Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oklahoma Republican describes pregnant women as "hosts" whose bodies don't really belong to them.

Courtesy of Stuff: 

A US lawmaker has described pregnant women as "hosts" whose bodies do not belong to them. 

Republican politician Justin Humphrey, from southeast Oklahoma, made the comments while discussing his bill requiring women seeking an abortion to first obtain the written informed consent of the father. The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday in a House committee. 

"I believe one of the breakdowns in our society is that we have excluded the man out of all of these types of decisions," he said. 

"I understand that they feel like that is their body," he said of women. "I feel like it is a separate – what I call them is you're a 'host'." 

Humphrey said women need to be responsible after "pre-knowing" they are "inviting" a foetus into their bodies. 

"When you enter into a relationship you're going to be that host and so if you pre-know that, then take all precautions and don't get pregnant," he said. 

"So that's where I'm at. I'm like, hey, your body is your body and be responsible with it. But after you're irresponsible then don't claim, well, I can just go and do this with another body, when you're the host and you invited that in."

That's right ladies even though it is your body, and even though it is your egg that gets fertilized, once that manly spermatozoa does its thing you are simply relegated to a Carnival Cruise ship transporting its passenger to its final destination.

As for the man, well he simply dropped the passenger off at the dock, nobody can expect him to be responsible for the entire voyage.

Let's face it if these conservative assholes had their way there would be no birth control either, so that every trip to the dock could very likely ALWAYS result in a nine month cruise.

After all in their eyes women have only one use, you know besides making them a sandwich.


  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    So my pre-knowledge says I don't want to host, so keep your pre-sperm out of my pre-vagina. I swear, women are going to bring chastity belts back to protect ourselves from these cretins.

    1. Anonymous7:32 AM

      The smart men will have vasectomies, until those are made illegal.

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Maybe that guy was just having trouble saying what he really thinks.

    Some religions use the word host in their ceremonies. And they use whine!

    So all this talk about women and hosts and parasites and Jeebus...could be this @$$hole just drank too much of the ceremonial whine when he was partying with the minister and the under-aged candlelighters after bible study!

    Next thing you know he's spouting all this shit about responsibility!

  3. Anonymous4:37 AM

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I hope this SOB gets death threats.

  4. Anonymous4:38 AM

    4:14 I was going to say basically the same thing, only I was going to say "what will men do when women refuse to have sex with them?" Keeping knees together indeed. Aspirin sales will go through the roof! Buy stock now.

    1. Anonymous5:58 AM

      According to the so called prez and comet criminals, women will be raped assaulted and infected to die.

    2. Anonymous7:36 AM

      The Lysistrata deal wont work here. It assumes that we women have the right of mutual sexual consent.
      The men (& some women) who are enraged over the mere thought of a woman having the ultimate say over her body do not begin to understand female sexuality or mutual sexual consent.
      Anything that constitutes rape to me, is just sex to them.

    3. Anonymous8:33 AM

      "While the Russian government claims this reform will ‘protect family values’, in reality it rides roughshod over women’s rights"

    4. Anonymous10:58 AM

      Like old times, carry hiv vial and bust on sperm donor if you did not consent.
      Horror of horrors.

    5. 7:36

      It's "The Handmaid's Tale."

  5. Anonymous4:42 AM

    I suspect Humphreys thinks that his sperm consists of homunculi

    1. Anonymous5:40 AM

      Ahahaa, you win my personal Internet today for "homunculi".

  6. They're dancing around the white man fear that white women aren't having enough babies. As I've said before, I've had men (smart men) get right in my face for only producing one child. They assumed I'd had abortions (I hadn't). White women may have to close the spigot entirely; that'll bring them to their knees.

    1. Anonymous5:47 AM

      From the other side: I have 8 children (4 biological, 4 adopted) all loved, all wanted.

      I donate to Planned Parenthood monthly because of the services they provide, and especially because of viewpoints like this moron's.

      People assume I do this because having so many children, well, at least some must have been unwanted mistakes.

      Women just will not be permitted to control their own bodies and decisions, it seems.

  7. Anonymous4:58 AM

    Take away the Viagra. Stop the prostate examinations and strap on the do not enter panties with a lock Girls. Cut off their pleasure. They can go f each other in rump land. Where they belong.

    1. Anonymous7:42 AM

      Take away the taxpayers' subsidy for viagra, for a start.
      If no ACA expansion or Single Payer system and no help with the sky-rocketing costs of contraception, then....................... NO MORE broke-dick pills for men who are 1)too old to get it up in the first place and therefore too old to be a dad, or 2)'cursed' by the gods or fate to have the broke dick. Accept your broke-dick existence with grace and aplomb. That broke dick helps bring down the cost of contraception.

  8. Anonymous4:58 AM

    What a crock of crap. Isn't Okiehoma also one of the states that are trying to limit access to birth control? So much for his "precautions" and. If you google the guy, he looks exactly as you'd expect him to.

    1. Anonymous6:00 AM

      They past out aspirin at the local bar's.

    2. I did Google, as I often do with assholes like this. A wannabe J.R. Ewing complete with the cowboy hat schtick.

  9. So...if a woman's body is a "host", the fetus would be classified as a "parasite." This relationship is "non-mutual", meaning one benefits at the expense of the other. This opens MANY other doors. This man, and his minions, have entered a place about which they know nothing!

    1. Anonymous7:29 AM

      And aren't many miscarriages, aka spontaneous abortions, caused by the mother's body sensing an "invader" with the fetus, like with rH factor incompatibility?
      How dare god design something so flawed!*snicker*

    2. Anonymous9:38 AM

      I was going to write the same thing, from a biological point of view, the mother is a host and the fetus is a parasite.

      So there goes all their anti abortion talking points.

  10. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I wonder what the percent of men is that have not only requested that the woman they impregnated get an abortion, but paid for the procedure to by done.

    The one thought that always comes to mind when I hear the word abortion is, how is this my business? Why do these religious extremists think that they have the right to boss around other adults? From my experience they are some of the most f&#^$d up people I have encountered.....

    1. Anonymous8:21 AM

      You are completely correct in my book.
      Whenever I hear some nosyass xtian saying stuff like that, I'm like, and HOW is some other adult's sex life ANY of your business?(emphasis on the 'adult' part, to distinguish it from child sex abuse).

      This always shuts up my MIL. To the point where she won't bring this shit up around me anymore, because I'll mow her down every time with the shame of her voyeurism.

  11. Anonymous5:12 AM


    Don't read if you're Palinsick. That way, you don't have to waste your time.

    Marina has reappeared. On Beefy's Insta, Russian's comment on Beefy's re-issue of Hawaiian pic of her grubby hand mashing MOH's flabby arm. . . Wishing both MOH and Beefs a happy "valintines" day, her spelling not mine.
    I took that one for the team. Don't go, don't give the bitch any more $$/clicks.
    Beefy's trying to wish her 'man' a happy 2 years together. Is she still havin' to force herself to be kind to him?She may well see herself as a host.

    1. Anonymous6:04 AM

      Mommy taught her quickly the con job, the blow job and the no job agenda. Some women and their eggs are self destructive and defective.

    2. Speaking of Palin, I'm fascinated with that headless picture up top. Would you suppose that woman is seven and a half months along? You know, sort of like how Palin should have looked that far with Trig...?

    3. Anonymous8:51 AM

      Bwhahaha, Dvlaries!

      It's a pic of Beefy, currently oh-so pragnet with her latest 'disappointment';)

  12. Anonymous5:58 AM

    I think the second part to the question should be addressed to the "father": is he or is he not willing to raise the child and support the child financially? I think a lot of guys will refuse consent, not because they care about the "child," but because they want to punish the mother who, after all, must have been trying to trap him? Many men seem to be unwilling to admit their role in an unwanted pregnancy.

    1. I read this all the time from the Deplorables.

      Birth control is her problem. Pregnancy is her problem. Child support and rearing is her problem.

      It apparently is not his problem despite wanting unprotected sex as often as he likes.

      And this is the asshole that is supposed to give written consent for an abortion? Just watch the "I'm not signing that because I'm not the Father, you whore."

      Women are apparently responsible for everything except control of their own bodies.

  13. Anonymous6:12 AM

    I saw the movie Rosemary's Baby ... yes, women are just a host.

  14. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Aside from the parasite/ host analogy which ,infact, has some scientific validity, th

  15. Anonymous7:07 AM

    A very simple way to end unwanted pregnancy is for men to be more responsible with their sperm. Perhaps they should have the maturity to take male birth control until they are in a committed relationship, with a prenuptial drawn up before sex ensuring they will support their child.


    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      Nahhhh, it's all us slutty wimmin's fault (read with sarcastic anger).

      Every liberal female politician could prove just how serious she is about gender/reproductive equality by introducing a bill that is Just as stupid and bigoted towards men for every bill that these men introduce to limit the control a woman has over her own body and health/repro decisions. Like, every straight-sex blow-job is an act of cannibalism, and therefore must be stopped immediately, cuz y'know, BABIES. And what about straight anal sex?
      Hit these straight men where it hurts!

      There are precious few of these women politicians currently serving. We are about to change this. It's coming.

    2. Anonymous8:10 AM

      It's Cumming..
      Nasty Dirty Girls......

    3. Anonymous8:52 AM

      Damn straight, 8:10;)

    4. How about the "Legally Blonde" approach? Every emission that does not result in pregnancy is "abandonment" and could result in arrest and imprisonment.

  16. Anonymous8:08 AM

    HRC via Flynn Facts?“The actions by the Clinton regime and their associates may be among the most extreme examples of human rights violations observed during any election in U.S. history since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was similarly targeted for his anti-war views in the 1960’s,”

    1. Anonymous9:42 AM

      Carter Page was interviewed on PBS the other night, didn't answer any of the questions and lied like crazy.

      Repeated that this whole russian deal is sour grapes hillary's fault

  17. Anonymous8:13 AM


    1. Anonymous8:53 AM

      Not a happy marriage, those 2. She'd be full of the milk of human kindness otherwise.

  18. Anonymous8:19 AM

    opinion column by R Muse"Republicans embrace cheats."
    it is important to look at Trump’s tax returns to discover just how extensive his conflicts of interest are. The also said it was a matter of importance to national security."

  19. Anonymous8:19 AM

    Gryphen, if Jeebus told the honorable congressman and top-ranked insufferable misogynist douchebag that women are just hosts for his lively manseed, who the fuck are YOU to contradict him???? smh

    You should compliantly respect his sincere religious beliefs and pray to almighty Thor that no women you know, love or are related to, live in any states under unified Republican control.


  20. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Let's not forget that this will take away women's rights to abort even with very much wanted pregnancies. Women will lose the right to abort a very mutated( if we are going to speak in the terms of host--though he seems to have skipped parasite, I will use mutation) fetus, meaning she will be forced to give birth to extremely disabled children or in the case where her life is at extreme risk. Women will be forced to die along with even nonviable feti.

    1. Anonymous9:04 AM

      'Miss' Sherri Finkbine.

      If you do not know who this woman was, please look this up. It is very important.

      If you do know, join the fight to preserve the legal status of a safe, surgical procedure, if you have not already.

      This name is also important to those who do not want to see FDA reg's weakened... Francis O. Kelsey, MD, was a heroine in this respect. She kept the thalidomide epidemic from being much worse in USA.

      To paraphrase Miss Sherri,
      Without having aborted her seriously deformed fetus, she and her husband wouldnt ever have gone on to have 2 more (healthy) children. Suck on THAT, Anti-choicers.

  21. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Is that a 2010 photo of Bristol Palin during DWTS? What happened to that baby?

  22. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Interesting,from an email I received:
    Every month, Michigan women are unfairly taxed when it comes to their health care needs because fundamental feminine hygiene products are classified as “luxury items,” and therefore subjected to the sales and use tax. I can't think of a single woman who would describe having her period as a "luxurious experience,” but our state seems to think so.

    Medically necessary items, like canes and eyeglasses, are exempt from sales and use tax. Even a few medically unnecessary items, such as erectile dysfunction pills, are purchased tax-free. Yet, the items that women must buy every month, every year — some for thirty, forty, or more years — are subjected to this regressive tax.

    Michigan collects $5 million each year from women for this unjustified "tampon tax." It’s time to eliminate the tax on these items and put that $5 million back into the pockets of Michigan women.

    – Senator David Knezek

  23. And what was his reply when asked if rape victims must get written permission from their rapists (if found) to have an abortion? Yeah, like those backlogs of thousands of rape kits are suddenly going to get processed and the perpetrators arrested so they can sign off.

    The minute I read this I immediately thought of Frank Herbert's DUNE and the Tleilaxu tanks.


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