Sunday, February 05, 2017

Never forget.

So many imaginary lives lost.

And just where was the lamestream media's reporting on this completely made up tragedy?

No, they were too busy reporting "facts' to even be bothered.

The shame.

Not to worry, it's certainly being remembered now.


  1. Irony, sarcasm or snark? Whatever that is, it's good.

  2. Anonymous4:29 AM

    SNL could cut out all the other crappy skits and do a whole hour every week of The Donald, Spice Boy and KellyAnne.

    When “he” held up the Moose Lamb, I was laughing so hard. I nearly fell off the couch.

    ‘Australia sucks, prepare to go to war’: Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as Trump botching world leader calls

    Melissa McCarthy kills it as Sean Spicer in SNL White House press conference

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      Melissa was funny. Spicer is like that. Lol.

    2. Anonymous7:56 AM

      Hubby calls it Small Man Syndrome.

    3. Anonymous8:35 AM

      Baldwin nailed it as usual. Surprised there haven't been any tiny fisted tweets today. Someone must have hidden his phone. McCarthy was money. I loved the difference in crowd reaction from when she first walked out to when she started talking as the audience figured out it was her. Bravo to her, but also bravo to the writers. Moose lambs! And Kate McKinnon is making my all time snl cast list. Hillary, Angela Merkley, Kelly Anne, Betsy devos, bieber...

  3. Anonymous4:34 AM

    The government has set up a victim's compensation fund for people that lost love ones in the Bowling Green massacre.

    Sarah has submitted a claim for her daughter Jill that was killed during the attack by the terrorist.

    Now we know why Jill has not been seen for such a long time.

    1. SallyinMI9:14 AM

      That's about Willow and a couple of absentee grandkids..or six?

  4. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Ghastly picture of her in the NYDN link.

    Hold their feet to the fire, people, and report every last gaffe!

  5. Anonymous5:01 AM

    She already has 50 cosponsors!!!

    Rep. Stephanie Murphy Joins Unofficial Team of Women Against Trump With Anti-Bannon Bill

    A brand-new congresswoman from Florida is trying to keep white nationalist Steve Bannon off the National Security Council. On Wednesday, Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a Democrat who was elected in November, proposed legislation that would help prevent political operatives from steering the national security agenda.

    ....... Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief political strategist, has not been confirmed by any legislative body, making him ineligible to serve in a decision-making role on foreign policy. But Murphy stepped up to strengthen the boundaries of the NSC, opposing the executive order Trump issued to try to fudge Bannon’s way in.

    “As a former national security specialist at the Department of Defense and a current member of the House Armed Services Committee, I can tell you the last place partisan politics belongs is in national security,” Murphy said in a statement. “My bill will help depoliticize national security so that we never jeopardize the safety and security of the American people.”

    The bill would hold that no White House employee “whose primary responsibility is political in nature” would be a member of the council or able to attend NSC meetings. It would also require that the director of national intelligence and the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff have a “standing invitation” to go to meetings of the Principals Committee, since both of those positions got diminished by Bannon’s appointment.

    ... “The Trump resistance will be led by angry women,” Slate’s Michelle Goldberg predicted after the Women’s March on Washington. That prophecy is already coming true.

    1. Anonymous5:26 AM

      Co sponsors are up to 74, here is list, contact your representative to support this bill and kick bannon off the NSC !!!

      H.R.804 - To amend the National Security Act of 1947 to protect the National Security Council from political interference, and for other purposes.

  6. Anonymous6:29 AM

    No SNL rebuttal tweets yet? :)

  7. Anonymous8:07 AM

    NOT SATIRE:"There are costs to the environment that impact the ecosystems of plants and trees, rivers and lakes, fish and animals which ultimately affect the lives of every person on the planet.""without “sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations” according Reuters. The decision reportedly made over dinner in conversation with political advisors and not intelligence and military experts led to the death of Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens along with other non-combatant civilians"the time and energy the media must spend debunking “alternative facts” known to the rest of reality as lies."
    "NO DOUBT, the barrage of propaganda and fake news needs to be debunked and the truth told both by the professional media and everyday people on social media and in personal social circles."It is difficult to measure the toll of GAS lighting the nation on a regular basis, however the effects can already be seen."Plus>the taxing effects of the new administration on the people"
    "The MORAL RESISTance"

  8. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Remember about 5 years ago when Sarah and Todd were part of some Mexico charity event? Bristol went to since it had to do with helping children. #randomknowledge

  9. SallyinMI9:13 AM

    Kentucky? And here I thought she was referring to the Ohio State football team's 77-10 slaughter of Bowling Green State University.

  10. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Good Read:

  11. Anonymous10:17 AM

    In Port-LaLaland>


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