Saturday, March 18, 2017

Watch as the Irish Prime Minister trolls Donald Trump while standing right next to him.

Courtesy of Raw Story: 

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny used his time spent at the White House on St. Patrick’s Day to issue a subtle rebuke to President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. 

Speaking at the White House with Trump standing right next to him, Kenny relayed the long history of Irish immigrants who came to America and thrived there, despite being resented and hated by many.

Okay THAT was a thing of beauty.

Did you see Trump's face as he started this speech?

Let's face it NOBODY respects this range tinted asshole. NOBODY!


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Oh the 'real Americans' are getting buuuuurned these days....

    Isn't that right Screechy?

    1. Anonymous7:09 AM

      Be sure to tell $ara that Malia Obama has turned down modelling offers recently.
      Malia wants to be behind the camera, not in front of it.
      Which of your daughters has turned down any modelling offers, $ara? Have any of 'em even gotten any?
      Didn't think so.

    2. Anonymous7:57 AM

      There IS no comparison between the Obama and Palin daughters. NONE. Good parenting and, once again, $arah loses to the color she hates with a passion.

  2. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Annnd it's only gonna get worse.
    Trolling him to his face.
    No one respects the US president.
    NO ONE.
    And sadly, all of us are tainted by this same brush.
    Nice, huh?

    1. Anonymous7:04 AM

      I, for one, will never be "tainted" by that dickless wonderless. Remember when The Dixie Chicks lost their career for criticism of Dubya overseas? I hope every red-blooded American on foreign shores speaks out long and hard. He does NOT represent "We The People" and he never will.

    2. Anonymous12:30 PM

      yeah 7:04? Been abroad recently?
      I have, and it was tres uncomfortable. The Canadians also at our lodgings - treated wonderfully and hospitably. We were at the Turks and Caicos. Stayed in an air bnb owned by an Iranian man who is an expat . His contempt for us was palpable. The Canadians were invited for drinks, invited to use their skidoos, invited for dinner. We were shunned. It was heartbreaking. No matter how I tried to let him know we are not like the people who voted for Drumpf, he wasn't interested in hearing me. Believe me, I tried. My sadness affected my spring break at a beautiful locale.
      The "belongers" , the African people who are descendants from original slaves, also barely contained their contempt for us - most especially the women. If looks could kill, I'd be dead. My husband and I are the most liberal, easy going people. So, yes, we were tainted by the same brush as our asshole citizens.

  3. Anonymous6:54 AM

    This is a great sign for progressives everywhere in the world. When world leaders speak like this right in front of this POS, it gives us all hope. We are not alone.

    Alas, now Trump will turn on Ireland: his pattern: no slight, however slight, will be forgotten or go unavenged.

    1. Anonymous7:40 AM

      You canNOT insult Ireland without inciting the wrath of millions. Few Irish would forgive that, no matter where on the planet they may live.
      Erin go bragh!

    2. Anonymous8:25 AM

      7:40 -- good. He's met his match, then.

  4. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Donald trump lacks respects for others. Therefore he gets no respect. He may have snuck into the presidency. Does not make him presidential. Nor a Bonified President!!!! Resist!
    He is only a wretched monster and his hateful band of Nazi supporters trying to destroy the Obama legacy and the World!
    Ignorance and learned hate and greed , and racism are some of this administrations motto and creed.

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM

      Bona fide, not 'Bonified', if you wish to mean 'genuine'.

  5. Marthe7:07 AM

    No one elsewhere in the world respects Donald J. Trump. Ireland's Prime Minister just demonstrated it by trolling Trump to his face in the White House. Well done!

    1. Anonymous8:06 AM

      Check these out>

  6. linda7:24 AM

    I did see this and it was just perfect! Trump's face as always was his resting asshole face. At least his orange didn't turn red.

    1. Anonymous7:50 AM

      It reminds me of his stupid faces standing next to the Tundra Twat as she gave her endorsement speech in Iowa.

    2. Anonymous8:03 AM

      He DID actually touch and shake $kanky's hand during the slam poetry dill when she wore the metal porcupine jacket. It was awkward, but he did shake her bony old paw.

    3. Anonymous10:35 AM

      Metal porcupine jacket, lol!

    4. Yikes!

      Metal porcupine jacket! The plebeian costume of the nouveau riche.

      I think Sowah was going for the Russian biker chick look.

  7. Anonymous7:25 AM

    And it was such a nice polite troll of TWITLER. I'm not sure he resized he was being trolled, he is so damned oblivious. After all, he just finished reading an Irish proverb which was in fact, a Nigerian poem. Colberts take on it was hilarious. Then after being trolled by one world leader, he mbarrasses himself in front of angela Merkel and refuses to shake her hand. And he's down in Florida golfing again for the fifth time. Where's the outrage on that, republicans?

    1. He figures if he goes to Florida every weekend and plays golf, it will normalize it and eventually be ignored.

      Never mind how much it costs.

      After four years how many MILLIONS will have been squandered on his weekend golf vacations?

    2. Anonymous12:32 PM

      mlaluppa, RM showed how in 5 weeks he has spent as much as Pres Obama spent in 18 months on vacations.

    3. Anonymous12:49 PM

      The golfing thing has finally made me realize that the gulf between the parties is wide and unable to be breached.

      If, after spending so much of their energy deriding President Obama's few vacations and golfing trips, that they can somehow justify Trump's 10-fold increase in protection dollars and time off work in just his first two months in office proves to me that we will never find common ground with the other side.

      They have now proven themselves to be so gullible, so hypocritical and so easily led that there is nothing that we have in common.

  8. Homer S.7:26 AM

    Donald Trump's my kind of guy!

    Down at the power plant where I work we are always talking about him!

    It's like a real life reality tv show come to life here in Springfield and everywhere else! DOH!

    We all really liked how the President trolled the tater eaters on Saint Patty's Day with his Nigerian Irish proverb! What a bunch of Dunderheads they are! DOH!~

    1. Anonymous10:58 AM

      I thought the strange proverb was uttered by Mike Pence at a breakfast for the Irish prime minister.

    2. Not only that, I'm betting the author is also Muslim.

  9. I think that touched a real nerve for Trump. His mother came from Scotland to work as a charwoman for the Trump family and married Fred, Donald's father.

    "The son of "the wretched refuse on the teeming shore" has never been accepted by the social hierarchy of the Paleys, Vanderbilts, Rockerfellers, Whitneys. etc.
    His vulgarity however has a close match with the equally evil vulgarians on a dead lake in Alaska.

    1. Anonymous8:01 AM

      Remember when he tried to put it out there that his mom was 'a visiting debutante' from Scotland, and not here on a work visa to be a char? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

    2. Anonymous10:57 AM

      I've wondered what could have caused the marriage between Trump's father and his mother. I doubt that it was true love. Had Trump come from a loving family, he would not have such a low opinion of women.

    3. I DO remember that now. Thanks for pointing that lame debutante line out again.

      I think we need to perpetuate the rumor that his Scottish roots have bigly tremendous ties to the Loch Ness Monster!

      We might be doing him a favor by taking some of the very obvious Russian connection heat off him.... if only for a nanosecond.

      To my knowledge, Trump does not dwell on the citizenship pride that his obviously deficient gene pool at some point attained in the good ol' USA.

    4. I'll bet his Scottish mother and German father badmouthed the Irish in the household as he was growing up.

      Some immigrants that have made it in to America seem even more motivated to shut the door on those that come after.

  10. Anonymous7:41 AM

  11. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Donald's tweet after the meeting:

    Look at his wife. She is not even a #3. Pathetic, Sad. Loser.

  12. Anonymous7:54 AM

    What a great post to start the day/weekend! Thanks, G. Kenny is my new hero.

    1. Anonymous10:55 AM

      Mine too. Especially proud of my Irish heritage after having played that. Thanks, Gryphen.

  13. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Report: Russian Elite Invested Nearly $100 Million In Trump Buildings, Records Show
    At least 63 individuals with Russian ties have bought nearly $100 million worth of property.

    During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald J. Trump downplayed his business ties with Russia. And since taking office as president, he has been even more emphatic.

    “I can tell you, speaking for myself, I own nothing in Russia,” President Trump said at a news conference last month. “I have no loans in Russia. I don’t have any deals in Russia.”

    But in the United States, members of the Russian elite have invested in Trump buildings. A Reuters review has found that at least 63 individuals with Russian passports or addresses have bought at least $98.4 million worth of property in seven Trump-branded luxury towers in southern Florida, according to public documents, interviews and corporate records.

    The buyers include politically connected businessmen, such as a former executive in a Moscow-based state-run construction firm that works on military and intelligence facilities, the founder of a St. Petersburg investment bank and the co-founder of a conglomerate with interests in banking, property and electronics.

    People from the second and third tiers of Russian power have invested in the Trump buildings as well. One recently posted a photo of himself with the leader of a Russian motorcycle gang that was sanctioned by the United States for its alleged role in Moscow’s seizure of Crimea.

    ...The tally of investors from Russia may be conservative. The analysis found that at least 703 – or about one-third – of the owners of the 2044 units in the seven Trump buildings are limited liability companies, or LLCs, which have the ability to hide the identity of a property’s true owner. And the nationality of many buyers could not be determined. Russian-Americans who did not use a Russian address or passport in their purchases were not included in the tally.

  14. Anonymous7:57 AM

  15. Anonymous8:15 AM

    Donald Trump Acts Like a Petulant Child and Refuses to Shake Angela Merkel’s Hand

  16. Anonymous8:18 AM

    WATCH: Angela Merkel looks on in horror as Trump accuses German reporter of spreading ‘fake news’

  17. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Trump Has The Most UNCOMFORTABLE Moment With Merkel, Makes A FOOL Of Himself (VIDEO)

  18. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Rep. Maxine Waters Drops A Truth Bomb: Republicans Have No Choice But To Impeach Trump

    On MSNBC's AM Joy, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) explained why Republicans are going to have no choice but to impeach President Trump after evidence of his presidential campaign's collusion with Russia surfaces.

    Rep. Waters told Joy Reid, “I think it’s all there, and I think we should dig deeper. Yes, I think that my constituents and others should care about this, but is what I think is so important. I don’t think that when the truth comes out that even the right-wing conservatives who are defending Trump at this point are going to be able to stand with him. They claim to be patriots, and they claim that they’re more patriotic than a lot of other people. We’re going to see who the real patriots are when we unveil this collusion that I believe is there, and I think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from him, and we will see that he will be in a position where he will meet the standards for high crimes and misdemeanors, and I maintain that’s where impeachment comes in.”

    Waters also expressed more confidence in the Senate Intelligence Committee than the House Intelligence Committee to conduct a credible investigation.

    The problem for Trump and the Republicans is that the Russia scandal doesn’t ever go away. No matter how Republicans and the White House try to change the subject, all roads lead back to Russia and what happened during the 2016 presidential election.

    1. Anonymous8:57 AM

      I hope those who have HBO watched Bill Maher last night.

    2. Anonymous11:17 AM

      More 'I think'!

  19. Anonymous9:16 AM

    A truth bomb is Truth, not "I think...".
    Get back to us wid dat, Maxine, when you have some truth/proof(and I really hope you do).
    We need to see a smoking gun. Until then, this is morphing into a benghazi-style bag of bullshit.
    It's been how long? And no definitive proof. If it's there, it shouldn't be much longer?

    1. Anonymous12:53 PM

      OMG RMS has the fucking proof EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

  20. Anonymous9:40 AM

    False equivalency 9:16. Benghazi was officially investigated ad infinitum. T.Rump's causes for impeachment - emolument clause violation, treason via collusion with the Russians, disenfranchisement of American voters by that collusion, conflict of interest because he still profits from the T.rump (gilded crap) corporations. All need to be investigated. They aren't. How many Benghazi investigations were there? 11-? 12? Isn't there one still ongoing?

    1. Anonymous12:06 PM

      Proof of that treason via collusion with the Russians, please!!! Still haven't got any? That was the point of my comment at 9:16, not to make a false equivalency.

      I think the benghazi bullshit is as stupid as the current Red Scare. I'm plenty old enough to remember the first one. And I'll be the first one to say HOORAY if dRumpf IS impeached, regardless the cause. There is just no definitive proof as of now that he is a Russian agent, or making illegal deals with Russian entities. THere may well be in the future(fingers crossed). The Clinton supporter, Mellon, who trotted out that russian rumor last summer has recently recanted it.

      We all know Benghazi is/was all bullshit. What I do NOT want is for this alleged Russian connection to be like that, a ridiculous witch hunt. In the meantime, there's a LOT of hate directed at the Russian population. You think they ALL love pootie over there? Uhhuh, just like we ALLLLL love dRumpf over here.
      Until there is a smoking gun, there will be only conjecture.

      Framing conjecture as fact is a tenet of the many Benghazi hearings. Is this your aim?

  21. Anonymous10:56 AM

    Many European publications and some American were referring to Angela Merkel as "leader of the free world" when reporting on the Trump/Merkel summit.

    I love it that the media that he hates so badly is now poking sticks in his eyes, but the truth does hurt, and face it, our POTUS no longer IS leader of the free world but a puppet of the Russians and the Christian-cabal.

    Sad! (but true)

    1. Anonymous11:07 AM

      tiny digits:

    2. Anonymous11:18 AM

      You go, Angela!

      This is what happens when you have no fucking clue. I'll just play golf! He SAID this yet people voted for him and still defend him.

      Respect the office? Oh HELL no.

  22. That was a great speech. But I doubt Donald heard any of it.

    Attention wasn't on him so he just stood there and I'm sure tuned it all out. For him it was like the adults in a Peanuts cartoon. All he heard was a muted trumpet going wah wah wah.

    If you asked him immediately after that speech what was said, he would have said something like the Irish came here because America was great and they worked hard to make it great again.

    In other words, totally clueless.

  23. Anonymous2:35 PM

    I am wondering if he was smart enough to get that HE was being trolled by the Irish prime minister.Pretty Doubtful. I watch in horror as each new day brings something egregious not to mention illegal by this monster.I knew it was going to be very bad. But this is beyond all comprehension.

  24. Anonymous4:26 PM

    I am sure the comment went right over little donnie’s head.

    In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if little donnie credits himself for helping the Irish arriving in the USA during the potato famine.


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