Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Netherlands welcomes America's new president. In language that he will understand.

Funny, and sadly quite accurate in how they interpret Trump's thinking.

That's quite an accomplishment. Only in office for less than a week and already an international laughingstock. 


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    1. Anonymous4:47 AM

      What does it mean, ma'am?

    2. T's administration is the Politics of Vengence. Think about it: what has he done to revenge the Women's Marches around the world?

  2. Anonymous4:24 AM

    I hope that he's incessantly hounded every damned day that he's in office.

    1. OH, he will be.

      And it's killing him.

      Let us pray that will be literally.

  3. Anonymous4:33 AM

    We're the laughing stock of the world.

    1. Anonymous6:13 AM

      No doubt that most know he was NOT elected by "we the people." That he got away with it still chaps my hide.

  4. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Holland makes crappy cheese, too many tulips, all they grow is tulips.
    donald J. trump

  5. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Please everyone read this:


    Google Cambridge ANalytica and Robert Mercer. This is all funded by evangelical billionaire and Russia. They are tied to Cambridge ANalytica. Trump is their empty vessel!

    This is much worse than 4 years of Trump. People need to understand what is really happening!!

  6. Anonymous6:23 AM

    That was great. Glad to see the Dutch have such a wonderful sense of humor.

  7. Anonymous7:22 AM

    the dutch are a wild and crazy bunch - gotta love 'em.

  8. Anonymous7:23 AM

    SuperGirl made of Steel:

  9. Anonymous8:10 AM


    He will begin threatening Holland with bombing their dikes in 3...2...1

  10. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Holland, that was great, but should you really go poking fun at a narcissist-with-nukes with your hysterically funny Dutch humor? You don't just have the best language and the most fantastic pony park, but apparently you are also the bravest of all the Europeans!

    1. Everyone should be shouting that the Emperor has no clothes. Better to go down fighting than without even a whimper.

    2. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  11. @Barbara Carlson I've been saying the same thing. It's another fable come to life vs being a story written to PREVENT hubris & thoughtless behavior. I think the NY Times actually used the word 'lie' in a headline today re:Twittler. Maybe the first fissure.

    1. @Closethedoor -- It will be hard for the media to man-up after the past year plus of pussy-footing around BLOTUS-in-waiting's tushie. But I applaud every little step they take!

      That said, slate.com says it wasn't a lie, as that means it could be verifiable. They should have written, "Trump Repeats Viral Conspiracy Bullshit About Popular Vote".

      Save the "he lied" for lots of other things he's said, knowing them to be lies, said to influence and confuse the brain dead. But in the end he just doesn't care. It's all metaphor for him and another loyalty test for his believers as someone above (on this post?) wisely pointed out.

  12. Anonymous12:51 PM

    Simply delightful. Thanks for sharing.
    Elaine in Canada

  13. Defiance!

    It's started.

    "The National Parks system has another rogue tweeter, and they’re not afraid to get real about climate change.

    The official Twitter account of Badlands National Park in South Dakota fired off a series of since-deleted tweets Tuesday afternoon listing facts about the planet’s rising carbon dioxide levels, just one day after sources inside the Environmental Protection Agency revealed employees had been instructed to freeze all its grants and halt any social media posts or external press releases."


    Badlands National Park is NOT keeping silent. They tweeted Climate Change information.

    The tweets have since been deleted.

    The DNC responds: "Vladimir Putin would be proud."

    We really need to keep up the heat and push back at every opportunity.

  14. I am an American who married a Royal Netherlands Marine and have lived in the Netherlands since the fall of 1973. I have watched this clip at least 5+ times and still love it. Great satire and so true to what Donald Trump's style. The Dutch do have a great sense of humor, and a GREAT health care program. My youngest son had open heart surgery in 1978 at 10 weeks old, and has had over his life many medical visits, most of it which is covered by our health care. If we had lived in the USA, he would not be here today. For which we are blessed. The only thing I really miss is my large extended family in the USA, but with Facebook I can keep up with those on Facebook.


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