Friday, January 27, 2017

Russian government arresting FSB operatives with possible ties to hacking of American presidential election. Update!

Courtesy of Radio Free Europe: 

Russian media have reported that another Federal Security Service (FSB) officer has been arrested on treason charges in a case that may be linked to cyberattacks targeting the U.S. presidential election campaign. 

The reports by Rambler News Service on January 26 come a day after the Kommersant newspaper reported that a senior officer of the cyberintelligence department of the FSB -- Russia’s lead security agency -- had been arrested. 

Kommersant said Sergei Mikhailov, deputy chief of the FSB's Center for Information Security, had been arrested in December on treason charges. 

Another Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, on January 26 corroborated the Kommersant report. 

Novaya Gazeta quoted unidentified sources as saying Mikhailov was arrested during a meeting with other FSB officers in Moscow, and was taken from the room with a sack over his head. 

Also arrested in December was a manager of the renowned Russian cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab.

I read about the Mikhailov two days ago on the New York Times who suggested that "the detention of an official who would have been in a position to engage in the election hacking in America could indicate a good-will gesture to the United States, which has penalized Russia for the electoral meddling."

Yeah somehow I doubt that, but RFE suggests another, more sinister, possibility:  

The newspaper quoted unidentified sources as saying that Mikhailov is suspected of providing U.S. intelligence with information about King Servers, a hosting service owned by Russian citizen Vladimir Fomenko. 

King Servers was used as a platform by hackers who targeted state-election computer systems in Arizona and Illinois last year. Fomenko, who rents space on his servers, has denied any links to the perpetrators of the cyberattacks. 

Currently American intelligence agencies are attempting to investigate the Russian hacking and its effect on our last election.

So if it is true that Mikhailov was helping those intelligence agencies, and he has now been arrested by the Russian government and charged with treason, what is the likelihood that he will still be accessible to the FBI and CIA?

If anything it appears that the Russian government is doing a clean sweep to remove the possibility that the American intelligence agencies will be able to find any definitive links between the hacks and the Russian officials.

Update: And the plot thickens.

Courtesy of the Telegraph:  

An ex-KGB chief suspected of helping the former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to compile his dossier on Donald Trump may have been murdered by the Kremlin and his death covered up. it has been claimed. 

Oleg Erovinkin, a former general in the KGB and its successor the FSB, was found dead in the back of his car in Moscow on Boxing Day in mysterious circumstances. 

Erovinkin was a key aide to Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister and now head of Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, who is repeatedly named in the dossier.

In Russia there are no coincidences. This is what happens when Vladimir Putin wants you silenced.

In my humble opinion this is confirmation that the Russian did indeed hack our election to help get Donald Trump elected, and that they are now desperately working to cover their tracks before our intelligence agencies can put all of the puzzle pieces together. 


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Someone pointed out to me yesterday that even Brexit plays into Putin's hands because it's the Far Right wanting to fuck over the EU but have you noticed that Trump wanting to fuck over the UN and NATO plays right into Putin's hands also too?

    Trump is nothing more than a communist lapdog.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Trump's EU Ambassador wants to fuck over the EU too.

    2. Anonymous7:18 PM

      And when it slips thru Putin's hands...

  2. Anonymous4:57 PM

    Friends of our sara?

  3. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Mystery death of ex-KGB chief linked to MI6 spy's dossier on Donald Trump

    An ex-KGB chief suspected of helping the former MI6 spy Christopher Steele to compile his dossier on Donald Trump may have been murdered by the Kremlin and his death covered up. it has been claimed.

    Oleg Erovinkin, a former general in the KGB and its successor the FSB, was found dead in the back of his car in Moscow on Boxing Day in mysterious circumstances.

    Erovinkin was a key aide to Igor Sechin, a former deputy prime minister and now head of Rosneft, the state-owned oil company, who is repeatedly named in the dossier.

    1. Anonymous7:20 PM

      if they wanted to stop the madness do a download and send it to Wikileaks or Anonymous? they can advertise the corruption!

    2. Anonymous8:49 PM

      "it has been claimed" Okay, I'll bite. Claimed by who?

    3. Anonymous11:17 PM

      720 oh that would be comedy gold! the word salads and the comic faces in the media!

  4. Anonymous5:21 PM

    In an executive memorandum he signed during his first visit to the Pentagon, Trump detailed plans to fulfill his campaign promises to invest in a bigger military — including more troops, warships and a modernized nuclear arsenal — declaring he was beginning "a great rebuilding of the armed services of the United States."

    "Developing a plan for new planes, new ships, new resources and new tools for our men and women in uniform — and I’m very proud to be doing that," Trump said at a ceremonial swearing in of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. "As we prepare our budget request for Congress — and I think Congress is going to be very happy to see it — our military strength will be questioned by no one, but neither will our dedication to peace."

  5. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Russia Arrests Third ‘U.S. Spy’ in Cyber Treason Case

    1. Anonymous11:17 PM

      Russia needs to arrest itself or Putin...

    2. Anonymous3:06 AM

      No coincidence these arrests are happening after trump took office. He has a spy in the white house, one of his aides...
      And Bannon is actually the president of the US, not trump. Bannon is calling the shots.

    3. T Garden4:25 PM

      3:06, Alex Jones, is that you?

  6. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Mexicans Launch Boycotts of U.S. Companies in Fury at Donald Trump

    The digital image shows a clenched fist bathed in the red, white and green of Mexico’s flag and decorated with the nation’s emblematic eagle. “Consumers, to the Shout of War,” it says in Spanish above the fist. “Consume products made in country…Use your buying power to punish the companies that favor the politics of the new U.S. government.”

    1. Anonymous6:33 PM

      As a Canadian I've already started my own personal boycott. Have written to the AMERICAN maker of my vehicle saying that I will not be buying another vehicle from them but one made in Canada - so it'll be a Toyota or a Honda later this year.

      Also checking all products purchased at stores and will not buy American.

      Just a little pre-emptive effort on my part since I know damned well that trump is going to screw Canada too.

    2. Anonymous12:22 AM

      Trump and friends have already screwed Canada. The pipelines and spills. Your water supply has been dumped by trump and buddies.

    3. Anonymous4:09 AM

      Good for you. I don't disagree with you.
      Keep the lights on for us educated reasonable US humans, will ya?
      My 17 y/o son told us he wants to go to McGill - which he said is the "Harvard of Canada". If he can get in, we are all for it and proud of him. There is hope when egocentric 17 year olds realize the US is in big scary territory right now.

    4. Anonymous6:14 AM

      Three of my friends from high school went to McGill. It is indeed an excellent school. Good luck to your son!

    5. Anonymous9:50 AM

      409 well then don't MOVE to the USA hu?
      roll of eyes...

  7. Anonymous5:28 PM

    GOP makes plans to invalidate Endangered Species Act

    1. Fuck.

      Fuck them all.

      I have never in my life wished so many people would just die.

  8. Anonymous5:30 PM

    I think this is putin’s way to “prove” to the USA that he wasn’t involved. See these bad men tried to rig the election, I arrested them therefore I had nothing to do with it. putin has made so many people disappear what is a few more

    This is a false gesture to make it look like he is a good guy so when trump lifts the sanctions there won’t be any up roar.

    Unfortunately for trump,who isn't really all that smart and putin is playing him for the narcissists he is.

    Of course American pays in the long run.

    1. Anonymous3:07 AM

      It does that AND it helps him clean out our operatives.

  9. Anonymous5:32 PM

    trump and the gop are busy keeping out refugee families all the while russian spies have infiltrated our govt? great.

  10. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Ratings for Donald Trump's first prime-time TV interview as President were lower than Barack Obama's by nearly 10 million viewers.

    About 7.5 million people watched Mr Trump's interview with ABC News' David Muir, which compared unfavourably to the 17.04 million who tuned in to see Barack Obama on CBS News', 60 Minutes in March 2009.

    Mr Trump also lost out to Mr Obama in the ratings war immediately after they had won the presidency.

    The former reality TV star's post-election appearance on 60 Minutes in November drew 18.77 million pairs of eyeballs. Mr Obama's corresponding interview was watched by 24 million Americans.

    Trump's New CIA Director: "Jesus Christ Is The Only Solution For Our World"

    Mike Pompeo has now been officially confirmed as President Trump's new CIA director. The US senate voted Monday, with an outcome of 66-32 in favor of Mr. Pompeo, reports The Independent. An evangelical Christian, Pompeo is a well-respected figure in the national security community. He is also an army veteran, and a staunch pro-life advocate.

    Two years ago, Pompeo gave a Church speech where he said Muslims who think Islam is “the only way” needed to be dealt with. “This threat to America is from people who deeply believe that Islam is the way and the light and the only answer,” Pompeo told the church-goers, according to Press TV.

    “These folks believe that it is religiously driven for them to wipe Christians from the face of the earth,” he added. “They abhor Christians,” he said of a small minority among Muslims.

    Pompeo passionately urged believers to “pray and stand and fight and make sure that we know that Jesus Christ is our savior and is truly the only solution for our world.”

    Following the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Pompeo took to the House floor to call on Muslim leaders to denounce acts of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. “It's been just under two months since the attacks in Boston, and in those intervening weeks, the silence of Muslim leaders has been deafening,” he said.

    Failing to condemn such attacks, he asserted, makes Muslim leaders “potentially complicit” in the attacks. "When the most devastating terrorist attacks on America in the last 20 years come overwhelmingly from people of a single faith and are performed in the name of that faith, a special obligation falls on those that are the leaders of that faith," he said.

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      So Christians who 'abhor Muslims' and want them dead or deported are patriotic, but the few Muslims who kill are evil? I've disliked Pompeo since his bullying, obnoxious treatment of Hillary during that dumb hearing. He's another like Christie and Trump-a woman hating fake Christian who'd just as soon get us into war as breathe.

    2. Anonymous4:12 AM

      Religion and indoctrination is driving me crzy.
      How can smart people not get that you beleive what you veleive because you were indoctrinated into it. If Pompeo had been born in Chin then he would believe whatever they beleive in CHINA. Everyone beleives their way is the one/only/right/best. Well, they can't ALL be the one/only/right/best.
      For fucks sake, it is not that hard a concept to grasp.

    3. Anonymous6:29 AM

      Of course they can't ALL be the one/only/right/best!! That's why MY WAY and MY WAY ALONE is the one/only/right/best!!

      I have actually heard quite a few people make that exact argument, in all seriousness.

      When I first came across it, I thought it was merely ridiculous. Now, however, I find it very frightening....!

  11. Anonymous5:33 PM

    Anyone connected with the Russian hacking of the US elections is no longer breathing.

    1. Anonymous6:36 PM

      Not true. Comey is still alive. Manafort still lives in trump towers. Trump is alive and kicking at everything we hold sacred.

    2. Anonymous7:17 PM

      Yeah they seem to have a HISTORY of killing folks! Funny how that will come back to bite them in the ass soon enough...shrug.

    3. Anonymous7:30 PM

      You're right, I meant the Russian ones.
      How about that Carter Page...

    4. Anonymous11:20 PM

      Roll of eyes at 730 - ok time for meds now!

    5. Anonymous12:29 AM

      Oh no no no....trump and putin are alive and so are millions of victims of these 2 criminals around the globe. This is international war crimes and they own it.

  12. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Trump’s Immigration Ban Excludes Countries With Business Ties

    President Trump is poised to sign an executive order that would suspend all entry to the U.S. from seven Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East, according to a draft proposal obtained by Bloomberg News. His proposed list doesn’t include Muslim-majority countries where his Trump Organization has done business or pursued potential deals. Properties include golf courses in the United Arab Emirates and two luxury towers operating in Turkey.

    See Trump’s full conflicts of interest →.

    1. Anonymous6:31 PM

      What a piece of scum trump is. Asshat probably doesn't know what a refugee is -- and why pick on Syrians. OMFG these people need help.

      In the meantime, attacks on Muslims in the US is on the upswing and you know as well as I do that the most visible Muslim is a woman wearing a hijab.

      trump is channelling hitler and your government doesn't have the decency or integrity to stop this before it gets completely out of hand.

      In Canada we've accepted many Syrian families and will bring in more. We know that this is the right thing to do for these persecuted individuals. And in love we welcome them and in love they become Canadians. We have nothing to fear but fear itself.

    2. Anonymous7:44 PM

      According to Rachael, NONE of the named countries have sent terrorists who have completed their missions in the US.

      Saudia Arabia has sent the most.

    3. Also countries that are not in the middle east.

      Indonesia is muslim.

      There are plenty of muslims in India and Bangladesh.

      I didn't see Pakistan on that list.

      It would be like banning Catholics and only concentrating on Europe and forgetting about South America.

      But we know Trump is an idiot and the Nazis who are pulling his strings aren't the brightest bulbs on the tree either.

  13. Anonymous5:44 PM

    O/T The republicans had to teach trump that they can’t win if they abolish the Electoral College using recount problems as an excuse and he bought it.

    Just think all that gerrymandering for nothing.
    Report: McConnell Shot Down Trump's Proposal To Abolish Electoral College

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reportedly shot down a suggestion from President Donald Trump this week that the Electoral College be replaced with a national popular vote for President

    According to the Wall Street Journal, which recapped Trump’s first week in office on Friday, discussion of the Electoral College took place during a White House meeting between Trump and senior congressional leaders on Tuesday
    Citing anonymous sources who attended the meeting, the Journal reported that Trump raised the possibility of adopting a nation-wide popular vote in the meeting, even thought he lost that metric to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton by nearly 3 million votes.

    This would have been the same meeting in which Trump reportedly brought up, again, his baseless belief that millions of "illegal" votes lost him a popular vote victory.

    McConnell cautioned against the idea, according to the Journal, pointing out the complex recount process in Florida in 2000 and projecting the headache on a national scale. Trump demurred, according to the report.

  14. Anonymous5:46 PM

    What it means is Mexico will not be paying for the wall, the American taxpayers will.

    Another one of donnie’s great deals to screw America first.

    D'oh! US, Mexico Statements Differ On Public Statements About Border Wall

    Did President Donald Trump agree with the president of Mexico not to talk publicly about who will pay for a big, beautiful border wall?

    That's what the Mexican government said in a statement issued Friday after the two heads of state spoke by phone. ......

  15. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Putin, Trump and Banner are ALL evil men! Americans need to be advised, aware and ready. They are all trying to take over our country. Be ready Americans! Hell on earth has arrived!

    1. Anonymous12:33 AM

      I will never forgive whom voted for it.

  16. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Ignorant donnie does it again, just think all the chaos he has created and it is only week ONE!!

    Trump immigration order causes alarm among Europeans

    Provision instructing agencies to exclude foreigners from privacy protections causes concern over international agreements.

    Trump also has caused alarm in the European Union with a line in his executive order on immigration instructing agencies to exclude foreigners from privacy protections, threatening to undermine years of intense negotiations over the sharing of commercial data and law enforcement information.

    Trump’s aides didn’t consult agency officials who hashed out those agreements before he signed the order, according to two people familiar with the situation — another example of the White House taking action without the usual vetting that past presidents used to avoid a problem exactly like this one. Now those same officials and lawmakers who were blindsided are scrambling to reassure companies and European allies that the executive order doesn’t have the power to undo the agreements.

    “It’s just a stick they’re beating foreigners with, without giving any thought to the diplomatic repercussions,” said a federal official who requested anonymity because the Trump administration has prohibited talking to journalists. “If agencies and Congress had been consulted or even given a heads-up, we would’ve been able to deal with this proactively and it wouldn’t have been an issue that ginned up the Europeans.”..............

  17. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Melania Trump eats diamonds on the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico as husband pushes border wall

    Melania Trump's first glossy magazine cover as first lady is on Vanity Fair Mexico - but the timing (just as her husband's border-wall plans are souring the U.S. relationship with Mexico) and the pose (FLOTUS is pictured twirling a string of diamonds as if they were spaghetti) are just a little . . . well, off.

    The cover promises a look at the glamorous first lady's family, how she deals with her husband and how she plans to become the new Jackie Kennedy. The photo shoot and the accompanying interview are actually recycled content - they originally ran in sister (or is it brother?) publication GQ last year.

    The magazine hits newsstands just as the relationship between the United States and its neighbor to the south are fraying, thanks to President Trump's plan to build a wall along the border, and his insistence, despite Mexican leaders' statements to the contrary, that Mexico pay for it.


    1. Anonymous6:01 PM

      She makes me laugh with her broken English, all the while lying about speaking what, 5 languages?

      Really, she's been here in America for 20 years and this is what passes for her English skills? I vacation in Mexico and after a few weeks my Spanish it 10x her English.

      She's just a dumb piece of ass that Trump purchased for his amusement, and for getting that retarded spawn that he always wanted (Barron is a gift from god ya know)


    2. Anonymous6:09 PM

      She will never be another Jackie Kennedy, better she try and pass herself off as another, Carla Bruni, Sarkosky’s wife.

      Jackie had class. Melanomia doesn’t and all the money in the world won’t buy it.

      I will however give her credit for dressing appropriately for the inauguration.

    3. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Eating diamonds is not classy and only the nouveau riche flaunts their money.

      The trump’s will never get it, even though he came from money and not the working class as he would like his supporters to believe.

    4. Anonymous6:42 PM

      Really smart move by Melanomia. Flaunt “her wealth” while her husband is starting a trade war over his damn wall.

      Too bad they don’t use the same photo here in the US, not that his supporters read Vanity Fair.

      However the forgotten people might enjoy seeing her eat diamonds while consuming their MAC and Cheese.

    5. Anonymous6:59 PM

      But, but, but...I thought he is a blue collar billionaire?!?!?!

    6. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Melania will never be given the accolades nor attention that past First Ladies have. I don't see media clamoring for interviews; they know what she is! Eating diamonds?! Good Lord.

    7. Anonymous8:02 PM

      For the first time in American history we have a First Lady that has posed nude. Every foreign leader she meets has seen her goods. Is it any wonder that she wants to hide?

      She is no Jackie Kennedy no matter how she dresses. She sits in New York costing the US one million dollars a day for security and the right wing is not bitching about it.This is a first alright, a first that a First Lady is no where to be seen except in a court room suing a paper calling her a high end escort. We have no First Lady right now. Republican values folks. How far do we need to fall until we say "no more"

      All the crap Michelle Obama was put through and she handled it with class.I was never embarassed by Michelle Obama.I am however embarassed by Melania Trump who seems to have no voice and is just eye candy for a fat pervert who thinks he is the shit.

      We women had one march and it blistard his ass we need to never stop.We need a people march, men and women standing for America.They can't say that only homely women march than can they.

      Read the comments and see the propaganda from the alt right on Mediaite and Politico. We need men, real men to march along so women are not pointed out as the only dissenters. How far down we let this go? Don't stop. Trump thinks women had their "little say" and will quit.


    8. Anonymous9:01 PM

      So, yeah, that pic was originally in the April 2016 GQ. Who in their right mind thinks it's a good thing to pose eating jewelry oh-so properly during campaign season? This is yet another example of how tone deaf the Trumps all are (like Ivanka advertising what she wore during key campaign moments).

    9. Anonymous12:37 AM

      Ya cant be president and first girl by rigging elections. I don't know how many times we have to tell him.

    10. "I will however give her credit for dressing appropriately for the inauguration."
      Don't bother. She copycatted Jackie kennedy. There is a picture out there (I can't find it again or I would post a link) that shows Jackie wearing a dress with a neckline almost identical to melania's inauguration outfit.

      I don't think that plastic-faced moron has an original thought in her gold-digging head.

  18. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Trump Signs Orders with Pens from Company that Makes Most Pens in China

  19. Anonymous6:04 PM

    what is the likelihood that he will still be accessible to the FBI and CIA?
    He wouldn’t have been accessible anyway, unless he defected. He is still a foreign national. They can’t interrogate him.

    I am presuming given the statements by the former CIA director and the fact that Obama threw those “diplomats” out of the country, they have all the proof they need. I am also presuming they have copies where trump can’t find them.

    The FBI not so sure, probably already destroyed the evidence.

    This should be a wake up call to trump, but his ego is too big and he thinks he is smarter than putin.

  20. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Liz Cheney Wants to Make Torture Great Again
    She's back in Washington, and she's eager to pick up where her dad left off.

    1. Anonymous6:41 PM

      Liz Cheney can kiss my pasty white ass. She is not an elected official so screw her and her opinion.

    2. Anonymous7:16 PM

      Can't someone tweet her that her prescription is ready for pick up?

    3. Anonymous9:02 PM

      I thought she ran for something in WY and won, no? house Rep?

    4. Anonymous12:39 AM

      Yes since her asshole dad the dick arranged this little take over of America.

    5. Anonymous12:40 AM

      Noticed all the assclowns sent their spawns to dc to finish their evil agenda.

    6. Anonymous5:05 AM

      As I recall, the Cheneys don't have much of a following anymore. Their opinions aren't appreciated by the majority throughout the country!

  21. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Tweet of the day imho -

    On #HolocaustMemorialDay, Donald Trump will sign an executive order preventing people fleeing persecution from finding safety in our country

    1. Anonymous4:18 AM

      If I believed in the devil, I'd say that this action comes straight from him.
      But as I don't believe in a devil, I still believe in pure evil and this sick fuck Drumpf is evil.

    2. Anonymous9:56 AM

      There are more of us (humanity) then there is of them (governments)...remember that!

  22. Anonymous6:26 PM

    I kinda think all the evidence is there. But the guys will let don play president to see what he is up too. And now they have found out. Remember? President Obama said they would release the evidence at his choosing.
    Where is manfart and boris?

  23. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Trump's executive orders are stretching the limits of presidential power—and Republicans are pleased

    ... When President Obama relied heavily on executive orders to push through policies that had no chance in Congress, Republicans called him a dictator who abused his power and disregarded the Constitution. They even took him to court.

    They did indeed. And they railed about czars, and Fox News devoted eight full and increasingly incoherent and foaming years to declaring that President Not-Republican was both weak and ineffectual and a power-grabbing tyrant destroying our great American society with his malevolent presidential pen. And then the new guy walked in and it all vanished into thin air.

    Now President Trump, at the start of his tenure, is relying heavily on executive actions not just to reverse Obama administration initiatives, but to enact new federal policies covering immigration, health care and other areas in ways that could be seen more as the province of the House and Senate. And he is doing that with clear Republican majorities in Congress.

    So, lo and behold, it's bullshitting time.

    1. Anonymous9:20 PM

      trump called Pres. Obama's E.O. unconstitutional :)

      But trump isn't writing any policy, he doesn't care about policy, he wants to rule by E.O. and have a photo op.

    2. Anonymous3:11 AM

      And every single one of them can be UNdone

    3. Anonymous5:03 AM

      Remember how President Obama was blocked by the Republicans from the minute he took his first oath of office? The jerk Mitch McConnell ran the obstruction.

      And, now he has the gall to complain that Democrats in Congress are obstructing Republicans.

      Turn about is more than fair play, Mitch, and get use to it. You and yours deserve it currently sitting in the U.S. Congress!

      And, may all of you rot in you know where when you die! You are NOT support of Americans!

  24. Anonymous6:41 PM

    The Next Attorney General Is Coming for Your Weed

    Yes, you are freaking out, man.

  25. Anonymous6:47 PM

    VP Pence to sit in on POTUS/Putin phone call tomorrow. POTUS doesn't like idea, but gave in to pressure from #UnholyTrinity .

    1. Anonymous7:15 PM

      Wonder what they will talk about?

      Why am I seeing Donny say 'EXCUSE ME' alot in the conversation with Putin?

    2. Anonymous9:22 PM

      Of course, he doesn't want pence to find out all his dirty little secrets.

      This could make Pence an accessory to treason :)

    3. Anonymous12:44 AM

      By the look on pence face? He knows damn well what the republican party and rino Donnie did to win. He is guilty as the rest.

  26. Anonymous6:48 PM

    So the Art of the Deal liar in chief wants to take on a trade deficits eh. Well China's is over six times that of Mexico's. (And Japan and Germany's trade deficit with the US is also more than Mexico's). So come on Mr. Know Nothing, yank the dragon's tail and see what happens next. Pick on someone more your size LOL

    1. Anonymous9:31 PM

      Mr. donnie doesn’t know a whole lot about real economics, let alone trade agreements. In the PBS Frontline documentary, the bankers stated he doesn’t even know the basics about economics.

      He didn’t even write the Art of the Deal, the loser had to use a ghostwriter.

      He has never run a company others did it for him.

      Besides he has bigly business interests in China.

    2. Anonymous12:45 AM

      Tiny fingers waving in the air, I'm smart.

  27. Anonymous6:49 PM

    Trump closed the White House comment line so people are calling his hotels.

    1. Anonymous9:25 PM

      too funny and very creative. he can run but he can't hide.

    2. Anonymous12:46 AM

      The world seems much smaller these days.

    3. Anonymous4:57 AM

      How weird!!! The guy is a joke in how he operates! Deplorable fits him perfectly!

  28. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Barack is back

    Obama Wastes Little Time In Condemning Republicans For ‘Repeal and Replace’ On Obamacare

    Repealing the ACA without a Replacement —

    The Risks to American Health Care

    1. Anonymous9:05 PM

      Excellent article. So good to hear his intelligence once again! Thanks. I had been checking the Obama Twitter hoping and hoping to see new messages even though the Obamas so deserved a break. Then I saw your link. I hope this info circulates more out in public.

    2. Anonymous4:56 AM

      Why aren't President Obama's thoughts and written word out in the public more? Who is stopping it or is he picking and choosing to whom he provides it?

      The majority of us miss him so much! Can hardly wait to see him more 'out there' in commentary against The Donald!

    3. Anonymous9:59 AM

      4:56 AM - for the umpteenth time, it is NOT President Obama's "job" to do so. What part of that don't you get?

  29. Anonymous7:37 PM

    1. Kaspersky is a well known internet security company! Get rid of it.

    2. If the US intelligence agencies had been doing their jobs, they would have more than enough info to jail dRUMPf and his gang of idiots.

    1. Anonymous9:24 PM

      # 1 yes probably hacking computers.

    2. Anonymous11:23 PM

      yeah but they are still whining that they cannot break the code of the GUN - global underground network - Wikileaks and Anonymous. good to know we have friends;)

    3. Anonymous12:52 AM

      There are moles and defects in these agencies along with media and communications that have aided putin and trump. The info was there for all to find.

  30. Anonymous7:39 PM


  31. Anonymous8:47 PM

    This would all be much more interesting if it wasn't for the usual unidentified/anonymous sources and a couple of russian newspapers that could be as legit as fox news for all we know.

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM

  32. Anonymous10:17 PM

    Ben Carson Reveals Why Trump Republicans Hate the American People

    ...Not only do Republicans and their champion fascist Trump have no intention of ever doing anything for the American people, they are uniquely puzzled about why anyone ever would consider “the general welfare of the people” in making any policy decisions. One doesn’t have to be a student of politics in America to understand that the conservative movement in general, and the Republican Party in particular, has not passed any legislation, made any policy, or promoted any agenda whatsoever that benefits the mass of Americans who aren’t uber-rich and fanatically evangelical.

    ...Most Americans aren’t aware, unfortunately, that they are all, each and every one, about to feel the effects of a Koch-Republican government. It is true that Trump gets to sit in the White House and will rubber-stamp the impending assault on, and deconstruction of, the very government agencies and departments tasked with protecting the people, but the assault is pure Koch-Republican. Trump is a puppet and a major distraction. And it is particularly noteworthy to reiterate that the Koch-Republican attack on the government is cruel for the sake of being cruel and profitable to corporations and the very, very rich.

    Sadly, Democrats are virtually powerless to stop the coming damage and with a Koch-brother Heritage Foundation budget eliminating or severely cutting each and every agency and department that exists to serve and protect Americans, the damage will be substantial. Just think about the cruel and inhumane executive actions Trump has ordered already, and one can get an idea of a nation lacking consumer, environmental, and civil rights protections Trump and his Republican cohort promise will make America their version of great. They are sick twisted individuals to be so intrinsically cruel to their fellow Americans, but they are vapid and morally deranged to be surprised that a President would want to help the people he was elected to serve; at no cost to anyone.

  33. Anonymous11:02 PM

  34. Anonymous3:03 AM

    Russia has a ole in the white house. No coincidence that right after Trump becomes president people in Russia start getting rounded up or executed.
    It's not Trump, it is one of his Russian handlers.

  35. Chenagrrl10:13 AM

    Putinflu! Always fatal.


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