Saturday, March 18, 2017

AARP to use its 38 million members to pressure Congress to reject new GOP healthcare bill.

Courtesy of PR Newswire:

AARP Executive Vice President Nancy LeaMond released the following statement today in response to the pending vote on the House bill that would create an "Age Tax," weaken Medicare's solvency, put at risk seniors' ability to live independently as they age, and give sweetheart deals to big drug and insurance companies. In a letter sent to all 435 members of the House of Representatives, AARP maintained its strong opposition to this harmful bill and urged each Representative to vote 'No' on the proposed legislation. AARP believes this legislation will have a significant negative impact on the health of millions of older Americans ages 50 to 64, as well as other vulnerable groups, including poor seniors and disabled children and adults. 

"AARP recognizes the magnitude of the upcoming vote on this harmful legislation that creates an Age Tax, cuts the life of Medicare, and gives sweetheart deals to big drug and insurance companies while doing nothing to lower the cost of health care or prescriptions. We intend on letting all 38 million of our members know exactly how their Representative voted. Our members care deeply about their health care and have told us repeatedly that they want to know where their elected officials stand. We will communicate the results of the House vote to our members and the public through The Bulletin, a print publication that goes to all of our members, as well as through emails, social media, and other communications channels. 

"This bill, if passed in its current form, will disproportionately hurt older adults between the ages of 50 and 64 by dramatically increasing insurance premiums to unaffordable rates. Allowing insurance companies to charge older adults an Age Tax 5 times or more than others for health insurance, and reducing tax credits to help pay for it, is quite simply unfair. "

AARP is also concerned that this bill weakens the fiscal sustainability of Medicare, reduces cost-sharing help for out-of-pocket costs for 50- to 64-year-olds purchasing coverage on the individual insurance market, increases the number of uninsured Americans, and puts at risk the health and well-being of millions of poor seniors and disabled adults and children by capping funding for much needed services that allow individuals to live independently in their homes and communities. 

"We are also profoundly disappointed that the big drug and insurance companies were given sweetheart deals while nothing was done to lower the cost of health care or prescriptions. Congress must do more to bring down the unsustainably high health care and prescription drug costs for consumers and taxpayers."

Well if the NRA can get Republicans to bend to their will with only five million members imagine what AARP can accomplish with a whopping 38 million?

And this 50 to 65 age group is EXACTLY the demographic that turned out in force for Donald Trump.

He loses them, he loses everything. 

Yeah, I don't see this GOP bill making it much further. 


  1. Anonymous5:16 AM

    The last thing anyone with a brain should do is make a group of seniors angry at them.

    Just wait until they descend on Washington, chasing Congress and trump with their scooter brigades :)

    1. There are plenty of AARP members that are perfectly fit to march. Plus, being retired we don't have to march on a weekend, and have the discretionary income to travel.

      All AARP would have to do is organize an attractive travel package that includes airfare, lodging and a few tours and you'd blow away every inauguration and every march ever held. If a year from now they did it in April as the cherry trees were blooming, the "old farts" could shut D.C. down.

    2. Wonder how many of the 38 mil AARP members voted for Trump.

      I wager a bet that most of the white AARP members did.

  2. He also loses lives: several already in his ill-advised rush to deal with ISIS. He wants to send in 1000 ground groups to Northern Syria.

  3. Anonymous5:56 AM

    What will the AARP do when Fox starts demonizing "Meals-on-Wheels".

    Fully expect to hear stories on Fox about the waste and expense of feeding folks lobster with truffles, filet mignon and creme brulee.

    1. Meals on Wheels menus are readily available online.

      It's one step above school cafeteria meals.

      I tried to talk my parents into signing up if only for one meal five days a week, so I wouldn't have to listen to my Mother complain about cooking when I go to visit once a week. But they wouldn't do it because they didn't like the food.

      I don't consider meatloaf or tuna casserole to be "cadillac diet".

    2. I received MOW for about 8 months and don't remember any meatloaf or tuna casserole. And the meals were quite tasty.

  4. Anonymous6:00 AM

    Jessie Griffen, would you report today and repeat the last 9 years of articles/reporting of the "7 Mountains" that you have blogged on this website. Thanks, The American People.

  5. Anonymous6:08 AM

    This is also a group that is known for having a high percentage of their members turn out on election day. They also tend to have the time and inclination to contact their legislators about policies.

    Don't piss them off, especially about something as critical to them as health care, or you will come to regret it.

  6. Anonymous6:23 AM

    As a 59-year-old female about to undergo chemo for breast cancer, the litany of tests I have had to undergo so far had co-pays that would cripple many seniors on fixed incomes and I have what is considered "cadillac" insurance. Imagine those who don't.

    Give 'em HELL. They deserve it.

  7. Having been a financial consultant in Florida for 25 years before I escaped and returned to the upper Midwest, I have mixed feelings about AARP.

    Purportedly AARP has been an advocacy group for old farts, but in reality got into the insurance business and lost that focus especially opposing legislation for the government to negotiate drug prices with Big Pharma.

    For AARP dues, one gets 10% off rental cars and stays at Super 8.They offer a monthly magazine with pertinent information like 'best burial plots with scenic views' and 'how arthritis can work for you' or 'why you should eat dinner at 4:30 in your robe.'

    "Well if the NRA can get Republicans to bend to their will with only five million members imagine what AARP can accomplish with a whopping 38 million?"
    By sheer numbers if it will piss off and get rid of legislators, I could live with that!

    The NRA has more influence as they have an easily verified relationship with Russia. (Think of pictures of Flynn and Stein at Russian dinner with Putin.)

    So I am gunnin' for 'em.

    1. Anonymous7:38 AM

      Ask any Green Party member, "WTH was Jill Stein doing there?" Crickets.

  8. Anonymous8:24 AM

    THIS>"for the tobacco and fossil fuel industries and member of Trump's Environmental Protection Agency transition team, argued that excessive air pollution is not linked to premature death. "My particular interest is air pollution," Milloy said, alleging that EPA's scientists are inherently biased. "These people validate and rubber-stamp the EPA's conclusion that air pollution kills people." Milloy also said, baselessly, that EPA scientists are "paying for the science it wants," and that Trump must change the research process at the agency."Even Breitbart, the alt-right media organization with close ties to Trump, seems to accept that air pollution is bad for human health.Milloy and Delingpole also claim that "not one single" epidemiological or toxicological study has ever shown that particulate pollution directly caused a death, either in the short term or due to prolonged exposure."
    "OUT-LIERliers can have disproportionate impact on policy."

  9. Anonymous8:51 AM

    OT Good Read G

  10. AARP is mostly a shill for insurance companies and I recognize that. But I still am a member for exactly this reason. I want to add my person to that 38 million so that AARP has the clout to lobby effectively.

    The NRA only has 4.3 million.

  11. Joined AARP the day I turned 50 because of benefits. I have never missed a single opportunity to vote for people and policies that are closest to my own ideals (they can't all be winners, alas).

    That said, I have never, nor will I ever vote for a shitbird conservative.

    born in 1966 to progressive parents and damn proud of it.

  12. Anonymous6:43 AM


  13. This "age tax" propaganda is just more advocacy for generational theft by AARP. It's only fair that insurance costs should go up as people become older and riskier to insure. The people who will benefit from lie insurance premiums in retirement already had low premiums during their working years. Now they want the next generation to pay higher premiums to subsidize their insurance.


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