Thursday, February 16, 2017

New revelations about the Trump administration's ties with Russia once again shine the light on FBI Director James Comey.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

Less than two weeks before Election Day 2016, Comey announced that the FBI was again investigating whether there were previously unreleased emails from Hillary Clinton on a laptop that she did not own. Comey felt voters needed to know this even though the search warrant showed that the FBI had “no new evidence” that Clinton had done anything wrong. Now we know that when Comey spoke up about Clinton while remaining silent about allegations of contact between Trump’s team and the Russian government, not only were there mere allegations but also concrete evidence that such contact was frequent and ongoing.

It gets worse for the FBI director. The Post reported Tuesday that near the end of the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration, outgoing CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. wanted to tell the Trump team that Michael Flynn had misled incoming Vice President Pence and others on his contacts with Russian officials. Comey disagreed: 

The FBI director pushed back primarily on the grounds that notifying the new administration could complicate the agency’s investigation. The bureau, Comey also insisted, shouldn’t be “the truth police,” according to an official familiar with his thinking at the time. “In other words, if there’s not a violation of law here, it’s not our job to go and tell the vice president that he’s been lied to.” 

This is, to put it politely, utter garbage. Comey believed that the entire country needed to know that a presidential candidate might be connected to information on a laptop that she didn’t own, but the vice president did not need to be told privately that a key presidential adviser was definitely lying about his relationship with a foreign government. The inconsistency leaves one speechless. 

To be clear, Comey’s disgraceful intervention was not the sole cause of Clinton’s loss. But every way of looking at the numbers show that it was the most decisive factor. Without Comey intervening, the Oval Office would be likely be occupied by a different person right now. And with every new revelation, the interference appears less and less justified. The sooner he faces the consequences for his colossal mistake the better.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to type out a post while cussing a blue streak? 

Well for the record it is damn hard.

At this point I think that at least one of our intelligence agencies or Congress should be investigating James Comey and trying to discover what motivated his intrusion on Trump's behalf into the 2016 election.

Look I don't know if the Russians were blackmailing him, if Trump simply paid him off, or if he is just a partisan hack. But there is some reason why he did what he did, and why he did not do his job as it pertained to Trump and his ties to Russia, and the American people deserve a fucking answer.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    This man always looks painted up like the whore he is.
    Who does his make-up? $ara payme?

  2. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Why did President Obama appoint this POS FBI Director in the first place.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      Betting he wishes he didn't now.

    2. Anonymous9:16 AM

      That's what I'd like to know. I about blew a gasket when it was announced.

    3. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Many of GOPeers lead/lied President Obama because of perceived professional qualification, but had Zero Moral inepTITude...
      {not pinging on O's radar}

      $eXxx, BULLing and MonEy....results....

    4. Spirit of Bipartisanship.

      He was warned but appointed him anyway.

  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    A gazillion agrees. This is a travesty beyond all travesties. Heads need to roll.

  4. Anonymous8:47 AM

    Amen!! He should be investigated thoroughly. Does Putin have dirt on him, too? Release tRump's taxes, and a whole lot of this will be cleared up. Right now a gop rep. is blocking that from happening. I am starting to wonder if they were ALL in on this Russia/tRump shenningans.

    1. Maple7:40 PM

      I recall seeing a photograph of the house Comey purchased last year in Washington. He paid $3 million+ for it. It seems a rather expensive property for someone who is actually a public servant.....

    2. Anonymous11:27 AM

      Yes, and we pay for Comey's health care.
      He and his kind won't pay one penny towards a p oor person's health care.

  5. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Have you been able to locate anyone that changed their votes as far as the Comey investigation or the supposedly Russian hacked emails yet? What is your estimate, couple hundred thousand, millions maybe that changed their votes? Shouldn't be too hard to find at least a couple of these mystery people.

    1. Susie Ethel9:57 AM

      If you want to count mystery people. see how the repubs purged the polls via interstate crosscheck.

    2. Anonymous10:16 AM

      the polls reflected a huge swing after the Comey the Commie announcement.. about the NOTHING in the e-mail's inquiry..NOW, GO FUCK YOURSELF 9:03! YOU PROVED YOU HATE AMERICA AND ARE A RUSSIAN PIG!!

    3. Anonymous11:01 AM

      Oh those darn polls you believe in 10:16. Funny they didn't reflect that - RIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION.... only after they were proven wrong by the election they started to change their tune. Just before the election everyone on team Hillary was saying none of this was having any affect, and that voters had long since solidified their votes. Then after the election, it was all excuses.

      Anyways forget polls for an instant, how about some actual verifiable people that changed their votes? Lets hear from these supposed vote changers! they must be real right? Where the hell are they?

    4. Anonymous12:05 PM

      @11:01 You keep coming here and harping about where are the vote changers. What we are talking about are those people who made up their minds at the last minute and voted for Trump, NOT people that changed their votes from Hillary to Trump. Got it?

    5. It wasn't a matter of changed votes as it was getting the undecideds to swing at the last minute. They swung to Trump.

    6. Anonymous1:02 PM

      Lots of evidence of faulty machines, casting votes using illegal voters, throwing away early ballots, oversea ballots, redistrict rigging, duplicate voters, changing electronic votes, and several other examples of Trumps Rigged election such as intimidation and threats by local corrupt gov employees, bartenders drugging customers and causing crimes. Lousy actors playing victims. GEE so many liars involved in the rigged election results. Stinky dirty Russian operatives for trump and stumps. And nasty little liar americans committing treason and espionage.

    7. Anonymous1:21 PM

      "Lots of evidence of faulty machines, casting votes using illegal voters.................. (and continuing diatribe)....."

      Where is the evidence? Claims made on blog comments hahaha!?

    8. Anonymous1:23 PM

      So mlaiuppa, where are these supposed last minute mind maker uppers, where are they at? Haven't heard of them either.

    9. Anonymous11:26 AM

      Need some evidence? Tried the Googles, or is ya fangers broke, 1:21? Maybe you're happy there, mired down in your ignorance.

      Haywood County NC voter fraud(Haywood county went overwhelmingly Drumpf, suspiciously so). WHite dude voted twice in the GOP primaries. Claimed he "forgot" he'd already voted. The judge disagreed, and convicted the asshole.

      That's just one little piece of evidence.

    10. Anonymous11:27 AM


      They're too ashamed to tell on themselves, you moron. They believed the Comey/Emails bullshit just like you do.

    11. Anonymous2:29 PM

      So to summarize, you all have nothing. No proof, just a bunch of angry little babies because your failed bitch lost.

  6. Anonymous9:09 AM

    The idiot in the WH. Inherited a mess?! Omg you dumbarse prez you keep creating messes!!!

    1. Anonymous9:44 AM

    2. Anonymous10:06 AM

      Can you image what would have happened if trump got into office during the economic meltdown?

    3. Anonymous10:32 AM

      Oh he was in his office. The office in trump tower plotting and planning his profits and takeovers. You can bet he was part of the problem that profited from the Republican orchestrated citizen united e con nomical meltdown man made by him and his greedy unethical ASSociopaths.

  7. Anonymous9:13 AM

    O/t, Hillary gets standing ovation. I bet you know who will start talking crowd numbers and viter fraud again.

    1. Anonymous11:21 AM

      If she'd bothered to attend the Womens' March in any of the hundreds of locations, she would've gotten a standing ovation then too.

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Trump is on Live TV lying his ass off. A complete liar. Who is he trying to con today? What a freaken idiot.

  9. Anonymous9:38 AM

    Mr trump is being filmed, recorded and documented lying his ass off. What a stupid dope.

    1. Anonymous9:52 AM

      I know! He's off the rails. He's insane! And he also said he'd be fine--if he answered this actually listening to the question--that although he didn't order Flynn to talk w/ Russsia re the sanctions, he was fin e with Flynn talking to Russia re the sanctions. Not just w/ Flynn talking w/ Russia, but about the sanctions.

    2. Anonymous10:38 AM

      Good. MSNBC with John Dean are talking about how Trump was very much like Nixon in saying that he would have given the go-ahead to talk about the sanctions.

  10. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Jesus! Why do they give this asshole such coverage? I don't believe him as far as I could thrown his fat-assed body!

    Trump will NEVER represent me!

  11. Anonymous9:54 AM

    rogue potus staff tweeted earlier that trump was looking at ?s ahead of time to answer in his presser, but almost as soon as he started talking he lost it and now won't shut up. he's lost it!

    omg, he keeps lying re the uranium and hillary too.

    1. Is he talking about Moose Lambs and the Bowling Green Massacre yet?

  12. Anonymous9:58 AM

    and he keeps calling the ban a "ban." he has no idea that he's fucking up so much.

    1. Anonymous1:05 PM

      the brain of a nat.

  13. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Huffpo headline is out on the ongoing presser and they're calling it a MELTDOWN!

    1. Anonymous11:19 AM

      Huffpo is drenched in hyperbole. This can obfuscate actual truth. Be careful of Huffpo, take it with a grain of salt.

  14. Something has been bothering me as I recalled the Republican Platform Change re:Ukraine that Orange man insisted on.

    excerpt: "The Trump campaign went out of its way to dramatically alter the Republican Party’s official position on Ukraine—against the wishes of GOP hawks and despite senior Trump aide Paul Manafort’s insistence that they weren’t involved."

    It seems the notes/minutes from this change are nowhere to be found...but
    the name I hadn't heard before:J.D. Gordon

    This is not only odd but another piece of the puzzle. I hope someone is looking.

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      Flynn is not the whole story - Follow the oil money to TREASON:This is what Trump and Putin are up to: Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 for 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of, but all that Russian oil went through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily taxed the proceeds, and were applying for admission into NATO at the time.Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force and not giving it back. This was Hitler-tier imperialism that broke every international law in the free world.After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, they could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60 million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks.Putin will make half a trillion (500 Billion) dollars from that much untapped oil. All pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia. Putin may have subverted our government just to become the richest man in the world. **According to leaked docs Trump will get 19% cut (Rosneft stock placed in Cayman accounts in Dec/16). Feel free to circulate widely.

    2. Wow I had no idea. Gotta be all the oil hungry GOP are in on this scheme...we will see.

  15. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I could swear that Trump said his new nomination, Acosta, was going to be coming out. For some reason, he didn't enter the room with Trump, but I think Trump did say he'd be coming out. Did I miss something? I never saw Acosta. Why have a big to-do in that room to name a nom and not have the nom there? Did Trump get so riled that he forgot about the guy waiting in the wings?

  16. Anonymous10:20 AM


    Trump's latest news conference is another real doozy. He blames the media for lying, proceeds to lie some more(electoral votes), and when called on, it says it's just information he has been given. He's an unhinged idiot.

  17. Anonymous10:22 AM

    If that news conference is not enough to confirm trumps mental illness I don't know what is.

  18. Anonymous10:30 AM

    --Select journalists being invited to have questions screened for use in press conference. Can enough be screened fast enough? Unknown.

    --We believe that media has been informed that taking questions is "undecided" at this point. If you have access to TV suggest you watch now.

    --Press Conf as pushed back to 1230 to try screening more Qs before hand. But difficulty getting "acceptable" Qs now means that no Qs likely.

    --At best, expect few Qs to be answered. Again, media may be reporting decision to take Qs not yet made, but reason is because of screening.

    --Journalists know that if they tried a bait-and-switch they'd be blacklisted thereafter.

  19. Anonymous10:37 AM

    --Trump Attacks the First Amendment to Discredit The Facts About His Russian Connections

    President Donald Trump used his press conference about his new labor nominee to launch an attack on the First Amendment by blaming the free press for reporting on his campaign's Russia connections.

    --Trump Blames Obama For His Russia Scandal In Credibility Destroying Press Conference

    President Trump called the Russia scandal fake news, and then he contradicted himself by blaming Obama appointees for leaking information on the Russia scandal that he claimed is not real.

    --Trump Has A Mental Collapse At Press Conference As He Blames The Media For His Failures

    The American people are witnessing a president having a mental meltdown in real time on national television, as Trump's thrown together press conference has been nothing but the President Of The United States attacking the media and trying to convince the American people that he isn't a failure.

    --Democrats Set Up Trump To Expose Jeff Session’s Sham Russia Investigation

    Senate Democrats responded to Attorney General Jeff Session's refusal to recuse himself from an investigation into the Trump campaign for which Session's worked at the time by setting up to expose the Session's investigation as the sham it will be.

    --Paranoid Trump Vows To Find Leakers As His Presidency Collapses Around Him

    During a White House meeting with House Republicans, President Trump vowed to find leakers and make them pay. Trump is so gripped by paranoia that he is obsessing over leakers while ignoring the collapse of his presidency around him.

    --Republicans Are Colluding With Trump To Conceal His Corruption

    Republicans know what collusion means, but they must consider Donald Trump much more than a family member because they conspired to help him conceal his corruption by aiding his attempt at keeping his tax returns out of the public’s eye.

  20. Anonymous10:38 AM

    James Commie ... lock him up!

    1. Anonymous11:17 AM

      Ha, I see what you did there!

  21. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Veteran public defender: Trump is exhibiting all of the ’12 most common signs of a guilty person’

    Ask any criminal attorney: the president is engaging in all the behaviors a guilty person would,” Abramson writes, before listing off all of the 12 most common tactics used by guilty people to cover up their actions.

    Among other things, Trump is alleging that there is a conspiracy against him, is deflecting scrutiny of his actions by raising “issues irrelevant to the case,” is using anger and self-righteousness to avoid discussing the facts of the case, and is making himself difficult to access for further questioning.

    The bottom line, says Abramson, is that there are “12… common signs of a guilty person” and Trump is “exhibiting all of them.”

    Check out the whole thread below.

    1. Anonymous1:15 PM

      like much of his so called friends, staff and cabinet, they are convicted criminals and are known abusers and have assaulted many people. Abusers use the same tactics and lie about their abusive behavior. Just circle the wagons around him and friends as far back as you like and you will see the documented facts and truth of this so called president of a rigged election.

  22. Anonymous10:39 AM

    ‘What kind of White House is this?’: Robert Reich eviscerates the ‘leaderless’ Trump administration

    Speaking with CNN host Anderson Cooper, Reich said all new presidential administrations go through growing pains, but said nothing comes close to the “chaos” going on in the White House right now.

    ‘I’ve never seen the chaos that I have seen and witnessed in the Trump White House,” Reich said. “You have an executive order, a travel ban going out, without any coordination with any other agency, creating absolute uncertainty. I mean wild, wild uncertainty among the people who are supposed to be enforcing it.”

    “You’ve got a chief of staff who doesn’t even know how exactly to run a White House,” he continued. “You’ve got Kellyanne Conway, who is out there promoting Ivanka’s products. Sean Spicer is a late-night comedy joke. You’ve got leaks and back biting. It’s not clear what is going on, who’s in charge.”

    Reich wasn’t done.

    “The National Security Agency doesn’t want to brief the White House for fear that it is all compromised,” he exclaimed. “Even the Situation Room is compromised with regard to Russia. What kind of a White House is this anyway? Donald Trump was elected on the premise that he would actually be cleaning up, not only the swamp in Washington, but would be applying tough business practices to management. Well, this is actually the sloppiest management I frankly have ever seen.”

    Watch the video below via CNN:

  23. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Drip, Drip, Drip

    ...What we know only makes what we don’t know feel all the more ominous. But I believe that facts are forthcoming. Reporters are digging like a crew of coal miners hopped up on a case of Red Bull, and sources in Washington are leaking to anyone with a press credential.

    Drip, drip, drip it goes until the dam breaks and the truth spills.

    1. Anonymous2:12 PM

      Been in the making for a long time.

      the Unknown Known

  24. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Time Magazine Cover Shows Storm Brewing For Donald Trump

    “Nothing to see here.”

    This week’s cover shows Trump sitting in the Oval Office, with dark clouds gathering overhead and winds blowing his hair and signature long tie askew.

    Reporter Fact-Checks Trump’s False Electoral College Claim During Press Conference

    The president bragged his Electoral College victory was the biggest since Ronald Reagan’s. Not true.

    ...Alexander, a correspondent for NBC News, sought to correct Trump on those figures, and pressed him to explain how he could call reporting by outlets like The New York Times and CNN “fake news” while using inaccurate figures himself.

    “Why should Americans trust you?” asked Alexander.

    “I was given that information,” Trump said, cutting Alexander off. “I don’t know. I was just given it. We had a very, very big margin.”

    “Why should Americans trust you when you accuse the information they receive of being fake, when you provide information that’s not accurate?” Alexander asked.

    Two-Thirds Of The President’s Commission On Asian Americans And Pacific Islanders Just Resigned

    The departing members objected to Trump’s anti-immigrant policies.

  25. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Comey comes across as such a NICE man..........but it looks more and more like he needs to go to prison. Along with Trump, Manafort, Flynn, and hopefully Bannon, Miller and Conway. Not sure about Spicer, he might just be a guy who will say anything he's told, because that's in the job description. Even though he seems like an angry guy, he could be the leaker, in which case he might actually be a hero.

    This still all seems like a really long, long dream, and I'll be waking up anytime now.

  26. Anonymous11:06 AM

    Have you noticed Priebus looks like he aged 10 years?

  27. Anonymous11:19 AM

    "Bring Back the Crowds"

  28. Anonymous11:23 AM

    LOL: Putin Is Angry Now Because Trump Gets More Media Coverage In Russia Than He Does

    Vladimir Putin is super pissed because Russian media is covering Donald Trump more than him, and he only has himself to blame.

    Over the course of the election, Putin ordered Russian state media to endorse and positively cover Trump’s campaign in an effort to help Trump win against Hillary Clinton.

    Putin wanted a puppet in the White House, and he basically got one. After all, Russia is preparing for war in Europe in anticipation of Trump weakening NATO by pulling American support. Russia has also been getting really aggressive by simulating air attacks on a United States Navy destroyer and they have a spy ship parked really close to our shoreline. Russia has also deployed cruise missiles in violatio of a treaty. And if that’s not enough, Trump is still expected to lift sanctions placed on Russia.

    The Kremlin is currently enjoying the fact that Trump has a bunch of pro-Russia staffers in his administration and Russian media loves that fact as well. So they have continued lavishing Trump with the kind of praise and ego-stroking that American media outlets refuse to provide.

    But Russian media won’t be doing nearly as much now because Putin is reportedly tired of waiting for Trump to do his bidding and he is jealous of the media coverage Trump has been receiving.

    That’s right. The honeymoon appears to be coming to an end between Trump and Putin, at least when it comes to how much Russian media covers him.

    Fareed Zakaria Calls Out Trump’s ‘Embarrassing’ Appearance With Netanyahu: ‘Bizarre and Irresponsible’

    1. Anonymous1:38 PM

      biZarre is a understatement.
      BULL$SHIT ARTIST! PERFECT for a 5th grader..

  29. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Steve Bannon Insulted Reporters To Their Faces As They Waited Outside Press Secretary’s Office

    ...Every time Bannon and Trump insult the media they are only provoking journalists. And provoked journalists work hard to expose the lies and scandals Trump doesn’t want the American people to know about.

    Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are fascists. And fascists should not have any power whatsoever in our country. If that were not the case, our World War II generation would have just let the fascists win without a fight.

    And fighting is what the press and the American people must do now.

    Twitter Beautifully Fact Checks Trump In Real Time After He Calls Russia Scandal ‘Fake News’

    ...Trump is clearly unhinged. Trump has previously admitted that Russia engaged in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential election. And again, he fired Flynn for lying to the administration about talks with the Russian ambassador about sanctions. Regardless, today he’s calling it fake news.

    The Internet pounced after Trump unleashed his crazy-time tweets and fact-checked him.

  30. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Why Trump’s rant over leaks won’t help him

    ...In short, Trump’s antics — like Kellyanne Conway’s spin — are no match for reality. “There is something bigger going on here given the background of Russian interference in U.S. elections which is on a larger scale than anything seen in the past,” Edelman told me. “In the end of the day, the Trumpkins can’t have it both ways. Did Flynn do something wrong or not? If he did, how would anyone have known absent the leaks since even [Vice President] Pence wasn’t told before The Post, Times, etc. published?”

    Trump is kidding himself if he thinks this will all go away. To the contrary, until we know exactly what Flynn was doing and whether it was at Trump’s direction, his presidency will be seriously impaired.

    Admit it: Trump is unfit to serve

    Let’s not mumble or whisper about the central issue facing our country: What is this democratic nation to do when the man serving as president of the United States plainly has no business being president of the United States?

    The Michael Flynn fiasco was the entirely predictable product of the indiscipline, deceit, incompetence and moral indifference that characterize Donald Trump’s approach to leadership.

    Even worse, Trump’s loyalties are now in doubt. Questions about his relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia will not go away, even if congressional Republicans try to slow-walk a transparent investigation into what ties Trump has with Putin’s Russia — and who on his campaign did what, and when, with Russian intelligence officials and diplomats.

  31. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Republicans have made it clear that they’ll put up with a lot from Donald Trump because they expect him to hand them their agenda of kicking people off their health coverage, cutting taxes for the wealthy, and weakening environmental and job protections. But, thanks to factors including Trump’s incompetence and unpredictability, that agenda isn’t becoming reality as quickly as Republicans had hoped, and they don’t quite know what to do about it:

  32. Anonymous11:50 AM

    OT. Weird. Melania created a #PowerOfTheFirstLady hashtag.

    1. Anonymous4:35 AM

      And his son again wants low wage foreign workers for his company. Hire Americans, thought they wanted to make "America" great again.

    2. Anonymous11:16 AM

      She has the power to get the taxpayers to fund her lavish lifestyle, I guess.

  33. If ANY government agency should be the "truth police" shouldn't it be the FBI, CIA and National Intelligence?

    CIA and National Intelligence need to investigate COMEY! He needs to be brought down. Indicted, prosecuted, convicted and then the key thrown away.

  34. Anonymous1:22 PM

    The face of the republican party. Donald John Trump. They own this mess. They built this mess. And they will all go down with this mess. Lots of lawsuits coming their way.

  35. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Good will always prevail, so the day is coming when the good people are back in office and these cockroaches will be imprisoned just like the Watergate ones.

    Aside from the environmental rape they all fantasize about, stuff can be fixed when Right prevails over Might once more- so what we should focus on until then is saving America's public land and water supplies.

  36. Anonymous4:31 AM

    Wow, these old white men can break any and all laws and nothing happens to them. Flynn. Comey.,,,

    Prison for them all.

  37. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Commie is a lying sack of shit ! No backbone , no integrity!
    Another weak sack of shit!


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