Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Protesters have found a unique way to troll Donald Trump.

Courtesy of Yahoo News:  

Protest signs in cities around the country are calling for the impeachment of the president — just not the one you think. 

“Impeach President Bannon” posters were spotted in Washington, New York City and several other major cities on Sunday, part of a Presidents’ Day weekend demonstration against President Trump’s controversial White House chief strategist and senior adviser, Steve Bannon. 

“No one voted for Steve Bannon,” the California-based organizers of the protest wrote in an email to Yahoo News. “Yet he is the de-facto 45th president of the United States.” 

The group raised more than $8,000 online for the signs, which list Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama before Bannon’s name. 

“Thanks for helping us show this arrogant ‘mastermind’ that he’s not as smart as he thinks he is,” Alison Kay, one of the protest’s principal organizers, wrote. “If Bannon thinks Trump is a ‘blunt instrument’ … wait till he sees what we can do.”

Let me just say, you people are impressing me.

Innovative, humorous, passionate, dedicated, yep you are very impressive indeed.

And I am becoming more and more confident everyday that we are going to get control of our country back and start moving again towards progress, equality, and prosperity. 


  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    I love it!!
    President Bannon should be the rep in attendance to, NATO, EU,British Parliament , Russia etc.After all he pulls the string's. and tells dumber and dumber(pence/trump) what their. opinion is.
    Then pence,trump can keep it straight!Its more likely they would keep there stories straight and not contradict each other. Then they can continue start wars and fool everyone (trump supporters).and trump can play golf without sneaking around.Pence can just be himself smiling while stabbing someone in the back.Sniviling religious zealot that he is!
    Wink wink!

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    President Bannon's executive order on banning immigrants and foreigners now includes the Swedish Bikini Team.

    Enough is enough ... resist!

  3. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Stephen Colbert Explains Why Trump Is More Of A ‘Bite-Size’ Dictator

    “Just to be clear, he’s not saying Trump is a dictator. He’s saying getting rid of the free press is how dictators get started, OK? He’s not calling him a full dictator. He’s more bite-size. He’s a dictator-tot,” said Colbert.


  4. Anonymous6:52 AM

    OT Trump Just Told California’s Governor To Go F*ck Himself Right To His Face

    1. Anonymous7:22 AM

      True or Not:>

      “Hey Jerry. You need billions of dollars to make sure the people whose houses are gonna end up under water are taken care of? That’s just too bad. Maybe next time you’ll spend your budget on repairs rather than giving all of your money to illegal aliens. My answer is ‘go f*ck yourself.'”
      Official White House stenographer Beatrice Leahy said the official transcript of the conversation will omit the word “f*ck,”

    2. Anonymous7:46 AM

      Called it!

    3. Anonymous8:10 AM

      Yep. I commented last week on how Jerry Brown had first asked for emerg help back on 1/24 b/c of severe rain damage and heard nothing, and then when the dam started breaking he asked Trump for help on a Friday and he'd gotten no response by Sunday. FEMA offered water bottles and blankets and cots. No funds. Then, nothing more showed up in the news.

    4. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Besides a alt-right rag, do you have any reputable news source for this?


    5. Anonymous10:16 AM


      According to Snopes he hasn't responded at all.

    6. "No response" is essentially the go fuck yourself this fake news claims.

      I hope Jerry arranges for the IRS office in Sacramento to sit on all of the tax money that will be coming in in the next few months. Just let it sit in California, gathering interest that California will then use for when the Federal government fails in their responsibilities to the states.

      Yeah, let California lead the nation in THIS protest. What is Drumpf going to do? Send in the National Guard?

    7. Anonymous11:35 AM

      According to the Los Angeles Times, FEMA has approved the requests: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-live-updates-oroville-dam-fema-approves-assistance-for-oroville-1487120360-htmlstory.html

      Please, let's keep the news real.

      Archie Butt

  5. Anonymous6:53 AM

    hopefully other countries will stop treating trump like he is "normal" and they will all "resist" and just say no to his insanity

    British Parliament Makes History and Votes ‘No’ Regarding State Visit from Trump

    1. Anonymous7:20 AM

      Queen Elizabeth should never accept Trump's presence in her country. They need to RESIST him as does our country's majority!

    2. Anonymous7:42 AM

      I could not agree more, 7:20 AM! Shut him down at every turn....just because he's the "Big Bad President," the world has to take his (Bannon's) crap?

    3. Anonymous10:17 AM

      Former Canadian PM Stephen Harper was shunned by international leaders. I see a very similar future for Trump.

    4. The debate ended without MPs voting on whether the visit should go ahead and the debate will have no impact on the government’s plans. But, alongside the parallel Stop Trump protests taking place in Parliament Square and in other British cities this evening, it illustrated just how much opposition Trump will face when he arrives on British soil. Duncan ended his speech saying he hoped Trump would get a “polite and generous” welcome. (See 7.20pm.) Tonight that sounded optimistic, to put it mildly.


  6. Anonymous6:58 AM

    --Two Russian officials have admitted to colluding with Donald Trump campaign

    Even the Russians aren’t bothering to pretend anymore


    --FBI now investigating Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen in Trump-Russia scandal

    Even Trump’s lawyer is now a suspect in Russia scandal


    --Meet the seven Russian operatives who have dropped dead during Donald Trump-Russia scandal

    Bodies don’t drop like this without a reason


    1. The Palmer Report is as reliable as Breitbart.

      Stop treating them like they are a reliable, credible news source.

      It's a fucking BLOG.

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM

    Here are the 5 worst Republicans of the week not named Donald Trump

    Each Republican on this list has helped Trump enact his radical agenda or otherwise exposed the moral bankruptcy of the GOP—and in most cases, both.


    1. Anonymous7:53 AM

      1. Rep. Steve King (R-IA)
      2. Rep. Jason Chafetz (R-UT)
      3. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY
      4. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
      5. The entire Senate Committee for confirming a climate denialist to lead the EPA<ok

    2. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Add Tom Cotton and Stephen Miller.

    3. Anonymous9:11 AM

      I am certain that Mitch McConnell, paul Ryan,reince prebius,santorum,Cruz and many others are wonderinghow did they get over looked?

    4. Anonymous9:31 AM

      @9:11> I thought the same thing, but then I thought "ALL of them", so.........

    5. You forgot Pruitt. He gave his first speech as EPA head. It was not good. He is going to destroy this country.

  8. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Visit to UK by ‘petulant child’ Trump would embarrass the Queen: British lawmakers

    ...Trump, 70, was called a “petulant child” and “racist and sexist” during the debate. Labour Party legislator Paul Flynn noted that only two U.S. presidents — George W. Bush and Barack Obama — had ever been invited to state visits to the country. He maintained that it was “completely unprecedented” that Trump was given this invitation within a week of his presidency and described the U.S. president having a “ceaseless incontinence of free speech.”

    In order to stress his point, the 82-year-old Flynn quoted a British journalist, who spoke about “pimping out the queen” for Trump. The remark triggered an intervention from the Conservative lawmaker Jacob Rees-Mogg, who said: “I don’t think it’s in order to talk about pimping out our sovereign.”

    David Lammy of Labour Party questioned why Britain should “abandon all its principles” and invite Trump, “because this country is so desperate for a trade deal that we would throw all our own history out the window?”

    “We didn’t do this for Kennedy. We didn’t do this for Truman. We didn’t do this for Reagan. But for this man, after seven days, we say, ‘Please come and we will lay on everything because we are so desperate for your company?’” He added: “I am ashamed that it has come to this.”


    1. Anonymous7:14 AM

      So are we, Mr. Lammy!

    2. Anonymous9:42 AM

      sounds like Karma to me...

  9. Anonymous7:16 AM


    1. I wonder who bought that red Hitler phone at auction.

      Wanna bet it finds its way into Trump's hands? Either he had someone buy it for him or it will be a "gift". And he'll keep it too.

  10. Anonymous7:18 AM



  11. Anonymous7:23 AM

    President bannon and his side kick milo.
    The true face of the republicans! Hoohah!
    The Nazi and the pedophiles.
    The truth is finally starting to surface!
    Wake up trump people, please!

    1. Anonymous8:11 AM


      "CPAC is, by far, the largest gathering of conservatives every year. Thousands of young conservatives will flock to National Harbor in Maryland this week to hear speeches from conservative luminaries. What started as a small meeting of conservatives four decades ago"
      "Sarah Palin with a Big Gulp" Like sara, Milo/he has bragged about liking "
      "I was the predator.” "He refers to Trump as “Daddy.”
      "“ attraction to children who have not reached puberty.” In other words, “Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old, who is sexually mature.”

      "Today’s conservatism, judging by CPAC’s invited speakers, is increasingly crude, vulgar, and lowbrow." “I just don’t understand why CPAC has decided to throw gas on the ideological fires right now.” it’ll make for a HELL of a show. The conservative movement is a very big tent—a tent that now houses the greatest freak show on earth. And people are lining up to buy tickets."

  12. Anonymous7:31 AM


  13. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Even when he is trying to do and say the right things, Trump can’t help but let his inner bigot shine through.

    Trump Insults African-Americans By Praising Slave States At Museum of African American History

    The White House sent President Trump to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History, but the President couldn't help himself and had to devote part of his off the cuff remarks to bragging about the margin of his election win in former slave states.


  14. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I didn’t think I’d ever leave the CIA. But because of Trump, I quit.


  15. Anonymous7:36 AM


    "“You have to have people come in that love the country,” he insisted. “And this is about love, this building is about love. And we have to have people come in that are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country.”

    “What is he talking about?” political analyst Zerlina Maxwell exclaimed. “I don’t know what he’s talking about. You’re standing in the African-American history museum, and yes, there are certain things in that building that are about love and unity. But that museum is about the brutality that this country has inflicted on the African-American community.”

    “It is not about ‘love’ in a broad sense,” she insisted. “I mean, I don’t know what he was talking about there.”

    1. Anonymous7:48 AM

      brutality=love in drumpf's sadist mind.

  16. Anonymous7:41 AM


  17. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Anyone home in Trumpville?


    Trump wasn’t a real CEO. No wonder his White House is disorganized.

    Running a family business isn't the same as running a public corporation.


    The Trump White House is already cooking the books


  18. Anonymous7:44 AM

    FYI :-)

  19. Anonymous7:47 AM

    So much to cover. It turns out that Schools For Profit and cutting regulation and oversight is not about bottom feeders in k-12 public schools. It is the Private For "Profit higher education" scam school vouchers such as, devry, GCU, and learn this that at Trump University. So? just follow trail follow the money to all prison's for profit, schools for profit, healthcare for profit, housing for profit, for profit, profit profit and you will meet trump and friends. All terrified of a day without money.

  20. Anonymous7:50 AM

    Are the "Trans" for trump? Are they still playing with their bots and alts? Poor babies are so confused. snitch or be snitched? what is it?

  21. Anonymous7:51 AM

    4tran is a cult. trumped from the scientologist.

    1. Anonymous9:43 AM

      no one cares - go back to bed - stop posting!

    2. Leland12:18 PM

      You seem a bit touchy, 9:43. Could it be that the comment was hitting a bit close to home?

      If you have another reason for your snide judgement, I'd like to hear it.

  22. Anonymous8:05 AM

    Charlie Rose aired a repeat interview with Dictator Donnie from 1992. I didn’t watch the whole interview because who can stand a whole hour of donnie, but the parts I caught were interesting.

    First, he had the same small vocabulary and speech pattern with repetition of same sentences over and over that he does now, so it isn’t do to senility.

    He was bragging that he was making billions and billions from the Taj casino :)

    Ivana got $25 million, she could have gotten more, but he had better lawyers, her lawyers weren’t any good. He was over Marla and wasn’t going to get married to her or again :) that he loved the single life because he could do what he wanted. (by the way I looked up Ivana bio, they were married in April and Donnie Jr was born in Dec. So that explains that wedding :)

    Charlie was pulling his leg, joking that he loves the limelight, oh come on you know you love it. Donnie said not so much anymore.

    There was a lot of bragging about how great he is and what a great businessman he is, that others went under during the market down swing, but not him.

    He was going to write a book all by himself !! and it was going to be really great. I am presuming this was his ghostwritten Art of the Con, I mean Deal book.

  23. Anonymous8:21 AM

    I was up at 3AM watching Morning Joe and CNN. On both networks they were talking about how mystifying it is that Trump hadn't spoken up re the anti-Semitic goings-on here all over and how now the actions had been in the cemetery. Both networks talked at some length on this and also highlighted how Trump shut down the Jewish man asking a question at last week's press conference. They also said that Trump cannot let Ivanka, who had tweeted, do his job for him on this matter. That is why today Trump finally said something. He saw it on TV last night and this morning and realized that his silence was no longer possible. And, of course, he was unveiling yet more anti-immigrant rules today. Everyone was talking about it last night. We knew what was happening in greater amounts and was still coming. So, up against that, today he's finally saying something about the rise in anti-Jewish activities and making his visit to the African American Museum of History and Culture. He's using this to try softening the blow re immigration and to cut back on voices of protest. Now he's talking about healing divisions. Fuck him. He's had over three months since 11/8 and we have been called his enemy and/or ignored when he has talked about "the people." I want this m-fer gone. As always, I am wishing for his massive coronary, but I really don't care how he goes.

    1. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Seriously, and I was not raised to be as such! Be gone. As someone said above, what kind of mental midget at 70 years old repeats "I am SO great!" to themselves and others over and over ad nauseum??

  24. Anonymous8:28 AM

    This is how to counter those Neanderthals ! They also need to end taxpayer subsidies for Viagra.

    Kentucky rep proposes bill only allowing married men—with wife's permission—to get Viagra

    Kentucky Rep. Mary Lou Marzian might be my new favorite elected official. Marzian wants to make sure all of these boys who enjoy interfering with girls’ health rights don’t miss out on the fun themselves! She has introduced a bill, HB 396, which would require at least two doctor’s visits and a permission slip from one’s wife, before a man could acquire erectile disfunction-type drugs.

    "I want to protect these men from themselves," said Marzian, a nurse.

    HB 396 also specifies that only married men may obtain the drug and requires "a man to make a sworn statement with his hand on a Bible that he will only use a prescription for a drug for erectile dysfunction when having sexual relations with his current spouse."
    "This is about family values," Marzian said.

    She entered this bill in as a response to the recent SB4 bill that passed through both the Kentucky Senate and House recently.

    The Kentucky House today passed anti-abortion measure SB4, which requires counseling 24 hours prior to an abortion. A House floor amendment and committee substitute added this evening allow for the use of telehealth to complete the counseling requirement.
    SB4 adds an unnecessary barrier to safe and legal abortion procedures

    It’s unlikely this bill will go anywhere because … Kentucky.


    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      No coincidence that Kinfucky is where MOH hails from.

    2. Kinfucky. Home to hypocrite Kim Davis.


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