Tuesday, February 21, 2017

CIA agent who worked under both Bush and Obama administrations, cannot bring himself to work under Trump's.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

The CIA taught me new skills and exposed me to new cultures and countries. More important, it instilled in me a sense of mission and purpose. As an analyst, I became an expert in terrorist groups and traveled the world to help deter and disrupt attacks. The administrations of George W. Bush and Barack Obama took the CIA’s input seriously. There was no greater reward than having my analysis presented to the president and seeing it shape events. Intelligence informing policy — this is how the system is supposed to work. I saw that up close for the past three years at the White House, where I worked on loan from the CIA until last month. 

As a candidate, Donald Trump’s rhetoric suggested that he intended to take a different approach. I watched in disbelief when, during the third presidential debate, Trump casually cast doubt on the high-confidence conclusion of our 17 intelligence agencies, released that month, that Russia was behind the hacking and release of election-related emails. On the campaign trail and even as president-elect, Trump routinely referred to the flawed 2002 assessment of Iraq’s weapons programs as proof that the CIA couldn’t be trusted — even though the intelligence community had long ago held itself to account for those mistakes and Trump himself supported the invasion of Iraq. 

Trump’s actions in office have been even more disturbing. His visit to CIA headquarters on his first full day in office, an overture designed to repair relations, was undone by his ego and bluster. Standing in front of a memorial to the CIA’s fallen officers, he seemed to be addressing the cameras and reporters in the room, rather than the agency personnel in front of them, bragging about his inauguration crowd the previous day. Whether delusional or deceitful, these were not the remarks many of my former colleagues and I wanted to hear from our new commander in chief. I couldn’t help but reflect on the stark contrast between the bombast of the new president and the quiet dedication of a mentor — a courageous, dedicated professional — who is memorialized on that wall. I know others at CIA felt similarly. 

The final straw came late last month, when the White House issued a directive reorganizing the National Security Council, on whose staff I served from 2014 until earlier this year. Missing from the NSC’s principals committee were the CIA director and the director of national intelligence. Added to the roster: the president’s chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, who cut his teeth as a media champion of white nationalism.

I have to imagine that there are MANY who feel the same way that Edward Price feels about Trump within the intelligence community. After all he essentially labeled them Nazis at one time.

However I have to hope that the majority of them stay on the job because, despite Trump's indifference to their work, we certainly need them. 

We are living in dangerous times, made even more so by our Kremlin compromised president.

In fact perhaps the greatest need is for them to keep an eye on him, because the danger he presents appears more immediate and potentially harmful than a few ragtag terrorists. 


  1. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Meet the Latest Trump Aide Who's Even Worse Than All the Other Trump Aides

    The White House is like a rotten onion these days: every time we peel back a layer, it smells worse and worse. First we all heard about Steve Bannon, the Breitbart News CEO who plays the Rasputin role in the West Wing, whispering in Donald Trump's ear about Muslim terrorists and Mexican rapists. Then we all learned about Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old wunderkind who is, if anything, even more glib and hardcore than Bannon. Now we're all learning about Sebastian Gorka:


    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      'He’s Going to Be An Enabler’

      As White House counsel, Don McGahn’s job is to keep Donald Trump in line. But he shares his boss’ hard-charging reputation.


      For a Trump adviser, an odyssey from the fringes of Washington to the center of power

      ...“He thinks the government and intelligence agencies don’t know anything about radicalization, but the government knows a lot and thinks he’s nuts,” said Cindy Storer, a former CIA analyst who developed the agency models that trace the path from religious zealotry to violence.

      Religious scholars are equally withering. “I can’t overstate how profoundly dangerous this is,” said Omid Safi, a professor of Middle Eastern studies at Duke University. “This is music to the ears of [the Islamic State]. This is what they seek.”

      Gorka has heard all of those criticisms before and fought against them — often ferociously. Last month, as he celebrated at the inaugural ball, those critics no longer seemed to matter. Trump’s victory demonstrated to Gorka and his supporters that the common sense of the American people counted for far more than the opinions of experts in Washington and the cloistered world of academia. His side had won.

      Before he wrapped up his inauguration night interview, Gorka said he had one last message for America’s troops — “the guys inside the machine” — and its enemies. He turned toward the host, his medal glinting in the TV lights.

      ‘The alpha males are back,” he said.


  2. Anonymous8:47 AM


    Donald Trump’s DHS Says Immigration Authorities Can Deport Pretty Much Any Undocumented Person

    “The Department will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement,” an official memo says.


    Fucking Nazis.

    1. Anonymous9:28 AM

      Check Trump's wineries first....

    2. Forget DACA.

      They'll deport them too. They'll just claim they are gang members. No need to have any documentation of gang affiliation or of having committed any crime. They just get Homeland or some other agency to claim the person is a gang member and then *poof*, they're gone.

      DACA or anything else is no protection.

      The Final Solution has begun.

      Keith Olberman has a great piece on how many planes and how many years it will take to deport everyone.

    3. Anonymous2:41 PM

      The question is, how will they determine that someone is undocumented? How many non-Aryan looking Americans will they seize and trample on their rights first?

  3. Anonymous9:06 AM

    "“There are at least forces within the FBI that WANTED her to LOSE,” Podesta said during an interview with John Heilemann hosted by NewCo. "“I’m not sure they really understood the alternative, but they WANTED her to LOSE. I think that’s one possibility.”
    "The FBI did not immediately reply to a request for comment."


  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    America’s True Terroristic Threat isn’t ISIS it’s Donald Trump and The Republican Party

    Ours is an upside down America under siege. And it’s not from war-ravaged Syrian refugees, Muslim adversaries, or even Russian spy ships lurking off our eastern coast. Rather it’s from a dispassionate political party for whom facts are malleable and a self-aggrandizing man who is, at best, a delegitimized president and, at worst, perhaps the most effective Russian operative to ever infiltrate American politics. Trump and the GOP have created a blueprint on how to spread hate from the top down whilst trampling all over the tenets of our democracy. Brace yourself: America’s undoing has begun in earnest.

    Many argue that our perilous times were foreshadowed with ringing bells and blaring whistles. Trump, after all, breathed life into voter’s anger, giving their resentment a pulse and their fear a heartbeat. Now, Trump and the GOP are set to lead a fascist movement that will send America careening off its axis, ushering in an era replete with tragedies of Dickensian proportions. From wire-hanger abortions and state-sanctioned discrimination, doom and gloom are headed our way. To wit: in January atomic scientists advanced the doomsday clock closer to an apocalypse, in part due to Trump’s rhetoric and the fear that he’ll escalate an arms race. Through willful isolation, plans to create an affluent oligarchy, the promise of protecting white privilege, and misinformation warfare, they’ve already begun repealing rights and politicizing the absurd.

    A master propagandist, Goebbels Trump is at his best when he peddles in fiction, distributing demonstrably false news and repeating a lie until it has the look and feel of the truth.


  5. Anonymous9:08 AM

    James Comey Had Better Treat Donald Trump Just Like He Treated Hillary Clinton

    He owes the country a public accounting of whatever his FBI agents find.

    Comey’s own intrusions into the election look worse and worse with each passing day of the Trump administration. At every turn, we are reminded that Comey did horrible damage to Clinton’s campaign, notwithstanding his unique visibility into the Trump-Russia nexus.


  6. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Trump's lawyer has told 4 different stories about the Russia-Ukraine 'peace plan' debacle


    1. Anonymous9:51 AM

      Sorting Out The Latest Twist In The Trump/Russia Saga: Shady Business Dealings With Russian Mafia Figures


  7. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Pastor walks out on Trump’s ‘demonic’ Florida rally: ‘My 11-year-old daughter was sobbing in fear’

    ...Tooley writes that he was disturbed by the “almost church-like” way Trump supporters sang Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA.

    “People were being ushered into a deeply religious experience…and it made me completely uncomfortable,” the pastor recalls. “I felt like people were here to worship an ideology along with the man who was leading it. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t the song per se – it was this inexplicable movement that was happening in the room. It was a religious zeal.”

    Tooley describes First Lady Melania Trump’s reading of the Lord’s Prayer as “theatrical and manipulative.”

    “I can’t explain it, but I felt sick,” he notes. “People across the room were reciting it as if it were a pep squad cheer. At the close of the prayer, the room erupted in cheering. It was so uncomfortable.”

    After the president began speaking, Tooley says that Trump fans squared off against protesters in the crowd.

    “Two ladies in front of them began seething and screaming in their face while shaking their Trump signs at [the protesters],” he writes. “As they continued chanting, the people around them became violently enraged. One angry man grabbed the lady’s arm – that’s when I went into action. I barged through the crowd and yelled at them to back off.”

    ...“My kid was shaken – she had just seen some of the worst of humanity,” the pastor laments in his Facebook post. “But, at the end of the day, what I felt from his leadership in this experience was actually horrifying. There was palpable fear in the room. There was thick anger and vengeance. He was counting on it.”

    Read Tooley’s entire post below.


    1. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Which is why I was mortified when call girl Melania opened with the Lord's Prayer. I know many here are atheists, but it reeked of blasphemy.

      They know exactly what they're doing and, while I may be in the twilight of years on this orb, I honestly fear for my grandchildren and the life they will have.

    2. Nice to see he can recognize religious blind fervor and the danger of that zeal when it's directed somewhere other than *his* religion.

      But he was there with his daughter. Why? Because he is or at least used to be a supporter?

    3. Anonymous2:47 PM

      Hey Darlin' @ 10:36. Even an atheist can recognize someone professing to play a game (religion) blaspheming the ethical and written rules of that game.

    4. Anonymous2:48 PM

      Gee Mialuppa = are you too lazy to go to the site and read his full post? Until you do, why not keep your speculations to yourself?

    5. Anonymous5:39 PM

      Well, 2:48 PM, haven't you learned that atheists are just as judgmental as religious fanatics? Keep reading this blog and you'll see.

  8. Anonymous9:17 AM


    "Trump and those around him have a deep HATE-RED for what they cannot understand. They SILENCE anyone who thinks independently. " {2-pages long}

  9. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The whole thing is deeper and darker and has gone on longer than any one of us can imagine.: http://www.the-american-interest.com/2016/12/19/the-curious-world-of-donald-trumps-private-russian-connections/

    This is a long, complicated and complex story but essential to why we are where we are today.

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM

      "Russia’s 1992 “voucher privatization” program permitted a tiny elite of former state-owned company managers and party apparatchiks to acquire control over a vast number of public enterprises, often with the help of outright mobsters. A majority of Gazprom, the state energy company that controlled a third of the world’s gas reserves, was sold for $230 million; Russia’s entire national electric grid was privatized for $630 million; ZIL, Russia’s largest auto company, went for about $4 million; ports, ships, oil, iron and steel, aluminum, much of the high-tech arms and airlines industries, the world’s largest diamond mines, and most of Russia’s banking system also went for a song."
      "the public has the right to know about any material allegations—true, false, or, most commonly, unprovable—about their business partners and associates, so long as this information is clearly labeled as Unverified."

      "the big picture: the global networks of influence and finance, licit and illicit, that exist among business people, investors, kleptocrats, organized criminals, and politicians, as well as the “enablers”—banks, accounting firms, law firms, and havens." aka
      TAX Evasion.
      "The Trio has apparently worked together ever since Gorbachev’s late 1980s perestroika in metals and other natural resources. It was during this period that they first acquired a significant degree of control"
      "the Trio has recently attracted the attention of many other investigators and news outlets, including the September 11 Commission Report, the Guardian, Forbes, and the Wall Street Journal. In addition to resource grabbing, the litany of the Trio’s alleged activities include money laundering, bribery, and racketeering."In 2005""The Trio also turn up in the April 2016 Panama Papers database" “make all money laundering undetectable.”
      "Arif, his most recent visible brush with the law came in 2010, when he and other members of Bayrock’s Eurasian Trio were arrested together in Turkey during a police raid on a suspected prostitution ring-some as young as 13"
      Ru$$ian and Ukrainian." According to these assertions, big-ticket clients were making their selections by way of a modeling agency website, with Arif allegedly handling the logistics."

      “Evsei Schnaider” is also listed in the Panama registry as a Treasurer and Director of “The Seabeco Group Inc.,” formed on December 6, 1991, and as treasurer and director of Seabeco Security International Inc.,” formed on December 10, 1991. As of December 2016, both companies are still in existence. Boris Birshtein is listed as president and director of both companies."

      " Rick Davis, also served as national campaign manager for Senator John McCain in 2008, so this may not just be a Trump association." the key point of the deal was not to make a carefully-planned investment in real estate, but to simply launder part of the huge profits that Firtash had skimmed while brokering dodgy natural gas deals between Russia and Ukraine"all of these curious relationships may just be meaningless coincidences. " {sara

      "one of the most interesting things to note about this YBM Magnex case is that its CEO was a Russian-American named Jacob Bogatin, who was also indicted in the Philadelphia case. His brother David had served in the Soviet Army in a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft unit, helping to shoot down American pilots LIKE Senator John McCain."
      "David Bogatin owned five separate condos in Trump Tower that Donald Trump had reportedly sold to him personally."Donald Trump has also literally spent decades cultivating senior relationships of all kinds with Russia and the FSU."He isis a “useful idiot.”
      "even beyond questions of illegality, the public clearly has a right to know much more than it already does about the nature of such global connections."

    2. Anonymous11:14 AM

      $eXxx, BULLying & MonEy...

  10. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Trump is set to introduce a new ‘Muslim ban.’ This one is nonsense, too.


    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      WTF isis going on> False Flag in Sweden?


    2. Anonymous9:45 AM

      @9:37 In the comments:
      " Illegal immigration is a problem for all communities, both at their country of origin, and wherever the diaspora resettles, because it robs the countries of origin of their best individuals, as well as creating an underclass of marginalized people in the communities that the diaspora ends up in. It represents, most of all, a modern type of slavery. It isn't part of our liberal ethics to abet illegal immigration because illegal immigration is a deep dark function of modern capitalism (cronyism) - a re-vamped form of indentured servitude under the liberal (neo-liberal) guise in the modern age." Mirror Mirror on the wall? Who?

  11. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Donald Trump state visit: MPs of all parties demand 'disgusting' US President's trip be cancelled

    A cross-party group of MPs has called on Theresa May to rescind an invitation for Donald Trump to attend a state visit to the UK later this year.

    As thousands of people protested outside Westminster, MPs branded the US President “disgusting” and “immoral” as they criticised the Prime Minister for appearing to act in “desperation” by extending the offer to Mr Trump just seven days after he entered the White House.

    Debate in Westminster Hall triggered after a petition to block state visit reaches almost two million signatories


    Austria approves extradition of Ukrainian oligarch tied to Trump campaign aides

    In a dramatic decision Tuesday, an Austrian court approved the extradition to the United States of a Ukrainian oligarch with ties to a senior Trump adviser on corruption charges.


    Deeper and darker: Trump’s unknown financial connections to Russia may hold the key to the widening scandal

    Deeper and deeper: Congress wakes up as Trump's ties to Russia look more tangled and troubling than ever


    1. I think the only way the UK is going to get out of this and save face is if Theresa May is kicked out. Then they can either rescind or downgrade her invitation since she will no longer be in power.

      Probably a win-win for everyone.

  12. Anonymous9:37 AM

    The Russification of America

    ...Pence’s speech may not have been precisely a barefaced whopping lie, but it certainly showed barefaced whopping disdain for the intelligence of the audience (you know, nothing has changed with Trump, ha-ha.) By comparison, Lavrov was blunt. He announced the dawn of the “post-West world order.” That became a theme. Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Iranian foreign minister, announced the “post-Western global order.”

    I wonder what that means — perhaps a world of lies, repression, unreason and violence. It advances as America offers only incoherence.


    1. Anonymous 9:37 AM wrote: Pence’s speech … you know, nothing has changed with Trump

      Sure, sure, nothing has changed with Trump. Just as Herr Zeller said in The Sound of Music, "Nothing in Austria has changed. Singing and music will show this to the world. Austria is the same." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anschluss

    2. Well, without the singing and the music since Trump will be dismantling the arts. No more NEA.

  13. Anonymous10:00 AM

    What’s Worse Than Trump’s Press Attacks? His Dismissal of Facts

    '...Substitute the words “truth” and “falsehood” for “justice” and “injustice,” and there you have the Trumpian view of the world. If I had to sum it up in a single sentence, it would be this: Truth is what you can get away with.

    That’s where Trump is most dangerous. Forget about him calling the media an “enemy.” It’s when he speaks to supporters, telling them to ignore what the media says and believe whatever comes out of his mouth, that it slips into this Orwellian world, and I want no part of that. The worst part is, his supporters go along with his nonsense.


    1. Anonymous2:30 PM

      "I think it’s important not to dismiss the president’s reply simply as dumb. We ought to assume that it’s darkly brilliant — if not in intention than certainly in effect. The president is responding to a claim of FACT not by denying the FACT, but by denying the claim that FACTs are supposed to have an argument."
      A grain of truth in EVERY LIE.

  14. Anonymous11:45 AM


  15. The "American Terrorist" is in the White House and he is Donald Trump.


    "Already the US has been downgraded in The Economist’s Democracy Index, from a score of 8.22 in 2006 to 7.98 in 2016, pushing the US into the “flawed democracy” category."

    "Trump is succeeding in turning e Pluribus Unum into “every man for himself”; he is Closing the American Mind by using a strategy of polarization – by politicizing every aspect of government and civic life.

    This is not an accident. What we see with Trump is a systematic targeting of all the institutions and policies that actually made America great. One can argue that the administration (aided and abetted by the GOP) is like a terrorist planting bombs to blow up the pillars of our Democracy."

    " He is trying to subvert the press whose job it is to hold our politicians accountable."

    "The administration is intentionally destabilizing the judicial branch of government."

    "Trump is setting the stage for widespread voter suppression. This is his plan to destabilize the voting process." (Hence our downgrade)

    Attack on Free Speech.

    Attack on the Intelligence Community.

    Attack on Immigration.

    Attack on Civil Rights.

    Attack on Women's Rights.

    Attack on Public Education.

    Attack on the Arts.

    Attack on Environmental protections. "Does anyone remember what life was like before the EPA? One only needs to take a trip to Shanghai or Delhi, to see the future. ""Reports also say Trump will soon “lift restrictions” on energy development on public lands."

    Attack on Ethical policies.

    Attack on Public Lands.

    Attack on the Free Market.

    Attack on Labor Unions.

    Attacks on our Allies. (The UK is stupid to even consider having Trump for a "state visit." It won't appease him at all if that's their goal.)

    "What we are witnessing is the Birth of Authoritarianism and Dictatorship."

    "We don’t have to fear the terrorists abroad when our home-grown terrorists have taken over the reigns from within."

    (Basically, Trump is doing ISIS' and Al Qaeda's job for them.)

  16. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/dhs-deport-any-undocumented-person_us_58ac668ae4b02a1e7dac1561?2xg70vhau1wy9l766r&

    "A set Department of Homeland Security memorandums released Tuesday reveal that President Donald Trump has declared an open season on the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

    “The Department will no longer exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement,” one document says.

    They also expanded Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s ability to perform expedited removals on people who have been living in the U.S. for up to two years.

    DHS directed ICE to hire 10,000 additional people to get the job done, according to one of the memos.

    The document does indicate that the priority remains “removable aliens” who have been convicted of a crime or charged with a crime.

    It does not, to the chagrin of many conservatives, suggest any changes to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA.

    Advocacy groups were quick to denounce the documents.

    “These memos are breathtaking in scope,” Marielena Hincapi√©, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, said Tuesday on a press call. “They basically throw the rule of law out the window.”

    The most concerning aspect is the ability to carry out expedited deportations, Lee Gelernt, an American Civil Liberties Union attorney, told The Huffington Post.

    “You can now have people whisked away out of Chicago or St. Louis, anywhere in the country and there’s no due process,” he said."

    Trump's Final Solution has begun.

    1. Anonymous2:55 PM

      Immediately hiring 10K people - uhm, exactly how much education and trainign do you get when you hire that many people quickly. Should have been a foot note - "white supremicist THUGS and KKK high school drop outs with ange rmanagement issues encouraged to apply."

  17. Anonymous12:42 PM

    President Pence.

  18. Anonymous12:47 PM


  19. Anonymous2:39 PM

    You are wrong here, Gryphen. Like Harward said - it's a "shit sandwich." If they advised truthfully, Trump may or may not take the advice. Either way, if things went south, he'd blame them. And maybe their advice would be over ridden or overwritten by T.Rump's people he insisted on being in place, like KT McFarland.

    I'm betting McMaster doesn't last six months, and that because he's an intelligent, honest and honorable man, by most reports.

  20. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Here's the gig:
    Check out the Panama Papers and Offshore Leaks databases. I called the publisher, ICIJ, who sighed and couldn't answer my question about which journalistic source might be connecting the dots regarding US entities might be involved. Weird huh? Especially since Trump always copyrights and patents the name when venturing into a new country.
    Follow the $$


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