Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Former NSA intelligence analyst says this about Donald Trump "He will die in jail."

Okay well this guy certainly has no qualms about stating that Trump colluded with Russian intelligence.

And get a load of this tweet:
Does not get much stronger than that now does it?

John Schindler is in fact a former NSA intelligence analyst who now writes for the Observer.

He actually wrote the article a few days ago that suggested that the intelligence community was withholding classified information from Trump because they feared he might be working with the Russians.

Personally I have a hard time imagining that Trump will ever see the inside of a jail cell, however if this guy feels THIS strongly that would suggest that there is a lot more coming down the pike and that it will quite likely end Trump's presidency.

Hold on to your hats kids, this is certainly going to be a bumpy ride.


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM


    What happened to Iron Dog Team 20, Palin-Myer?

    Looks as though Todd has dumped his alleged son-in-law Dakota Myer in favor of "Eric Quam."

    Go to this link and scroll down the Team 20:

    Originally it was Palin-Myer, now Palin-Quam.

    1. Anonymous4:55 PM

      Quam gives better head.

    2. Anonymous5:10 PM

      You owe me a new keyboard 4:55!

    3. Anonymous5:29 PM


      comic relief


    4. Anonymous5:32 PM

      Thanks Old Redneck for Palin updates. Gryphen seems to have lost interest or maybe his sources dried up or worse yet, maybe he's been threatened with legal action if he pursues Palin rumors. I hope not, but please keep your ears open & pass along any updates.

    5. Anonymous5:38 PM

      Since this source for the ID is public and online...maybe G just figures you van look it up on your own?

    6. Or maybe with all that is going on Gryphen just considers this small potatoes and deems it unblogworthy.

      And by the way NOBODY threatens me.

      The Palins are cockroaches, and the only reason we needed to pay attention to them is because the cockroaches had the run of the house for awhile and needed to be chased back into the shadows.

      Now that they are there I feel little desire to shine a light on them unless something dramatic happens that seems interesting, such as Track being subjected to a restraining order, or a family member being arrested, or possibly a divorce.

      Trust me I have my ear to the ground, but currently there are just bigger fish to fry.

    7. Anonymous6:30 PM

      5:32 PM - do you live to make drama up in your head? Gryph is NOT at your beck and call to do your bidding.

    8. Anonymous6:39 PM

      I'm glad someone talked some sense into Todd and Dakota because pro racers don't pair up with novices unless they want to get the novice killed or maimed.

      Hey maybe that was the plan and Dakota figured it out ;-)

    9. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Right now Trump and Co are a bigger threat to America than the Wasillabillies

    10. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Maybe he'll quit like last time and hang out in his garage professing to still be on the trail like "wifey" does.

    11. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Give me a break! The Palins were able to shut down Gryphen in many ways. When your main source is a Johnston, you don't have much credibility anyway.

    12. Anonymous11:54 PM

      Oh Lou Sarah @ 8:36. Looks like someone drank through nappy time again.

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    MORE OFF-TOPIC: Here's Todd's biography from the Iron Dog site:

    -- quote


    Todd is a life long Alaskan self employed as a commercial fisherman. Todd is married to Sarah and they have five children, Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, Trig and four grand children, Kyla, Tripp, Sailor and Charlie. Todd and his family enjoy outdoor time in Alaska fishing, hunting, flying, 4-wheeling, riding snowmobiles and commercial fishing in Bristol Bay.

    -- end quote

    I see he recognizes Track's offspring, Charlie.

    Is Todd really a commercial fisherman?

    1. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Is Todd really a commercial fisherman?
      Remember when sarah was bragging that they put Dumbkota to work fishing with toad? What happened with that? Too busy building his fake wall?

    2. Anonymous9:02 PM

      1. Rich boy Dudd hasn't fished in years.
      2. Sarah obviously wrote that shit. Nobody gives a shit about Dudd's grandchildren. If they did they might ask how many of his four grandchildren were conceived in holy wedlock...

    3. Anonymous7:28 AM

      This was already discussed on another post earlier in week. So, whoever wrote that Gryphen doesnt care is just WRONG

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM

    My heart leapt when I read that headline!

  4. Anonymous4:41 PM

    I keep picturing him in an island prison, like Napoleon.

    Do you guys think pence will get thrown under the bus, too?

    1. Anonymous6:35 PM

      He should. His lying eyes are too much.

    2. Anonymous6:54 PM

      If Pence, Preibus, Ryan and McConnell didn't know about the ties to Russia, even when it was reported all summer long and they they read the pee pee report (AND they knew about the RNC getting hacked before we did), then they are really all too stupid to be public officials.

    3. Anonymous7:00 PM

      Pence is a Snake. I hope he gets run over by a he bus again and again!

    4. Anonymous8:34 AM

      I agree with your sentiment, 7:00pm.

      I am amused by the typo.
      I, too, hope Pence is run over by a he bus. If it's a she bus, women will have even more hell to pay.

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    The thing is that in the ic, you are a patriot first. And, security is highly processed driven. Just looking at those photos taken at Trump's resort in response to the north Korean missile launch is repulsive. He should serve some time in general population just for being a smart ass. Putin can walk away; we expect this behavior from him. What motivates Trump is greed.

    This reminds me of a joke.
    A Kuala bear walks into a bar and orders a drink. After a few minutes, a lovely woman approaches him and after a few drinks, they leave the bar together.
    The next morning, the woman catches the Kuala sneaking out the door.
    Hey, she yells, aren't you forgetting something?

    The Kuala is puzzled so she gives him a dictionary, and points to the word "prostitute." The Kuala immediately relaxes.

    I'm a Kuala bear, he says, pointing to the word "kuala," and it's definition: a bear that eats bushes and leaves.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      But shouldn't it be 'koala' or is that the American spelling?

      Oh, and fuck these traitors. Jail cell? I thought it was a firing squad was for traitors.


    2. Anonymous5:56 PM

      One too many 'was', but did you notice I just used the correct 'too' spelling/usage? ;)

      GeorgiaPeach (again)

    3. Anonymous6:08 PM

      You are correct!! It is hard to type on my kindle so I err!

    4. Anonymous6:10 PM

      My point is that we the taxpayers, are the girl and trump is the koala.

    5. Anonymous8:58 PM

      The joke is about a wombat, not a koala.

      And the joke uses the Australian euphemism for sex: a 'root'.

      And it's true that a wombat... "eats roots and leaves".

      'Wombat' is therefore a descriptor for a type of male, one that "eats, roots, and leaves".

  6. Anonymous4:58 PM

    Didn’t trump brag that he could run his businesses and be president: failure at both.

    Hasn’t it also been mentioned that trump has a problem delegating, that he has to be in control of everything? So why does he want us to believe that he had no knowledge of the ties with russia during the campaign or now.

    One of his cohorts, Carter Page (? correct name) was on PBS tonight, didn’t answer the questions and blamed all this on fake news and poor losing Hillary campaign. ANOTHER LIAR.

    It was also mentioned that China approved the trump trademark today, after trying for 10 years.

    Nixon also tried to "play dumb", I know nothing, looked how that ended.

    Again, why did trump turn off the recording during his putin call?

    1. Anonymous4:06 AM

      But, when Nixon was in trouble, the Democrats controlled both House and Senate and, in the end, enough Republican members of Congress put country over party and wanted Nixon out too. He got off too easily, in my opinion, but at least he was no longer president.

  7. I doubt that trump will ever even be investigated, or should I say punished. The Republicans will do whatever it takes to not lose face. Look at how they are stacking the deck filling all positions with people who can look the other way. They are revolting.

    1. Anonymous6:23 PM

      The people will revolt and impeachment will be the only cure.

  8. WA Skeptic5:21 PM

    I agree: DJT will never be impeached or in any way punished for his treason, nor will any of those whom he has put in power.

    Any attempts to dislodge him would be the start of a civil war; his adherents won't let anyone take him out of office.

    1. Anonymous5:32 PM

      You keep forgetting his supporters are in the minority. They are cowards, they are not going to start a civil war.

      These investigations are going to take months, I have a feeling that there are going to be republicans willing to impeach him when all the truth comes out.

    2. Anonymous6:16 PM

      Yes, anyone dumbed down enough to vote for Trump is very unlikely to possess the organizational skills to help mount an armed civilian insurrection.

    3. Anonymous6:27 PM

      you seem to be stuck in that alt world and fake news land. Their all going down in a HUGE toxic sink hole. And they know it.

    4. A deal will be cut like with Nixon. He'll resign and Pence will pardon him.

    5. Anonymous11:58 PM

      Here's the thing - should the GOP try to slow walk any and all investigations or fail to make any meaningful inquiries the IC will make sure the hard, irrefutable evidence gets out. That would be a disaster for the GOP.

    6. Anonymous3:55 AM

      Nope. NO DEAL!!! Only Jail for those involved including pence. He knew and joined in. The entire bunch of liars must go, all of them. Cut the crap out.

  9. I would think Donald would change his tune ...but no, he continues talking about Flynn, the supposed illegal voting, fake news, etc. It is like Donald cannot stop himself and as long as he cannot let things go, it will be worse.

    Someone please explain to me why all the visiting dignataries...Japan, Israel. We have a real crises in management here. When and from where will the challenge come...

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      He's a circus freak and all of the world leaders want to see him for themselves.

    2. Anonymous6:21 PM

      He is using the old propaganda playbook, tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth.

      this weeks lie is: all this russian stuff is because Hillary lost. Saw one of his cohorts on PBS, used the same excuse.

      I guess Hillary has called the FBI etc and ordered them to investigate trump:)

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    A better protest would be no one pays their taxes !! Especially for trump brothers security on business trips, flying melanomia back and forth from NYC to DC every other day and trump campaign tours.
    Democrats plan Tax Day anti-Trump protests

    ... Until we see his taxes, we don’t know how much money he owes Russia, China, and other countries,” said Washington director Ben Wikler. "If Trump won’t voluntarily release his taxes, Congress must force him to do it, as a matter of moral urgency, constitutional necessity, and national security. The Tax March will demonstrate the intensity of the public’s demands for answers about just what it is that Donald Trump is so determined to hide, while highlighting the profound inequality encoded in our rigged tax system — which Trump has exploited for years, and which would only be made worse by his policies."

    1. Anonymous6:14 PM

      It's highly illegal to not pay your taxes at all, but if you own a business and do your own returns it's rather easy to find all sorts of write downs to reduce your tax burden.

      If audited, of course you would have to provide receipts, but chances of audits are very low, especially with the reduced forces at the IRS. However, if you are unlucky enough to be audited and are unable to produce receipts you simply have to pay the tax on the disputed amount; not a crime, just a little mistake ;-)

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM

      Trump owes and screws everybody. The art of the deal is nothing more than a con job.

    3. Anonymous7:04 PM

      Well, he definitely is making money now, and that hand-over-fist! Very weekend spent in HIS resort, to the tune of $3,000,000+, most of that going into HIS pocket. So, soon he will be able to pay off his Russian debtors, and all will be forgiven and forgotten.
      The way he has been going, we, the tax payers, are paying for his vacations plus his wife's security detail more than $360,000,000/year: $500,000/day for a Secret Service for her to stay in Manhattan. Soon, the Secret Service will occupy a whole floor in his Manhattan tower, and the DOD has said they are interested in renting from him, too...

  11. Anonymous5:44 PM

    What? His access to classified info has been suspended pending a review. He “resigned” why would he still have access to classified info?
    Flynn's Access To Classified Information Has Been Suspended

    Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s access to classified information was suspended, the Defense Intelligence Agency said Wednesday, pending a review of his compliance with “applicable security clearance directives."

    James Kudla, a public affairs officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, told TPM by phone Wednesday that Flynn’s access to classified information had been suspended pending further review.

    Kudla said such a suspension took place when there were questions as to whether “an individual is in compliance with applicable security clearance directives,” but did not go into further detail.

  12. Anonymous5:49 PM

    There must be other republicans interested in this position. Christ, he isn't really a republican.
    It's odd watching republicans defend the Russians and traitorous behavior.

    1. Anonymous6:27 PM

      Depending on how this plays out, watch DC Republicans scatter like cockroaches. They're about position, $$ in their pocket, and nothing more.

  13. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Even if Trump is impeached or steps down I can't imagine how he can seamlessly reintegrate into civilian society.

    Just the small portion of state secrets that he has learned thus far are a valuable commodity to many foreign intelligence agencies.

    Will he keep quiet? Will he have SS protection for life to prevent him being kidnapped? How will the government prevent him from being a liability?

    1. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Good point. OTOH, not sure just HOW MUCH he actually knows. Remember, he does not go to the briefings, and he insists to have only one page reports with bullet points, and no more than nine of those...
      Also, remember, he is a morbidly obese, sorely out-of-shape septogenarian with most likely high blood pressure. One good scare...

    2. He was never in society.

      His Secret Service detail will be more like prison guards monitoring his communication and contacts than protecting him. He'll basically live out his life in house arrest.

    3. Anonymous4:01 AM

      His protection will be a cage. He will not continue to be a so called president with benefits. He will be considered a below average idiot that got caught doing the crime and now the time. He has committed the ultimate crime against humanity and justice will be served to him and his family. One way or another justice will be served lawfully.

    4. Anonymous4:02 AM

      Mialuppa, I think that one of the things that torture Trump is that New York society has never really embraced him or his family, despite their being "so very rich." His sons ended up importing and marrying Eastern European women just like their father.

    5. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Eric's wife Lara Yunaska Trump was born in North Carolina. Donald Jr.'s wife Vanessa Haydon Trump, was born in New York City. They're tall and exotic looking, but not imported from Eastern Europe.

      It's no doubt a sore point with Trump that he doesn't have a respectable old money family pedigree. He can't buy class or good taste. His boorishness is bone deep.

    6. Anonymous8:00 AM

      Christ beaglemom, you didn't know that? use the Googles!

  14. Anonymous6:17 PM

    30 yrs of this slob scumbag screwing around with Russia. They loaned money to trump from the laundering machine. What the "F" is wrong with FEC? Who vetted the 16 clowns? Why on earth would they let a pos like this on the ballot? Unless? The plan was to watch for a short time. Watch the family, buddies and appointments make their moves. And pence is not dense. He knew what was going on and it is pathetic for him to say otherwise. The world is so sick of these Liars and crooks. Cant wait till the Republicans involved are all in jail. If there was ever dictators to expose, then we have a list now. If there was ever a time in history to expose an unethical group of politicians it is now. And additionally a group of CEO's and bad actors, it is now. Lock um up.

  15. Anonymous6:29 PM

    So now jared buys the mariners and the owner becomes ambassador to france. Really?

    1. Anonymous7:19 PM

      Here is a link.

    2. Anonymous7:27 PM

      Oh puh-leeze.
      And The Mariners???
      Who cares...they're nothing.

    3. Anonymous8:10 PM

      Whoever is 6:29, had it wrong. It's the Marlins.

    4. Anonymous9:51 PM's not Jared. It's his brother. Jared will be way too busy brokering peace in the Middle East. Yes. That's sarcasm.

    5. Anonymous4:07 AM

      Who cares? I guess in alt loony land this is all ok? Crooks on the brink and edge can do anything according to so called prez bannon and rumpstein. Right 8.10?

  16. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Well, no, if pencey is left in place he will pardon him and he will give the same reasons as Ford did.
    OTOH, I have had a sneaking feeling that the stress on the dumpster might mean he won't make it through the trials and tribulations. He can't handle it and his health is not what his crazy doc says. He really is weak, in more ways than one.
    Can't let it go and it will be his undoing but you know what they say.. NPD gotta do what NPD gotta do.

    1. Anonymous7:35 PM

      You think so? Pence doesn't want to lose like Ford does and he has a lot of voters to win back. He'll let Trump hang.

      Also, according to Rogue Potus Staff, Pence is the one who leaked the Flynn stories to the press. So…he seems to be looking out for number one.

    2. Anonymous8:43 PM

      Pence, looking out for numero uno, has the arrogance to think he can BOTH bring regular repubs back to him AND be in the good graces of the hardcore trumpites by the pardon. I'm not saying it will work, just that he will try. Can you imagine him not giving the pardon and then having to try to deal with all the hardcore trumpite swamp monsters that have been put in place? The other repubs can stomach a pardon, the trumpites can't live without one. Now how that will play out with all the non-repub voters... it looks like a lose-lose. Repubs did this to themselves. They may have finally woken up the non-voters and they deserve to lose, big, and for a long time.

    3. Not so sure. Pence may be harboring a lot of anger for all of the shit he's had to put up with covering Trump's ass. I'm sure he hasn't been treated kindly either.

      Pence my just let Trump hang himself and turn a blind eye.

    4. Anonymous3:58 AM

      Assuming that Pence is smart (and I'm not sure that everyone in his home state of Indiana thinks that), he must have known about this Russian collusion stuff during the campaign. He may well not have been a part of it but there are rumor machines galore in politics. Had he any honor he would have blown the whistle then. None of these GOP guys care at all about the country.

    5. Anonymous4:11 AM

      As we watched pence and wife accept his proud place next to trump we witnessed another corrupt politician shift his decency and ethics with his hand on a bible. They knowingly lied to American's.

    6. Anonymous8:05 AM

      Cna you imagine the caustic comments drumpf has made about pence's wife?
      No, she isn't in good physical shape it's true, but i wouldn't make fun of that. You just know donnie has said some nasty things about her, in earshot of her hubby, like comparing his 'supermodel' wife to pence's. That's gotta sting.

  17. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Jail will be a safe place for him. He has too many enemies.

    1. Anonymous7:29 PM

      oh hell no - there're hits in jail all the time - if drumph went to jail bet the russians would take him out permanently, for sure ..

    2. Anonymous4:14 AM

      Well if it is his own private prison for profit he will be king. There is no reason to take him out. The damage is done. That was his mission, agenda and payment to pooty.

  18. Anonymous8:24 PM

  19. Anonymous8:34 PM


    House Republicans really don’t want to investigate possible ties between Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, his administration and Russian officials.

    In a House Judiciary meeting where members voted on the committee’s plans for the year, Democrats offered an amendment that would have made oversight of any ongoing investigation into Trump’s alleged connections to the Russian government a priority.

    Every single Republican voted against the measure. Democrats deployed the amendment as a symbolic vote, knowing full well Republicans wouldn’t support it.

    Here’s the text of the amendment offered by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas): “The subcommittee will prioritize oversight of any ongoing criminal or counterintelligence investigation into any connection between Donald J. Trump as presidential candidate and as President of the United States or any of his associates or employees and the Russian government.”

    Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) drew attention to the vote in a tweet on Wednesday. In an interview with The Huffington Post later in the day, he said it was “stirring” how “little of a priority” Republicans considered oversight of possible links between the president and Russia.

    “It was a good day for Russia, and bad day for the U.S.,” Swalwell said.

    Pressed on it being a symbolic vote expected to fail, Swalwell pushed back. “A committee that has oversight of many of the issues involving Russia just voted three different times to look the other way,” he said.

    ...Leading the “move on” chorale from the lower chamber has been Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), who chairs the House Oversight Committee. Yesterday, Chaffetz responded to the growing demand that Congress scrutinize Flynn’s communications with Russian officials by saying that there was no need to conduct any further probe into the matter, telling reporters that “it’s taking care of itself.”

    On Wednesday, Chaffetz and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) requested information from the Justice Department about the leaks that revealed Flynn’s communications with the Russian official. House Republicans have shown more concern about the intelligence leaks themselves than Flynn’s actions and whether he was directed by higher-ups.

    As Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) told HuffPost: “We appear to know the facts, I’m not obsessed about this.”

    ...Meanwhile, Chaffetz’s counterpart on the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), has taken up Flynn’s cause as well. Prior to his resignation, Nunes had defended Flynn in an appearance on Fox News, referring to him as “the best intelligence officer of his generation” and complaining that Flynn was “being maliciously attacked by the press.”

    Nunes’ tone hasn’t changed as the story has unfolded. As CNN’s Manu Raju reported, Nunes’ first response after Flynn tendered his resignation was to suggest that the intelligence committee had no jurisdiction to do any further probing, citing “executive privilege” ― thus asserting that Flynn’s conversations with Trump were protected communications. Since then, Nunes has made it clear he’d rather investigate the leaks that led to Flynn’s downfall.

    1. Anonymous3:54 AM

      Anyone over the age of 70, like me, has to be utterly amazed at the difference between the GOP in just a few decades. From looking for traitors to Russia under every leaf in the late 1940's and early 1950's and bragging about it for the next fifteen years to aiding and abetting treason and collusion with Russia's newest dictator in the second decade of the 21st century.

    2. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Pendulum swinging.

    3. Anonymous9:12 AM

      Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), can yell executive privilege all he wants, the TRUTH is trump was NOT president at the time of the phone calls, so unless Obama wants to let Flynn off the hook there is NO executive privilege!!!

  20. Russia may have several reasons to quiet 45 and if that's the case - that bloated cheeto may end up begging for a jail cell!

    Putin has been doing all sorts of behind the scenes shenanigans in order to further his diabolical plans. He groomed the cheeto for the job - he's applying the same nasty tactics in another country's election as we speak. The more this blows up, the more it exposes Putin and waters down his strategy.

    45 may be in greater danger from putin than the Intel agencies here!!

  21. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Send them ALL to Gitmo
    jonny boy mc$hame 'too'

  22. Anonymous8:47 PM

    --Donald Trump tries to distract from his Russian treason scandal by taking U.S. to war in Syria

    Don’t allow Trump to use war to distract from his impeachable Russia scandal

    --Mike Pence is using Donald Trump’s Flynn-Russia flap to try to get Steve Bannon fired

    Pence makes power play amid Trump’s vulnerability

    --Roger Stone, about to go down for conspiring with Russia, throws Donald Trump under the bus

    Stone becomes first alleged Russia conspirator to publicly turn against Trump

    --Senior U.S. intel official predicts Donald Trump will go to prison for his Russian treason

    Intel community now predicting Donald Trump’s demise

  23. Anonymous8:49 PM

    There's one rule for the rich and another rule for everyone else. Trump has been breaking laws all his life- and getting away with it all his life.

    Given the shit we know for a fact that Trump has done, it doesn't take long to realize there is nothing he won't do, no law he won't break... because Agent Orange knows no boundaries.

    "He'll probably die in jail."

    "He'll probably die."

    Either suits me.

  24. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Rep. Chaffetz goes full stooge as he decides to ask for investigation into who blew Flynn's cover

    Kurt Eichenwald: European Allies have intel on Trump, too

    U.S. Allies Conduct Intelligence Operation Against Trump Staff and Associates, Intercepted Communications

    ...The Western European intelligence operations began in August, after the British government obtained information that people acting on behalf of Russia were in contact with members of the Trump campaign. Those details from the British were widely shared among the NATO allies in Europe. The Baltic nation has been gathering intelligence for at least that long, and has conducted surveillance of executives from the Trump Organization who were traveling in Europe.

    These operations reflect a serious breakdown in the long-standing faith in the direction of American policy by some of the country’s most important allies. Worse, the United States is now in a situation that may be unprecedented—where European governments know more about what is going on in the executive branch than any elected American official. To date, the Republican-controlled Congress has declined to conduct hearings to investigate the links between Trump’s overseas business partners and foreign governments, or the activities between Russia and officials in the Trump campaign and administration—the very areas being examined by the intelligence services of at least two American allies.

    ...The information gathered by the Western European government has been widely shared among the NATO allies, although it is not clear how much has been provided to American intelligence officials. One source said that members of British Prime Minister Theresa May’s staff had been briefed on the surveillance findings prior to her meeting last month with Trump and that officials within the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel have also obtained the details.

    These intelligence operations against the United States come as a result of allied concern about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s designs to damage NATO and whether Trump intends to follow a policy path that would embolden Russia. In addition, they are apprehensive about whether a newly strengthened Moscow would use its energy weapon—Western Europe obtains almost 40 percent of its natural gas from Russia—to push aggressive policies with little objection from the Trump White House.

  25. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Is Mitch McConnell stonewalling an independent investigation into Trump/Russia to save his own skin?

    Let's just keep this in mind as Mitch McConnell continues to stonewall an independent inquiry—which would be far more public than current investigations—into Donald Trump's Russia ties: McConnell was briefed about Russia's interference in the election last fall and he lobbied to keep that information from voters.

    ...The public may have had the right to know about a scandal that is currently snowballing by the hour, but McConnell made sure the public wouldn’t. At least, not if he could help it.

  26. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Leaking, leaking, leaking.

    Drip, drip, drip.

    Drip, drip, drip it goes until the dam breaks and the truth spills.

    ...If you are thinking, “Something about this just doesn’t smell right,” you’re right; it stinks. This doesn’t add up and it leads to a multiplying number of questions to which we don’t yet have answers.

    The president was made aware of Flynn’s communications weeks ago, and apparently didn’t think it prudent to alert the vice president or to correct the record when the vice president said that Flynn had not discussed the sanctions with the Russian ambassador, when indicators pointed to the fact that he did.

    Flynn lied. Trump knew Flynn lied. But Trump kept Flynn in his circle of confidence and apparently left the vice president out of the circle of knowledge. Why?

    In tweets the president has posted since Flynn’s resignation (or firing — you choose how you want to cast it), Trump has seemed more upset by the fact that Flynn’s lies were leaked and reported than by the original transgression.

    ...Trump knew exactly who he was getting when he hired Flynn, who had been fired by the Obama administration. Flynn is a habitual liar who lied so much when he ran the Defense Intelligence Agency that, according to The New York Times, “subordinates came up with a name for the phenomenon: ‘Flynn facts.’ ”

    Trump doesn’t mind a lie if it serves him; he does apparently mind if the liar is intentionally, maleficently trying to deceive him.

    ...What we know only makes what we don’t know feel all the more ominous. But I believe that facts are forthcoming. Reporters are digging like a crew of coal miners hopped up on a case of Red Bull, and sources in Washington are leaking to anyone with a press credential.

    Drip, drip, drip it goes until the dam breaks and the truth spills.

    --Give what I'm seeing here, I'm left with one option to save this nation. I'm going to start leaking EVERYTHING. Dm me if you're media.

  27. Anonymous9:09 PM

    Trump attacks media, gives Flynn a tongue bath and babbles about Israel

    James Comey’s behavior looks worse and worse

    ...If Republicans had any remaining excuses for not investigating the relationship between the Trump presidential campaign and Russian officials, Tuesday night’s news obliterated them. “Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials,” reported the New York Times. “Among several senior Trump advisers regularly communicating with Russian nationals were then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort and then-adviser Michael Flynn,” said CNN.

    Then again, as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) said Tuesday, it’s not “useful to be doing investigation after investigation, particularly of your own party.” So perhaps the country will have to wait while the GOP decides which matters more — the party or the truth. In the meantime though, Tuesday also destroyed any excuse for FBI Director James B. Comey’s conduct during the election.

    To recap: Less than two weeks before Election Day 2016, Comey announced that the FBI was again investigating whether there were previously unreleased emails from Hillary Clinton on a laptop that she did not own. Comey felt voters needed to know this even though the search warrant showed that the FBI had “no new evidence” that Clinton had done anything wrong. Now we know that when Comey spoke up about Clinton while remaining silent about allegations of contact between Trump’s team and the Russian government, not only were there mere allegations but also concrete evidence that such contact was frequent and ongoing.

    It gets worse for the FBI director. The Post reported Tuesday that near the end of the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, outgoing CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. wanted to tell the Trump team that Michael Flynn had misled incoming Vice President Pence and others on his contacts with Russian officials. Comey disagreed:

    The FBI director pushed back primarily on the grounds that notifying the new administration could complicate the agency’s investigation. The bureau, Comey also insisted, shouldn’t be “the truth police,” according to an official familiar with his thinking at the time. “In other words, if there’s not a violation of law here, it’s not our job to go and tell the vice president that he’s been lied to.”

    This is, to put it politely, utter garbage. Comey believed that the entire country needed to know that a presidential candidate might be connected to information on a laptop that she didn’t own, but the vice president did not need to be told privately that a key presidential adviser was definitely lying about his relationship with a foreign government. The inconsistency leaves one speechless.

    1. For me, it's not enough that Trump and his administration are investigated indicted and convicted.

      I want the FBI's house cleaned as well starting with Comey.

    2. Anonymous3:47 AM

      Well, in not being the "truth police," Comey has made the FBI part of the GOP "lying machine." And Comey has repeatedly compromised that organization's integrity. Under his leadership, can the FBI be trusted to put the country first rather than the GOP.

  28. Anonymous9:28 PM

    Donald Trump is suddenly looking like a very weak autocrat

  29. Anonymous9:31 PM

    After Election, Trump’s Professed Love for Leaks Quickly Faded

    As a candidate for president, Donald J. Trump embraced the hackers who had leaked Hillary Clinton’s emails to the press, declaring at a rally in Pennsylvania, “I love WikiLeaks!”

    To the cheering throngs that night, Mr. Trump marveled that “nothing is secret today when you talk about the internet.” The leakers, he said, had performed a public service by revealing what he called a scandal with no rival in United States history.

    Now, after less than four weeks in the Oval Office, President Trump has changed his mind.

    At a news conference on Wednesday and in a series of Twitter postings earlier in the day, Mr. Trump angrily accused intelligence agencies of illegally leaking information about Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser, who resigned after reports that he had lied about conversations with the Russian ambassador.

    “It’s a criminal action, criminal act,” Mr. Trump fumed at the White House. In a Twitter message, he asserted that “the real scandal here is that classified information is illegally given out by ‘intelligence’ like candy. Very un-American!”
    Continue reading the main story

    But this is Washington, where leaks are common currency — and, depending what side you’re on, either sinister or patriotic. Democrats these days see the proliferation of leaks about the Trump administration as the acts of public servants revealing the misdeeds of a presidency. Republicans see them as the reckless actions of disgruntled bureaucrats eager to advance their own agendas and sabotage Mr. Trump.

    Either way, Mr. Trump’s presidential flip-flop follows a landmark month for Washington leaks.

    Time for Congress to Investigate Mr. Trump’s Ties to Russia

  30. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Day Without Immigrants to Hit Washington in the Stomach

    In a city where expense account meals are a central part of power players’ lives, some of Washington’s best-known restaurants will close their doors on Thursday in solidarity with a national campaign to draw attention to the power and plight of immigrants.

    The campaign, spread on social media and messaging apps, has called for a “day without immigrants.” It asks foreign-born people nationwide, regardless of legal status, not to go to work or go shopping in a demonstration of the importance of their labor and consumer spending to the United States’ economy.

    Activists and groups in cities across the country have picked up the call, reposting fliers found online, and in some cases organizing demonstrations to coincide with the event. Several activists said that they did not know how the campaign began or how many people would heed it, and that as far as they knew, there was no national organization behind it.

    But the dining scene in Washington, where the new Trump administration is taking a hard line on immigration and deportation, took notice. At least a few dozen restaurants in and around the Beltway have committed to staying closed on Thursday. Others have said they would offer limited service in the expectation that many of their employees would be out for the day. Some restaurants in other cities, including several of the Blue Ribbon restaurants in New York, have joined in.

  31. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Trump Campaign Aides Had Repeated Contacts With Russian Intelligence

    Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

    American law enforcement and intelligence agencies intercepted the communications around the same time they were discovering evidence that Russia was trying to disrupt the presidential election by hacking into the Democratic National Committee, three of the officials said. The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.

  32. Anonymous9:34 PM

    The Missing Pieces in the Flynn Story

    President Trump may have thought the departure of his national security adviser, Michael Flynn, would end the controversy over his administration’s involvement with Russia, but the damning revelations keep coming. The whole fiasco underscores the dysfunction and dishonesty of his White House and how ill prepared it is to protect the nation.

    It’s unlikely that Mr. Flynn would have been pushed out absent a revelation on Monday by The Washington Post: that the Justice Department told the White House in January that Mr. Flynn had misled senior officials about a phone call with the Russian ambassador. Justice told the White House that, contrary to his claims, Mr. Flynn had discussed American sanctions against Russia with the ambassador. The discrepancy between what Mr. Flynn had said publicly and what the Russians (and American intelligence officials) knew made Mr. Flynn vulnerable to Russian blackmail. But the White House evidently didn’t feel the need to act on that danger as long as it was concealed from the public.

  33. Anonymous9:55 PM

    If you haven't seen Fat Donald's idiotic response to a reporter's question about the rise of anti-Semitic violence in the US since his election, please go to CNN and look it up. Watch the whole stupid thing, and watch Don Lemon and most of his panel just shake their heads in amazement, and talk about how painful it was to watch. Just the most self centered SOB I have ever seen, and I've seen a few. His answer involved the electoral college, his daughter and grandkids, and lots and lots of love. But nothing about the question he was asked. Resist!

  34. Anonymous3:20 AM

    Given "the Observer" is owned by the Kushner family (i.e., JARED KUSHNER) I have my suspicions about what is going on here.. Is John Schindler REALLY the independent former CI officer sincerely trying to play liasson for current officers--or is he a "misinformation" Bannon/Trump plant/propaganda crackpot? I'm not saying either way, but why would Kushner be publishing his missives?

    1. Anonymous8:17 AM

      So the trump kids can finally FINALLY have the orange anus involuntarily committed and rescue whatever is left of the inheritance?

      This is just step #1, muahahahaha!

      Or is Jared tired of playing second fiddle to his wife's hubby/daddy and this is how to get the Ole Tinyhands out of the way?

  35. Anonymous3:26 AM

    I bet mr Donald j trump regrets that golden elevator ride down to hell today. Mr trump has found out just how "smart" that he really is. Instead of lying and conniving to his global investor's out of payment due. He sold his soul to the devil, he has attempted to sale out America. And his evil operatives march like con way to the end. A disgusting nasty dirty lying pack of humans. We the people were blind but now we see. His sin is neither cute nor excusable. We have witnessed sin. And now we pray to God that all people can see their sin. We are all damaged by sin, but our broken lives will heal, forgive and restore if we recognize sin and have grace and hope. RESIST. and Lock him up.

  36. Anonymous3:47 AM

    Anybody paying attention and with the time to research knew what these lying slobs were doing. Each day many screamed for help. Each day victim after victim of this lying con job infected your fellow American with his hateful harmful sin against the innocent. Painfully we screamed and watched this person and "his people" take our life out of control and throw it away. Mr trump used America to avoid his debt to the devil and got caught. And sadly his party, The Republican party cheered it on gleefully and joyfully. Amazing Grace how sweet the sound, I was blind but now I see. Help and Hope is on the way.

  37. Anonymous4:15 AM

    A good day to resign would be President's Day Donald. Ask for forgiveness and repent.

    1. Anonymous4:20 AM

      Forgiveness and repent, Trump. LOL

  38. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Mr trump is melting down on national tv right now today. He needs to be admitted to a mental hospital and drugged.

  39. Anonymous9:52 AM

    This disgusting pig insulted and hurt everyone except "his people" for 2 yrs straight. And today he continues to con the Americans and World. Nobody likes him or believes him because he is a narcissist liar and con artist info commercial salesman. A forced resignation is immediately necessary. Take the power away from that mental idiot.

  40. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Look my fellow Libs, as long as the House and Senate are controlled by the KKKons, nothing will happen to Dump. We need to primary the KKKons in their individual districts. Does the DNC have enough money and attention span to do this?


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