Tuesday, February 07, 2017

So today Donald Trump got just that much closer to destroying public education in America.

This will teach liberals to stay home on election day.
Courtesy of the New York Times:

The Senate confirmed Betsy DeVos on Tuesday as education secretary, approving the embattled nominee only with the help of a historic tiebreaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence. 

The 51-to-50 vote elevates Ms. DeVos — a wealthy donor from Michigan who has devoted much of her life to expanding educational choice through charter schools and vouchers, but has limited experience with the public school system — to be steward of the nation’s schools. 

Two Republicans voted against Ms. DeVos’s confirmation, a sign that some members of President Trump’s party are willing to go against him, possibly foreshadowing difficulty on some of the president’s more contentious legislative priorities. 

It was the first time that a vice president has been summoned to the Capitol to break a tie on a cabinet nomination, according to the Senate historian. Taking the gavel as the vote deadlocked at 50-50, Mr. Pence, a former member of the House, declared his vote for Ms. DeVos before announcing that Mr. Trump’s nominee for education secretary had been confirmed.

This, by the way, was an appointment that DaVos and her family essentially paid for with donations.

Donations from Betsy DaVos and her family.
I think we are supposed to take some solace in the fact that the vote was this close, but in the end DeVos was confirmed and that is all that counts.

I am also hearing some voices suggesting that we should stay calm because the Federal Government can only have so much of an impact on public education, but those people must not have been paying attention to what Bush's NCLB did to our schools and to our teachers.

I lived through all of that and saw first hand the devastating effects that NCLB had on our ability to adequately prepare children for college, their future career path, and for life in general.

In fact we are still recovering.

So yes Betsy DeVos can have an incredibly negative impact on education in this country.

And I imagine that is exactly the kind of impact that she WILL have.


  1. The plan is to get rid of the Dept of Education altogether so DeVos may not be around very long. It'll be left up to individual states as to how to run these things. I don't understand how the teachers unions were so neutered in this process. Only two republicans that they had any influence over. No wonder they are going the way of dinosaurs

    1. Anonymous5:55 PM

      Right - try it. NO one will bother to become a techer, except the really dumb. You don't get raises, no matter how good a teacher you are, what you get is job security and a good pension under the public school model. For profits (which charters and private schools REALLY are) are horrendously worse. NO academic freedm and no tenure. They prefer their teachers young and dumb aka ripe to be exploited. Pretty soon they'll be paying them hourly and have bo takers, except those who are too inept to areticulately mouth, "would you liek fries with that? Praise the Lawd!"

    2. Anonymous3:45 AM

      they want us dumb, believing in jeebus and preggo if you have a uterus.

    3. Anonymous3:56 AM

      Don't be fooled by Murkowski and Collins' votes. They could have killed DeVos's nomination in committee but refused to do so. This vote is a "cover" for them for 2018. They can boast they rejected DeVos and ride to reelection on that. All strategy from McConnell.

    4. Anonymous4:13 AM

      @4:38. Now we know how many holes it takes to fill the House, of both sides.

    5. Anonymous5:03 AM

      Damn shame that proofreading has gone out of style.

    6. Anonymous8:03 AM

      @ 4:38 comment appears to be the result of home schooling or a charter school.

  2. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Although I did not have the data until now, I KNEW that Ohio Dan took big money from this stupid nominee. The next time we have the opportunity, we need to send Dan back to Ohio where he belongs. Let him run for office there.

  3. Anonymous4:50 PM

    The majority of jobs that this regime is trying to create calls for braindead, non questioning barely educated kids, you know, the kind they poop out of the christian school assembly line.

    The real jobs, the money jobs will be had by those few whose parents could afford the best schooling, WITHOUT voucher help, the elites, those are the kids that will be running the country in 20 years.

    The christian school and homeschooled kids, the low rent charter school kids, the public school kids? They'll be making the coffee drinks for the others.

  4. Anonymous4:55 PM

    I am ever so sad for my grandchildren and what their life will be.

    1. Anonymous6:13 PM

      Me too. So, so depressing.

    2. Anonymous7:00 PM

      AMEN! Two little boys, 9 and 6.

    3. Anonymous9:17 PM



      How does it help your grandchildren for you to sit on the couch and moan?

    4. Anonymous3:49 AM

      My 18 1/2 year old said he's not wanting kids now, at least not in this country. For that I am sad and understand.
      9:17 the people here on this blog vote. I am actually sick of being told to go vote.

  5. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Does anyone know if Ohio Dan gave a reason for why he voted for this?

    I mean did he say or indicate that he thinks she's got experience in education.

    Or has he just been mum and voted for the money?

    1. Anonymous9:15 PM

      Alaskans made no secret of not wanting DeVos but Ohio Dan doesn't give a shit about Alaskans and the wingnuts will be happy in Wasilla protecting their idiot meth head teens fucking each blind from knowing any librul facts.

    2. Anonymous4:20 AM

      Murkowski could have killed her nomination in committee but she did not. Do not be fooled by her "vote", it was allowed by McConnell to give her cover in 2018. Same with Collins.

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    O/T Richard Hatch has died. RIP Captain Apollo.

  7. Anonymous5:26 PM

    This is a multi-pronged attack on not only our traditional system of government, but our very way of life... the people assuming these positions want to fundamentally transform (sound familiar?) our culture, our political system, our educational system...they'll erode at the separation of church and state until it exists no more. Make no mistake, the most powerful people that are currently pulling the strings- the current 'movers and shakers'- all have the same goal in mind; Christian take-over and dominance not only of what *used* to be America, but the world... they want another Crusade.

    1. Anonymous10:47 PM

      And they are already preparing for that crusade: A Florida DEMOCRAT introduced a bill on January 3rd, which would give the president - i.e. the brain dead orange gibbon the power to PREEMPTIVELY start a war with Iran!!!

    2. Anonymous3:40 AM

      Seven Mountain mandate for Christian dominionist theocracy (the 'right' kind of Christian of course).

      It's been around a long time and it works for oligarchs and kleptocrats who want to own the world.


  8. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I am sick. This is beyond anything I ever believed would happen to my country. To everyone who has put their child in a religious private school I ask: Where is your humanity, where is your fight for the commons? What are you thinking? Why did you not fight if it wasn’t good enough for your precious child? Why did you not stay and fight for small class size, more money, a safe environment for learning?

    1. Anonymous7:49 PM

      It's not that they don't think that the schools are "good enough" for their little snowflakes, it's simply that there is too little Jesus and too much sex-ed for their liking.

  9. Anonymous5:45 PM

    FU Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan.

    1. Anonymous6:50 PM

      wait didnt Lisa vote against douchewoman?

    2. Anonymous9:09 PM

      Lisa voted her through committee- that was the deal with McConnell. Then Lisa- who'd been hounded by Alaskans against DeVos (i.e. most of them)- was able to ostentatiously vote no in the Senate because McConnell had locked up enough votes including Pence's.

      So, no, Lisa Murkowski didn't vote against Betsy DeVos, Lisa Murkowski voted FOR Mitch McConnell.

  10. Anonymous6:16 PM


    1. Anonymous6:22 PM


    2. Anonymous6:28 PM


    3. Anonymous8:37 PM


    4. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/elizabeth-warren-mitch-mcconnell-jeff-sessions_us_589a7661e4b0c1284f294a27?gt9qk9ss7nd03pu8fr&

      More double standards.

      Much worse had been said about other senators by other senators.

      This is simply grasping at straws to muzzle Elizabeth Warren.

      I guess it's nice to know they are that scared of her.

      Of course, they can muzzle her in the Senate for the next 30 hours but they can't shut her up outside of the room. I expect she'll be tweeting and doing interviews.

    5. Anonymous4:22 AM

      And yet later the letter was read in its entirty...

  11. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Now our youth will be as dumb as the Palins

    1. Anonymous6:52 PM

      I hope they will be like the Palins. Why would you wish any different? We don't WANT people on welfare. We WANT people like them, supporting themselves. Track built his grandparents a cottage and does all their construction. (though all REAL AK men now how to built.) The girls are DIY too. Why wouldn't you want that for everyone?

    2. Anonymous7:09 PM

      Is 6:52 Alicia or sarcasm?

    3. I think it is Brisdull or maybe Sarah are in the sauce because"they now how to built."

      And yeah "the girls are definitely DIY."

      They must all DIY their own plastic surgery... I mean how can you get a chin on wrong?

  12. Anonymous6:59 PM

    OFF-TOPIC: You have GOT to read this. Trump doesn't know what's better -- a strong dollar or a weak dollar.

    So, to find out, he called -- not an economist -- he called National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Flynn said he didn't know.

    I need a drink.

  13. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Watch for christian outrage when Madrasas and Jewish Day Schools are now allowed to be part of the voucher program. Gonna see some splodey christian heads.

    1. Anonymous9:22 PM

      The Church of Satan would be wise to get into the voucher school business for the same reason.

  14. Anonymous8:26 PM

    I work in our local school district office. Today our office pet canary died.

    1. Anonymous3:55 AM

      Literally or figuratively?
      If literally, that is amazing. The universe knows.
      And good one if figuratively!

  15. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Bad News for Donald Trump: ‘SNL’ in the Midst of a Ratings Renaissance

    If President Donald Trump tweets about Saturday Night Live‘s terrible ratings, consider it the fakest of news: In reality, the NBC sketch-comedy series is having its most-viewed season in 22 years.


    1. Anonymous3:51 AM

      There is going to be a tipping point when Trump's idiocy re fake news bites his fat white ass. This may be it.

    2. Anonymous3:57 AM

      I'm 53 and find it therapeutic. I tune in each week. I've watched the Spicer piece 4 times.

  16. Anonymous8:39 PM

    An Iranian with a remarkable immigration story involving a mullah disguise and fake documents and hair-raising border crossings is now the medical director of a controversial chain of “brain performance” centers bankrolled by Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s pick for education secretary.


  17. Anonymous8:45 PM

    Dominionism has finally taken over. Glad to have no grandchildren who would have to try and survive it.

    1. Anonymous3:59 AM

      you know, i posted on FB about dominionism and 7 mountains agenda and not one of 500 friends commented or probably even read.
      Lazy friends.

    2. Anonymous4:23 AM

      Me too.

    3. Anonymous5:08 AM

      No it hasn't, but if it makes you feel better to run around with your hair on fire, go ahead. Me, I'll keep on fighting religious assholes and drama queens with Logic.

  18. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Donald Trump takes away Sean Spicer’s “Communications Director” title after SNL debacle

    It turns out all it took to get Donald Trump to demote Sean Spicer was to have him portrayed as a woman on Saturday Night Live. Nevermind that Spicer has been bumblingly incompetent for the entirety of his two-plus weeks on the job in the White House; that didn’t seem to matter so much. But now Trump thinks Spicer is “weak” because SNL used a female actress, Melissa McCarthy, to lampoon him, and sure enough, Spicer is being demoted.

    ...That means Spicer is being busted down to just being Press Secretary, and the new White House Communications Director will be his boss. When you hold two titles and the more senior title is taken away from you and given to someone new who then becomes your supervisor, that’s the textbook definition of a demotion no matter how the Trump White House ends up spinning it.


    Trump administration posts list of terror attacks, misspells U.S. city, repeatedly misspells “attackers”

    Just how willing is this White House to push misleading information to try to back up Donald Trump’s random false claims? And just how little oversight is there in this shell of a White House, where it appears Trump is using little more than a skeleton crew of incompetent people he personally trusts to be loyal to him? Those answers may have come all at once, when the Trump administration posted a list of terrorist attacks around the world which it falsely claimed were underreported – and which it went out of its way to bizarrely misspell.

    Take a look at this segment of the list the Donald Trump administration released of seventy-eight terrorist attacks which it claims were underreported by the media:


    Mitch McConnell tries to censor Elizabeth Warren for reading Coretta Scott King letter aloud

    Watch Mitch McConnell’s shameful censoring of Elizabeth Warren:


    Jake Tapper and CNN are now trying like hell to get Kellyanne Conway fired

    CNN is mad as hell at the Donald Trump administration, and CNN reporter Jake Tapper is not going to take it anymore. That’s the message that appears to be emanating from the cable news network this week, after Trump and his surrogates have launched a disinformation campaign aimed at smearing its reputation. In particular, CNN appears intent on humiliating both Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer to the point that they’ll no longer be tenable in their White House jobs.

    ...By the end of the ill fated interview, Kellyanne Conway had been baited into contradicting so many of Trump’s claims and positions, that it seemed apparent Jake Tapper was simply trying to finish her off. CNN had seemingly already decided not to allow her back on air, and appears to have given her one more go-round today with an angry Tapper in the hope of baiting Trump into dumping her. There’s really no other logical explanation. Watch the interview for yourself:


  19. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Trump’s Numbers Continue To Tank As 60% Of Americans Don’t Think He’s ‘Level-Headed’

    It’s been less than three weeks since Donald Trump took the oath of office, and the American people are starting to question whether the new president is even sane enough to hold a job.

    According to a new Quinnipiac University poll, a whopping 60 percent of registered voters say that Trump is not “level-headed.” Just a dismal 35 percent of the survey’s respondents say that he is.

    This is no surprise given what Trump has managed to do over the first several weeks of his presidency, from lying about crowd sizes and wreaking havoc on American airports to threatening war with two countries and making a deadly and ill-formed foreign policy decision.

    Quinnipiac’s finding is just one in a series of devastating numbers showing that a majority of the American people don’t think the president has positive leadership traits.

    Some other findings that don’t bode well for Trump:

    54 percent say he is not honest
    50 percent say he doesn’t have good leadership skills
    52 percent say that he doesn’t care about the average American
    58 percent say that he does not share their values

    On the policies Trump has implemented during his short time in the White House, the numbers – stunningly – are often even worse for the president.

    More from Quinnipiac:

    American voters oppose 51 – 46 percent President Donald Trump’s order suspending for 90 days all travel to the U.S. from seven nations, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today.

    Voters oppose 60 – 37 percent President Trump’s order suspending immigration of all refugees from any nation to the U.S. for 120 days, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University Poll finds.

    Voters also oppose 70 – 26 percent Trump’s order suspending indefinitely all immigration of Syrian refugees to the U.S.

    Overall, the poll reflects a resounding rejection of Trump as a person and the agenda he has worked to implement over the course of his first several weeks – a time when presidents typically have their most favorable ratings.


    1. Anonymous9:17 PM

      'people are starting to wonder'


      there is no 'wondering' we have been saying this the entire campaign.

      he is a narcissistic whackadoodle

    2. Anonymous9:49 AM

      Why didn't Trump's voters PAY ATTENTION when Bloomberg said that New Yorkers know a con when they see one??

      I mean, come, on, an actual, not "so-called" billionaire (and actually self-made) New Yorker, how much more from the horse's mouth could it be?

      There's also a New York word for people who willingly permit the wool to be pulled over their eyes--

      and that word is "schmucks". So save me the latest opinion polls, please!

      My heart bleeds for the rest of us, but not for the schmucks. They got what they voted for.

  20. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Mike Pence made history as the first sitting VP to vote his donor into office.

  21. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Pathetic, that all these senators chose someone who they know was an utter failure during her hearings and is inept. It's mind-blowing that someone like McCain can come out so strong against Putin/Trump but is weak when it comes to someone who is so obviously unqualified and a danger to our education system.

  22. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Rogue POTUS Staff

    --We want to go on record saying that we did not participate in writing this SNL skit in any way, but watching it we felt like they know us.

    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 7h7 hours ago

    --"This is a disaster."
    Reaction listening to 9th circuit oral arguments right now.

    --Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 6h6 hours ago

    --As we've said all along.

    Trump wants to be seen as the sole authority for truth


    Rogue POTUS Staff ‏@RoguePOTUSStaff 2h2 hours ago

    --Kellyanne being spotted around the residence late into evening. Begs the question "why?"

    Leaks Suggest Trump’s Own Team Is Alarmed By His Conduct

    White House leaks are common, but leakers suggesting the president might be unfit for office are not.

    ...Unsurprisingly, Trump’s volatile behavior has created an environment ripe for leaks from his executive agencies and even within his White House. And while leaks typically involve staffers sabotaging each other to improve their own standing or trying to scuttle policy ideas they find genuinely problematic, Trump’s 2-week-old administration has a third category: leaks from White House and agency officials alarmed by the president’s conduct.

    “I’ve been in this town for 26 years. I have never seen anything like this,” said Eliot Cohen, a senior State Department official under President George W. Bush and a member of his National Security Council. “I genuinely do not think this is a mentally healthy president.”


  23. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I've been listening to the Senate all evening. Cory Booker has been amazing. One of the greatest speeches of all time, in my opinion, and it should be studied in high schools and colleges.

  24. Wouldn't you LOVE to be a fly on the wall of the office of any of the last three on that list?

    When they see how much THEY got compared to what the others did, I bet they each yelled out, "HEY MAN...WTF??? I sold out for chump change, and that bastard Rubio got almost a hundred large!"

    1. Anonymous3:57 AM

      Infighting -- works against progressives -- is what's needed. YES!

  25. Anonymous9:06 PM

    OK, Betsy DeVos Is Now Education Secretary, But The Fight Over Her Agenda Has Just Begun

    The real power over schools doesn’t rest with the Education Department.

    DeVos needed only 50 votes to get confirmed, but any legislation will need 60 votes to overcome a Democratic filibuster in the Senate. After calls opposing her nomination flooded into Senate offices, lawmakers are well aware that pushing forward on the DeVos agenda will trigger a similar uprising, one that members of Congress would rather avoid heading into midterm elections.


  26. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Bernie Sanders Tricks Ted Cruz Into Supporting A Single-Payer Healthcare System


  27. Being a PK and educated in evangelical schools which were sub-par I can't tell you how upset I was this morning to hear this news - more upsetting than anything Donald's alt-right has gotten away with so far. I predict a lot of problems ahead with DeVos doing away with the public school system. I actually went to public schools only during my summer time off because I KNEW my education was sub-par. I had to beg & talk my parents into letting me go to a public school during summer vacation!. And by the way, the one I attended kindergarten through collge (because both my parents taught there) was where they welcomed Sarah Palin to speak at a few years ago In Montgomery, AL. Forced religion in schools only made me into a flaming progressive because it messed my head up for so many years and I knew they were lying to me. And now as a taxpayer I have to pay them for this religious bullcrap?!?!?

    Only TWO republicans had the common sense to not vote for DeVos. The rest of them have ZERO CAJONES because IMO they are afraid of the Cheetolini bully! No balls at all! I am so angry, sorry.


    1. Anonymous1:09 AM

      I share your disgust and dismay and have been personally beating up Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Bob Corker (R-TN) for about a week, now, on Twitter.

      Lamar was a so-called champion of education .

  28. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Living The Well Earned Good Life

    It was a huge honour to be able to invite President Barack and Michelle Obama down to the British Virgin Islands for a complete break after Barack finished his second term as President and the family left the White House. One of the first stories Barack told me when he and Michelle arrived on Moskito Island was how, just before he became President, he had been surfing on a dangerous break in Hawaii. When he came in from an exhilarating session, the new head of his security team turned to him and said: “This will be the last time you surf for eight years.” For the next eight years he didn’t have the chance to surf, enjoy watersports or do many of the things he loved. So it was tremendous to offer him the chance to learn to kitesurf.




  29. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Donald Trumps teaparty base has won by lying, cheating, fake news & stealing.

    Now they are ruling us. They ordered Elizabath Warren to sit down and shut up.

    Teaparty has infiltrated beginning at local government levels including police force. They were smart in that way & look where we are now!

    Seems like we progressives who sat back & did NOTHING...NOTHING! to get out & vote..well this is the price we have to pay now in this idiocrasy farce reality TV world we are being governed by.

    No more!

    No more Mr. Nice democratic guy! We are bring a gun this time!

    1. Anonymous1:06 AM

      You'll be glad to hear that Liz raked in millions today in campaign donations. She also has a new tag line for t-shirts: "Instead, she persisted."

    2. Anonymous4:05 AM

      I don't think we were all that complacent. I truly believe our votes were flipped, for years.

  30. Anonymous9:57 PM

    Trump-Supporting Christian Family Gets Deported; Bailed Out by Liberals

    Syrian-American Sarmad Assali was a Trump supporter. Her family is Orthodox Christian, so they must have felt pretty safe from any potential Trump Muslim ban. Then last weekend happened. Suddenly, this Pennsylvania family was desperately trying to reach their US visa-carrying relatives after they had learned they were detained at the airport and forced back to the Middle East. Sarmand Assali's anger is vivid on this newscast where she kept saying "This is not human. It's just not human!"

    In an interview, she explained how security guards at the airport asked her family members if they were Syrian. When they replied that they were, the guards literally said "Come with us."

    Once identified as Syrian, her family members were treated horribly:

    No translators. No legal counsel. They joined other people with proper US visas and green cards across the nation’s airports who were handcuffed and interrogated based solely on their nationality. I can understand Mrs. Assali's outrage, in which she (correctly) stated that all of this was "un-American.”

    ...Cue the liberals.

    Protests broke out everywhere, and the ACLU of Pennsylvania got involved. A lawsuit for the Assali family was filed, and an anti-ban protest rally was held in support of the Assalis. Their Democratic mayor, senator, and governor all made statements condemning the ban harshly along with a personal message of support for the Assali family.



  31. Anonymous10:12 PM







  32. Anonymous10:13 PM

    We know Schmuck a l'orange is Transparent and Predictable. So what is his next move on Terrorism?

    ...Now he is quite disturbingly putting forth the notion that if we don’t go along with his security and immigration plans, then we have no security at all. He would never admit that our current vetting processes are already the most extreme in the world. He would rather act as if it must be done his way, or we have no security at all.

    He has preemptively blamed Judge Robart for any terrorist attack that may occur, and that goes right along with this idea that to strike down his plan means we have no vetting, no security, no control. I find this especially galling and dangerous, and it has me in fear that a stage is now easily set for placing blame the moment anything bad happens.

    But to me, it is even worse than that.

    He has now started the meme of terrorist attacks that do not exist, starting with the Bowling Green massacre, and stating (to our troops!) that there were multiple terrorist attacks that have gone unreported by his enemy, the media.

    I believe his plan is to blame Judge Robart, Dems, and anyone who is against his Executive Order for the next terrorist attack, EVEN IF NO TERRORIST ATTACK OCCURS. I think he will pull a terrorist attack out of his ass and tweet that there was an attack somewhere, and run with it, backed of course by Conway and Spicer et al.

    ​The only question is how soon will this happen?


  33. Anonymous10:31 PM

    After confirmation, GOP Congressman filed legislation showing the real reason they backed DeVos

    She’s not there to manage the Department of Education, she’s there to dismantle it:

    On the same day the Senate confirmed President Trump’s secretary of Education pick by a historically narrow margin, a House Republican introduced legislation to abolish the entire department Betsy DeVos will lead.

    Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie’s bill is only a page long, after merely stating the Department of Education would terminate on Dec. 31, 2018.

    Massie believes that policymakers at the state and local levels should be responsible for education policy, instead of a federal agency that’s been in place since 1980.

    They’ll be able to slice and dice, selling off our public schools under the guise of “state control.” Now that public school funding can be used to create a network of new Christian schools and, as Betsy Devos says, “advance the kingdom of God.” From Mother Jones:

    ...So long separation of church and state. It was nice while it lasted, but the American Taliban is in charge now.

    ...Folks, we might not have won the battle on Betsy DeVos, but stay focused and get ready to fight like hell. The war for public education is just getting started.


  34. Anonymous10:40 PM

    And they want to dismantle the Department of Education by the end of next year. The GOP voted for THAT just a couple of hours after voting for this uneducated rich beotch

    1. Anonymous4:29 AM

      They are so fucking stupid. This will be hung around their necks like a dead chicken come the midtrerms in 2018.

  35. Anonymous10:43 PM


  36. Anonymous11:02 PM

    A terrorist attack on the homeland as an excuse to take us closer to a literal dictatorship might be up there as one of the single greatest threats we face as a nation right now. We are kidding ourselves if we dismiss this danger or underestimate its chances of happening.


  37. Anonymous11:06 PM

    Just How Dangerous is the Trump Administration?

    The main danger posed by the Trump administration is that it might manage to transform the U.S. from a constitutional democracy into an authoritarian regime modeled more or less on Putin’s Russia. The ultimate danger is that this could lead not only to the suppression of dissent, but to disappearances, torture, general oppression of disfavored groups, and ultimately war with the direst of consequences. Or falling short of that, it could still be a disastrous affair if dissent is suppressed, democracy undermined, and the environment, the economy, education, and health care are substantially degraded. My question here is not what is likely, but what is possible, and what we might do to forestall it.

    ...How would Bannon/Trump go down this darker road? By triggering chaos and reaction. In that vein, one might wonder, for example: was Bannon’s writing of Trump’s legally dubious and offensive executive order banning people from seven countries coming to the U.S. a sign of incompetence, or a strategic move?


    1. Anonymous3:46 AM

      I think Bannon and his pals realized that Trump was their darling a while ago. We're already stumbling down that darker road. For the American people the trek began just after the election as the cabinet nominees were announced: each one was chosen to destroy, from the inside, the very department he or she was selected to lead. No good will come of all of this.

  38. Leaks indicate Trumps own people are afraid of his mental state.


    "President Donald Trump was confused about the dollar: Was it a strong one that’s good for the economy? Or a weak one?

    So he made a call ― except not to any of the business leaders Trump brought into his administration or even to an old friend from his days in real estate. Instead, he called his national security adviser, retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, according to two sources familiar with Flynn’s accounts of the incident.

    Flynn has a long record in counterintelligence but not in macroeconomics. And he told Trump he didn’t know, that it wasn’t his area of expertise, that, perhaps, Trump should ask an economist instead.

    Trump was not thrilled with that response ― but that may have been a function of the time of day. Trump had placed the call at 3 a.m., according to one of Flynn’s retellings ― although neither the White House nor Flynn’s office responded to requests for confirmation about that detail."

    What fucking "successful businessman" doesn't know about a strong and weak dollar? If you have investments or do loans or International business, you have to know this stuff.

    So, he's a fucking fraud.

    "The commander in chief doesn’t like to read long memos, a White House aide who asked to remain unnamed told The Huffington Post. So preferably they must be no more than a single page. They must have bullet points but not more than nine per page.

    Small things can provide him great joy or generate intense irritation. Trump told The New York Times that he’s fascinated with the phone system inside the White House. At the same time, he’s registered a complaint about the hand towels aboard Air Force One, the White House aide said, because they are not soft enough."

    "While some of the leaks are based on opposition to his policies many appear motivated by a belief that Trump’s words, deeds and tweets pose a genuine threat."

    "But to Cohen, who now teaches at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, the problem is not the leakers. It’s the president. Because Trump has shown no true affection or respect for anyone outside his immediate family, Cohen said, he cannot expect that of his staff. “This is what happens when you have a narcissist as president.”"

    1. Anonymous3:43 AM

      Anyone who makes his fortune by cheating people and by filing for bankruptcy to avoid paying his bills is not a good businessman. Trump has never been a good businessman. He was born rich.

  39. Hillary has made her first post election statement.


    “Despite all the challenges we face, I remain convinced that yes, the future is female,” Clinton said. “Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month as women organized a march that galvanized millions of people all over our country and across the world.”

    “We need strong women to step up and speak out,” she said. “We need you to dare greatly and lead boldly. So please, set an example for every woman and girl out there who’s worried about what the future holds and wonders whether our rights, opportunities and values will endure.”

    “And remember you are the heroes and history makers, the glass-ceiling breakers of the future. As I’ve said before, I’ll say again, never doubt you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and every opportunity in the world.”

    1. Anonymous5:45 AM

      So Hillary and Bill could attend the orange anus's inauguration but couldn't march with us the day after? Instead, resorted to merely 'tweeting her support' for the people who marched.
      Doesn't she realize that both she and Bill would've been honored wherever they had chosen to march, and what a statement their physical participation would've been? Besides having mucho SS protection, their fellow marchers would've probably killed anyone who would've attempted any harm on the Clinton's.
      And Taylor Swift, who didn't run for president, got her ass handed to her for not doing more for the Women's March than tweeting out support.
      Goddamnit, when a horse bucks you off, you get straight back on. Yes, my candidate didn't win but does that mean she couldn't participate in the largest global protest for women's rights which occurred on the heels of the inauguration of the 'winner', her opponent?
      I know were I was that day and what I was doing. Where was Hillary?

  40. Anonymous3:40 AM

    In a GOP-controlled Congress you can be sure that, if you give them enough money, they'll do exactly as you want. Think how McConnell aways acts in the worst interest of the residents of his state. He's a sterling example of a Republican office holder.

  41. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Meghan owes Elizabeth a public apology.

    Meghan McCain Smears ‘Pocahontas’ Elizabeth Warren Over Opposition To DeVos

    .....“Then, at about eight minutes in, Faulkner opened up the discussion for smearing Senator Elizabeth Warren. McCain picked up the opening and ran with it. Faulkner was shocked, shocked, I tell you.

    FAULKNER: One thing this morning that we saw was Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren saying, you know, among the Democrats, she takes this personally. And so she might have been one who, if she were on the campaign trail for president –

    MCCAIN: Why does Pocahontas take this personally?

    FAULKNER: Oh, my goodness.

    MCCAIN: I mean, that’s her nickname and I’m – our president calls her that and I’m going to call her that, too.

    Let’s not forget that it was just moments ago that McCain was lecturing Democrats that hate is “the only message” they have. Memo to McCain: You’re not looking like you’ve anything else, yourself.”



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