Tuesday, February 07, 2017

It does not appear that Donald Trump will be addressing Parliament any time soon.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

A top-ranking British lawmaker vowed on Monday to block President Donald Trump from speaking before the U.K. Parliament in the historic Westminster Hall, citing that body’s opposition to racism and sexism and its support for equality and an independent judiciary. 

In a blistering statement before the House of Commons, Speaker John Bercow said he was “strongly opposed” to Trump addressing Parliament during an upcoming state visit to the U.K. 

“I would not wish to issue an invitation to President Trump to speak in the Royal Gallery,” Bercow said. While British lawmakers value their country’s relationship with the United States, he said, “I feel very strongly that our opposition to racism and to sexism and our support for equality before the law and an independent judiciary are hugely important considerations in the House of Commons.” 

He would not have backed inviting Trump to address Parliament anyway, Bercow said, but the president’s recent imposition of an anti-Muslim ban made him “even more strongly opposed” to the idea. 

“An address by a foreign leader to both houses of Parliament is not an automatic right. It is an earned honor,” Bercow said.

Those words were met with applause by the other members of Parliament.

It should be pointed out that President Obama gave a speech to the British Parliament in 2011 that was VERY well received.

But of course he was an inspirational leader, and not an orange tinted reality show buffoon who tricked and lied his way into office.


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    O/T Trump’s Plan To Make Private Prisons Rich Using Your Tax Dollars

    .... Trump intends to basically deputize all police, local, state and federal as immigration officers. Notice how it says “any criminal offense.” For legal residents, known as LAPR’s or greencard holders, past law dictated the crime had to be a serious one such as murder, rape, drugs and crimes of moral turpitude. This executive order means they can now be deported for any criminal offense no matter how slight, and they don’t have to be convicted of said offense. In fact, there doesn’t even need to be an offense. The last quote allows immigration officers to arrest and deport solely based on their opinion. Therefore, due process is no longer a right of any immigrant.

    ... . But now Trump is ordering that every person crossing the border without inspection will be formally deported, a civil offense. If they return, they will be charged with Re-Entry After Deportation (8 USC 1326) which is a criminal offense punishable by two to five years.

    Luckily for the private prison system, Trump has agreed to give them contracts again. The GEO Group, Inc. and CoreCivic (formerly Corrections Corporation of America) maintain 85% of US prisons. The GEO Group alone gave the Trump campaign over $250,000, Mike Pence received at least $10,000 and countless other Republican leaders got thousands as well. In fact, both companies’ stock soared with the election of Trump. It is estimated that The GEO Group’s stock will climb by 25% this year.

    Additionally, CoreCivic spent over $1.6 million in 2016 to lobby Republican congress members in regards to using private prisons for immigration detention facilities. The GEO Group spent over $800,000 in 2016. They specifically lobbied Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s pick for Attorney General, to the tune of $120,000.

    Owners of The GEO Group and CoreCivic stock include The Vanguard Group, Bank of New York Mellon, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and Citigroup to name a few. I can only wonder who else in the Republican Party owns stock in these companies.

    So what does all this mean? Trump/Bannon are making it difficult to be an immigrant in this country of immigrants. All immigrants, documented or not will be subject to deportation. They will be arrested and placed into private prisons run by The GEO Group or CoreCivic, awaiting their hearings, deported to their countries of origin. Others will be held for years simply for trying a second time to enter the US without inspection, a civil offense as I stated.

    The GEO Group and CoreCivic will be paid millions if not billions of our tax dollars via the Trump Administration. Trump will insist he’s keeping America safe when in reality he is tearing families apart, destroying our economy that relies on immigrant workers and business owners and creating an endless supply of clientele for private prisons.......


  2. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Donald Trump's staff get him to agree to policies by saying 'Obama wouldn't have done it'

    President only agreed to botched Yemen raid because military officials said predecessor would never do it, intelligence sources say

    Military officials got Donald Trump to agree to the botched Yemen raid by suggesting Barack Obama would never have had the courage to do it, it has been reported.

    The raid, which had been planned for two months before Mr Trump’s arrival in the Oval Office, killed 30 civilians and one US Navy SEAL but failed to kill its alleged target, al Qaeda leader Qassim al Rimi.

    ...Mr Obama had reportedly been told about the plan to kill al Rimi, who took over control of the Yemeni affiliate of the terror organisation in 2015, but held off approving it because his advisors had wanted to wait until a moonless night which would not have happened again till after he left office, the New York Times reported.

    But Defence Secretary, General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, reportedly convinced Mr Trump to go ahead with the raid by suggesting Mr Obama would never have been so bold as to actually go through with it.

    They suggested that the death of al Rimi would be a “game changer” in the fight against al-Qaeda, according to a senior White House official.


    The Independent cited an NBC News report that quoted a senior US intelligence official who claimed “almost everything went wrong” once the raid got underway. According to the official, those in the targeted house were alerted to the presence of the soldiers and they soon came under fire.The Independent cited an NBC News report that quoted a senior US intelligence official who claimed “almost everything went wrong” once the raid got underway. According to the official, those in the targeted house were alerted to the presence of the soldiers and they soon came under fire.

    1. Anonymous7:43 AM

      "Fox News host asked him how he knows that former President Obama is fond of him.

      drumpf says he knows it to be true because he
      “can feel it.” drumpf has the 'HOT$' for him.

  3. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Donald Trump’s increasingly suspicious tweets suggest he may be planning a phony terrorist attack‬

    In days since a number of federal judges have collectively neutered his unconstitutional Muslim ban, Donald Trump has been – as expected – railing about it on Twitter. He’s insisted he knows the law better than the judges do. He’s personally insulted them. This was all predictable. But he’s also been doing something else, something unexpected, which grows more suspicious each time he circles back and touches on it in hyperbolically escalating fashion. Trump is now all but insisting that individuals from a Muslim nation will enter the United States any moment and launch a terrorist attack — and it’s time to ask why he’s suddenly betting his remaining credibility on something so oddly specific.

    By every measurable, the Donald Trump administration is failing. His approval rating is so low it’s setting historical records. Millions of Americans are marching in the streets demanding his resignation. And his most ambitious initiatives are being sabotaged by the incompetence of his own staff. He’s already locked into being one of the least effective and most hated presidents ever. At this point there’s only one thing that can save him – and that’s a foreign terrorist attack which justifies his extremist policies, causes the nation’s moderates to fall in line behind him, and gives him a stage for the kind of authoritarian rule he seeks. So it’s unnerving that Trump is now specifically predicting that that’s precisely what’s about to happen.

    Take a gander at Donald Trump’s increasingly paranoid delusional tweets over the past four days about the matter, which are listed here in chronological order:

    “When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot , come in & out, especially for reasons of safety &.security – big trouble!”

    “The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law-enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

    “What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into U.S.?”

    “Because the ban was lifted by a judge, many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country. A terrible decision”

    “The judge opens up our country to potential terrorists and others that do not have our best interests at heart. Bad people are very happy!”

    “Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!”

    “I have instructed Homeland Security to check people coming into our country VERY CAREFULLY. The courts are making the job very difficult!”

    “The threat from radical Islamic terrorism is very real, just look at what is happening in Europe and the Middle-East. Courts must act fast!”

    Are these the ramblings of a paranoid delusional madman whose heightening delusions are becoming increasingly specific by the day? Or are these the words of a man who is confidently betting on an imminent Muslim terrorist attack on U.S. soil because he’s in the process of staging one?

    It’s a fair question to ask, considering that he’s already tried to invent a Muslim terrorist attack on the Louvre this week, and his senior advisor has simultaneously tried to invent a Muslim terrorist attack in Bowling Green. How much further of a leap is it, really, from inventing imaginary terrorist attacks to actually staging one? Just how far down the rabbit hole will this historically dishonest administration’s treachery go?


    1. Anonymous7:47 AM

      The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.

    2. Anonymous8:07 AM

      If Trump does set something off in America (as described above) and it is proven he (and his assistants) were behind it - he (and whomever else might be involved) should be immediately tried for treason and hung from the tallest tree in D.C. or NYC!

      He is one nasty dude in every way you can imagine - along w/some that serve in his cabinet and administration.

      Trump (and those surrounding him) have already spread a horrible pox upon our nation and the world!

  4. Anonymous6:41 AM

    Shun him the world over!

  5. Anonymous6:44 AM

    Rosie O’Donnell is willing to play Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live

    Now that Melissa McCarthy has pulled off a Saturday Night Live portrayal of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer with comedic perfection, and now that word has leaked out of Donald Trump souring on Spicer because he was played by a woman, the internet has spent the past day trying to convince Rosie O’Donnell to begin portraying Steve Bannon on SNL. And she now says she’s willing to do it.

    The pieces, of course, line up perfectly. SNL has thus far been portraying Steve Bannon as a costumed grim reaper, a sight gag which has worked but won’t hold up comedically forever. That means the role is basically open for the right actor. And with the confirmation today that Trump truly does now Sean Spicer as being “weak” because he was portrayed by a woman, it just about mandates that Bannon also be played by a woman. On top of it, there’s no one Donald Trump hates more than Rosie O’Donnell, as he’s launched one asinine sexist attack on her after another during the course of his campaign.

    It’s not that Rosie is campaigning for the role of Steve Bannon, but rather that the internet is begging her to do it. When one Twitter used asked her to take on the role, she responded with “I am here to serve – alec has trump – melissa has spice – I would need a few days to prepare – so if called – I will be ready.” When another user asked her to do it, she repeated that she’s “available – if called I will serve!!!”

    We look forward to any opportunity for Rosie O’Donnell to get her well deserved revenge on Donald Trump. And if Bannon being played by a woman leads Trump to sour on Bannon in the manner which he’s reportedly soured on Spicer, even better. Bannon is a white supremacist who doesn’t belong in the White House. If Rosie and SNL can team up to somehow get him fired, fantastic.



    Donald Trump has soured on “weak” Sean Spicer because a woman played him on SNL


    1. Anonymous7:58 AM

      I hope Rosie is used for the role on SNL! That would be the icing on the cake as Trump would be SO pissed! There is nothing better than getting under his thin-skinned, egomaniac attitude/personality!

      He has no control as to SNL as to what they do, say or use. Their ratings have escalated even though Trump keeps trying to bring them down! It'll never happen! The majority in our country are very much anti Trump and it's high time he recognizes the fact!

      Go for it, Rosie! We're behind you 100%.

    2. A further insult to Trump would be to have his entire administration played by women.


      Can you see Betty White as Jeff Sessions?

      And Ellen DeGeneris as Mike Pence would drive them up the walls. Not only a woman but a LESBIAN!

      The only one I disagree with is Meryl Streep as Donald Trump. Alec Baldwin should continue that.

      They should also bring in that actress from Colbert that is doing Melania. She is spot on!

      Although in fairness to this exercise in casting, I think Melania should be played by a MAN.

  6. Anonymous6:54 AM

    Trump Is Attempting to Delegitimize Barriers To His Tyranny

    ...Donald Trump cannot and will not accept that he is not the ultimate authority in America and has demonstrated that if he is not granted, by his own decree, uncontested and unchecked power, he will systematically delegitimize any opposition to his goal of becoming supreme ruler.

    Although Trump has not yet attempted to delegitimize the United States Congress, he will get around to them as soon as they fail to unconditionally acquiesce to his demands or do required acts of obeisance at the mere mention of his name. However, he has spent no small amount of time and energy casting aspersion on the judiciary branch of government, the press, and the intelligence community; only because they are not in a state of thrall over Trump and in fact did their jobs as public servants. And yes, journalists are public servants; just ask one how little they earn for informing the population about what their government and elected officials are up to.

    Trump has been up to no good since he entered the race for the presidency,


    1. Anonymous7:49 AM

      Watch goofy face Paul Ryan in our U.S. Congress. He's in step and supporting Trump at this time....he's Catholic and it'll be interesting to see when his faith and beliefs lead him against Donald Trump whose horrible deeds are already underway!

  7. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Trump’s List of Attacks Were Covered Extensively by the Media He Says Ignored Them

    "Worth noting," CNN's Jim Acosta observed with great relish. "WH was able to assemble this list... from media reports."


  8. Anonymous6:58 AM

    The Theory That Explains The Anger Of Our Political Moment


  9. It is good thing that the Orange Julius won't be addressing the Parliament.

    They would not be able to decipher his 140 character rhetoric anyway.

    If they did, there would be shoes flying.

  10. Anonymous7:46 AM

    I hope the media and cable TV constantly rub it in Trump's face as to the outstanding job President Obama did as POTUS throughout his two terms. All done in spite of the constant Republican obstruction led by McConnell and Ryan.

    Trump will never meet the capabilities of President Obama. He's too evil and ego driven. The boy/man literally appalls me and will never represent me as potus.

    Trump will be impeached and/or driven from office is what I see on the horizon.

    1. The contrast between how Obama improved this country despite the obstruction of the Republicans to how Trump destroys this country with the full control of the Republicans will be stark.

      History books will not deal kindly with Trump. He will be at the bottom of the lists of presidents and Obama will be very near the top.

  11. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Second amendment nutters in action!
    Possible trumpster sighting in Michigan. $1500.00 bail is less than the funerals they could have needed.


    "Two men were arrested Sunday after police say they walked into the Dearborn Police Department wearing tactical vests and armed with cameras, an AP-14 and a handgun."

  12. Anonymous7:58 AM

    POLITICS FEB 7 2017, 10:31 AM ET
    Melania Trump Missing out on 'Multi-Million Dollar' Deals, Libel Lawsuit Says

    First lady Melania Trump can't adequately cash in on her multimillion-dollar brand following false reports that she once worked as a high-paid escort, she says in a freshly filed lawsuit against an online tabloid....


    1. Since when is the First Twat supposed to be making multi-million dollar deals?

      I suppose this is a line Trump handed to her to get her to agree to pose as his wife during the campaign. That she'll get her own line, her own deals and make enough money to be independent of him.

  13. Anonymous8:01 AM


    Onward, christian soldiers,
    Marching as to war,
    With the cross of jesus,
    Going on before!

    1. Anonymous10:03 AM

      How hateful.

  14. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I absolutely cannot stand to hear rump talk or his deplorable scientologist gypsies. When we get through rounding them up, locking them up we will have a heck of a luau. I believe President Obama and staff are working to take them down and ring their bell.

  15. Anonymous8:25 AM

    drumpf's tiny hands and penis.

    "“I don’t think I have received such a big hand since I walked down the colonnade at the White House.”


  16. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I hear that in response to this that trump is banning the import of English muffins.

    1. Will they be called "Freedom Muffins" now?

  17. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Can we the people find out whom trump is hosting this week? The county sheriffs across the land. Would this be the famous Constitutional Sheriffs of America? Those that believe they are more powerful than the USA President? Who are they? Where do they live? What do they want? and Why. How were they elected? and why?

  18. Anonymous9:00 AM

    O/t. Damn we have another idiot with money for Education Secretary.

    1. She bought it.

      All of the senators she donated big money to voted for her except for Murkowski. Murkowski got over $43,000 in donations from the DeVos family but still voted against her confirmation.

      Rubio got over $100,000.

      Every senator that voted to confirm needs to be told that money will be donated to their opponent in their next election. If you're in their district/state, you'll vote for their opponent.

      I think Democrats should register as Republicans just to vote against these cocksuckers in the primary.

  19. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I am in the minority, but I would like to see aDump speak before Parliament. Why? So the foreign press (international press) could get a closeup look at what a shitgibbon we Americans are having to put up with. He'd be an utter embarrassment (think Sarah and her off the wall speech-a-fying.)

    1. As long as they show an empty Parliament, fine. Let their legislators shun Trump and boycott his speech.

    2. Anonymous4:33 PM

      I think it was in The Guardian that I read that were aDump be invited to speak to Parliament there would be few people present. And the ones who walked out would be protesting outside. Those who stayed would talk throughout the Dump's speach. I love the Brits.

  20. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Adump! ROTFLMAO!
    Yeah, it is not because they are disrespectful, it's because he has no vocabulary! They know they will be embarrased for him.

  21. Anonymous1:23 PM


    O"submitted the accounting to the U.S. Office of Government Ethics Jan. 18, two days ahead of President Donald Trump’s inauguration."

    ALL GOOD! :-)

  22. I'm sure it doesn't help that the Trump administration's travel ban insulted a U.K. war hero, one of only two living recipients of the Victoria Cross.

    Johnson Beharry was invited to speak at a Veteran's dinner honoring him.

    He missed the dinner because CBP detained him for over three hours at the airport.

    Beharry is a U.K. citizen. But because he had been to Iraq they detained him. Why was he in Iraq? He was stationed there fighting along side the U.S. against ISIS!


    Many are affronted by the disrespectful treatment Beharry received at the hands of the U.S. border patrol on the orders of Donald Trump.

    I hope that not only is Parliament closed to Trump but that the Queen refuses to greet him. She's 90. She's been queen for 65 years. She shouldn't have to put up with any more bullshit from petty dictators like Trump. I'm sure she'll be "under the weather" and be unable to meet him due to illness. She'll recover very quickly once he's left.

    Trump should be snubbed around the world.

  23. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Devos donates millions. Lands job.

    Gov palin doesn't hire people who helped her campaign and who expected handout, condemned.

    Hillary had nannies raising one child her whole life. Sarah rarely missed a kid event, actually cooks and cooks decent despite saying she's not the cook of her siblings, and never misses a family event. Condemned.

  24. Anonymous7:15 AM

    Quitter Gov Palin's son beats pregnant girlfriend and goes to jail. Palin missed that family event. Quitter Gov Palin's co Gov gets beat nearly to death, broken bones, in critical condition and yet she lingers the next day at a retirement community in Florida.

  25. Anonymous7:21 AM

    Guess the next country on the ban list will be Britain.

    Sorry donnie the Queen is not available; she is out walking her corgies.


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