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Mitch McConnell utilizes arcane Senate rule to keep Elizabeth Warren from reading letter written by MLK's widow criticizing Jeff Sessions.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News: 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell resorted to a rarely-used Senate code to stop Sen. Elizabeth Warren from using the words of Dr. Martin Luther King's widow to question Trump's pick for U.S. Attorney General. 

The jarring rebuke prevented Warren (D-Mass.) from speaking after reciting Coretta Scott King’s 30-year-old letter opposing Sen. Jeff Sessions on his failed federal judge nomination.

In the thick of King’s letter, she was first warned that her prior use of Sen. Edward Kennedy’s decades-old remarks criticizing Sessions as “a disgrace to the Justice Department" had violated an arcane Senate bylaw that prohibits lawmakers from disparaging a colleague’s integrity on the floor. 

She was interrupted again, this time by McConnell (R-Ky.), while quoting a piece on sexual violence and slapped with a violation for "impugning the motives and conduct" of Sessions.He said Warren violated Senate Rule XIX a half hour earlier by quoting King, specifically the line “Sessions has used the awesome powers of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens.”

Well that was not very intelligent.

For Mitch McConnell to literally dredge up some out dated rule of decorum to shut down a woman reading aloud from the letter of a civil war icon on the Senate floor is unbelievably short sighted.

Not only did he just vastly increase Warren's number of supporters, and fire up the female and African American voter base, but he may very well have helped to choose the Democrat's 2020 nominee for President.

P.S. It should also be noted that Senator Tom Udall finished reading Coretta Scott King's letter.
He was NOT told to shut and sit down. 


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    OT tea party?:
    " the next election will focus on chaos vs. normalcy or incompetence vs. competence."
    "Politics is about addition, and there could be demand for a rational and thoughtful party in 2020. Democrats would essentially abandon this emerging coalition by seeking to APE Trump."

  2. Anonymous6:43 AM

    Civil war icon?, how about wife of a Civil RIGHTS icon.

    1. Anonymous6:49 AM

      Fredrick Douglass!

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    "We don’t know if Jill $tein was an active participant in any of Russia’s schemes to steal the election for Trump." But Lunching with putin and flynn?
    Read more at>"

    1. Very old news.

      What next? Bernie's honeymoon?

  4. Anonymous6:53 AM

  5. Anonymous6:56 AM

    Doesn't integrity have to exist before it can be disparaged?

    These ratfuckers really have their own interpretation of the constitution.
    But they only want "the others" to live by it. Never themselves. Like their bible.

    They are like children throwing never ending fits.

    Anybody remember, YOU LIE!? Remember how all of the republicans stood up and shouted, You must respect the office! How rude! Shame! Yea, me either.

  6. Anonymous6:57 AM

  7. It is plain as the nose on my face that the Republicans are jumping for joy to openly, unreservedly, blatantly demonstrate their racism, misogyny, xenophobia, and homophobia! These white men, and the white women who prop them up by attacking women who strive for liberty, equality, justice, and the right to control their bodies, are truly the scum of the Earth. As a 60-year old African American woman, I am appalled and angered that Tim Scott, a repugnant individual who has turned his back on his heritage, falls in lockstep with the oppressive authoritarians that make up the GOP. How dare he and the other idiots silence Senator Warren! How dare they silence the words of Mrs. Coretta Scott King, who continued to fight for civil rights after her husband was assassinated!

    This injustice is not merely a matter of gender, race, decorum, or comity! This is an overreaching abuse of power. If it can be done to a US Senator, a highly regarded well respected public servant right there in front of cameras on the FLOOR of the US Senate, then none of us are safe, whether we are at home, church/synagogue/temple/cathedral, school/university, office, car/truck, park, library --- we are not safe! I am not worried about Muslim terrorists; no, my concern is the white terrorists we have right here in this country. And, no we are not safe from Republicans who care not the least iota for our cherished Constitution.

    Every man, woman, boy, or girl must choose --- and choose quickly --- on which side of history are you. No one from 60 years ago is clamoring to reveal he/she was the one cursing and spitting on the Little Rock 9 as they integrated Central High School. None of the hoodlums who jeered at 6year old Ruby Bridges when she was escorted by federal marshals into her first grade classroom -- 50 years ago -- have publicly apologized and repented of their wickedly criminal misdeeds. Trump, Ryan, McConnell, and their cabal are as evil today as those misguided miscreants in the 1950s-60s. If not MORE!!!

    Excuse me, I have some emails to send.

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Thank you for that great comment!

    2. Anonymous7:43 AM

      Thank you Marguerite Hill! I could not have said it better.

    3. Anonymous7:55 AM

      I'm a 65 year old white male and I love you for your comment. Wish I could write so eloquently what needs to be said.

    4. Maguerite, thank you for your powerful writing.
      I have some calls and emails to make as well.

    5. I would be ashamed of my birth country, if 3 million MORE voted for Hillary than Trump.

      This election is illegitimate for so many reasons.

      BLOTUS has no mandate. He is a moral eunuch, as are all who vote with him now.

      Freedom = feeling safe.
      But know you are not alone, Marguerite.
      Something is happening in America: could they be waking up? learning a lesson to not take freedom for granted?

  8. Anonymous7:15 AM

    They won't be happy until they repeal the 15th and 19th amendments. This is just one of the first steps to begin silencing the voice of women, and then blacks.

    1. Anonymous8:50 AM

      I have been saying this for years. First the burka's then take away our right to vote.

  9. Anonymous7:33 AM

    ot?" Rick Santorum excused President Donald Trump for lying about the U.S. murder rate by arguing that the president’s false statements come from “emotion” instead of being “bound by all the facts.” now called ALTernative Bull$HIT!

    1. Anonymous8:58 AM

      If this scum can call BLOTUS on his lies, we are nearing the bottom of ...something.

    2. Anonymous9:33 AM

      Just as bad as Lying For Jesus!

  10. Anonymous7:47 AM

    The RW assholes cannot stand an intelligent, forceful, outspoken woman. Hopefully this will shoot down any hope of them retaining the senate in '18. And Warren as President in '20.

  11. Anonymous7:48 AM

    The shutdown of Elizabeth Warren in the Senate follows a SEXist playbook.

    "women are penalized for speaking up."
    running their mouths more."

    "factors that may involve both perceptual effects such as misjudg- ment of rates of speech and sociological effects such as attitudes to social roles and perception of power relations."

  12. Anonymous8:04 AM

    "Think about it: Senator Warren was silenced in the U.S. Senate for reading the words of Coretta Scott King. We are losing our democracy."

    McConnell’s Senate Floor Sexism Just Gave Us The Best Protest Cry Yet (TWEETS)

    A Defiant Elizabeth Warren Reads Coretta Scott King’s Letter Outside Senate

    These Are The Republicans Who Voted to Strip Elizabeth Warren of Her Right to Speak

    Jeff Merkley reads same letter aloud as Elizabeth Warren; sexist coward Mitch McConnell silent

    1. Anonymous9:01 AM

      Are these bozos TRYING to destroy themselves and their crappy party because they subconsciously know they are shits?

  13. Anonymous8:06 AM

    DOJ Lawyers LITERALLY Argued That Trump Is Above The Law And Untouchable By Any Court (AUDIO)

    ...You know how white supremacists have been calling Trump their “God-Emperor?” Apparently, that has gone to The Donald’s head, as his DOJ lawyers actually argued that he is completely untouchable by any court and his decisions are absolute.

    On Tuesday, August Flentje, Special Counsel to the Assistant U.S. Attorney General, was asked a question that should have been an automatic “no” — Does the President have unchecked power?

    “Are you arguing then that the president’s decision in that regard is unreviewable?” Judge Michelle T. Friedland asked Flentje at one point in the Trump administration’s attempt to get the Muslim ban back up and running. To most, the idea of any leader having unlimited and absolute power in any area of the government is frightening, but to the Trump administration it’s just the way things should be.

    Flentje hesitated briefly, then provided a single-word answer that reveals everything you need to know about the mindset of Trump and his team of white supremacists, Christofascists, and other Deplorables:


    1. Anonymous8:48 AM

      Are these bumbling idiots from the DOJ trump replacements?

      I didn't know that trump university also handed out law degrees.

    2. Anonymous9:02 AM

      Jesus Christ! we are fucked if the American people lets this abide.

    3. Anonymous9:15 AM

      Anon at 8:46 am. Maybe this person's from Liberty Univ. I know the conservatives have been pushing their law school (ha) into federal government.

    4. linda1:23 PM

      According to LinkedIn he got his law degree at Georgetown University. However, he wasn't the first choice to argue this. Look it up.

  14. Anonymous8:09 AM

    The globe is laughing at us.

    Just press the flag and video pops up.

  15. Anonymous8:11 AM

    "“Think of his wife. She’s a really fine person. Jeff has been here 20 years. He’s interchanged with almost all of us. Sometimes you agree with him and sometimes you don’t, but he’s always been a gentleman.”WTF?." the idea that women must be protected and cherished, but not necessarily treated like equals."They have to walk a difficult line of being assertive but not too aggressive, likable but not too much of a pushover. When women speak, people tend to MENtally turn up the volume? {aka as listening up?} "Warren was being unkind and uncivil to a kind, civil “gentleman” who deserved more respect."WTF?" moral panic has a way of getting much more intense when a powerful woman is making a strong statement in public "

    1. Anonymous8:45 AM

      I do declare I might swoon at the thought that this fine gentleman was not treated as such.

      Frankly my Orrin, I could give a damn.

    2. Anonymous9:13 AM

      Sessions may be a "kind, civil gentleman" to white Americans but African Americans have a different opinion of him. And, what on earth, Orrin Hatch, has Sessions' wife got to do with any of this?

    3. Anonymous9:32 AM

      I always though Sessions light up the gaydar screens.

    4. Anonymous10:13 AM

      @9:13 Beaglemon> You made me lol.
      My bet> @9:32 is on to something.. :on the
      ' down-low ' :-o

  16. Anonymous8:14 AM

    1. Anonymous8:28 AM

      " based on the true story of a transgender boy in small-town Nebraska who was beaten, raped, and murdered for his gender identity."advocates call “toxic masculinity” — the idea that to be a “real man” is to be sexually aggressive, unemotional, tough, and even violent, and to view women as objects to be conquered and dominated. We see toxic masculinity in our culture when “women are depicted as submissive, passive, and meek, while men are viewed as strong, dominant, and virile,” Mellissa Withers, a professor at the University of Southern California Institute for Global Health "Men’s sexual violence toward women isn’t perceived as deviant if society values male sexual prowess and aggressive sexual behavior.”

  17. Anonymous8:16 AM

    McConnell and the GOP just stirred up more of a shit storm than if they’d just let Sen. Warren read the letter. More people have now read Coretta Scott King’s damning words than ever would have, absent their boneheaded tactic. Now both the Senate Rs and Sessions look even more racist, misogynistic and authoritarian. Please proceed, Sen. McConnell.

    McConnell Silences Warren. Women Respond On Twitter - Read Letter She Was Forbidden From Reading.

    1. Anonymous12:16 PM

      When Morning Joe went on this morn, what you've said here is what they talked about right into the show. They couldn't believe how "dumb" the GOP had been. As well, they were mortified by what the GOP had done--they objected to it. Oh, and they made such fun of Hatch and the others for being so prim and proper. They had a yeah right attitude about the claims that the Senate had been tainted. They also came across as thinking that there would be a shit storm of outrage and protesting, but of course we've not seen any physical reaction and we've not been hearing from black leaders all day today. The GOP senators have actually dodged a bullet. Even with the Warren shutdown being all over TV today, there's not been a real reaction from the black leaders/community--so, the GOP senate is not having the bad day they were expecting and now they can just tune out any of the complaints about Warren and smile and just look forward to the Sessions vote tonight.

  18. Anonymous8:18 AM

  19. Anonymous8:18 AM

    An open letter to Senator Mitch McConnell

  20. Anonymous8:25 AM

    EVERY single TIME Lisa M. is called out, SO MUST BE dan and don in Alaska. Those two are bore PIG$.

  21. Anonymous8:28 AM

    CNN top headline: "STILL SHE PERSISTED"

  22. Anonymous8:29 AM

    The world has taken Donald Trump's measure: toxic, incompetent, and weak

  23. Anonymous8:31 AM

    It took two men to do the job Elizabeth Warren attempted to do but she still won

    ...So what exactly is the deal here? How is it possible that Warren was censored for the remaining 30 hours of debate while two other Democrats get to read the exact same document she was rebuked for reading? Of course, its easy to assume that this is yet another flagrant example of the racism and misogyny of the GOP leadership; and make no mistake, it most certainly is. But it also suggests something that we’ve suspected all along—that the Republican leadership is absolutely scared shitless of Elizabeth Warren.

    1. Anonymous9:07 AM

      Watch your back, Elizabeth. The Republican Mafia have their backs to the wall more each day: frightened animals lash out.

    2. Anonymous9:08 AM

      Just as they're terrified of Hillary Clinton. Pretty soon trash-talking Congressional subcommittees will begin going after Elizabeth Warren. The 21st century GOP does not like women. Period.

    3. Anonymous10:29 AM


  24. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Sessions used his office, tax payers money to stop black votes.

    Stopped people from voting.

    That alone should be a reason to vote no on his confirmation.

    1. Anonymous9:11 AM

      Apparently no one is supposed to talk about Sessions' past. I guess they're limited to his choice of tie, shirt and haircut.

  25. Anonymous8:39 AM

    Time to get little donnie one of those Fisher Price phones.

    Also check out his hair in the photo, time for a new dye job.
    Trump’s faux-pas diplomacy

    The State Department is struggling to contain the fallout as Trump goes off topic in calls with foreign leaders.

    President Donald Trump spent much of a recent phone call with French President Francois Hollande veering off into rants about the U.S. getting shaken down by other countries, according to a senior official with knowledge of the call, creating an awkward interaction with a critical U.S. ally.

    While the Hollande call on Jan. 28 did touch on pressing matters between the two countries — namely the fight against the Islamic State — Trump also used the exchange to vent about his personal fixations, including his belief that the United States is being taken advantage of by China and by international bodies like NATO, the official said.
    At one point, Trump declared that the French can continue protecting NATO, but that the U.S. “wants our money back,” the official said, adding that Trump seemed to be “obsessing over money."

    “It was a difficult conversation, because he talks like he’s speaking publicly,” the official said. “It's not the usual way heads of state speak to each other. He speaks with slogans and the conversation was not completely organized.”..............

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      To say that Trump's conversation (on the phone or otherwise) is "not completely organized" is being way too kind to him. Like Sarah Palin he speaks in word salad, over seasoned with inanity.

  26. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Bitch McConnell hoing down at a Confederate hodown under the Confederate Traitor flag.

    What do confederates think of racemixing whites????

    1. Anonymous10:21 AM

  27. Anonymous10:39 AM


  28. Anonymous10:39 AM

    How can the senate reasonably debate a cabinet candidate if that person is a senator and there is a rule that one senator can't provide evidence that wld malign another senator?

    Here is where Trump joins me-the swamp is congress and it is badly in need of some draining. We could alway start with term limits!

  29. Anonymous11:00 AM

    oh Please..

    "hoped that if Coretta Scott King were still alive that she would support the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions (R – AL) for attorney general."

  30. Tom Udall, Jeff Merkley and Cory Book all read the letter or parts of it.

    The difference?

    They are men.

    I also think the Republicans reacted to the overnight blowback of what they had done and decided to shut the fuck up before they made it worse.

    #letlizspeak and #shepersisted are trending.

    Warren went immediate to Facebook live and read the letter in it's entirety.

    And there is a movement growing under "Nevertheless. She Persisted."

    The Republicans made a poor decision when they thought they'd shut Elizabeth Warren up.

  31. Anonymous12:07 PM

    My post has too many characters so I will do it in two parts.

    Part 1

    I watched the whole thing play out last night and watched C-SPAN until 4 AM west coast time, when I finally went to sleep, and then turned it back on when I got up, and it really was a great night and next morning of speeches. Early in the evening, Cory Booker—I don’t know how long he was up there speaking for but it seemed like a couple hours—was absolutely magnificent, and others were pretty damn good, too, and I couldn’t believe OR’s Jeff Merkley came back out on the floor in the middle of the night and talked yet again at length. Anyway, what happened to Warren was crazy. That prim asshole Hatch—who another poster has quoted—got up there and went on and on about how the Senate was deteriorating and he’d never seen anything like what he’d seen with Warren. And yeah, he made that comment about Sessions’ wife, which was really ludicrous after he had voted with the other GOP senators that Warren reading the words of MLK’s wife was a horrible thing and slanderous to Sessions. There was a second there when it looked like Rubio was going to speak up for free speech, but of course his reason for getting up there was to talk about being shocked by Warren. John Cornyn tried saying that what had actually gotten Warren booted off the floor was what she’d quoted from Ted Kennedy earlier, his comments from 30 years ago when he said Sessions was a disgrace and should not be made a judge. But that quote had come earlier and only gotten Warren a warning.

    It was obvious, once McConnell objected to the King letter and Warren had been silenced, that some GOPs were thinking about how Americans were going to respond to what happened. The optics alone were bad. The silencing was bad. The insult to the King family was bad. My immediate thought was that word was going to spread like wildfire and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and others were going to be on TV and the House’s Congressional Black Caucus was going to get together and protest and there were going to be protests in the streets in the morning. What happened was so shocking. I expected a huge reaction. None came. CNN was airing a town hall with Sanders and Cruz and reported on the Senate events later. Fox wasn’t saying a thing—they probably did what they always do and made a very brief mention much later. MSNBC reported what was going on in real time and they did great reporting. They got the word out. But there was no reaction from black leaders. There were no spontaneous protests in the streets. Jesse Jackson tweeted once an hour or so after MSNBC reported. Around 8 AM Eastern time, Al Sharpton tweeted once. On the news today there may have been interviews with black leaders, but I saw no members of our black leadership on TV. When I saw what I saw happen last night, I thought there’d be outrage. Today the Senate will vote for Sessions. With nary a peep from black leadership. Or from anyone in the country other than the mostly white Dem senators. It was so obvious last night that the GOP thought there was going to be a huge backlash to McConnell’s move. They didn’t reinstate Warren, but tried blaming her being silenced on the Kennedy quote and, too, Hatch said it was her own words that were before she read the quotes, but of course no one had spoken up against those words. And this morning two senators read the King letter and were not admonished.

  32. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Part 2

    As much as what happened last night is being talked about today, I am sure that the GOP are so relieved that there’s been no real outrage voiced by the African American community and no one of any race went to the streets in spontaneous protest last night or today. Earlier today, when other Dem senators talked about what had happened and read the letter, the GOP were not going to shut them down—if, during the daytime, they did so, then there would be a chance of a loud protest against the GOP and Sessions. People are saying that Warren was shut down because she’s a woman. Some are saying that McConnell’s move was to point to her as the big troublemaker lefty who represents the party now. What the reason or reasons, the GOP did not shut down anyone who read the King letter today. They knew to just let it go. And they were so happy when there was almost complete silence after weeks of huge protests. The last thing they needed was for Sessions’ racism to spark such outrage that the streets filled again. Well, it turns out that the GOP had nothing to worry about. I heard Cory Booker talk last night about how important it was not to remain silent. He read a great deal from John Lewis and read words about not staying silent. Sessions has voted against so many things related to increasing voting and the lives of women and minorities. This stuff is not just old but recent. He’s going to help continue dismantling protections and keeping voices silenced and keeping voters away from the polls and keeping so many black men in prisons for nonviolent crimes.

    But I do not hear anyone from the black community. I hear Cory Booker, but no one else. The Sessions vote will be in a few hours. Yes, the GOP senators are breathing a huge sigh of relief that what they pulled last night didn’t end up in people getting motivated to do anything in response.

    1. Anonymous4:26 PM

      Those 100,000 Detroiters that sat home instead of voting for a woman, should be proud tonight.

  33. Anonymous12:29 PM


  34. Anonymous1:36 PM


  35. Anonymous2:24 PM

    "In reality, silencing Warren probably made McConnell and senior citizen Viagra set cronies in the majority feel good, but it was one of the dumbest things that he could have possibly done.

    Sen. McConnell unleashed a firestorm that took an already angry and motivated Democratic Party to a new level. Thoughts of taking back the Senate in 2018 have moved to the front of Democratic minds." LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!


      "Former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander (D) announced Tuesday that he is starting an advocacy group to punish elected officials who advance restrictions on the right to vote.

      The group, called Let America Vote, will aim to win over public opinion in defense of voting rights. In a statement, Kander said that lawmakers who pass voter restrictions should face “political consequences.”'

      And we all know without voter restrictions and abusive gerrymandering, the Republicans can't win.

  36. You think that smartass McConnell could have seen it coming. But no. He had to go try to make Warren sit down and shut up.

    She read it on Facebook. She posted on Twitter. Rachel Maddow interviewed her.

    And the internet has taken McConnell's words and used them against him: "Nevertheless. She persisted."

    It's now the rallying cry.

    Sean Spicer, that fucking dipshit is saying that if Coretta Scott King were alive today she would support.....Sessons.

    No. Really.

    Melissa McCarthy needs to make a return visit to SNL.

    "Coretta Scott King spoke out against now-Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) when he was nominated for a federal judgeship in 1986. But if she were alive today to see him nominated for attorney general, White House press secretary Sean Spicer hopes she would have changed her mind.

    “I would respectfully disagree with her assessment of Senator Sessions then and now,” Spicer said on Wednesday. “I can only hope that if she was still with us today, that after getting to know him and to see his record and his commitment to voting and civil rights, that she would” regret her opposition."

    I mean, REALLY? Is Spicer taking Trump's meds now?

    Not to be outdone, he then attempts to suppress more criticism of Trump in the form of the botched Yemen raid.

    "White House press secretary Sean Spicer raised eyebrows Wednesday when he argued that anyone questioning the success of a controversial U.S. military raid in Yemen last month was dishonoring Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, the Navy SEAL who died in the operation."

    Personally, I think the greatest tribute to Chief Petty Officer Owens would be to investigate what led to that botched raid in order to ensure it never happened again and no more lives would be lost. THAT is how to respect CPO Owen's sacrifice.


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