Saturday, January 21, 2017

Well it appears that Utah Rep. Jason Chaffetz is still going to be a huge asshole.

A photo posted by Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) on
Courtesy of CNN: 

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee that has investigated Hillary Clinton's actions as secretary of state, including her private email server, shook hands with the former Democratic presidential nominee Friday. 

But on Instagram, the Utah Republican -- Jasoninthehouse -- wasn't nearly as diplomatic. 

"So pleased she is not the President," Chaffetz wrote. "The investigation continues."

Jesus, what purpose does this even serve at this point?

They launched investigation after investigation against her before and during the campaign, and found nothing actionable, and yet they want to continue wasting taxpayer money to hound her until when?

Until she breathes her last?

You know I have always said that one of the main reasons that Hillary Clinton deserved our support during the primary and general election was because she frightened the Republicans to their core.

So much so that many of them were willing to ignore Russian interference so long as it helped to defeat her.

This only underlines that fact.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Mormons. Women "will" do what we say and, in the end, we get our own planet to rule when we die.

    1. Anonymous12:56 PM

      Remember, the second "M" in Mormon is always silent.

    2. Anonymous1:57 PM

      Amen, 12:56 PM, my daughter was married to one. Still in court trying to extinguish parental rights for physically/sexually abusing his children.

  2. Actually, Chaffetz is a liar and a racist asshole. He got checked claiming the ethics guy didn't show up for a meeting with him. Chaffetz was on a plane heading home. The nasty little racist creep put President Obama's D.C. home on twitter and wanted to know how Obama could afford it. He got roundly mocked--even by some republicans. Now he's claiming he is still going after Hilary . . . .Bullshit. He needs to go down weeping. He needs to be primaried in his red ass gerrymandered district so hard his teeth fall out.

    This sour beaver looking asshole is even creepier and more twisted than Issa or Gowdy.

    1. Anonymous12:05 PM

      Yeah, he can't wait to get a russin prostitute. Hotels get your hidden voice and camera devices ready for this guy.

    2. Anonymous2:36 PM

      11:41, you've said everything I was thinking, but much better than I'd have said it.

      When I saw that tweet of his with the pic yesterday, I just wanted to go beat the shit out of him. He's a total asshole and so smug. Why would someone like that even bother greeting Hillary with an expression that didn't exude hate and a handshake, but then to tweet the pic later with his assholian message? These GOP House reps who get so full of themselves on certain committees are the worst. All the Benghazi and hacking committee men have either been big bullies like Pompeo or elfin-looking like Chaffetz and Goudy and their hearings are to compensate for what they're lacking.

      I'd love to know if BO talked with Hillary about a pardon. I bet she approached him and told him not to even think about it, that she didn't want one and would face whatever she had to. And it must have killed him having to decide if he should pardon her preemptively even though she'd done nothing to need a pardon. I think, at this point, if Chaffetz goes after Hillary it'll backfire. I just wish there were someone in his state who could run against him and get him out of there.

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    All it took to stop Hillary Clinton was a few billion dollars in public investigations over three decades, the Republican party, wikileaks, the FBI and the Russian government to stop her.

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    No more silly than places called heaven and hell, and eternal life after death on this planet. Jeezus how fucking stupid people area. I laugh at people who believe you'll see other dead relatives after you die.

  5. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Saw this posted on another site in response to someone mocking Melania in ways the left has condemned. My only comment to that is how would they respond if people pointed out a well known fact around IL that Michelle O has never held a legitimate job in her life and has zero professional credentials.

    "So, she's a gold digger but Hillary is peachy keen to stay with a man not unlike Trump solely because she needs him to help her career? Isn't that in actuality anti-feminist to rely on a man? Why don't we choose not to judge people and their personal relationships, things we don't understand because we are not the ones in them? People can SAY anything they want as I just illustrated. Attacking a marriage hurts more than the people in it and it is a common form of bullying, sadly. And maybe we should choose NOT to mirror jerks who are attacking her son just because of his bored demeanor at events. He's 10. You don't attack Obama's kids when it looked like the last place they wanted to be was by a podium. I really do grow more sad for many on the left daily. Attacks on conservatives and conservative women are atrocious. These are people who are great examples of everything speakers today fight for. These are women who have jobs, raise families, and have values without ever saying they're perfect but because they're republican, they're automatically labeled unacceptable. Because they want people to respect unborn life? or whatever they're being attacked for.
    Here's a question: there are men out there who would fight tooth and nail to raise a baby their exes choose to abort. How can anyone say it is not within a man's right to raise a baby even when the mother doesn't want to? Choices lead to consequences. "

    1. Anonymous12:27 PM

      12:06 pm - Are you lost? You prattle on and make very little sense.

    2. Anon 12:06
      Ok, I'll bite because your comment is so off topic, meandering, full of crazy lies and just generally nuts.
      Michelle Obama worked at University of Chicago and University of Chicago Medical Center as VP of Community Affairs.

      And you are not from Illinois.

      Melania Trump is a grown up. Most people wish her well because she signed a pack with a psychopath when she married Trump. She will deal like Michelle and all the other first ladies before her did when they were attacked. Were you here the past eight years feeling bad for Michelle through the racist taunts, gender and body insults? I thought not.

      And the abortion thing. WTF?

      Take your meds honey. Take a nap.

    3. Anonymous12:43 PM

      They went after Michelle Obama in much worse ways! Referred to her as a gorilla is one thing I recall. Racists commentary made of her throughout the past eight years!

      Michelle, as our First Lady, has turned out to have a huge approval rating throughout the country (and world) and is a much loved and respected woman.

      Trump's wife will never get there - she's a porn star and the photos of her in the nude (some w/other women!) have been retained by many even though not accessible on the internet.

      Neither Trump nor his wife will ever represent me! The majority throughout our country and the world feel exactly the same! They are both deplorable!

    4. " pointed out a well known fact around IL that Michelle O has never held a legitimate job in her life and has zero professional credentials. "
      You are a liar, stupid, or both. Definitely a racist pig.

      "Hillary is peachy keen to stay with a man not unlike Trump solely because she needs him to help her career?"
      You are stupid, ignorant, or both. Hillary Clinton has an education and professional background of her own. She does not need Bill's help with her career, you moronic damn fool.

      The rest of your comment is whining, hypocritical gibberish.

    5. Anonymous2:01 PM

      There are a fuckload more men that fight tooth and nail to deny their financial responsibility to their children, leaving the entire burden of caring for them, not to mention the public shaming, to the mothers.

    6. Anonymous2:31 PM

      @12:06 PM This was Melania's only 'job' as a
      nude escort:

      Donald Trump is scum:

      Lap dance for Daddy?

  6. Anonymous12:06 PM

    As the late lamented Hon. Darrel "Dimebag" Issa may have sagely said out loud or thought to himself, "Is Hillary guilty of massive corruption or malfeasance? No.Probably not. But investigating Hillary Clinton, if done persistently, diligently and at a leisurely pace, takes a lifetime's dedication and perseverance. Perhaps several lifetimes. I can only hope that my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will follow in my footsteps and milk this black hole of nothingness for decades to come. There's money to be made in pointless endless investigations of Hillary Clinton and I pray to almighty god that my family are the one's to make that money."

    1. Anonymous12:37 PM

      And, the jerks are spending our money - taxpayer's money - to run their constant bullshit/investigations against Hillary Clinton! She is better than all of them combined - smarter - hard working and with a long, long history in our government!

      It's amazing to see how afraid of her they truly are....she's so much better than any of them!

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Issa with his criminal record (his brother's too) paid for recall of Davis in CA. Sent CA into a financial sink-hole with Arnold.

      Now Brown has us with a rainy day fund and pulled our butt out of the fire.

      Brown also hired Eric Holder on retainer to protect us from the Liar in Chief.

    3. Anonymous11:34 PM

      If Hill isn't guilty satanic rites that includes harm of the innocent wouldn't she deny it?

    4. Anonymous11:36 PM

      If Hill isn't guilty satanic rites that includes harm of the innocent wouldn't she deny it?

    5. Anonymous8:29 PM

      Hey, 11:34 and your twin sister 11:36

      You are SO right about Crooked Hillary!!

      She should have publicly denied not being a homicidal pedophile just like she should have denied personally committing the torture-executions of Vince Foster, Ambassador Chris Stevens, House intern Chandra Levy, President McKinley, actress Sharon Tate and literally thousands of others!


      And 11:34/11"36, without numskulls like you, the Clintons would get away with every crime they're accused of. Thank you for thinking up this moronic bullshit and sharing it with us. Your poor grieving mother must be so proud of the sniveling piece of shit she raised.

  7. Anonymous12:12 PM

    He fits right in with the Trump 'team'. He's an amoral sociopath.

  8. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Investigating Hillary Clinton dies serve a purpose: it draws attention away from Trump. If she's being investigated and dragged through the mud, then Trump isn't.

    He's been using this tactic his entire campaign. It's been pretty effective, especially when Putin is helping out. Why would he stop now?

  9. Anonymous12:34 PM

    The guy is an asshole! Matches perfectly w/Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell! Fuckers all of them!

  10. "... many of them [republicans] were willing to ignore Russian interference so long as it helped to defeat her."
    "... many of them [republicans] were willing to embrace Russian interference so long as it helped to defeat her."


  11. Still say Obama should have blanket pardoned Hillary just to stop assholes like Chaffetz in his tracks.

    1. Anonymous1:27 PM

      Pardon what?

    2. Anonymous1:47 PM

      No, Hillary Clinton does not need a pardon from anyone. She hasn't committed any crimes. Unlike Comrade Trump whose gotten away with illegal action after illegal action all his adult life. Most recently he sold our country to Vladimir Putin just so he could become president.

      Women have always been made out to be the villain. "Cherchez la femme" as the French say in fiction. We won't apologize for what we have not done - not anymore, not after the travesty that was yesterday's inauguration.

  12. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Ms Clinton didn't need a pardon for anything, as she has done nothing illegal.

    Chaffetz should pray that nobody finds out about HIS little secret, huh, Chaffy!

  13. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Dang,anger. Press conf. Lying again. There was no large crowd. Ha!!!
    Lies! Unifying?! Where are people of color in his admin! Lies.

  14. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Aaah, pofatus had someone stop him from tweeting, but he could not let it go, so he had press secretary yell at us that crowd was bigger.
    Massive child!
    Sad man.

    1. Anonymous2:38 PM

      Pedal to the metal!
      Don't let up!

  15. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Hahaha spicer first press not even about governing!
    Yahoo govt!!!#!##!!!!

  16. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Jason better figure out what he is going to say to all the people from Utah when they no longer ObamaCare.

  17. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Call him @ 202.225.7751 (DC), or 801.851.2500 (Provo). Call your Senator(s) and Representative(s) to state your pleasure/displeasure with issues. You pay their salaries...give them an evaluation!

    1. Anonymous3:36 PM

      I was going to write the same, 3:11. Come Monday if EVERYONE who was at the different marches today would jam Senator Asshole's phone expressing their displeasure at his tweet following his meeting with Secretary Clinton. Please, everyone, call on Monday and everyday thereafter. It will only take three minutes. You can do it. Secretary Clinton deserves an apology from Senator Asshole, jasoninthehouse. Barf!

    2. Anonymous3:59 PM

      You can also send an email, cheaper.

    3. Anonymous1:16 AM

      But if you're not in his district, will he take them? My MI House guy refuses all correspondence if you are not his 'constituent.'

  18. Anonymous3:58 PM

    "So pleased she is not the President," Chaffetz wrote. "The investigation continues."
    This sounds like a personal vendetta !!

    I watched the CBC program Fifth Estate program The Conspiracy, trump and putin last night.

    While it didn't present any new info information, it showed the timeline. It was interesting how the head of the FBI in NYC began to investigate Bill while he was president as a personal crusade and how this office along with Giuliani when after Hillary when it became clear she was going to run.

  19. Anonymous4:34 PM

    I would ask him how can he justify wasting taxpayer money on his investigation and is this a personal issue with him since this matter has already been resolve?

    Then ask when he intends to begin the investigation into trump’s ties with russia. Is he going to investigate Giuliani, Manafort and others in the trump campaign?

  20. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Good piece on Hillary being at the inauguration:

  21. Chenagrrl9:45 AM

    Since he delights in turning other people's lives inside out, he should be treated to the bright lights of inquiry also. I guess that would be me.


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