Friday, February 03, 2017

More than half of Americans wish that Barack Obama were still our President.

Facts are fake news folks. Never believe the facts.
Courtesy of PPP: 

Less than 2 weeks into Donald Trump's tenure as President, 40% of voters already want to impeach him. That's up from 35% of voters who wanted to impeach him a week ago. Only 48% of voters say that they would be opposed to Trump's impeachment. 

Beyond a significant percentage of voters already thinking that Trump should be removed from office, it hasn't taken long for voters to miss the good old days of Barack Obama...52% say they'd rather Obama was President, to only 43% who are glad Trump is.

According to the polling site Americans think that just about everything Trump is doing is wrong.

On the Muslim ban:  

52% of voters think that the order was intended to be a Muslim ban, to only 41% who don't think that was the intent. And the idea of a Muslim ban is extremely unpopular with the American people- only 26% are in favor of it, to 65% who are against it.

On Steve Bannon:  

Only 19% of voters see Bannon favorably, to 40% who have a negative opinion of him. Only 34% of voters approve of his being given a seat on the principals committee of the National Security Council, to 44% who are opposed to that. What's particularly telling is that only 19% of voters think Bannon belongs in that seat on the National Security Council more than the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Director of National Intelligence, to 59% who believe those folks are more deserving of that place at the table. Even Trump voters think he's gone too far on that front- by a 40/35 margin they think the more traditional members should have that position rather than Bannon.

On Obamacare:  

Obamacare continues to become more popular the more talk there is about repealing it. 46% of voters now say they support it to just 41% who are opposed. And only 33% of voters think the best course of action is for Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act and start over, to 62% who think it would be better to keep it and fix the parts that need fixing.

As for his trustworthiness Trump loses against just about everybody:

-By a 51/37 spread voters say John McCain has more credibility than Trump. 

-By a 52/41 spread voters say the Washington Post has more credibility than Trump. 

-By a 51/42 spread voters say the New York Times has more credibility than Trump. 

-By a 50/42 spread voters say CNN has more credibility than Trump.

Once again I am struck by how many Americans are still supporting Trump and his policies kind of like that last slow kid in PE who always gets hit in the face by the ball because his reflexes never kick in fast enough to save him. 

For some people it takes getting hit a number of times before they get the hint.

While others are always going to be running around with tape holding their glasses together.

Of course the best thing about these numbers is that you know they will really burn Trump's ass.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    I cant even believe 20% would approve of this mess and destruction. polls are rigged. fake news again.

  2. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Washington State Attorney General says no one is above the law, not even the president.

    Seattle Weekly
    ‘No One Is Above the Law’: Federal Judge in Seattle Puts Trump’s Immigration Order On Ice

    “The Constitution prevailed today.”

    1. Anonymous4:58 PM

      So proud to see Washington, Oregon, and California's leaders stand together in solidarity. Maybe we should secede and join Canada as previously postulated!

    2. Anonymous6:31 PM

      "The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer":

      Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, in which Gorsuch quoted former national security adviser Henry Kissinger

    3. Anonymous6:48 PM

      @4:58 No prob here from a WA resident. Canada would be a relief from the shit show in the WH!

    4. Anonymous6:56 PM

    5. Anonymous7:11 PM

      Maybe we should secede and join Canada as previously postulated!
      You may want to think twice, Kevin O'Leary is running for PM. think trump only bald.

      For fun he went to a shooting range on the day they had the funeral services for the mosque shootings.

  3. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Who is "he" put his hand on my head? Is she talking about Track Palin the son of Christian Sarah Palin and brother to Christian Bristol?


    This sounds like Sarah Palin is not a good mother. She fantasized of being the first woman president while ignoring the needs of her family. Sarah has at least four grandkids from two of her children and only one grandchild may have been conceived during marriage. Her daughter has two of them from two different guys and she wasn't married.

    "He put his hand on my head and squeezed as hard as he could while our son was in the room. He also hawked a giant ball of spit in my face.”
    -Jordan Loewe

    Loewe says that she has witnesses to the violence, and of Palin threatening to kill her and others.

    1. Anonymous5:09 PM

      People mistakenly believe Track was referring himself when Jordan said he threatened to put both of them in the ground, but he was referring to the friend that was in the car with Jordan.

      Sarah failed at raising or buying a hard-bodied warrior, one likes to beat women and the other likes to tell tall tales about his valor.

      But on the bright side, this poll is more bad news for Sarah's pond scum to ignore.

    2. Anonymous5:11 PM

      Are you posting this on every thread? we are discussing trump

    3. Anonymous6:33 PM

      As if we couldn't live one DAY without it, 5:11 PM. PAC's dried up, web page a bust, gotta keep that POS tribe at the forefront one way or another!

    4. Becky Baker7:31 PM

      Agreed 5:11 and 6:33 pm. This stuff gets REALLY old when the adults are trying to weigh in on other, more pressing subjects. I wish Gryphen would block these posts.

    5. Anonymous8:37 PM

      It's not totally irrevelent . Palin's supporters are who voted for Trump

      Palin started the blame game and the lame stream media bs. This is what Trump is using as a template.

      It was not Palin's idea she is not that smart. It was a tool thought up by the Rebublicans to divert stupidity and it worked. Palin was the catalyst.

    6. Anonymous9:12 PM

      @8:37 the fact that Trump voters also likely supported Sarah Palin is tangential, at best. You need to grow up and get a friggin'life.

  4. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Don't forget Bill Maher tonight, IMers!

    1. Anonymous5:20 PM

      I haven't watched him in a few years but maybe he is worth a gander. Never forgave him for fucking Ann Coulter but now that we have prognathic jawed KellyAnne, Coulter seems light weight.

    2. Anonymous6:32 PM

      He truly is worth a gander, 5:20 PM. I wouldn't miss him - on Cable - Fridays - evening.

      He's funny, sarcastic, well read, knowledgeable, has panels representing all parties, asks good questions, some discussion become somewhat heated, etc.

      I especially love his humor! He's sharp, well read and has a terrific memory!

  5. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Yeah, I would like that, potus Obama. Kaisich can be our prez. It most likely would have been mostly predidential and professional. Of course mitch the botch and paul two faced ryan would have been causing chaos.

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Buncha morons that voted for Trump have basically cost us our country for the next 20 years. Good going assholes, at least you will suffer the most.

    1. Anonymous5:50 PM

      True that! They WILL, and what I've never understood? This evangelical crap of "hastening the return of Jesus" that they don't even follow the teachings of in real life.

      Even the Bible New Testament says, "no one knows the day nor the hour," but there they are! Oh......that's right, they never left the OLD.

    2. Anonymous6:08 PM


      I really don't know anything about your bible so I'll have to take your word for it :-)

      My parents raised us without any religious interference.

    3. Anonymous6:19 PM

      6:08 I hope you realize how very lucky you were. It took me four decades to break free of religion and break free I did. I am raising my son without religious indoctrination.
      Dog, I wish I could regain the years of m life spent in church. What a waste. What a different life I'd have lived had m parents not been religious nuts.
      Oh well, better late than never.

    4. We can change the course of this mess by taking back Congress in 2018. Vote DEM all the way and the president, whomever he may be, will lose his power!

    5. Anonymous6:44 PM

      5:50 PM here. I did not mean to offend anyone, just calling out how idiotic that thinking is.

    6. Becky Baker7:34 PM

      Anonymous 6:08pm you are very, very fortunate. My childhood religious indoctrination didn't take from fairly on but I still feel like every moment that I did spend in chirch related activities was wasted. Kudos to your parents!

  7. Anonymous5:18 PM

    trump should be really proud of himself, managed to get his poll numbers up, oops that was for impeachment. Sorry

  8. Anonymous5:22 PM

    DeVos opposition snowballs into avalanche

    Adversaries of Betsy DeVos are mounting a furious last-minute bid to sink her nomination for Education secretary, with tactics that include a “tie-breaker telethon” in Alaska, a flood of emails to U.S. senators and celebrity appeals to millions of Twitter followers.

    Sen. Brian Schatz, a Hawaii Democrat, said on Twitter that the last three days had “been the busiest in Capitol switchboard history” by “almost double.” He urged opponents of DeVos to “keep it up.”

    A final vote is expected Tuesday, and as it stands, Vice President Mike Pence is expected to be summoned to the Capitol to push DeVos over the top. DeVos cleared a key procedural hurdle Friday morning.

    1. Anonymous5:40 PM

      Hey Alaskan’s how about calling your senator Dan and tell him to vote against DeVos.

      Could be the tiebreaker and make up for “giving us” sarah palin :) And at least it will annoy the hell out of him.
      “Mitchell and her group, Great Alaska Schools, cheered Murkowski's decision to oppose DeVos. This weekend, they’re organizing “a tie-breaker telethon,” collecting comments to deliver to their other senator, Dan Sullivan, who has said he’ll vote to confirm her.”

    2. Anonymous6:29 PM

      Murkowski voted this way ONLY because she knew DeVos would be approved. She voted against her to get herself reelected by Alaskans next go around.

      She's playing Alaskans once again! Was told how to do it by Mitch McConnell whom she falls in step w/every time! Check her record, Alaskans! She's fucking playing all of you!

    3. Anonymous6:43 PM

      5:40 we have! I am so proud of us for pulling together 30,000 calls as of yesterday to Sen. Murkowski. It is young people who are spearheading this movement! The torch has passed and our children are more politically energized that their elders. Look for more change in Alaska, we won’t be bullied.

  9. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Bush-Appointed Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban Nationwide

    Donald Trump’s executive order targeting refugees and Muslims was dealt its most serious blow yet on Friday, with a George W. Bush-appointed federal judge in Seattle putting an immediate nationwide halt to the immigration ban.

    More from Politico:

    U.S. District Court Judge James Robart ruled in favor of the attorneys general of Washington state and Minnesota on a lawsuit they brought seeking to overturn the order limiting travel to the U.S. by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

    “The state has met its burden in demonstrating immediate and irreparable injury,” Robart said, according to local press reports.

    The temporary ruling from Robart, an appointee of President George W. Bush, appeared to be the most sweeping legal rebuke to the order since Trump issued it a week ago.

    America Tells Trump He Is A Terrible President With Record High Disapproval Rating

    Donald Trump has set a record by registering the highest disapproval rating of any newly elected president in the history of polling.

    ...A deeper look inside the numbers reveals that Trump is only at a (+4) net approval with men (51%-47%). He is at a net (-20) net approval with women (38%-58%). President Trump is at a net (+8) approval (53%-45%) with white voters, but he is a net (-42) with non-white voters (28%-70%). There is a definite generational divide on Trump as respondents under age 45 give him a net (-30) approval rating (33%-63%), but those over age 45 give him a net (+8) approval rating (53%-45%). Trump has a negative approval rating in every region of the country, but the South. The core of the President’s support is with white non-college grads (59%) approval, Republicans (90%) approval, and conservatives (81%).

    The numbers are so bad for Donald Trump that he is beginning his term with his support teetering on the brink of collapse. If Trump slips even a little bit with white voters, he will be risking a complete plummet of his support. Trump has no wiggle room. The actions that he has taken early on have only driven voters away from him.

    Strange things can happen in American politics, so one never wants to suggest that a president is doomed, but the early part of a first term is traditionally the honeymoon period, and as things get more difficult approval ratings usually slide.

    If this happens to Trump, his support with the American people will fall straight off the cliff.

    Incompetent Trump Accidentally Shuts Down All Tourism With Executive Order

    Immigration lawyers are warning that in his rush to ban Muslims. President Donald Trump's Executive Order also contained language that shut down all tourism to the United States.

    ...It is time to stop pretending like there is some hidden intellect or master plan, and admit that the United States is being led by a man who has no idea what he is doing.

  10. Anonymous5:43 PM

    A group of Arizona state legislators is proposing a bill that would find charities in the state $1000 a day for helping to each refugee that they help to settle.

    The Arizona Daily Sun reported, “Unable to block the federal government from sending refugees to Arizona, six Republican lawmakers want to penalize the charities that help them resettle here….The potentially more far-reaching part of her legislation would impose a fine on charities of $1,000 a day for each refugee it helps place in the state. And if a refugee is arrested, the charity would be financially liable for the cost of arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of that person. Burges conceded that she is using that approach because, realistically, it’s the only option available to her to stem the flow of refugees.”

    The cruelty behind this legislation operates on numerous levels. Arizona Republicans are attempting to criminalize legal refugees, and are punishing non-profit organizations that are often strapped for cash with absurd fines for simply trying to fulfill their mission of helping people in need.

    Many charities are faith-based and attempted to carry out the teachings of their religion by helping others. Those charities and non-religious organizations alike would see their good acts become crimes punishable with fines of $1000 per day per offense.

    ...Republicans are attempting to beat back a changing demographic tide by targeting refugees and immigrants with foolish and destructive laws. It won’t work. The change is coming, and all these proposed laws and executive orders are doing are revealing the true face of the Republican Party.

    1. Becky Baker7:38 PM

      That's mighty Christian of you, Repiblicans! I hate them with the heat of a thousand suns!

  11. Anonymous5:43 PM

    Poor Donnie won’t be able to enjoy his mansion because of protestors, boo hoo.

    Also if donnie thinks making Mar a Lago his winter white house is going to turn him into a Kennedy, he is really bonkers.

    Looks like he has packed on more pounds

    Protests over vetting order follow Trump to Florida

    ... He claimed he polished up his inaugural address at the Winter White House, the second president to do so on Palm Beach after John F. Kennedy....

    ...... Stone, however, wondered if the unpleasant trappings of the presidency will wear on Trump at Mar-a-Lago and beyond.

    “Donald used to come and go as he pleases, and now he can’t and he has protesters on top of that. He’s a man who does not like to be contained,” Stone said. “Mar-a-Lago is like an oasis for him. But if feels he can’t go there to unwind, I wonder if it will make him go crazy.”

    1. Anonymous6:11 PM

      I hope that Rogue POTUS Staffer twitter account is for real. If not, spot on satire!

    2. Anonymous6:26 PM

      Donald Trump and his klan do not have the class of The Kennedy Family. No way, no how! They are not even close!

    3. Anonymous9:13 PM

      Unfortunately the Rogue POTUS staffer twitter account was found to be most likely a fake.

      Yesterday they posted something with a photo of a whitehouse elevator. It was pointed out to them that it was a stock photo of the whitehouse elevator and they promptly deleted the entire tweet.

    4. Anonymous1:52 AM

      Did the florida plants, camara's and bugs get installed? Its a nice weekend for a protest and hack. 2 weeks and the ass and flakes take a business vacation on the taxpayer dime. Thank you God, We forgive them for they are sinners and we Pray for Justice.

  12. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Nancy Pelosi Backs BOMBSHELL Legislation That Could Kick Trump Out Of Office (VIDEO)

  13. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Schwarzenegger trounces Trump in latest round of Twitter war

    1. Anonymous9:06 PM


  14. Anonymous5:57 PM

    44/53--CNN Poll has the "Babbling Pig Bladder" underwater--and then some!

  15. Anonymous6:10 PM

    U.S. military scrambles to explain why it posted a 10-year-old video to show its Yemen raid was a success

    1. Anonymous6:16 AM

      The rest of the shit they got was just that I'll bet: Shit! These poor terrorists do not have any big tech plans. Be aware people. Any high level plan has very dirty fingers and minds behind it. Look at what they have been able to do in Europe: drive a big rig. A lot of carnage but not a lot of masterminding behind it needed. This is the small stuff they are capable of. With Russia's help they could get some dirty bombs.
      With our help they can do another 9/11 like the first time.
      Wake up!
      I am nervous about something coming soon. The REd Cross is advertising for blood and platelets.Ya need platelets in a nuke attack and they only last 7 days in storage. But they aren't needed until a week after radiation I'm getting nervous.

  16. Here is another fucking right wing Yooper who could have Micro Penis Synd6:11 PM

    Does the thought of another Kent State Massacre give a warm feeling running down your leg? Shooting a few of those anti-Trump protesters is just what you think the constitution calls for? Maybe the thought of protester blood in the streets raises a little hard lump in your pants? You might be a Republican then...

    "UPDATED: Northern Michigan Republican calls for “another Kent State” to deal with campus protesters

    Yesterday, Marquette County Republican Party secretary and former Chair Dan Adamini thought it would be hilarious to call for “another Kent state” to quell a protest that occurred on the campus of UC Berkeley where Breitbart writer and senior editor Milo Yiannopoulous was scheduled to speak.

    On Facebook, Adamini wrote, “The violent protests at our universities certainly indicates Portage acacian at the lower level. I’m thinking another Kent State might be the only solution protest stopped after only one death. They do it because they know there are no consequences yet.”"

    This guy might be one sick Yooper motherfucker.

    1. Anonymous6:20 PM

      When he gets called out on it, he will claim: It was only a joke.

  17. Anonymous6:20 PM

    One less crook:

    Viola withdraws as Trump’s Army secretary nominee

    Viola is the first of Trump’s nominees to withdraw from consideration.

    Viola, the founder of electronic trading firm Virtu Financial and owner of the Florida Panthers National Hockey League team, withdrew over financial issues in his vetting, according to administration officials.

  18. Anonymous6:23 PM

    I'm one that wishes President Obama had been able to serve a third term! God, do we need him over this jerk that is a total imbecile!

    Trump will never last in the White House for a term....see him being jerked out of office in not the best way even he could imagine!

    Impeachment here we come and it can't be soon enough!

    1. Anonymous6:58 PM

      Yeah, but then we're left with fuckin' fundamentalist Pence, who doesn't come close to resembling his Jesus. Kinda like $arah/Esther.

      Oh and fuck every hypocritical politician who is on the federal payroll, not standing for one good goddamn thing. Here's looking at you, Mitch McConnell.


    2. Anonymous8:51 PM

      At least Pence is somewhat sane and can be controlled.

      Even the Republican Party has it's limits for their own gain but still the smart ones that are left can see the future.

    3. He won't have the integrity to resign like Nixon.

      He'll be the first president to be successfully impeached and THROWN out of the White House.

      Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached but both acquitted in the Senate.

      I think if Trump is impeached, the Senate will convict and he'll be out. If it goes far enough for the House to impeach, there will be enough Senators to convict.

    4. Anonymous6:09 AM

      They will have to put 100$ bills on a stick and lead him out door chasing them.

    5. Anonymous6:10 AM

      The entire ticket would need to go .

  19. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Hey businesses in palm whatever don't deliver food. Indicate we have sold out. All kinds of businesses sell out on whatever repubic grabbers want.

  20. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Every day I wish President Obama was still steering the ship. It is terrifying to be governed by such an unqualified man, but the more disturbing aspect is so many Americans who voted for Trump think he is qualified for the presidency. We have some serious ignorance among the populace.

  21. Trump beheads the Statue of Liberty magazine cover6:38 PM

  22. Anonymous6:54 PM

  23. Anonymous7:06 PM

    WE didn’t’ t elect him, let’s get rid of him, just say no to political hacks in the NSC!!!!

    Senate Committee now taking calls on Bannon's appointment to Security Council! Here's contact info
    The Senate Committee on Homeland Security is now taking your calls on Steve Bannon's appointment to the National Security Council.
    The Southern Poverty Law Center reported last night that the Committee is tallying calls and emails. Here is all the information you need to contact the Committee.
    Main Number: 202-224-4751
    · Call and express your opposition to Bannon's appointment to the NSC. If you're not sure what to say, here are some reasons to oppose the decision.
    · If the mailbox is full, try again in a few hours. They empty the mailbox every day at noon EST (9:00 am PST) and every night. There's no limit to how often you can call.
    Main Email: email the committee using this form

    Committee Members: here are all 15 members of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and how to contact them directly. Just one call makes a difference and it takes less than 5 minutes......

  24. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Trump really is one hideous human being, isn't he?

  25. Anonymous7:35 PM

    'Once again I am struck by how many Americans are still supporting Trump and his policies kind of like that last slow kid in PE who always gets hit in the face by the ball because his reflexes never kick in fast enough to save him. '

    -Those are the people in *my* neck of the woods, Gryphen! However, even HERE, in mahogany-red, rural Ohio, people are starting to wake from a red-haze of a fog, shake their heads, and go, "Huh? They are rilly gunna take our ACA? I thought they wuz gunna just take Obamacare frum the Bhah's! And they are rilly, seriously gunna be privatizin' Medicare? Whut?..." I feel like screaming my new catchphrase at them; "FEEL STUPID YET?!?!?"

    'Of course the best thing about these numbers is that you know they will really burn Trump's ass.'

    -Oh, you can lay GOOD MONEY down on the fact that Trumplethinskin is going to have a sh*tfit about those numbers for certain!

  26. Anonymous7:46 PM

    And now we have Ivanka meeting with CEO"S of company's while Melania sits in Trump Tower.

    Do you think for one minute the alt right would put up with this bullshit from Michelle Obama? We have an MIA First Lady that is costing New York a million dollars a day for security because she has an autistic kid and cant speak English after 20 years of being here.

    They bitched about the Obamas taking a vacation but they don't bitch about this.

    Trump is flying to Mar A Lago this weekend and so is Melania what the hell is that going to cost us? We are paying to protect Trump real estate. As of now we have no First Lady but we sure are paying for one. Trump drags his Son In Law and daughter into the White House and they have no business being there.

    Impeach this idiot. No one voted for Ivanka or her husband. We will not lie down, we will not go quietly.

    We do not tolerate Kings.This is still America. I will tell you i am sixty years old and never really got involved in politics until now.This is a time to make a stand, whether it be calls, marches or donations. I want my Country back. I want to feel that an insane idiot like Trump can be taken down, and it's up to us to do it.

    1. Anonymous2:07 AM

      Expose the trump cult and never give up on America. Millions are standing and fighting against trump everyday. America will win.

    2. Anonymous7:45 AM

      I recognized what bothered me about Trump's nepotism is that it is like royalty as if a given his heirs are entitled to special positions.

    3. Anonymous2:46 PM

      what the hell is that going to cost us?
      At least $3million plus Eric went on a two day BUSINESS trip to Uruguay that cost us $100,000

  27. Anonymous9:44 PM

    How well did those polls work for you on election night? Maybe the big doctorate Maddow can give another genius interpretation of the polls like she did before the election.

    1. Anonymous1:57 AM

      I'm looking forward to the Maddow trump impeachment segments coming. She does explain corruption well along with Lawrence. Mr. Trump wont like it.

    2. Anonymous6:08 AM

      Rachel has probably forgotten more than you will ever even know.

    3. Anonymous6:14 AM

      I can't wait for Dr. Maddow to announce the polls were right, we now have evidence of election fraud and tampering.

    4. Anonymous7:57 AM

      lol. It is great to go fishing for the Maddow Morons. Three bites!

    5. I see this idiot finally looked up Maddow's qualifications. I'm amazed it was able to figure out the word doctorate.

    6. Anonymous1:24 PM

      She pretty much is a prime exhibit as to why 95% of doctorate degrees are a complete joke, and highlights the never ending irony as to how most doctorates are useless and clueless, yet have been led to believe believe they are 'smurter' than the rest. What a useless fool.

  28. Anonymous2:03 AM

    How do we forgive those that voted knowingly and unknowingly to harm the United States in the last 8yrs? Were they too stupid to turn the channel, full of hate and racism, full of greed and delusion? How do we forgive and heal our friends and family of this evil?

    1. Anonymous6:03 AM

      OH this is my struggle, too! People you love, yet want to reply, "you can't be that fucking stupid!"

    2. Anonymous6:07 AM

      Well, you can't fix stooopid. Plus, they don't want to be fixed.
      I have them in my own family.
      I am ignoring them.Tough love. Putting my own oxygen mask on first so to speak.

    3. Anonymous7:54 AM

      It will probably be hard for you to forgive anyone from such self propped up heights. Can you even see them looking down your nose like that?

      No worries, I'm sure they will survive without your forgiveness, and they probably don't realize they need it, as the bottom dwellers are too busy laughing at the free humor you are providing with your pussy hats and Ashley Judd period beat poetry.

    4. Anonymous8:02 AM

      I am struggling with this also. I have two friends who are highly opinionated yet astonishingly ignorant to even have an opinion. One did not even know until inaugeration day that Trump had been married three times and had children with three different women!

      Yesterday one stated the ban last weekend was to stop only a of the Syrian refugees coming in. She really only knows or believes just Syrian refugees who were not vetted were coming here. She said there is contradictory information in the news. The only thing she cares about is that poor people who do not work or can't get jobs. Meanwhile she is angry she has to pay for medicare for her social security check while people get a free ride.

      It is impossible to have a conversation with people who cling and defend uninformed beliefs.

  29. That must KILL him.

    His staff must be isolating him from the news and making sure what he sees and hears is sufficiently censored.

    But they can't stop him from watching SNL.


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