Monday, February 13, 2017

Another news report that things inside the Trump White House are going to hell in a handbasket.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

These are chaotic and anxious days inside the National Security Council, the traditional center of management for a president’s dealings with an uncertain world. 

Three weeks into the Trump administration, council staff members get up in the morning, read President Trump’s Twitter posts and struggle to make policy to fit them. Most are kept in the dark about what Mr. Trump tells foreign leaders in his phone calls. Some staff members have turned to encrypted communications to talk with their colleagues, after hearing that Mr. Trump’s top advisers are considering an “insider threat” program that could result in monitoring cellphones and emails for leaks. 

The national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has hunkered down since investigators began looking into what, exactly, he told the Russian ambassador to the United States about the lifting of sanctions imposed in the last days of the Obama administration, and whether he misled Vice President Mike Pence about those conversations. His survival in the job may hang in the balance. 

Although Mr. Trump suggested to reporters aboard Air Force One on Friday that he was unaware of the latest questions swirling around Mr. Flynn’s dealings with Russia, aides said over the weekend in Florida — where Mr. Flynn accompanied the president and Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe — that Mr. Trump was closely monitoring the reaction to Mr. Flynn’s conversations. There are transcripts of a conversation in at least one phone call, recorded by American intelligence agencies that wiretap foreign diplomats, which may determine Mr. Flynn’s future.

That is just the beginning of an article that goes into much detail about the White House staff's damaged morale and bunker mentality.

However the administration is not so much worried about outside attacks as they are from internal ones, emanating from the president himself who has become so deeply suspicious of all those around him that it inspired some of the staffers to meet at night to discuss purging their social accounts of anything that could be perceived as "anti-Trump."

This report also follows other reports of turmoil within the administration, and the more recent report that the intelligence agencies now consider Trump possibly be a spy for Vladimir Putin.

There are times when I try to imagine how it must feel to have been a Trump voter and to see all of this happening, while desperately trying to pretend that it is not a big deal, or something manufactured by the "liberal" press, or perhaps that it is all just a terrible nightmare.

But I simply can't.

All of this, ALL of it, was easily predicted many months before the actual election, and yet Trump supporters simply refused to see it. 

One has to wonder, can they see it now?


  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    His supporters cannot and will not accept facts.

    1. Anonymous1:56 PM

      The attraction to Trumpism, for many, is deeply emotional rather than rational. I see that in my own family. The idea that someone is finally taking charge is a powerful (albeit false) concept.

      It will take the catastrophic collapse of this corrupt regime with irrefutable (irrefudiatable?) evidence to persuade the Trump supporters who are NOT in the basket of deplorables that they were fooled. As for those who are true basket cases, NOTHING will make them understand that the POS who stole this last election is a treasonous sociopath - not even impeachment and a criminal conviction. The deplorables are just sick of big gubmint helping' them lazy emmy-grints and koloreds and ill-eagle mesicans git ahead when they ain't.

    2. Anonymous2:10 PM

      The white guys are back in charge and the black guy is out of the White House. That's all that matters. Sad

    3. Anonymous3:26 PM

      Anyone else wonder if most Trumpkins were inculturated/indoctrinated by abusive fathers to equate abusive with in control (when it really isn't, it's insecure.)

  2. Anonymous11:59 AM

    WATCH: Sports legend Magic Johnson says he won’t stay at Trump hotels anymore

  3. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Joe And Mika Finally Catch Whiff Of Autocracy From Trump White House, And It. Is. ADORABLE.

    You mighta heard that this one smarmy dead-eyed brat Stephen Miller, who serves as a senior advisor to Donald Trump, did all the Sunday shows this weekend, and he combined the YELLY AUTOCRATIC ANGRY BABY MAN THING SEAN SPICER DOES with the casually autocratic lying thing Kellyanne Conway does, and Donald Trump was impressed! Of course, Trump has awful judgment, because pretty much everybody else who ever lived saw Miller and was like, “Whom or what is that beady-eyed freak baby on my television, and do you think it’s ever participated in sexual intercourse?”

    Miller yelled and lied about how the judicial branch overreached by daring to suggest Trump is not the god-king of America, explaining that because the judicial branch is equal to the executive branch, it should not have the power to overturn Daddy Trump’s divinely inspired Muslim ban. Guess Miller was jerking off or something when he was supposed to be in Constitution class.

    Miller also YELLED HARDLY about how Trump’s power “will not be questioned” and LIED MUCHLY to back up Trump’s hilarious claim that millions of illegals voted against him. And he said the words, “Sean Spicer, as always, is 100% correct,” which makes Melissa McCarthy LOL.

    Oh! And also his very tiny eyes batted back and forth a lot, because he was reading his answers off a teleprompter (or maybe flash cards or armpit fart signals from Steve Bannon) in his interviews.

    It was so fucking bad.

    And it looks like Donald Trump’s BFFs (and sometimes advisors!) Joe and Mika Scarborough-Brzezinski agree! If you didn’t see Miller on the TV, this clip begins with a round-up of Miller’s Sunday appearances, followed by an EPIC exchange from the “Morning Joe” lovebirds:

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Why were Donald Trump, Michael Flynn, and a Russian oligarch all in Palm Beach on Saturday?

    We all know why Donald Trump was officially in West Palm Beach this weekend: he was playing golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and taking a vacation at his Mar-a-Lago home. It’s not as clear why embattled Russia-tainted National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn was with him in West Palm Beach. But it raises even more questions when you throw in the fact that Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev also flew into West Palm Beach this weekend.

    Total chaos: Michael Flynn back at White House, one day after Donald Trump banned him

    Just how unsure is Donald Trump about what to do with Michael Flynn, now that his National Security Advisor has been caught illegally colluding with the Russian ambassador? Yesterday, Trump told his staff that he was banning Flynn from the White House – a stunningly strange development considering how vital the National Security Advisor role is supposed to be. And yet during Trump’s press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today, Michael Flynn was right there in the front row.

    1. Anonymous3:29 PM

      And didn't they keep reporters corraled off the golf course and even black plastic- sheeted the windows? Uh Oh - gotcha.

  5. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Your paragraph "There are times when I try to imagine..." pretty much says it about the Trump voters - or at least those who actually read articles. If they are still tuned to FOX they will be unaware all of this is going on.

    Pat Padrnos

  6. Anonymous12:07 PM

    They. Don't. Care. They really don't. As long as liberals are hurt, they will not care how hurt they are. As long as Mexicans are deported, they won't care how much they have to pay for fruits and vegetables. As long as taxes are cut (not for them of course), they don't care.
    They voted for this and now they have it, lock stock and smoking missile silos.

    1. Anonymous3:31 PM

      Nah, most voted their racism. Or their misogyny. It's what it boils down to. Just ask most of them, and probe a bit. Almost everyone come down to , well Obama was a secret Muslim out to destroy 'Murica.

      Even when you then say, well if he was he did a pretty bad job of destroying it in 8 years because all the econcomic and well being indicators were UP. They just stare, slack-jawed and dead-eyed, like guppies.

  7. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Trump’s meal with Abe is latest incident to raise security questions
    The president not only reportedly discussed a national security incident in a public room as waiters cleared plates but also used phone flashlights to help read documents on a candle-lit patio, according to a media report.

    We’ve never seen anything like Trump’s rough treatment of his White House staff

    ...Most presidents do everything they can to show public support for the men and women in their inner circle. If a president has an issue with someone in a senior spot in their administration, that person is usually discreetly given a tap on the shoulder and a nod. Almost always, they resign — citing a need to spend more time with their family or pursue some lifelong dream/once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. In short: It's handled privately. Only in the absolute worst situations does any sort of ugliness emerge in public.

    Trump, on the other hand, not only seems entirely comfortable airing his issues with senior staff but also appears to enjoy doing so. Consider two examples from just this weekend alone.

    1. Public reprimands are a sign of POOR LEADERSHIP skills.

      But then, we knew Drumpf was a lousy businessman.

    2. Anonymous8:13 PM

      Clearly this rude behavior comes from what he did all the time on his fake "reality" show, The Apprentice. So he just assumes that is the way to treat underlings amidst their peers, to achieve maximum embarrassment of the victim. "Yer FIRED!"

  8. Anonymous12:13 PM

    No. They can't see two feet in front of their faces, and willfully so.

    I, as a presumed "elite"--well, I came from a working-class family, went to college (working), got a job, and yes I do read those things called "books"--nothing that Trump's supporters couldn't do if they wanted to.

    When I do read articles like this, I think it is about time we take our country back from the willfully ignorant.

  9. Anonymous12:13 PM

    Trump turns Mar-a-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room

  10. Anonymous12:17 PM

    The White House still isn’t open for tours — and Congress is getting annoyed

    Want to get a peek inside the Trump White House? Keep checking Twitter and Instagram, because the more traditional method — a formal White House tour — isn’t an option. The White House Visitors Office typically halts tours during presidential transitions, as the new president brings in staff to run the operation, but the three-weeks-and-counting lull under the new administration is unusually long.

    That’s not lost on members of Congress, who handle constituent requests for tours. On Sunday, Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) cheekily tweeted at “whoever monitors twitter at WH for businessman president Trump” asking when the tours would resume. Making the request more urgent than your typical senatorial inquiry, he added, “Mrs G wants to know.”

  11. No - Trump supporters still do not see. Last week I Facebook blocked (almost) all my relatives who voted for Trump because of their continuing arguing with my anti-Trump posts. Not arguing in a civil, intelligent way, but resorting to name calling and ignorant remarks. Honestly - they are STILL making excuses for the man. I did not block my Trump supporting friends and very few relatives who remain civil and offer insightful arguments. Even the intelligent ones are still supporting him though. "It's too soon to judge him" is what I hear most frequently now.

    1. Too soon?

      What are they waiting for? The first nuke to launch?

    2. Anonymous3:35 PM

      Tell bullshit (as civilliy as you wish) Because that's what it is. The arguments against T.Rump aren't about what he has not done- as if you were rushing him. The arguments are about how BADLY he's done anything he has tried to do. And then yes, there is the total lack of preparedness and competence and attention to frivolous matters-like his daughter Chinese made, Italian designer knock off shoes - omigawd stop the presses!!!!

  12. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Trump does nothing more than create havoc taking umpteen different directions with each subject that gains the media attention. It feels as though he's been in office for a year already!

    But, havoc is exactly what he wants to instill on all of us!

    He's a fucking disaster as potus and needs to be RESISTED every step of the way - as well as being thoroughly investigated.

    I felt Trudeau did an outstanding job in handling Trump today! He was warm, factual and inviting where Trump came across as cold,stern and calculated as he 'read' his responses.

    No other man should EVER shake Trump's tiny hands! Trudeau handled that issue perfectly too!

    Trump is an idiot and the worst representative (to include his porn wife) America could have! Damn, but I wish we could have had President Obama serve a third term! The dignity, knowledge and respect he always showed (and shows) are truly missed. The world misses him too!

  13. Anonymous12:35 PM

    No, they won't see. They bought the BS by the bushelloads and would be far too embarrassed to ever admit they were wrong. They supported the racist dog whistlers and proudly slammed PBO at every opportunity. Many are so naive and uninformed they can't distinguish a decent human being from a crooked self-serving lout like the trumpeter.

    1. Anonymous3:37 PM

      Say it like it really is 12:35: they are so RACIST.

  14. Anonymous12:41 PM

    What I’ll do next

    At women’s marches, rallies at airports and other demonstrations across America, protesters have been vocal in the dawn of Donald Trump’s presidency. We asked those who have participated how they plan to stay active, and we heard from more than 900 people in 44 states, plus D.C. and some U.S. territories. Here’s what they said.

    1. Anonymous1:02 PM

      DT probably doesn't want these numbers called but since the WH line is "down"

  15. Quit trying to imagine Trump supporters feeling anything. You explained it with your next to last sentence. "They refuse to see it".

    And in answer to your last question, "One has to wonder, can they see it now? " No, they will never see it because they refuse to see it. They have their blinders on good and tight.

    Think about it, Trumps main support are right wing fundies. To be a fundie, you have to live with the blinders on. So they have a lifetime of practice ignoring anything that would put their beliefs at risk. They won't stop believing what they believe until they die.

  16. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Today in Trump Memes: Skeptical Justin Trudeau Stares at Trump’s Extended Hand

    Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and President Trump met today at the White House, where the two leaders were set to discuss trade, security, and women in the workplace. The day’s events included a photo op in the Oval Office, during which Trump offered his hand to Trudeau for a shake. Trudeau took him up on the proffered hand, but not before a photographer could snap a meme-worthy image of Trudeau looking like he was making a mental pro/con list on whether or not to take Trump’s hand.

    Trump Tried and Failed to Pull His Strange Trademark Handshake on Justin Trudeau

    Trump has deployed his strange handshake—which involves him yanking the other person’s arm and shaking it for a several beats longer than expected—in public meetings with Vice President Mike Pence, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and, most recently, on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

    Trudeau And Trump Were Just Asked The Same Question. Their Answers Say It ALL

    President Trump and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a joint press conference today which clearly showed that the differences in character between the two leaders couldn’t be more glaring.

    Perpetually insecure Trump, terrified of the press and their tough questions, only accepted two softball questions from right-wing blogs. The Canadian press was not so timid and asked a pointed question about northern border security and the right way to approach the refugee crisis – and the leaders’ answers couldn’t have been more different.

    “President Trump, you seem to suggest that Syrian refugees are a Trojan horse for potential terrorism while the Prime Minister hugs them with open arms. Are you confident that the northern border is secure?” asked a reporter.

    Trump failed to properly answer the question, instead plugging his horrifying deportation raids before going on to brag, once again, about the size of his electoral college victory – which, need we remind you, was unremarkable.

    Trudeau and Obama. The good days before it all went...........stupid.

  17. Anonymous12:57 PM

    No, Trump supporters do not see, because they only view information that confirms their entrenched opinions: FOX, Enquirer, Breitbart, hundreds of conservative websites & blogs, Drudge, etc. They are inundated with such an avalanche of misinformation, they don't have TIME to check out the other side.

    The big questions is, how is it possible to change this? Who can speak out that they will hear and believe, if that information is blocked or misinterpreted by their "news" sites?

    How to deprogram the brainwashed while they still live in the cult?

  18. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Trump Just Humiliated Himself In Front Of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau And The Entire World

    Trump humiliated himself in front of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by suggesting that the northern border is not secure and lying about the size of Electoral College win.

    ...For the record, Trump’s Electoral College win wasn’t large. His margin of victory ranks near the bottom in the history of presidential elections.

    Trump’s constant insecurity about losing the popular vote is causing him to humiliate himself in front of foreign leaders and the entire world. President Trump is so desperate for legitimacy that he suggested the US/Canadian border is not secure, and that he is making it secure.

    President Trump has shown once again that he doesn’t understand the concept of a border. The northern border has two sides. Trump can’t unilaterally make the northern border secure, just like he can’t unilaterally make Mexico pay for his wall along the southern border.

    Prime Minister Trudeau deserves credit for not bursting into laughter while Trump was rambling on and trying to cover up his complete lack of knowledge.

    Donald Trump Doesn’t Think He Has Enough Social Media Staff in White House

    ...In an administration that has given new meaning to the lack of self-awareness, perhaps all this makes sense. For Trump, after all, his entire presidency is theater, an extended photo-op giving him an opportunity to expose his brand.

    Sadly, as public discussion of national security over dinner and the photo of the nuclear football proves, he is exposing much more than that, including our national security. It is difficult to see how enhancing his social media operations is going to help his already irreparably damaged presidency.

  19. Anonymous1:03 PM

    Miller"The powers of the president will not be questioned"

  20. Valdimmer Poopin1:04 PM

    Haha! whose the joke on now?!

  21. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Careless (and clueless) trump (#popularvoteloser, #donthecon), was photographed this weekend by a guest as he goes over sensitive intelligence documents in front of everyone during a social event with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-A-Lago - plus he cares so little about national security and cost to the tax payers he is vacationing again at Mar-A-Lago and can't be bothered going to Camp David. People had their cell phones out for light - any one could have taken photos of the national security papers and sent them to any one any where in the world.

    Photos Show Donald Trump Reviewing Sensitive Intelligence On The Mar-A-Lago Patio
    They reveal how seemingly careless the president was about sensitive information this weekend.
    "Richard DeAgazio, a relatively new member of the Mar-a-Lago club, took a number of the photos and posted them on his Facebook page. Below is a photo he took of Trump and Abe reviewing proposed responses to North Korea’s test under the moonlight as staffers used their cell phones to make the intelligence recommendations readable.

    trump’s willingness to discuss a sensitive global security issue like the North Korean test in an unsecured location represented an extraordinary break with diplomatic and security protocol, which demands that sensitive intelligence matters be discussed only in rooms that are designated as Secure Compartmentalized Information Facilities, known as SCIFs (pronounced “skiffs”).

    For American president to hold a conversation with serious national security implications outside of a SCIF, as trump appears to have done, is unprecedented in modern times. "

  22. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Had Obama or Hillary done something like this, the screeching from the right would have caused tinnitis in dogs living on the other side of the globe. And yet ... crickets from the GOP.
    Photos Appear To Show Donald Trump Reviewing Sensitive Intelligence On The Mar-A-Lago Patio

    They reveal how seemingly careless the president was about sensitive information this weekend.

    Photo Shows Man Posing With ‘Nuclear Football’ Carrier At Mar-A-Lago

    ...Richard DeAgazio, a relatively new member of the Mar-a-Lago club, took a number of the photos and posted them on his Facebook page ― including two photos of a presidential aide carrying the “nuclear football,” the nickname of a briefcase containing nuclear launch codes that is kept within reach of the president of the United States at all times.


    --So Hillary can be investigated for years, because she sent some recipes on her personal e-mail. Yet it's just fine for Czar Dishonest Donald to share classified information on his outdoor patio where anyone can see/hear/photograph it. Something is wrong here.

    --If Democratic Party do, or did any of this uncalled, strange, none experience things, GOP will skin the whole administration alive. But trump is getting away with everything which is outrageous out of normalcy.

    --When will Congress do its job? This man is out of control, to say nothing of the autocrat in training little Michael Stevens. Frist, Spicey, then Conway, Flynn, now this...what the hell is going on and what will it take for Congress to take these actions seriously? And they where worried about Hillary's email account. What a bunch of bullsh–ters.

    1. Anonymous2:01 PM

      Donald Trump has figured out a way not just to sell people access to the government, but a means of selling tickets to history. Why did Mar-a-Lago membership prices double after November? This is why. If you want to be there when Trump commits his next unpredictable act of authoritarian mayhem, you can be! For a price.

    2. Anonymous2:04 PM

      Tell the House Homeland Security Committee That Mar-a-Lago Isn't "Secure"

      Nothing says “serious about security” like holding top secret foreign policy talks over a shitty iceberg salad. And a selfie with the nuclear football is always good for marketing memberships. It’s all good, nothing to see here.

    3. Anonymous3:41 PM

      And these were the same people who wanted to crucify Hillary because of the possibility of two confidential but not classified emails? Geez theyz dumb.

  23. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Justin Trudeau Just Showed The World How To Shake Hands With Donald Trump

    The Canadian prime minister wasn’t about to let his arm get ripped off.

    ...A video of Trump welcoming Trudeau shows the prime minister quickly grasping the president’s shoulder with his left arm, seemingly bracing for a potential pull. Trudeau then brings the handshake close and toward his center, cutting off Trump’s leverage and ensuring that his shoulder remains intact.

  24. Anonymous1:49 PM

    The Emperor is wearing no clothes, and it seems the broader media is beginning to call it what it is.

    He is losing.

    Keep up the fight.

    CNN's 'Reliable Sources' focuses on Trump's sanity

    One of Trump's advisers goes around wearing a Nazi collaborator medal

    ...The medal is from the order vitézi rend.
    The group has the distinction of being on a list of Nazi collaborators at the State Department. According to LobeLog:

    ...Seventy-five percent of Hungary’s Jews would be dead by the end of the Holocaust. So the man that started the group that Gorky wants historic “heritage” ties to was a huge anti-Semite who collaborated in the murder of Jewish men, women, and children.

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      Hitler, Trump, The Republican Party and the Problem of Power

      I started this series by deliberately pointing to what Hitler showed us: there’s nothing about what happened in Germany in the 1930’s that can’t be replicated elsewhere. There are monsters in waiting everywhere, and the United States is no exception. The argument “It can’t happen here” ignores American history which shows it can and does.

      I followed up by putting a name to the process: fascism in the second installment. There are warning signs all around, and every day provides more. To recap, here’s the list taken from a poster in the Holocaust Memorial Museum, with a few annotations:

    2. Anonymous3:43 PM

      Raea Hannah Arendt's The Origins of Totalitarianism.

  25. Anonymous1:52 PM

    What will the bill for secret service for BUSINESS trip be this time? This is ridiculous!!

    Trump’s sons will be guests of honor at Dubai branded golf course opening

    U.S. President Donald Trump’s sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump are expected to visit Dubai this week to open a Trump-branded golf complex.

    Trump’s sons will be the guests of honor for the opening of the Trump International Golf Club Dubai on Feb. 18, according to an invitation sent to guests by Dubai-listed developer DAMAC Properties.

    DAMAC and real-estate mogul Trump announced in 2013 it would build the complex in its $6-billion, 28-million-square-foot ‘Akoya by DAMAC’ development. DAMAC pays a licensing fee to the Trump Organization to use the Trump brand.

  26. Anonymous1:52 PM

    There Was A Security Fiasco At Mar-A-Lago

    ...This is wrong on a lot of levels. First, you had people at the table who were not cleared to hear the information being discussed — the spouses. Second, you had waiters who were cleared to be near the president but obviously didn’t have the clearance to hear what was being said. Those phones being used as flashlights? Are you serious given the vulnerability of basically all smartphones to be turned into open mikes and cameras without the user’s knowledge? The open setting? You have to assume that everyone in that dining room had been cleared at some level but certainly not to the extent of having a security clearance. Do we think no one in the room could have had a mini-directional mike in hopes of eavesdropping on Trump at dinner? Because you can buy them for well under a hundred dollars. Maybe the Secret Service installed the Cone of Silence in the dining room but it still is a very, very sloppy way of doing business.

    ...Trump has an obligation to follow the rules of handling classified information. This gives a fuel to the already brightly burning meme of disarray and incompetence that is attaching itself to the Trump White House at a very rapid pace.

    1. Anonymous2:08 PM

      With Trump talking national security over salad, is Paul Ryan still worried about 'careless' people?

      Why does Michael Flynn still have a job? Maybe because he's not the only one with a Russia problem.

  27. Anonymous2:17 PM

    One Thing Is Certain: Republicans Won't Stand Up and Stop Trump

    ...The only people with the actual power to rein in this president*, or to spare the country from further damage, are the Republicans in the Congress and, outside of a few tweets from Ben Sasse, and the perennial grumbling of John McCain, they're not ready to do that, at least not until they get their tax cuts through. Right now, if Trump were to show up on the Senate floor dressed like Julius Caesar and playing showtunes on the kazoo, Susan Collins might have second thoughts about handing the EPA over to Scott Pruitt, but that would be the extent of the Republican resistance.

    The currently outraged sensibilities of Andrew Sullivan notwithstanding, the Republicans declared party-over-country a long time ago. If you're just noticing now, you haven't been paying attention.

  28. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Gallup: Trust in Obama’s world leadership was more than twice what it is in Trump’s

    Republicans railed against Clinton’s ‘extremely careless’ behavior. Now they’ve got a Trump problem.

    “Every racist that I know—and I know a lot of racists—every racist that I know voted for Donald Trump,” Davis said near the end of the interview. “However,” he added, “that does not, and I expressly repeat it, that does not mean that everybody who voted for Donald Trump is a racist. There are plenty of people, including good friends of mine, who are not racist, and who voted for Trump. A lot of people wanted a change from what they were accustom to for the last decades … they wanted a change of the status quo, a changing of the guard. And they were willing to overlook his misogyny, his racist or bigoted comments. They just wanted that change. They were are not racist people. But every racist I know did vote for him.”

  29. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Alex Jones tells Jennifer Lopez to go get ‘gang-raped’ in Somalia after impassioned Grammy’s speech

    InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was not pleased with singer Jennifer Lopez’s grammy speech on Sunday night. Lopez got political, telling the crowd, “At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever.”

    She then quoted author Toni Morisson and said, “This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self pity, no need for silence, and no room for fear. We do language. That is how civilizations heal.”

    Jones responded in a segment calling Lopez a “tart,” before noting how “all the leftists from big foundations … hoard the money for themselves, like you know, the Clintons and Oprah, and all the rest of it.”

    He continued, “And she’s up there, ‘Oh and we just gotta do something, it’s we’re so oppressed, it’s all so horrible, what will’ — Yes, let’s critique this — ‘it’s so terrible … and Trump wants to build factories for poor people.'”

    “He doesn’t want to bring people in from Somalia where women are sold on slave box,” Jones declared. “Why don’t you go to Somalia for five minutes, lady, you’ll be gang raped so fast it’ll make your head spin.”

    Watch the full clip below via Media Matters.

  30. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Kansas lawmaker Kris Kobach whines when CNN busts ‘voter fraud’ lies — so the Internet let him have it

  31. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Likely not. NO more so than all the earth is not flat, evolution is more than a theory, the earth is undergoing anthropogenic climate change or the idea that there is a god has no verifiable proof makes a dent.

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Remember when Trumpty Dumpty said it didn't matter if he wasn't a knowledgeable expert, because he would pick "great people." Yeah DumbDonnieboy and Trumpkins, how's that working out for ya?

  34. Anonymous2:54 PM

    No, Trump supporters still can not see it. Media is the enemy and they all are crying "Fake News!!!". Donald has ordered them not to believe their own eyes.

    I guess it will all be fake news until it affects each and every one of them personally.

  35. Anonymous3:01 PM

    --Trudeau overheard expressing offense to his cabinet members @ POTUS handshake games. Finds is "disrespectful and tasteless."

    --"This guy is an idiot. He has no idea what he's doing." Overheard by Trudeau to Freeland.

    --PM Tru likens POTUS to "that one kid who never got beaten up only because everyone else thought he was too pathetic to be worth it. "...And now he thinks it's because they all were scared of him. But the whole time they were just laughing at him."

  36. We are seeing the reality of exactly how Hitler came to power. For those that have always wondered how the German people could allow it, now you know.

    I think Drumpf will not make the same mistake Hitler did. He will not invade and start a war. Hitler was an expansionist, Drumpf is an isolationist. If Hitler had not invaded Europe but had simply stayed in Germany, he would have stayed in power his entire life and the camps would have killed every jew, every gypsy, every homosexual, every political dissident and on and on. Germany of the 30s would be like North Korea now. No one is going to invade North Korea for any altruistic reasons like to save the North Koreans from their dictator. (After all, there's no oil there.)

    Trump is trying to keep everything within the borders. He may manufacture a terrorist attack within the nation to enact martial law and suspend elections as his second term is coming to a close. By that time Congress will be his bitch and the judicial branch will have withered away since none of their rulings that defy Drumpf will be enforced.

    Watch Keith Olbermann about the camps Drumpf will have to set up to hold all of the immigrants ICE is starting to round up now. It will take so long to deport them they'll need someplace to stay. Someplace......humane.

    This is how it starts. We are seeing a real life example of how Hitler rose to power. Drumpf is just going to tweak history a bit so he stays in power.

    Who is worse?

    Well, at least Hitler owned a dog.

    I'd like to think those in the FBI that worked so hard to make sure Hillary lost have changed their minds and decided maybe Drumpf is even worse, but something tells me I don't think so. Most of the Drumpf supporters are fine with whatever he does. Even if it's unconstitutional. They have no problem with Fascism and Drumpf as the Dictator. They hate the Democrats that much. They are that uneducated stupid about Civics.

  37. Anonymous3:29 PM

    There's a Facebook page that asks "How's Trump doing so far?" Most people post short empty praise, like he's making America great again, or they feel safe now. Some include derogatory comments about HRC or Obama. Lots of nasty language. Anyone who replies honestly and gives examples of Trump's failures is cussed out. I know some Trumpers have buyers remorse but where are they?

  38. Anonymous5:34 PM


    Military judge calls Donald's criticism of AWOL sergeant 'disturbing' as his lawyers claim his chance of a fair trail has been ruined"

    Read more:
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  39. Anonymous3:19 AM

    'All of this, ALL of it, was easily predicted many months before the actual election, and yet Trump supporters simply refused to see it.

    One has to wonder, can they see it now? '

    -Not 'round my neck of the woods, Gryphen, although a few seem to be waking up from a red fog, *or* becoming brave enough to make their thoughts known. There's a right-wing nutjob batty lady who pens letters to our little rag of a paper here in "Trumpistan" Ohio, and even now, her latest one states; '...He [Trump] loves his country, you can hear it in his voice when he is speaking to the American people [i.e.,'look into his heart'...]... He says dumb things sometimes, *but he can be forgiven because he is more like the average working man instead of an elite billionaire*[emphasis mine]...We have to give him a chance...' BRAINWASHED!

    When I went to a meeting of progressives in Cleveland put together by former City Commissioner Tim Hagan, he said that it is futile and fruitless to try to use reason to change these types of folks' minds, so don't bother. Focus on what *you* personally can do...and that is what I'm doing. But - I admit - it's funny to see a light dawning in *some* peoples' eyes that their Golden God might be made of clay...

  40. Randall6:26 AM

    I have a friend and colleague who was a Trump voter and still IS a rabid Trump supporter.
    He does not CARE about all of this "bad stuff" that is happening in the Trump administration.
    Trump is HIS president and he supports him, by God.
    No kidding...


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