Sunday, February 05, 2017

We need to spread this far and wide.

There is simply NO comparison.

In fact mentioning these two men in the same breath should be considered sacrilegious. 


  1. Anonymous2:51 AM

    All the years of obstruction and insults from republicans. Rub it in. Tell them. Protest. Resist their lies, resist their spies, call them out for what they are...PUSSIES, LIARS, POS LOUSY PAID SERVANTS, attempted DESTRUCTION OF OUR COUNTRY AND CONSTITUTION. everyone of them must be charged with treason and espionage. They are guilty as sin. and the sad part? They know it but too religious to confess. They give human a bad name. There is nothing honorable about the republican party today.

    1. Anonymous5:39 AM

      We put up with the ever constant obstruction by the Republicans for President Obama's entire two terms. They think we've forgotten it! Mitch McConnell was their main culprit when it came to President Obama - from the minute his first oath was taken!

      Obstruct, block, campaign against any Republican in your state, city or community and make sure you do not reelect any Republican Congressman running for reelection within your state!

      Especially Lisa Murkowski representing (I use that word lightly!) in Alaska.

    2. Anonymous7:26 AM

      MORE IMPORTANT @5:39 WETBACK DON NO LONGER YOUNG (longest member in the house) and Carpet Bagger Dan $ELLurvan.
      Don't just Bash Lisa (the female) M.
      She is better then both MEN put to-get-her.

    3. Anonymous7:47 AM

      For G.P. >FUCK m. mcCONnell

    4. Anonymous9:42 AM

      " Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) weighed in on Twitter"

      "Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens tweeted. “Never in history has a President slandered his country like this.”

  2. Anonymous3:48 AM

    And so? What did America do with the last few bullies and communist dictators that acted up? Well think about it? tumble tumble bubble bubble and another one bites the dust.

  3. Anonymous3:59 AM

    Donnie is a loser, lost again to one of those so-called judges; Federal Appeals Court is upholding the ban on the ban. Loser, so sad :)

    Visa holders rush to board flights to US amid reprieve

    By TAMMY WEBBER - The Associated Press

    ....The federal appeals court in San Francisco denied Trump's effort to immediately reinstate the ban early Sunday. For now, it remains blocked by a judge's temporary restraining order, and federal officials have told their staffs to comply.

  4. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Every time the republicans come out with some statement about how shameful it is the Democrats are "obstructing" nominees, bills, whatever, the reply should be " let's refresh your memory how republicans obstructed (fill in the blank)...

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      THIS IS WAR.

  5. Anonymous5:34 AM

    Glad you put that up, Gryphen, as it is so correct.

    Trump will NEVER measure up to our wonderful President Obama and he knows it. That, in itself, drives him friggin' nuts and mental!

    Trump is the worst example of a white, aged male in our entire country. He has no depth, has zero morals, lies, cheats, is inept, cannot control himself and knows nothing about our government and/or its workings.

    He truly is a disaster and will never represent me as potus. As far as I'm concerned he is nothing more than scum upon this earth and beloved country!

  6. WA Skeptic6:03 AM

    And while they distract us with this crap, they continue their annexation of the country of Ukraine.

    And we let the Palefaced Twatwaffle get away with alienating our allies and abandoning treaties.

    Impeach that ass.


    USDA scrubs animal welfare records from their websites.

    I guess the Trumperrists want to be able to torture animals if they can't torture people. Oh, wait.


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