Sunday, January 15, 2017

Makes a lot of sense.

I actually was going to write something very much like this, until I stumbled upon these tweets.

And don't think Garossino and I are alone in this either.

Courtesy of the Daily Mail:  

Perhaps the starkest case in point is Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and her constituency. In December 2015, the Kremlin feted Stein by inviting her to the gala celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Kremlin-funded propaganda network RT. Over a year later, it remains unclear who paid for Stein’s trip to Moscow and her accommodations there. Her campaign ignored multiple questions on this score. We do know, however, that Stein sat at the same table as both Putin and Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, Trump’s soon-to-be national security adviser. She further spoke at an RT-sponsored panel, using her presence to criticize the U.S.’s “disastrous militarism.” Afterward, straddling Moscow’s Red Square, Stein described the panel as “inspiring,” going on to claim that Putin, whom she painted as a political novice, told her he “agree[d]” with her “on many issues.” 

Stein presents herself as a champion of the underclass and the environment, and an opponent of the surveillance state and corporate media, and yet she seemed to take pleasure in her marriage of true minds with a kleptocratic intelligence officer who levels forests and arrests or kills critical journalists and invades foreign countries. Their true commonality, of course, is that both Putin and Stein are dogged opponents of U.S. foreign policy.

To sum up, though we are correct in giving a large amount of the blame for Trump's "victory" to the ease in which the Russians were able to manipulate the Right Wing, we also have to recognize that there are those on our side of the ideological fence who are just as easily manipulated.

Putin's victory was in recognizing that the fringe in both parties are searching for validation, and that once given can be a ring by which to lead them around by their proverbial noses.


  1. Soren Kierkegaard said, "There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to accept what is true."

    But exactly what is true anymore? We are trying to swim through a quagmire of slime, from every quarter. We need to reboot and start over. Fat chance.

    1. Anonymous5:36 AM

      Stop, Back up and remember when it was true and start sorting from there forward.

    2. Anonymous6:00 AM

      Remember when it was true?! We're talking politics here; who knows what is true and what isn't?

      Even President Obama isn't 100% full disclosure.

    3. Anonymous8:22 AM

      Anon at 6:00 am. Don't even try to equate President Obama with the likes of con artist Donald Trump.

      Not everything or everyone in politics is evil and compromise is not the vile c-word. That's just what the GOP wants you to think. A lot of amazing things have come about because of good politicians who knew that the key to governing is compromise: public education, labor and safety laws, Social Security with coverage for disabled Americans, regulation of food and drugs, cleaner air and water, civil rights, gay rights, the beginnings of national health care.

      It's all endangered now because the people who hate government (but love to profit from it) are going to be in power. They will, come next Thursday, control the White House, the Congress and, in no time, the federal courts.

      This is not the time to besmirch the people who have been and will continue to be working to make things better. Join with them and resist those who profit from government while despising it.

    4. Anonymous10:44 AM

      My brother-in-law is just (barely) astute enough to know that he couldn't say "trump that bitch" so he latched onto "EEEEEEEEMAILLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZ" to use as his pacifier.

      The pursuit of truth is much less important to him than stroking his penis and knowing he was born to be a lord of creation.

  2. Anonymous5:22 AM

    This is so true, I know a few people who wouldn't put bumper stickers on their cars because they were afraid of blowback. I think that's why HRC eventually put out those discreet square logo stickers so folks could show support w/o it being in-your-face. To borrow a phrase: Sad!
    Also Bernie Bros and Trumpsters on the blogs (Disqus) team up on HRC supporters and "disappear" comments and get HRC supporters banned.
    It happened to me, first my comments were removed and I was being called a "troll" I called them a troll in return and was banned, also I got notices from my e-mail server that someone was attempting to hack my e-mail.
    These people are vicious and destructive.
    I will never forgive Bernie for what he did, he should NEVER have run as a Democrat but only as an Independent (cuz that's what he is) and his behavior after he lost the primary was deplorable.

    1. Anonymous5:43 AM

      Yes. He should have been on the ticket for Independent voters. But Hillary won even with stein, wacko doodle from NM and Russian satellite's rigging communications and infrastructure. Yep She Won by a Landslide and She rightfully should be awarded the position. A rigged election for the chest beating global ape is not acceptable.

    2. Anonymous8:12 AM

    3. Anonymous11:18 AM

    4. Bernie is what the Democrats *used* to be and what young Democrats want the party to be again.

      Bernie is joining Lewis and Booker in the "Trump is not a legitimate president" camp.

      As far as I'm concerned, he can call himself anything he wants and can run on any ticket he wants.

      If the DNC had paid more attention to Saunders, the demographics he was drawing and what they wanted, maybe Hillary could have pivoted more toward Sanders and they could have focused more of their attention where it needed to be.

      I said she should have tapped Bernie as her running mate. Then sent him to the rust belt. She might have won the electoral college too.

      But no. I was pilloried by the pantysniffers for such a stupid idea. Can't prove it now but that ticket probably would have won.

  3. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Well, I think it only helps Trump if we liberals continue to fight, with even more venom, what happened during the primaries.

    My support was always with Hillary Clinton. I was proud of her as a candidate and proud of her substantial win in November. I will always believe that there was meddling with the outcomes in some states, especially in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. Hillary Clinton ran an amazing race and she did so with practically no press coverage of her proposals or her connection with the people. For the media, it was all about the smear job that the GOP (and Russia) wanted America to hear: she's not trustworthy, there were emails and on and on. The GOP and the US media doted on Trump and now the rest of the country has to suffer for it. I've no doubt that the GOP, with help from Putin, did everything possible to split the Democrats during the primaries and during the general campaign. But now we have to work together to combat the mess we're all stuck with.

    1. Anonymous6:10 AM

      She will always have my support, Beaglemom. Heck, she was dogged back when she was First Lady and look at the crap she took for standing by Bill through his dalliances! That was HER decision to make; no one else's.

      I will always have a lot of respect and admiration for her.

    2. Anonymous6:10 AM

      It's the Bernie Bros who NEED to stop hating on the Democrats. Go on any website where the future of the Democratic party or progressive agenda is being discussed and read the misogynistic vitriol being hurled about by Bernie supporters, warning: it's really ugly out there.
      That's why I can believe that a lot of the anti-Hillary hysteria was fueled by Russian propaganda, as it was all out of proportion to reality.
      I saw it in my own family, my 92 year old (liberal) father hated Hillary and thought that her foundation was a self-enriching endeavor and no matter how many times I pointed out the truth he would never believe it.

    3. Anonymous7:50 AM

      I agree and the GOP has not stopped. Even today Chavez was yakking about Hillary’s emails in response to a question, is he planning to investigate trump’s conflict of interests. Never did answer about the conflict of interest, but spent the time attacking Hillary.

      We have just had 8 years of it is all Obama’s fault, prepare for next year of it is all Hillary’s fault. ( I don’t think trump will last more than a year)

    4. Anonymous8:04 AM

      @6:10 MISOGYNISTIC Marshall Law 1ST, then THIS:

    5. Anonymous8:49 AM

      " ( I don’t think trump will last more than a year)"

      Hopefully you know, 7:50, that if Trump leaves or is removed from office, that Clinton wouldn't become president. Pence, the vice president, would become president. If Pence would happen to be removed or leave before naming a vice president who'd take his place, the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan would become president.

    6. 6:10.

      What do you expect?

      What do you think the reaction is by people who were called fucking children, idiots, stupid, morons, traitors, misogynists and more for daring to not fall in line and support the Queen. Look at this board. There are still those out there blaming Bernie, blaming Bernie's supporters. What do you think their reaction should be? Roll over, say "you're right" and apologize? Or do you think they are going to do exactly what they are doing and push back?

      If you don't like what some of Bernie's supporters have become now, maybe you should have thought of that after the primaries when instead of letting it go you continued to attack and bash anyone saying anything good about Bernie or questioning Hillary's choices or pointing out her weaknesses. And yes, she does have weaknesses.

      You broke it, you bought it.

  4. Anonymous6:11 AM

    wow - had no idea about jill stein's involvement with putin - this just keeps growing and growing, the more information we get. my sister lives in a blue state, is liberal but not very informed on the issues, and voted for stein. when i simply asked her why - i was curious - she immediately got angry and defensive with me. she hadn't done her homework on stein, yet she had been so convinced that hillary is corrupt that she "couldn't in good conscience vote for her." so the strategy worked on mer, too, a liberal with a masters degree and good intentions, but working with misinformation and influenced by anti-hillary propaganda. a vote for hillary would only have added one more to her popular vote as her state went blue, as it always does in presidential elections. i wonder how many liberals in usually blue states like michigan fell into the same way of thinking?

    1. Anonymous6:33 AM

      I have NEVER trusted Jill Stein. Just something in her demeanor. Her involvement with Putin comes as no surprise.

  5. Anonymous7:16 AM

    "Most HRC supporters just kept quiet, as hateful rhetoric rose to near hysteria by Bernie supporters. "

    "Kept quiet" my ass. This is such a fucking lie. One needs only go back one year to any political post on just this little blog to easily find what vile, vulgar, disgusting things were written here in response to any positive comment about Bernie Sanders or any critical thing about Clinton. So deep in the denial that all the blame lies on anyone else and none of the blame lies on Clinton. It's silliness.

    Sandy Garossino is a very wealthy Canadian who lives in Vancouver. Not an American. Not a journalist. Just another opinion spouter on the twitter. No idea why she's repeated here like she's an authority on US politics.

    1. Anonymous7:24 AM

      On Clinton? She didn't order people to write what they wrote here, no more than Sanders ordered his supporters to. YOU are "fucking lying."

    2. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Apparently you aren't much of an authority either. BTW it seems our Canadian neighbors have been given access to the Steele reports that our FBI employee Comrade Comey has decided we don't need to see. So in that respect, any Canadian, wealthy or not, journalist or not, would be more of an authority than you.

    3. Anonymous7:50 AM

      7:16 didn't claim Clinton "ordered" anything. 7:16 refuted Garossino's claim that "Most HRC supporters just kept quiet". It's demonstrably untrue and can be learned by just reading comments here from last year.

      Unless your reading comprehension has gone to shit, you know the part about blame was meant about losing the election. Clinton, her team, her supporters are still in deep denial that she and her team bear any blame for the loss. That's just unrealistic when the evidence is clear that they made a very big mistake assuming Michigan and Wisconsin were in the bag. It would be nice if they took responsibility for even just that, but they still haven't.

    4. Anonymous7:58 AM

      7:29, share what supports a claim that any "Canadian neighbor" has access to a different copy of Steele's reports than what we can read at buzzfeed:

      A copy, which all the news media had and could have published like Buzzfeed did, but chose to spoon-feed us like we're infants.

    5. Anonymous7:59 AM

      Oh right and the media so was impartial that they allowed republicans to state Hillary has been indicted just before the election, without correcting them.

      We can also go back and look at the vulgar lies, written by bernie supporters.

      You Hillary haters are so blinded by your hatred, you are unable to comprehend what it means to our democracy to have a foreign country meddle in our election process.

      We are not in denial, you are !!!

    6. Anonymous8:34 AM

      a means of saving Cruz’s Canadian bacon

      "Graham, a prominent hawk who also ran for president against Trump, once suggested that if someone murdered Ted Cruz on the Senate floor, that person would never be convicted of the crime.

      Graham referenced his earlier insult on the program, saying, “I want to apologize to Ted for saying he should be killed on the Senate floor.”

      Cruz deflected with a joke: “At least we’re not on the Senate floor now,” he deadpanned."

      "neoconservatives like Graham are seemingly itching for military action."Graham said, “If he had given that answer, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.
      So Ted for Secretary of State.”

      ""We will carpet bomb [ISIS] into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out,""bomb them until they glow is the mating call of the apocalyptic nuclear WARbird."

    7. Anonymous8:38 AM

      "We can also go back and look at the vulgar lies, written by bernie supporters. "

      7:59, "they did it, too" and "but, but, Russia" doesn't defend Garossino's falsehood that "Most HRC supporters just kept quiet". They did not. You know some Clinton supporters right here dished as vilely as the vilest Sanders supporter and frequently with simply a minor criticism.

      However, your "You Hillary haters..." comment is an excellent example of the denial and the "if you're not with us you're against us" mentality that flowed straight from Clinton and her team through the faithful out to anyone who made even the slightest criticism of Clinton. I don't hate Hillary. I voted for her. It's an irrefutable fact, that Clinton and her team assumed Michigan and Wisconsin were in the bag and this contributed to losing the election: Something that's entirely on her and her team and for which she and they have refused to accept responsibility.

    8. SallyinMI10:21 AM

      I'm in Michigan. They assumed nothing. She was here. Bill was here several times. Chelsea was here. Stop believing the crap you read on the web.
      I am sick of people blaming Hillary for a lazy media, a lying bulldozer like Trumo and his minions, and a very complicit FBI and GOP Congress, who have hated the brilliant Hillary for 30 years!

    9. 7:59 has it right about the blanket "Hillary Haters" comment. 8:38 calls it on the blanket smearing of all Bernie supporters.

      I guess no one remembers Bernie dismissing the e-mails and wanting to talk policy. He tried to make the e-mails a non-starter.

      Garossino shoots herself in the foot by painting all Bernie Supporters with the same brush.

      We already know Putin was using propaganda via social media. Anyone can *say* they're a Bernie Supporter. Even on this left wing Hillary panty sniffing blog a few said that those "Bernie Bros" could be Russian hackers looking to stir up trouble and divide. Many on this blog swallowed the bait anyway and attacked others mercilessly with the only provocation being to point out that Hillary wasn't perfect and here is a flaw that needs to be addressed. (A result of Gryphen's "anonymous" policy.)

      The ones most concerned about her flaws and baggage were the Undecideds. And many of them broke for Trump or wrote in another candidate, such as Ryan or Kasich, not being able to bring themselves to vote for either candidate.

      Both Trump and Hillary has the highest disapprovals of any candidate running. And yet the DNC chose her to be their representative. Because why? It was her turn? She paid her dues? We know she is capable and prepared but that isn't enough. She turned people off. She doesn't do speeches and crowds well. It's not enough to just know your stuff. You also have to "perform." And on that she sorely lacks.

      At this point I'm thinking Biden would have had a better chance against Trump. But either he didn't want to run (likely) or the DNC wasn't willing to support him in the primaries (high likely). We know what they did to Bernie. They used him as a foil for Hillary but undermined him. They only agreed to his running on the Dem ticket so that Hillary would have SOMEONE to run against. To make it look credible.

      The bottom line is that the DNC did not run a smart enough campaign and they didn't choose a candidate that could win against Trump. And yes, the DNC chose her, not the people. That was just a sideshow to provide verisimilitude to an otherwise done deal.

    10. Anonymous11:14 AM

      Please libs, keep eating each other!

    11. Anonymous11:55 AM

      SallyinMI - Read what Michigan Clinton staff said about the national campaign:
      "Politico spoke to a dozen officials working on or with Clinton’s Michigan campaign, and more than a dozen scattered among other battleground states, her Brooklyn headquarters and in Washington who describe an ongoing fight about campaign tactics, an inability to get top leadership to change course.
      Most importantly, multiple operatives said, the Clinton campaign dismissed what’s known as in-person “persuasion” — no one was knocking on doors trying to drum up support for the Democratic nominee, which also meant no one was hearing directly from voters aside from voters they’d already assumed were likely Clinton voters, no one tracking how feelings about the race and the candidates were evolving. This left no information to check the polling models against — which might have, for example, showed the campaign that some of the white male union members they had expected to be likely Clinton voters actually veering toward Trump — and no early warning system that the race was turning against them in ways that their daily tracking polls weren’t picking up.

      People involved in the Michigan campaign still can’t understand why Brooklyn stayed so sure of the numbers in a state that it also had projected Clinton would win in the primary."

    12. Anonymous12:02 PM

      Yeah,go back and read the whiny juvenile bitching and moaning from Comrade Bernie's cult.

    13. Anonymous12:44 PM

      mlaiuppa, I agree with you 100%. I don't know how many Republican debates I sat through, listening to these idiots debate penis size and hurl other stupid insults back and forth, all the while thinking, "Why aren't the Dems debating and showing the people what a true debate about issues looks like?" This was not to happen until much later, thanks to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who severely limited the number of debates in an attempt to keep Hillary on top and Bernie from being more widely known. Had the Dems debated sooner and more often, a stark contrast would have been shown between the two parties. Instead, we got countless hours of advertising for Donald with very little effort on his part because the stage was so full and they weren't discussing issues anyway. Bernie even dismissed any perceived importance of Hillary's email situation during the first Dem debate, refusing to make that an issue. He fought to the end, but as he promised, he supported Hillary against Trump, even after the emails confirming DNC favoritism toward Hillary were released. What more do you want, people?

      I can also tell you that in Wisconsin, while working for Bernie leading up to the primary, I saw NO ONE going door-to-door for Hillary or even any yard signs for her. I could not believe that her team did not see an all-out effort for her as necessary. Bernie won that primary easily, against very little effort from HRC.

      Honestly, Gryphen, you are not helping the case against Trump by furthering the split within the Democratic party with posts like these. Blaming Bernie is just a continuing mistake. I voted for HRC in the end because I knew what a disaster Trump would be. The Dems need to get more in touch with the people. HRC was too beholden to corporations for my taste. These Dems who just the other day voted against lower prices for pharmaceuticals, when they could have supported Bernie's amendment, are as much of the problem as HRC was to herself. Stop the infighting and get on board with a real Progressivism which should be the hallmark of the Democratic Party!

  6. Anonymous7:28 AM

    And yet, as a completely politically agnostic, there's a terrible stink emanating from all sides. Trump is terrifying. Hillary's attitude was palpably arrogant and founded on plausible deniability. That email server business is freaking ludicrous. I despise Trump, Bushes.... All of them. It's equal opportunity stink

    1. Anonymous7:59 AM

      + 100, 7:28.

    2. Anonymous8:11 AM

      Did you hate the members of the Bush administration who used private email servers or the Bush White House for destroying thousands of emails and other documents that rightfully belong in the National Archives?

      Hillary Clinton used a private email server - big dead. Clinton did never committed sedition as have GOP members of Congress since January 21, 2009; Clinton has never toyed with treason as have Trump, his advisors and sycophants, and the GOP itself.

      Your "political agnosticism" is itself a problem. It's not easy to run a country and it doesn't help if voters hold their noses and don't work to make things better. Hillary Clinton was on the right side in this election. You may well have contributed to making the mess we're all going to be in later this week.

    3. Anonymous8:41 AM

      "Your "political agnosticism" is itself a problem."

      8:11, this is just more of the same "if you're not 150% with us, you hate Clinton, are a hypocrite, love Putin, are a commy traitor" silliness that's going to guarantee another loss in 2018 and 2020. Get over it.

    4. Anonymous11:05 AM

      Condi Rice and Colin Powell used the exact same server set up, provided by the US government. It's not like Hillary went and bought a server for herself or set up her emails and where they went to. The "boss" in any scenario is not the one setting up their email routes.

    5. Anonymous11:15 AM

      "It's equal opportunity stink"

    6. Anonymous11:40 AM

      You're badly misinformed, 11:05. You're not doing Clinton any favors. Rice and Powell did not use "the exact same server setup". Rice never used email at all, personal or State Dept. Powell conducted State Dept email business from a desktop computer set up by State Dept IT staff on a table in his office at the State Dept. Clinton emailed using a blackberry device. It's well-documented that the Clinton's server was purchased by the Clintons and set up in the basement of their home by an independent contractor. It was not provided, installed or maintained by the US government. No one other than a few of her staff knew she was using the @clintonemail address or that it was going through a server in her home. Based on Huma Abedin's emails to and from Clinton, and her deposition testimony, Clinton not only fully understood where and how her email was being routed through a private address and a private server, but asked for it to be set up that way. These are facts you can easily verify.

    7. Anonymous12:23 PM


      I agree with the concept of your thoughts, however, all politicians are but a distraction for us, when the real people, the oligarchs behind the curtain, are the ones with the real power and the real "stink".

      They tell all of our "elected" officials when to jump, and how high. "Our" government works for them, not for us, and who we elect means little in the grand scheme of things.

  7. Anonymous7:29 AM

    Stein described the panel as “inspiring,” going on to claim that Putin, whom she painted as a political novice, told her he “agree[d]” with her “on many issues.”

    Putin a political novice !! Maybe someone should introduce the Internet and Google to Jill Stein.

  8. Anonymous8:00 AM

    From Wikileaks to golden gusher

  9. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Sunday Times: Trump team have told British officials that their first foreign trip will be a meeting with Putin

  10. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Every time I think we've captured all the Trump-Russian links, a new one pops up–

  11. Anonymous8:03 AM

  12. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Good Read on the LAW:

  13. Anonymous8:53 AM

    why are we not calling Trump and his cabal what they are? if this was the 1950s they would be on trial as commie sympathizers. these are commies in our midst. call it like it is,,,, COMMIE SYMPATHIZERS

    1. Anonymous9:14 AM

      lol. Liberals and their lack of facts. Russia is not a communist country anymore.

    2. Anonymous9:46 AM

      You do realize the communist Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, right? And you do realize that Russia has been a multi-party representative democracy for 25 years, right? If you don't, go read a history book and learn why your "COMMIE!!!" stuff does nothing but show you're ignorant.

    3. Anonymous10:03 AM

      "Yet given what's at stake, for health care, climate change, voting rights, the Supreme Court and any number of issues, Sanders' failure to seriously challenge Trump's legitimacy is one of the striking mysteries of this election fallout." with 33 million mentions, the Wikileaks hacking stories were by far the most talked-about election issue on Twitter, closely followed by Clinton's email (Comey). Together they combined for an astonishing 54 million mentions--about ten times {10X} the impact of the Access Hollywood tapes."
      "By any objective standard, the overwhelming preponderance of evidence suggests that Americans were deprived of the president they chose because of Russian interference." Democrats " should flat out repudiate his inauguration. Until he is cleared by an independent investigation, Trump's victory is no more legitimate than an ill-begotten Russian Olympic gold medal." Putin "hated and feared" Clinton

      " Much, but not all of it will most likely come to a head before Inauguration Day, confronting Congress with GRAVE and historic choices." explore Rudy Giuliani's eBULLient claims of inside information from the FBI. The scope of potential collusion and suspect conduct by Trump's surrogates goes well beyond Russia and Vladimir Putin."Trump is playing with the big boys now, and their guns are bigger than his."

    4. Anonymous10:42 AM

      "Americans were deprived of the president they chose"

      Unfortunately, while the general election vote total is good for refuting any claims of a mandate, according to the rules of the game as played, i.e. electoral college, Trump is the president Americans chose.

  14. Anonymous9:39 AM

    It is and has been my contention that all of this BULLSHIT was secondary to Hillary's defeat. She lost for the one unquestionable fact that she is a WOMAN. Too many Neanderthals could not vote for a female president.

    And look what they got instead of a knowledgeable, experienced, politically savvy, leader of the free world:
    a Russian puppet, Putin's bitch.

    1. Anonymous10:20 AM


    2. That may be A reason but it isn't the ONLY reason. And the Hillary supporters can't accept that she has flaws or that the DNC made mistakes.

    3. Anonymous5:12 PM

      Hillary and the DNC made a huge mistake, by not prosecuting Bernie's staffers that hacked Hillary's DNC account.

  15. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I BET JilL Stein gets ARRESTED for TREASON, $he will be the "Only One".

    1. Why? What did she do that was treasonous?

      Dare to exercise her Constitutional right to run for President?

    2. Anonymous11:58 AM

      Co-ordinate with the Russians,assist them perhaps? At the very least,she is an idiot who thought Putin was a "political novice".

  16. Fuck Garossino.

    She can embrace her fake news just like the rabid right.

    Hillary didn't lose because of Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders was not in league with Vladimir Putin.

    And it wasn't "Bernie Supporters" badgering Hillary incessantly with anti-Hillary rhetoric any more than it was Hillary supporters doing the same to Bernie. Each group had a small portion of bootlickers and pantysniffers believing the only way to help their candidate was to tear down the other, because they don't think long term about what is going to happen AFTER the primaries.

    I'm sick of this Bernie bashing shit!

    There are plenty of studies and polls that show the DNC and even Hillary are as much at fault as anyone.

    Bernie didn't label Trump supporters "Deplorables."

    I don't get my information from FUCKING TWITTER!

    "There is little disagreement that voters like Rainey ― the “late deciders” ― were ultimately responsible for Trump’s election. But a month and a half after his victory, an argument persists over why they voted the way they did. Clinton’s defenders blame FBI Director James Comey, who opened up a new investigation into Clinton-related emails 10 days before the election, only to close it a week later. Clinton’s critics say a campaign that was outworked and outsmarted in the Rust Belt states is merely in denial.

    In interviews with a number of late deciding voters ― found through various social media networks ― a less elegant explanation emerges. Comey was a factor for some but not others, and even then, it’s not clear how decisive his letters were. For many voters, random, often arbitrary moments from the campaign proved motivating in often unexpected ways. That Clinton left herself vulnerable to their whims is the story of the election as much as the eleventh-hour pronouncement from the FBI director.

    “That was not the nail in the coffin,” Rainey said of Comey. “It was the throwing of gas on a fire. ... Ultimately, there was too much baggage with her.”"

    "This isn’t just a public posture, either. In a private conference call two days after the vote, Clinton’s campaign staff told surrogates that internal data showed voters unfavorable to either candidate broke heavily towards Trump “by a 20 to 30 percent margin.” "

    On election day, Mooney was so torn about what to do that filled out his ballot backwards ― checking off the local races and saving the presidential contest for last. When it came time to cast that ballot, he wrote in Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s name."

    "The Comey letter didn’t bother Hart. And, indeed, the night before the election, she found herself considering a vote for Clinton after being inspired by first lady Michelle Obama’s introductory remarks at a rally in Philadelphia. But then Clinton came onstage and delivered a milquetoast speech that seemed, to Hart, to lack any passion. The next day, she wrote in Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) as her choice for president."

    1. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Still Bernie butt hurt after all these months? Maybe you should get some ointment for that.

    2. Anonymous12:17 PM

      Bernie was a refreshing choice for many during the primary.

      In 2008 obviously the majority chose Obama over HRC and just because his terms were ending didn't mean that it was suddenly "her turn". No, her turn was in 2008, that was her turn, and we elected someone that we found more appropriate for the office, we elected him and not her, and in the ensuing 8 years for many their feelings towards HRC did not change.

      Plenty of us held our noses and voted for her as party loyalty dictates that we should, in fact it seems that most of us did as our majority win shows, however a bunch of liberals holding our noses and voting for HRC won her a majority it obviously wasn't enough to win the election.

      We were a given, whether we "liked" her or not, even if we supported Bernie we voted for her, but it wasn't us that was going to win her the election, we weren't enough to secure her the real win, the electoral win, and her real and imagined "baggage" was enough to turn off those that she needed to resonate with in those states whose electoral votes she truly needed to win.

      Bernie might not have won either, but we'll never know, will we.

    3. "Still Bernie butt hurt after all these months? Maybe you should get some ointment for that."

      And there you have it. Prime example. That's why Hillary lost.

      Now I'm supposed to fawn all over Hillary as the goddess incarnate, ask forgiveness for my stupidity and vow everlasting fealty to the DNC?

      Fuck that. And fuck you.

      She was flawed. They ran a bad campaign. Fuck Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

      And if they don't change direction fast we are all going to be screwed in 2018 and 2020.

      Maybe you should try growing a pair like Lewis, Booker and Bernie Sanders. They haven't lost sight of the goal.

  17. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Trumps actual unrigged registered voters are maybe like 25% of 200 million voters. The rest was rigged somehow and way. He knows it.

  18. Anonymous11:10 AM

    It looked like the democrats had another four years coming to them after the many successes of Obama despite the obstacles the Republicans put forth courtesy of tax payers.
    The campaign looked competitive. But the only one that was tuned into Putin's way of doing things seemed to be Trump. First of all he used the anti-establishment plea, the Mexican blaming, and every other grudge the supreme beings of our country harbor in their little grinch hearts.
    Graham, Bush, even Christie who was use to dirty dealing got sidelined by Trump and his unusual rhetoric. It was unheard of.
    Then out of the blue we got Sanders, Stien, and that really dumb candidate, I forget his name. And I was thinking they must be on someone's side but definitely not on Americans. I really thought that.
    Everything about this election was Putin through and through. I feel this Russian sting goes back years, and has many complex levels of traitors involved. But bottomline, Putin is the head of it all. The Americans, including Trump, are not going to admit it because if there are any true American Patriots left, the traitors to our country know their ass is grass. Here's hoping we have some powerful Patriots to end and re do this thing.

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      All those "don't tread on me" tea-party "patriots" happily voted for Trump and now are fervent Putin supporters themselves. It just doesn't get any more ironic than this.

      "Don't tread on me" my ass, you just handed America to the Russians!

  19. “I think he should take a hard look at what he has done. And I think it would not be a bad thing for the American people if he did step down,” Sanders said on ABC’s “This Week.”

    “I think that Comey acted in an outrageous way during the campaign,” Sanders said Sunday. “And, you know, no one can say that this was decisive and this was what elected Trump, but clearly his behavior during the campaign in terms of what he said in the week or two before the election was unacceptable. And it is interesting that he is not doing investigations about the possible ― possible ties between Trump’s campaign and the Russians.”

    Once again Bernie Sanders is being a better Democrat than the Democrats.

    Garossino can fuck off.

    1. Anonymous12:10 PM

      Too fucking right!!!
      He's STILL out there busting his ass for us, the man is still working tirelessly for our rights!!

      Where is Hillary?
      Oh, that's right she's going to Broadway shows and getting applause. For nothing.
      Now that she lost?
      Not much of a peep out of her, not even trying to rally the troops in a new direction, not even a bullshit press release.
      She's even going to that clowns inauguration.
      You're Queen is a joke, and her insistence on running when she knew she was hated has potentially ruined the country.
      Keep blaming Bernie for her faults behind your keyboard, the rest of us will be joining him to fight!

  20. Anonymous12:04 PM

    After helping to cost Hillary the election the icing on the cake is that then Stein picked liberal's pockets for nearly 7.5 million dollars in her recount fundraiser, much of which she pocketed or spent on "consultants". A recount that only included one state and that one state had a net increase of 131 votes for Trump and found no vote tampering.

    I told everyone I could not to give her money, that this was just another in a long series of Stein's scams, but damn, she made out like a bandit, and after herself being one of those who caused the outcome in the first place.

    Irony meter is off the charts!

  21. Anonymous12:28 PM

    I was long struck that the most virulent pro-Bernie voices here sounded exactly like the pro-Palin, pro-tRump voices ere.

    1. Anonymous1:41 PM

      I agree. This site has always had pretty civil discourse, until the Bernie stuff got started. All of a sudden there were nasty, mean comments being thrown out constantly. It was a rough place to be.

    2. Anonymous3:25 PM

      People were very rude to Bernie supporters, indeed, however I take great solace now, sipping their bitter tears, since their "savior", well, she wasn't able to win one for her team.


    3. Anonymous5:29 PM

      Twice 3:25. She couldn't win twice. What an egotistical asshole she is.

  22. This is all misdirection.

    Who the fuck cares if Stein attended a dinner in Moscow?

    This is like all those bashers accusing Bernie of honeymooning in Russia because he attended a conference.

    Let's keep our eye on the ball here.

    It's TRUMP. A LOT of his people have much more significant ties to Russia than Stein or Sanders. Serious ties.

    How about we leave Stein and Saunders (neither of which cost Clinton the election) and look at Michael Flynn. Ya think?

    Rex Tillerson got a medal from Putin. Thoughts?

    Paul Manafort ? Michael Cohen? Anyone?

    Why are you wasting you time finger pointing at the past when we have more serious problems starting now and into the future?

    Democrats need to shut up and focus on building enough of a base to take back as much as they can in 2018 and even more in 2020. 2020 is the census and redistricting. If we don't take back some of the states in 2018 Republican legislatures and Republicans governors will be drawing districting lines that will last for 10 years. That is one of their ways to disenfranchise and win seats.

    So shut up about your pet grievances and start focusing in what we do starting yesterday to undermine the Republicans and save as much of our country as we can.


  23. emrysa9:18 PM

    lol it's been pretty well documented at this point that the dnc shut out bernie sanders because they wanted hillary to win... and now we're complaing that because bernie didn't jump on the hillary bandwagon that somehow he was playing for the russians? lol this is really far out. the democrats fucked themselves, stop making excuses.


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