Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The ratings for Donald Trump's pre-Superbowl interview are much lower than President Obama's.

Courtesy of Variety:  

President Donald Trump sat down on Sunday afternoon with Fox News for the president’s now-customary pre-Super Bowl interview. The segment with “O’Reilly Factor” host Bill O’Reilly, which aired during Fox Broadcasting’s pre-game coverage around 4 p.m., drew an average audience of 12.2 million viewers.

President Obama’s first pre-Super Bowl interview, with NBC’s Matt Lauer in 2009, brought in an average audience of 21.9 million viewers in Nielsen’s final accounting. The half-hour of 2011’s Super Bowl pre-game coverage — which included O’Reilly’s highly anticipated interview with Obama — attracted an average audience of 17.3 million. In 2016, Obama’s interview drew 14.9 million; in 2015, 16.4 million; in 2014, 18 million. 

The Trump-O’Reilly interview drew a 7.8 household rating in Nielsen’s metered market overnight ratings. President Obama’s last three sit-downs before the Super Bowl drew overnight household ratings of 9.2, 10.2, and 11.5; his first, a 9.6.

Yeah I know, who cares about rating? After all those are not necessarily a good indication of a president's power or popularity.

Maybe, but I know somebody who would disagree with that.

This guy.

In his world ratings are EVERYTHING.

And you know that repeatedly losing out to President Obama is driving him even further out of his mind.


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    GOOD! tick...tick...tick


    A letter from the world. The world.

    1. Anonymous10:24 AM


    2. Anonymous10:36 AM

      Too bad the "president" can't read.

  3. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Today the Republicans too one more step to destroy democracy. This is why we can never ever take our eyes off the important issues and we must fight (in every peaceful way possible) to protect our freedom and the very core of we value in America.

    #WeWillRise #RESIST #TheResistance #donthecon #popularvoteloser

    1. Anonymous10:38 AM

      wow. thanks for posting this even if it adds to the toxity of the news these day. But I am heartened by the resistance movement. Obama, we need you to guide in the legality of impeachment so it works.

    2. Anonymous11:31 AM


      So far both the House and Senate are voting in lockstep with Trump so it's doubtful that they could get the necessary House majority to impeach him.

      Even then, if the House voted to impeach the Senate can overturn it, as happened with Bill Clinton.

      2/3 of the Senate is needed to confirm impeachment meaning 21 Senate Republicans would have to vote to impeach and I don't see this happening.

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    A Nations soul shows thru its leaders eyes. Ours is on a dark place right now.

  5. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Rumors are beginning to spread that a "staged" security threat will happen soon - in order to distract from what the republicans plan on doing and push their choices through quickly... here is one comment about it...

    The rumor mill is suggesting that there's going to be some kind of level 4 security threat, potentially involving civil unrest, tomorrow, possibly (but not necessarily) in or near Washington D.C. It's being suggested that this may be used to expedite Jeff Sessions' appointment to US Attorney General. Couple this rumor with the fact that the GOP silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren during tonight's confirmation hearings, and it spells dark trouble for this republic. This might sound like a conspiracy theory tonight, but keep your eyes and ears on D.C. tomorrow. If something happens, remember, you already heard about it here first, so it might very well be staged....
    And, if it's staged, ask yourself "who would have the most to gain from this?"

    1. Anonymous10:13 AM

      Steve Bannon Believes The Apocalypse Is Coming And War Is Inevitable
      Trump’s top adviser thinks we’re in “the great Fourth Turning in American history.”

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      Trump should be worried about himself if riots are started against minorities. The majority of Americans will know (without a doubt!) who was behind them.

      The racist pig, Donald Trump!

  6. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Is that a GOP face? Palin and Trump have an amazing capacity for ugly expression. Among other ugly characteristics.

  7. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Chuck Schumer Takes a Flamethrower to McConnell’s Attempt to Silence Elizabeth Warren

    Schumer blasted McConnell for the Republican double standard, their undermining of free speech, and charged that their selective enforcement of a rarely used rule in an effort to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren was “the only violation of the spirit of mutual respect and comity in this body that occurred last night.”

    Watch here:

  8. Anonymous10:12 AM

    The orange, crazy person is trapped in his own insanity, and thrives in it!
    Kelly Ann can lie, while demanding we all give
    "HER" president a fair shake. Kelly Ann, pay
    attention: The guy is NUTS, and you cannot save him! Go home and give your kids at least some
    of the attention you shower(no pun intended)
    on "YOUR" president? Besides, you are looking
    a bit haggard and also crazed! Go Home!

  9. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Democrats Were Blindsided By The Tea Party Wave. Now Republicans Worry It Could Happen To Them.
    “There is currently a widespread level of engagement that I’ve not seen in many, many years,” a former Democratic lawmaker observes.

  10. Anonymous10:15 AM

    If I wanted to listen to someone babble incoherently I could listen to old Sarah Palin interviews.

  11. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Fuck Face Drumpf

    1. Anonymous10:32 AM

      He looks more like>Frumpy Drumpfy

  12. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Trump is obsessed with ratings. We don't think he'll like these ones.

    1. Anonymous12:58 PM

  13. Anonymous10:23 AM

    A 700-year-old gargoyle looks almost exactly like Donald Trump

    1. Anonymous10:50 AM

      Worth the Look. Uncanny!

  14. Anonymous10:24 AM

    Donald Trump's presidential approval ratings plunge to new low

  15. Anonymous10:32 AM

    A Pennsylvania lawmaker had strong words for Donald Trump after the president reportedly joked he would "destroy" a Texas lawmaker's career.

    'Hey @realDonaldTrump I oppose civil asset forfeiture too! Why don't you try to destroy my career you fascist, loofa-faced, shit-gibbon!'

  16. Anonymous10:33 AM

    White House Correspondents' Dinner in Trouble as Trump Scares Off Hollywood Stars and Media

    UTA Scraps Oscar Party In Favor of Refugee Rally

  17. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Trump on Immigration Power: I Can Do Whatever I Want

    ...Trump appeared before a conference of police chiefs and sheriffs in Washington Wednesday, reading from a U.S. statute giving the president authority to stop the entry of “any class” of foreigner.

    "You can suspend, you can put restrictions, you can do whatever you want," Trump told the chiefs, after reading the law. "It just can’t be written any plainer or better."

  18. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Because "It's Now or Never," Indivisible Resistance to Trump Gains Steam

    Local 'indivisible' branches coming together to target lawmakers and counter right-wing agenda

  19. SNL's ratings are the best they've ever been in 22 years.

    Last week they hit a high point.

    "Overall this season, the show’s total viewership is up 22 percent compared to this time last year and up 19 percent among 18-to-49-year-olds. Last week’s show was actually the second biggest of the week among 18-to-49-year-olds. "

    Good. That's the demographic we need to wake up to what is going on and mobilize to go out and VOTE in 2018 and 2020.

    "The apparent ratings “Trump bump” isn’t specific to “SNL.” Other political shows and channels have also experienced heightened interest as a result of the near-constant news generated by the president. Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” beat out the apolitical “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” in viewership numbers for the week ending Feb. 3, the first time it’s done so with original episodes since the show’s first week in 2015. CNN and Fox News have both benefited massively as a result of current events, as well.

    But “SNL,” in particular, seems to really, really bother the president. Unfortunately for him, it’s the opposite of “unwatchable” right now.

    In fact, people just can’t seem to get enough."

    You got that right. I want more Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. And I want to see Rosie O'Donnell do Steve Bannon.

    I want Alec Baldwin to win an Emmy.

    1. Anonymous11:37 AM

      We were half-joking the other night about how long it would be before comedians and producers start "disappearing" like when Stephen Fry was murdered in V for Vendetta for producing a satiric show that lampooned the leader.

    2. Anonymous12:14 PM

      Tina Fey could come begging.....back.......

  20. Very scary but explains a LOT about Steve Bannon.

    "“It’s just a conceit. It’s a fiction, it’s all made up,” Wilentz said about cyclical historical models. “There’s nothing to them. They’re just inventions.”

    Michael Lind, a historian and co-founder of the New America Foundation, a liberal think tank, has called Strauss and Howe’s work “pseudoscience” and said their “predictions about the American future turn out to be as vague as those of fortune cookies.”

    But Bannon bought it.

    “This is the fourth great crisis in American history,” Bannon told an audience at the Liberty Restoration Foundation, a conservative nonprofit, in 2011. “We had the Revolution. We had the Civil War. We had the Great Depression and World War II. This is the great Fourth Turning in American history, and we’re going to be one thing on the other side.”"

    If no one starts WWIII, Bannon will do it, just to prove his bullshit theory is correct.

  21. Scientists are fighting back.

    We need this to be as big or bigger than the Women's March.

    "Scientists are organizing a march on Washington for Earth Day, April 22, to protest an “alarming trend” of discrediting scientific consensus and hampering scientific discovery.

    Thought up in the aftermath of the Women’s March on Washington, the March for Science has been described as a nonpartisan “celebration of science” that opposes anti-science agendas on both sides of the aisle. It’s a call for protecting and supporting the scientific community, as well as fighting the mischaracterization of science as a partisan issue. Organizers say scientists and their supporters can no longer afford to stay silent while scientific inquiry is denigrated and sidelined.

    The march through the streets of Washington will culminate in a rally on the National Mall with speakers addressing the affect of science on everyday life. Satellite marches are also being planned. The five stated goals for the march are to humanize science, stand up for scientists, advocate for open inclusive and accessible science, form partnerships with the public and affirm science as a central part of a functioning democracy."

    1. Anonymous12:55 PM

      March 15th "Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump

      Write one postcard. Write a dozen! Take a picture and post it on social media tagged with #TheIdesOfTrump
      on March 15th, mail your messages to:
      President (for now) Donald J. Trump
      The White House
      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
      Washington, DC 20500

  22. Anonymous1:02 PM

    OT? YES!

  23. Anonymous1:25 PM

  24. Anonymous2:00 PM

    I think that was the "poll number" that had him so distressed immediately after the game. My God, to have no worry more serious than poll numbers or ratings and be the president of the United States. . . .

  25. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I'd like to see the number that changed the channel when Trump came on.

  26. Anonymous4:12 PM

    So trump came in second to Obama again, this is getting old :)

    Trump is 2nd president to tout unfinished Intel factory

    By JOSH BOAK - The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump on Wednesday held up Intel's plan to invest more than $7 billion in an Arizona factory as a win for his economic agenda, but it's also a reminder that not all corporate commitments come to fruition.

    Trump was the second president to celebrate the computer chip maker's attempts to expand its domestic production at the same facility in Chandler, Arizona.

    In 2012, Obama went to the factory's construction site and celebrated that the plant would produce "some of the fastest and most powerful computer chips on Earth."

    "Let's stop rewarding businesses that ship jobs overseas," Obama said at the time. "Let's reward companies like Intel that are investing and creating jobs right here in the United States of America."

    But by 2014, however, Intel had pulled back from finishing the factory. The company said Wednesday that it expects to open the plant known as "Fab 42" within four years.

  27. Wait for it.


    FAKE RATINGS! Those ratings are FAKE. They're based on millions of illegal viewers.


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