put an amendment protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid from budget cuts.

    So if you're looking for any "ethical" Republicans with integrity or putting country before party, you are out of luck.

    BTW, it was the senator from Vermont, voting with her fellow Vermonter Bernie Sanders who made the amendment and has been throwing Trump's 13 promises not to touch Social Security and Medicare back in his face at every opportunity.

    I don't care what Bernie Sanders is. He is doing what Democrats *SHOULD* be doing. He's a better "Democrat" than the lot of them.


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