Friday, February 03, 2017

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism announces the launch of an investigation into the Russian hacking of our election. Oooh, I like this.

Courtesy of TPM: 

U.S. scrutiny of Russian meddling in the 2016 election gained momentum this week when the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Terrorism announced it would launch its own investigation of alleged election hacking.

Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Ranking Member Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said in a joint statement Thursday that the investigation would focus on Russian efforts to influence elections “both here at home and abroad.” 

“Our goal is simple – to the fullest extent possible we want to shine a light on Russian activities to undermine democracy,” their statement read. “While some of our efforts will have to be held behind closed doors due to security concerns, we also hope to have an open discussion before the American people about Russia’s strategies to undermine democracy.”

Well what do you, perhaps some of the Republicans really ARE interested in finding out the truth about how the Russians helped to get this orange tinted moron into the White House.

And let's face it Lindsey Graham simply fucking does not like Donald Trump.

What if this is the GOP's plan?

What if they have every intention of charging Trump with treason and then putting Mike Pence into the White House in his place?

Personally I think that if they charged Trump with treason that would invalidate the election and that would mean they needed to hold it again so that the right person could win this time.

Of course that's just me.


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    We're living on another plane where anything can (and does!) happen.

    The one good thing about President Pence is he won't be Bannon's puppet- so Bannon is likely to be working against Pence already.

    1. Anonymous2:52 PM

      Are you Kidding?

      2010 sara too^

      Rigging and Raping the world now.

    2. Anonymous3:04 PM

      Pence is the Koch brothers puppet.

    3. Anonymous3:06 PM


  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Sorry, Gryphen.
    Even though I absolutely agree with you that the election should be re-done, there is no chance in h e l l, that the GOP will do that. Seems the Constitution says that the VP will become POTUS, and Congress then can nominate a different VP - which, most likely, will be Paul Ryan...

    1. Oh I know.

      But I also know that if this were all reversed the the Republicans would be DEMANDING an election do over.

    2. Well, normally if the president stopped being president for any reason, the VP becomes president. In this case though, if it were shown that the russians interfered in the election, a reasonable case could be made that Pence should not become president, because he was part of the ticket with trump. By electing trump, the russians elected Pence also.

      Goodness knows, it would be tricky to figure out how to handle it seeing that this is the first time in our history that millions of Americans were so fucking stupid that they willing elected a traitor to the highest office in the land.

    3. Anonymous 2:10 PM wrote: Seems the Constitution says that the VP will become POTUS …

      But what if the treasonous conduct were to blame for the election of the Republican ticket? Letting half the ticket remain in power would hardly make sense.

    4. Anonymous3:02 PM

      And then we get Paul Ryan.

    5. Anonymous3:13 PM

      @ 2:51 these seem like very reasonable arguments.

      Pence would have to prove during the impeachment hearing that he didn't know what was going on.

      The Senate would have to prove that Pence was in on it.

      Spiro Agnew had already resigned before they impeached Nixon because of some crime he committed, so the VP wasn't involved.

    6. Anonymous3:35 PM

      I think they would have a hard time keeping pence,it would be very difficult to prove he had no knowledge.I think Ryan would become President.Which,while bad,would not be Armageddon like Herr Drumpf and President Bannon. Bannon would likely end up in prison.

    7. Anonymous4:47 PM

      Haven’t had time to reach this, but trump and company committed treason BEFORE he was president, so does this change things and if yes, how?

      Unless of course there is evidence that shows this is ongoing.

    8. Anonymous4:59 PM

      Pence would have to answer the "What did you know and When did you know it" questions. It seems highly unlikely that if he actually was unaware during the campaign that he would still be unaware.

    9. Anonymous9:46 PM

      I have to forward this blog and the insane people on it to everyone I know for a good laugh.

  3. Anonymous2:11 PM

    They need an independent investigation. This won't lead to anything. The Republicans will shut it down.
    Perhaps they are compromised

  4. Anonymous2:16 PM

    1. Anonymous3:14 PM

      Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley are my senators. Proud of them.

  5. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Glad to see a Dem and a Rep are working together on this. Go Lindsay and John McCain!! They are both on committees (I think) that have some teeth to go after this.

  6. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Thanks, I like this.

  7. Anonymous2:30 PM

    I hope they hurry up before the trumps scrub everything...

  8. I can't imagine the republicans ever doing the right thing

    1. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Nor can I the Democrats.
      WHY the silence??

  9. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 4h4 hours ago

    "They're gonna report how we want, or they get no access. Let them come after me. Let them. We'll see what they do when their ratings drop."

    1. Anonymous3:25 PM

      Want to see what they do, LIttle Smokie dick? You might be surprised.

  10. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I thought Trump had the power to stop these investigations - especially when they could make him look worse! I don't trust the Republicans as far as I can throw them and have no clue what they'll do IF proven w/the results they expect.

    Does not make sense at all! Perhaps distractions from the doings of Trump and his administration?

    1. Leland3:51 AM

      He MAY be able to squash a Justice Department investigation, but it would come with such a raised stink it could do more harm than good.

      On the other hand, the president can't TELL Congress what to do. Sure, he can talk with key figures, and maybe get them to try to stop it, but I doubt that would too effective - not with those 2 calling for it.

      Of course, I'm convinced he has NO knowledge of the separation of powers, so....

    2. Anonymous7:16 AM

      Obstruction of justice.Impeachable offense.

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Your tax dollars at work for the trumps: $100,00 for a two day visit !!!

    Where are the rants from trumpy troll about crony capitalism and nepotism? Oh right, it was a trump cheating the taxpayer, so that is ok.

    So we the taxpayers are going to get screwed every time they take a business trip!!!!

    I think we need another investigation: RIP OFF GATE

    Eric Trump just cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills for a corporate Trump jaunt in Uruguay

    President Donald Trump’s son Eric traveled to Uruguay for part of a Trump Organization promotional trip that resulted in almost $100,000 in hotel rooms for Secret Service and embassy staff.

    The Washington Post reported Friday that Trump was in the country to “mingle with real estate brokers” while he was enjoying the beach and attending “ultra exclusive” parties.

    It’s just the latest example of the financial concerns for the Trump family using government influence and perks for non-government purposes. Government agencies are forced to foot the bill for business operations for the Trump Organization that help “enrich” the president, his family and the Trump brand. The Emoluments Clause specifically prohibits any leader from using government services for that purpose.

    The trip was a mere two days but racked up hotel rooms totally $88,320 with an additional $9,510 for embassy staff tasked with “supporting” the Secret Service detail for the “VIP visit,” The Post found in purchase orders.

    The use of public funds came from the State Department but when The Post reached out to them about the funding they were told to contact the White House.

    A 2014 tweet from Donald Trump revealed the confession that if he ran for president and won, his friends would be the only ones who wouldn’t be “screwed.”

    "@damiranz: DonaldTrump: Pls don't run for president. If you do and win, the rest of the world would be screwed" So true, (except friends)!
    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 23, 2014

    The Uruguay development might bear the family name but the Punta del Este project isn’t owned by the family.

  12. Anonymous3:39 PM

    Sorry forgot link

  13. Anonymous3:47 PM

    In this article about Ivanka's sales plunging and Nordstrom saying a big f-you to her merch, there are also pics of her at the economic advisory meeting today. I posted earlier that I thought I'd spotted her there, and she was there. Why? What happened to the family staying out of things?????

    1. Anonymous4:09 PM

      Because her father is one bigly paranoid asshole who survives and associates with people he trusts.. Which doesn't speak well for his former BFF Governor Sarah.

    2. Anonymous6:13 PM

      She doesn't want him "sundowning" without her.

  14. Anonymous3:47 PM

    I don't understand the United States of America? They are placing more sanctions on Iran and is ready to go to war with Iran who's not in a war with anybody.

    But Americans/Trump are eager to lift sanctions off of Russia who want to dominate Europe and are killing women and children.

    More heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine
    2 hours ago

    There's been more heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine, with government forces and Russian-backed rebels accusing each other of attacking civilians.
    Fighting has intensified over the last few days, with the focus of some of the heaviest clashes on the government-held city of Avdiivka, just over 10 miles from rebel-held Donetsk.
    Tom Burridge reports from Avdiivka

    1. 3:47 - John McCain sent a strong letter to 45 requesting immediate intervention on the Russian actions against Ukraine- that's pretty compelling coming from McCain - even the repubs are seeing the travesty of damage caused by Russian sabotage with the election. I'm betting he will be impeached.

  15. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Washington State federal judge has stayed enforcement nationwide of the Executive Order on immigration.

    1. ibwilliamsi4:24 PM

      And Trump has "invalidated" all visas in violation of the order and is not communicating with the foreign countries, who believe that their people are not allowed to travel and are not allowing them on the planes. This shit is real, and it is chilling.

    2. The order reinstates their visas

  16. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Cozy Bear versus Mama Grizzly


    Sarah said her job is to keep her wonky eyes on Putin!

    That's another job she failed at.

    Does the name Cozy Bear bring up any bad memories for the USA?

    Norway institutions 'targeted by Russia-linked hackers'
    8 hours ago

    Several institutions in Norway have been targeted by hackers believed to be linked to Russia, the security service (PST) has warned.

    The Labour Party, defence and foreign ministries and the security service itself were among those hit, it said.

    On Friday Norway announced it had chosen Germany's Thyssenkrupp (TKMS) to deliver four submarines to its navy, part of a wider military upgrade.

    It comes amid tensions between Norway and Russia, which share a border.

    On Wednesday, Norway summoned the Russian ambassador to complain after two Norwegian members of parliament were refused visas to travel to Russia.

    It said Moscow had blocked the visas in response to Norwegian sanctions against Russia, imposed after it annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, and called the move "unjustifiable".

    The opposition Labour parliamentarians had been invited by Russia's upper house, the Federation Council, Norway's foreign ministry said according to Reuters news agency.

    On Wednesday, the PST warned the Labour Party parliamentary group about the attempted hack in the second half of last year.

    "We were informed by the PST that Labour's parliamentary group was subjected to an attempted digital attack by a group that the PST ties to foreign intelligence," Labour spokeswoman Camilla Ryste said.

    The news prompted a warning to deputies to take special care in their handling of electronic communications.

    On Friday, PST officials told Norwegian media that nine email accounts had been targeted in the Labour Party and other institutions.

    They said the hacker group had been identified as APT 29, also known as Cozy Bear - with connections to the Russian security service FSB. The group has been linked to the attack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) during the US election campaign.....

  17. Anonymous4:21 PM


    Could this be the reason why Trump distanced himself from Sarah Palin?

    Gryphen those people are going ape shit in your neck of the woods.


    JANUARY 23, 2017

  18. ibwilliamsi4:22 PM

    Installing Pence was their plan all along. Whether they take him down with videos of golden showers or emails or any of the criminal acts that he has already committed while in office, it was always only a matter of time before Mike Pence is POTUS.

  19. Anonymous4:32 PM


    I'm moving out of Wasilla.

    Pimp, drunks, suicidal women beater, ho's and that's just one household.

  20. Anonymous4:45 PM

    This sounds like Sarah Palin is not a good mother. She fantasized of being the first woman president while ignoring the needs of her family. Sarah has at least four grandkids from two of her children and only one grandchild may have been conceived during marriage. Her daughter has two of them from two different guys and she wasn't married.

    "He put his hand on my head and squeezed as hard as he could while our son was in the room. He also hawked a giant ball of spit in my face.”
    -Jordan Loewe

    Loewe says that she has witnesses to the violence, and of Palin threatening to kill her and others.

    1. Anonymous4:56 PM

      Sarah has another one on its way from the baby factory. Man they're multiplying like rats.

  21. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Gryphen can you do something about the Palin obsessed people posting comments here? This has gotten completely ridiculous. The same old crap over and over. I'm definitely cutting down my readership here unless these comments are censored.

    Sincerely, A Reader Since 2010

    1. Anonymous5:28 PM

      So it's the Palin-centric comments you have the most problem with and not the lefties that can't spell and seem to have met a computer and keyboard just today?

      How about the assholes that post READ THIS> and post a link to some far left website that lies as much as the alt-right?

      So with all that going on your problem is with Palin shit?

    2. Anonymous6:41 PM

      @5:28 Go fuck your$elf! Bet your fingers are tiny2!

    3. Anonymous11:04 PM

      You forgot your meds,dear.

  22. Anonymous5:03 PM

    The stated purpose of the investigation is encouraging but it's not enough unless Trump's historical and current financial ties to Russian banks and citizens are investigated.

  23. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I don't always agree with Mr.Graham on some issues. But he is an Air Force JAG and I respect his service to our country. I Hope he does the right thing here.

  24. Anonymous5:25 PM

    Trump and Bannon will find a way to subvert this. Doesn't matter what the worst of the GOP now have to say, they should have said it prior to him being elected.

    They get to wallow in his shit for the next 8 years just like the rest of us, and as a matter of fact, Congress might not even exist after the first 2 years.

    1. Anonymous2:15 AM

      The "wallow" wont last a year. This pos will be flushed and the swamp drained before long. If its yellow let it mellow if its orange turds flush it down.

  25. Anonymous5:44 PM

    What if with all the idiotic things going on from idiot the con, maybe a missle from an airbase goes berserk and goes off toward them. Things go crazy and chaos around the idiot.

  26. Anonymous8:17 PM

  27. Anonymous2:22 AM

    This is kinda like evicting a lousy renter and squatter. Takes alittle effort and legal paperwork but then the legal boom boom comes a calling and they are jailed and gone forever.

  28. Anonymous2:27 AM

    Was Lindsey and Johnny at the secret pledge meeting down the street in 08? Did they sign the Grover pledge? the teabag pledge? the gop pledge? The obstruction pledge? Don't allow them to continue lying to America, hold their rumps to the fire everyone. Resist and Demand Truth.

  29. Sorry, but all of this is new ground not covered by the constitution.

    Even if they found the Russians did influence the election and Trump worked with them, it would not invalidate the election. The Electoral college didn't do it's job. They rubber stamped him and he's the Altprez. He can be impeached and found guilty of whatever charge they level and be removed. But Pence would be the new President.

    There will be no "do over" as far as the vote goes. That's over.

    At this point we need enough honorable Republicans in the House to impeach him and in the Senate to find him guilty.

    There are more than enough violations to charge him with. It's simply a matter of choosing which one will be the most successful of kicking him to the curb.


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