Friday, March 31, 2017

Another thing we learned from the Senate Intelligence hearing, many of the "Bernie Bros" were Russian trolls.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

Dr. Thomas Rid of Kings College London’s Department of War Studies explained that polarization makes societies vulnerable to manipulation by disinformation campaigns. 

Russia, Rid explained, according to CBS News, likes to use “unwitting agents” to carry out its work. WikiLeaks, Twitter and “overeager journalists” all contributed to Russia’s efforts to destabilize the U.S. by disrupting its 2016 election. 

Democratic committee co-chair Sen. Mark Warner (VA) asked the panel if they had any doubt that Russia had attempted to interfere in some aspects of the 2016 election. Alexander said not only did he have no doubt, he could get very specific. 

“Senator, I think what they were trying to do was drive a wedge within the Democratic Party between the Clinton group and the Sanders group,” said Alexander. “And then in our nation between Republicans and Democrats.” 

Supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I) reported earlier this month that during the 2016 election, their social media feeds and pro-Sanders Facebook groups were inundated with what they now believe were Russian bots spewing anti-Hillary memes including fake news stories about Clinton using a body double and murdering her ideological opponents. Over time the anti-Clinton online faction became known by the nickname “Bernie Bros.”

I think that many of us have already come to realize that this is true, however I think it needs to be repeated frequently so that we are all on guard the next time. 

And it must also be pointed out that none of this trolling would have worked if there were not so many people desperate to accept the lies and to spread them far and wide around the internet.

I am sure that many of you watched in real time as I confronted some of this misinformation here on IM only to be labeled a "Hillary-bot" or accused of "working for my queen," or "supporting the Wall Street candidate."

And it worked. I lost thousands of visitors during the primary, and no matter how often I pointed out that people were being manipulated by false information, I was simply accused of "being in the tank for Hillary" and that was the end of the conversation.

If you look around today you can see it still happening, with people attacking the DNC and blaming them for Trump's victory, just as they have been directed to do by the Russian trolls.

Remember the Russians want to undermine our entire democracy, and the first step in doing that is to make people distrust the two parties.

So at this point we have to ask ourselves if we are part of the solution to this problem, or just another of the Russian's "useful idiots."


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Those of us who "know" you, Gryph, never left, although I will admit to having to take a breather from time to time.

    1. Anonymous2:11 PM

      I like Gryphen, but I cannot and never have expected a blogger to agree with me 100% of the time( I think I'd have to write my own blog for that to happen), hell, I don't expect my husband to agree with me at all times.

    2. Anonymous2:24 PM

      How exactly does a reader get to "know" Gryphen?

      I know he just *hates* censorship but why the hell even let posts through that yammer on about what a terrible candidate Hillary was. Gryphen fully participates in much if the stuff he condemns. See: Palin, Sarah.

  2. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Gryphen, I agree with some of your statements, especially about the division among those of us who supported Bernie vs those of you who backed Hillary. But, the damage that still has me rethinking my status as a card carrying Democrat was the blatant disrespect leveled at Sanders and his supporters by you and many IMers. I have no problem with disagreement and letting the voting booth determine who is tne winner (and yes, I voted for Hillary after the primaries), but many felt the need to attack anyone who preferred Bernie's message over Hillary's. It became too personal and too vicious. You can't blame that on Trump or Trumpbots.

    1. Anonymous12:33 PM

      Did you ever consider that Russian trolls might have been dissing you as a Bernie supporter? Their aim was to create chaos, and they accomplished that goal.

    2. Actually 11:44 if you will go back into the IM archives you will see that initially everybody was fairly respectful of Bernie supporters. Myself included.

      However as things amped up and the attacks on Hillary became incredibly aggressive, largely it appears due to the influence of Russian trolls, everybody became hyper defensive and both sides became less willing to hear the other's point of view.

      Just the fact that you are still expressing hard feelings over that is essentially a message to the Russians that they accomplished their goal.

    3. Anonymous1:35 PM

      No. I am referring to anti-Sanders commentary Gryphen made and very negative posts by some regular IMers.
      So far all the news outlets have reported that trolls/bots posted anti-Clinton comments and fake news links about Hillary. To my knowledge, there is no indication that there were trolls attacking Bernie. That was done by legitimate Hillary supporters.

    4. Anonymous2:03 PM

      Gryphen you have an extremely 1 sided memory.

      You also don't have any ability to understand why Bernie was popular with so many people, and why (think- the very definition of establishment) Hillary was and remains so unpopular. People wanted change.

      You also seem to not really have any recognition that Hillary was basically anointed as the next Democratic candidate, and she was going to be forced down the throats of Democratic voters regardless of any competition. Do you really not understand how the DNC and the Hillary campaign colluding (and it has been very well established that they did) to take away the very essence of choice and democracy during the primaries turns off so many people. Open your friggin' eyes dude.

    5. Anonymous2:09 PM

      Does the truth hurt? Sorry, as an adult voter I really don't vare if you are that butt hurt that your candidate lost one election. You are either very new to politics or so much of an extremeist that the big picture doesn't matter to you at all. Either way, it is not my job, nor Gryphen's to "baby you" and kiss your ass to stay in the Democratic party or not. Grow the fuck up and take responsibility for your own decisions, political choices included, without putting it on someone else. Your choices in life are yours, no one elses, get over it.

    6. Like Clinton Watts said yesterday during the Senate Intelligence hearing, the Russian trolls have not stopped.

    7. Anonymous2:27 PM

      This whole "Hillary was annoited" crap is more BB bullshit. Fuck all of you if you're still hung up that he lost. Fair and square. By a lot.

    8. Anonymous2:40 PM

      So anyone who defends Bernie is a troll? How very like the opposition you are becoming.

    9. Anonymous2:45 PM

      2:09, you are a real dickhead. I am so glad I don't have anyone like you around me. What a self-righteous ass you are!

    10. Anonymous2:59 PM

      Partisan politics is what is wrong with this country.

      Any person in his or her right mind should be an Independent (or Non-Partisan or Undeclared, depending on the particular nomenclature within your state voting registration documents).

      Any alliance with either party is close-minded and shallow.

    11. Anonymous3:04 PM


      Come on, you do realize that there are some total morons that comment here and some of them were really anti-Sanders but in their commentary regarding the subject they were ignorant of actual political processes and really had trouble getting any point across except that they were very angry about Sanders and told us so in a second-grade vocabulary.

      They are the same people that comment here about it being high time that "we the people impeach Trump".

      They don't understand the political system and actual government is a holy mystery, but damn, they love to get all illiterately outraged and it is such good comedy for the rest of us.


    12. Anonymous4:20 PM

      But you seem to be okay with the disrespect thrown at Hillary...hmm...another misogynist? I think so.

    13. You really think Russian trolls were coming to this little blog to sow dissent?


      Gryphen you allowed it to happen through your commentary which emboldened regulars here and through the allowance of the anonymous posting that allowed bullying without accountability. Instead of shutting it down, you encouraged it if through nothing but your silence and inaction. (And it's still going on.)

    14. Anonymous10:27 PM

      I used to post here more. I still come back.

      I have watched all the hearings. What happened here at IM was the Russian memes were repeated and some links posted to some fake news sites (anti-Hillary stuff for sure). The Russians spread them through Reddit & FB, Twitter. And they would end up here, posted by others.

    15. Anonymous1:36 AM

      Yeah I think little paid trolls came here and gryphen used fair journalism and allow all opinions to be heard. After all he has been dealing with palin trolls for years. And sweet sarah is known to troll here and there. Yep sarah and don have the same little friends in the silent majority swamp.

    16. Anonymous12:45 PM

      Oh well if they are creeping then someone needs to tell em. Meek inherits the money. None for you little bunnies! Now hump along like good little shmore whores!

  3. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Not at all surprised that the 'bernie bros' were Russian trolls. There is no way that they were everywhere unless they were being paid.

    They not only caused Hilary to lose support, but they sure lost a lot of support for Bernie. Mine included.

    The Senate committee HAS to uncover the full extent of the interference, and make sure appropriate punishment/sanctions are implemented.

    1. Anonymous1:38 AM

      Senate intends to take all the money and assets from the crooks and chase them into corners. And they will wish that they never attempted to deceive the American people.

    2. Anonymous1:45 AM

      Bernie should have stayed true to Independents. He was the only one screaming overturn citizen united. And he should have remained independent and repeated that over and over again. Citizen United is why we have the mess and corruption that we see today. It must be overturned and the supreme court that voted for that must be investigated for their ties to this current group of liars. Did we ever hear why Anthony Scalia died? Noticed the wife allowing the trumpster to mention her.

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I struggled with Bernie supporters because of Bernie's past lack luster history and some of his previous "crazy" published work.

    His history of just talking and letting everyone else do the work, getting kicked out of the commune because he refused to do his share.

    Then his wife screwing the college finances so it had to be closed. That he usurped the Democratic party for his run and drew his campaign finances from the Democrats when he should have used the Independent label. Then when it was all over he sits again with his Independent party.

    His platform was untenable, though certainly desireable.

    So much of what we now see in the government imploding everyday is a direct result of Sanders interference running inappropriately as a Democrat which sidelined Clinton.

    Sad time in our America. Never expected to live long enough to see fascism arrive here.

    1. Anonymous2:05 PM

      I don't blame it on Bernie running s a Democrat, I do blame it on him not being a good loser and not getting on the campaign trail. But maybe I was expecting too much out of a man and his follower that were clearly misogynists from the start.
      Now, unfortunately, I do think a very high percentage of Bernie Bros will be affected when Obamacare is not funded and the fact no matter what the reason is, life of the Mom, that abortions will no longer be funded.
      I have backed many losing candidates over the decades, but I have never before seen the losers in a party try and burn it to the ground before.
      Now I know there are a few Minnesota Democrats that read here and can honestly ask them "do you remember Paul Wellstone's first grassroots losing campaign" and most won't. Paul , Sheila, and their first supporters were just so happy ( myself included) to get the name recognition that first campaign, 6 yrs later people recognized the "green" bus and Paul's name, but we didn't try and burn the party to the ground in between.

    2. Anonymous2:30 PM

      I have no problem blaming Bernie for running as a Democrat. He is not a Democrat.

    3. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Yada, yada, yada. Still doing your anti-Bernie attacks. Notice how NONE of the Sanders supporters who have weighed in today felt the need to bash Clinton? Bengazhi and Vince Foster and Emails, oh my! Totally unnecessary.

    4. Anonymous3:06 PM


      I hear ya, I've never been associated with any political party in my 35 years of being a registered voter. It broke my heart when Bernie threw his hat in with the Dems. It's not what he's about and they are not his core demographic.

    5. Anonymous3:47 PM

      He threw his hat in with the Democrats because he wanted to hijack the party and use their resources. Same thing as Trump did with the GOP. Trump isn't a Republican or a Democrat, he's an opportunist, first and foremost. He just chose the GOP for his latest run, he was probably more surprised than anyone that he got so far.

      Just think if Bernie had won the Democratic Party nomination...he would then have had to act as a Democrat for his Presidential run and possible term. But once he lost, he was outta the Democratic party as fast as could go. That says a lot.

    6. And if he hadn't joined the Democratic primary Hillary would have run unopposed. Would that have been better?

      Do you think Bernie could have run in the Democratic primary without the "permission" of the DNC?

      Bernie's message was more "Democratic" whether he was one or not. It resonated with people, just like Trump's was. But the DNC ignored that fact and ignored their own people on the ground.

      He wasn't hijacking the party. He was showing the DNC what their message should have been and what their direction needed to be. (They only realized it too late, AFTER they lost.)

      Bernie knew he didn't have a chance but he still ran a campaign as if he did.

      And after he lost he did campaign for Hillary.

      And under #45 he's still fighting for the people.

      He's a better Democrat than some Democrats.

      It's about time the bashing was PUT TO REST. Just put a stake in it and stop kicking the horse.

    7. Anonymous10:29 PM

      Tad Devine, Bernie's campaign manager, used to work with Manafort on Russian stuff. Yep. Let's take a look at that & Putin diner Jill Stein.

  5. Anonymous12:53 PM

    i will say that three of my dear friends were avid bernie supporters and even more avid hillary haters. they weren't russian trolls but that clearly bought into the story line against hillary. it is actually very disturbing to me that they would believe that crap.

    1. Anonymous3:11 PM

      Many of us wanted a more exciting candidate, one that hadn't already lost a primary in 2008, had her chance and took the consolation prize of being Secretary of State.

      It's pretty hard to be excited about someone who had her chance and lost, but many of us progressive non-partisans would vote for her anyway, as the popular vote shows, regardless of our desire to have someone more vivacious, and dare I say, younger and more full of excitement and fresh ideas.

      She was the best that the organized left could come up with for 2016, and at best she was weak tea past her expiration date, but we still voted for her, for what good it did.

    2. Anonymous3:51 PM

      Thank you sooo much 3:11 for your big sacrifice in voting for Clinton in the general election. Poor you.

      And by the way, being named Secretary of State is not a consolation prize. She was an excellent choice and did an excellent job.

      You are no more progressive than someone like Trump or members of the Tea Party.

    3. Anonymous4:03 PM

      They wanted to believe that crap; it fed into their misogyny and pettiness.

    4. Anonymous8:19 AM

      4:03 Not everything is misogyny. Sometimes people dislike you, not because you're a woman, but because you're stuck on stupid. If you really gave a rat's ass about gender equality you'd give it a fecking rest.

  6. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Didn't lose me, Jesse. Still here after many years.


    1. Anonymous3:13 PM

      Me too. 8 years.

  7. Anonymous1:07 PM

    President Trump brought his chaos-and-loyalty theory of management into the White House, relying on competing factions, balanced by trusted family members, with himself perched atop as the gut-instinct
    decider. He now realizes this approach has flopped, and feels baffled and paralyzed by how to fix it, numerous friends and advisers tell us.

    The chaos dimension has created far more chaos than anticipated. Come nightfall, Trump is often on the phone with billionaire, decades-long friends, commiserating and critiquing his own staff. His most important advisers are often working the phone themselves, trashing colleagues and either spreading or beating down rumors of turmoil and imminent changes.

    This has created a toxic culture of intense suspicion and insecurity. The drama is worse than what you read.

  8. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hmm... you seem to have forgotten your nonstop bernie bashing and TOTAL buy in on the "bernie bros" as being a totally real thing. I even remember you blaming them for Hillary's loss.

    1. Anonymous1:35 PM


    2. Anonymous1:56 PM

      There are many Bernie Bros that voted repuglican because they were butt hurt. I happen to be related to one.

    3. Anonymous2:34 PM

      Being relatec to "one" hardly makes you an authority on "many Bernie Bros". You are however, a pox on Hillary, because you continue to divide our party.

    4. Anonymous2:53 PM

      It wasn't Russian trolls that disrupted certain Democratic primaries and the convention with their screaming and threatening behavior. Those were Bernie Sanders' own Bernie Bros trolls.

      But hey, nice try.

    5. Anonymous4:15 PM

      @anon 2:53 pm
      Yup, and they still haven't accepted responsibility for their actions.

    6. Anonymous4:09 AM

      Screaming, yes. Threatening? No. Give factual links to back that up.

      Remember Jon Raulston? The so called political journalist working for the Nevada Independent? Yeh, he's the guy who reported the FAKE NEWS of threats and chair throwing by Sanders supportes at the Nevada Caucus. Then the main stream picked that Fake News up and ran with it. Gryphen too. It played well into the Fake narrative that Sanders' supporters were violent anarchists who just want "free stuff".


      NO? Then they're guilty of perpetuating a LIE.

      Jon Raulston, liar, still employed at the Nevada Independent. I'll bet he gets paid well and gets great job benefits.

  9. Anonymous1:10 PM

    The attempted cover-up of Donald Trump’s relationship with Russia is slowly falling apart

    It’s déjà vu all over again.

    As the Trump Russia story continues to stutter forward, comparisons to Watergate are everywhere — and justifiably so. The revelations and denials, the slow unraveling of deception, the critical role of a free and independent press challenging the cover-up and digging for the truth are all very familiar, especially to those of us who actually were in Washington back during those peculiar days and nights of Richard Nixon.

    But another inside-the-Beltway, historic parallel struck me last week when reports emerged of House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes (R-CA) suddenly jumping from his Uber car into another and covertly racing to the White House grounds, where he met with who-knows-who about who-knows-what. (The New York Times reported on Thursday that White House officials Ezra Cohen-Watnick and Michael Ellis gave Nunes access to “intelligence reports that showed President Trump and his associates were incidentally swept up in foreign surveillance by American spy agencies.” Early Thursday evening, The Washington Post added to the list John Eisenberg, legal adviser to the National Security Council.)

    When it comes to paralleling Nunes and his car switcheroo, there hasn’t been such noteworthy bolting from a vehicle in the District of Columbia since a South American stripper named Fanne Foxx dashed from the limousine of House Ways and Means Chairman Wilbur Mills and jumped into the Tidal Basin. That was in 1974, just a couple of months after Nixon’s resignation. Foxe and Rep. Mills were having an affair and soon after his companion’s 2 a.m. dip, Mills, who was considered by many to be the most powerful man on Capitol Hill, had to give up his chairmanship. Foxe had her 15 minutes of fame, during which her exotic dancer sobriquet was changed from “The Argentine Firecracker” to “The Tidal Basin Bombshell.”

    No word as to what Rep. Nunes’ stripper name will be, but I’m open to suggestions.

  10. Anonymous1:28 PM

    Still here and do remember the acrimony during the campaign in the blog comments regarding Hillary. Divide and conquer is still so damned effective unfortunately.

    1. Anonymous1:53 PM

      So many Bernie bros decided that the "bern it to the ground" approach was better than having a woman Democrat as a president.

    2. Anonymous2:31 PM

      True 1:53pm. Bernie himself is no champion of women.

    3. Anonymous2:31 PM

      "So many Bernie bros..." You sound like the guy on the video who saw busloads of illegal voters. How many Bernie bros are you personally knowledgeable about? Repeating stories without hard facts is very drumpf-ish.

    4. Anonymous2:57 PM

      The problem was most of the Bernie Bros weren't Democrats, which no doubt Sanders was aware of from the start.

      It's also time the old bastard was was forced to accept full responsibility for HIS role in the election of Donald Trump.

    5. Anonymous3:19 PM

      Hillary won the fucking popular vote by incredible margins, obviously many of the previous Bernie supporters voted for her.

      Give it a rest folks, even we good independents and nonpartisans got in the "party line" and did our jobs.

      Unfortunately the Electoral college has a lot more representation in red states and guess what, that's what got ya president trump.

      Maybe spend your outrage and energy calling for a Constitutional Amendment to reconfigure the number of House members, which leads to an increase in the Electoral members in the larger population centers, any of which are blue or at least purple.

      We will forever have a popular vote disparity vs. Electoral for blue candidates until we reconfigure our representation in the large blue population centers.

      The House of Representatives, and thus the Electoral College have been stagnant since 1913, isn't it time to fix that?

    6. Anonymous4:06 PM

      2:31; you forget the hours and hours of footage about butthurt Bernie Bros tantrumming at the DNC because they couldn't be bothered to register as Democrats and weren't allowed to vote. Fact.

    7. Anonymous4:14 AM

      You forgot that footage you mention was on the same networks that would rather show hours of AN EMPTY PODIUM where the donald was a no-show, than Bernie rallies where Bernie was discussing actual progressive policies that would help the American people(that aren't corporatists). That you get the majority of your info about Sanders from corporate owned network news speaks volumes about your intellect. FACT. You eat up their narrative and beg for more, you shill.

  11. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Is Donald Trump Losing His Mind?

    ...When he’s not heading off Friday nights to one of his many non-DC “White Houses” like Mar-a-Lago for a weekend of strenuous “work golf,” Trump spends an inordinately large percentage of his time soothing his bruised, fragile ego. This bizarre activity includes tweeting like a high school mean-girl; holding campaign-style rallies in a pathetic quest for love; obsessing over his ‘poor treatment’ on CNN; or watching the Trump & Co. publicity agency known as Fox (where he apparently gets much of his national security intelligence).

    We’re seeing a heightened state of megalomania. Among his many self-aggrandized accomplishments, Trump’s already turned around the economy (didn’t realize it needed turning around); created “thousands and thousands” of jobs (or more commonly known as Operation Take-Credit-For-What-Companies-Have-Been-Planning-for-Years); stopped the flow of illegal immigration across the Mexican border (something that’s been in steady decline for years); and has continued to deny Russia’s meddling in last Fall’s election... which Dick Cheney likened to “an act of war” and which has been confirmed by 17 national security agencies... and is now the subject of two (albeit one very circus-like) Congressional investigations.

    Forget that Trump’s so far suffered humiliating defeats over Obamacare’s repeal/replace and his loathsome Muslim Ban, both of which were a wake-up call for him on how our system of checks and balances works. And then there’s the apparent failure of his border wall (ya know, the one Mexico’s paying for), which served as an effective xenophobic campaign prop but is likely not his only erection problem.

    We have a president who is obsessively consumed with his own image and is paralyzed by a desperate, pathological need for attention and adulation. Nothing else matters. Not the best interests of America, his marriage, his family or his business. To paraphrase Sting,

  12. Randall1:46 PM

    I'm still waiting for Fox News to be dragged into this...
    Fox News eagerly and breathlessly reported every stinking lie about Hillary as The Truth.
    Was Fox News complicit? Or too stupid in their Hillary-hatred to separate real news from Russian espionage?
    It bears investigating, for if Fox News DID work hand-in-hand with a foreign government, then some talking-heads must roll...

    Lock them up
    Lock them up...

  13. Anonymous1:46 PM

    Progressive Activism Has Surged Since Donald Trump Took Office

    Will the energy last until next year’s midterm elections?

    1. Anonymous3:19 PM

      I hope so because there is no chance of gaining seats but darnit we need to at least hold on to what we have.

  14. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Maddow is absolutely correct. There is no way, with all this information coming out, that Pence was left completely in the dark with no knowledge of what has been going on. If Trump is going down, Pence will undoubtedly go down with him — as he should.

    Watch Maddow here:

    1. Anonymous3:01 PM

      Speaking of Bernie Bros, Rachel Maddow was a prime one. I still won't watch her show after her embarrassing ass-kissing of Sanders and even of his wife and her rudeness to Hillary Clinton on account of BILL Clinton's DADT. Those three interviews showed Maddow is an amateur.

    2. Anonymous4:12 PM

      @anon 3:01 pm
      Binhgo! Rachel did everything possible to tear down Hillary before the election. Fuck Maddow.

    3. Anonymous4:34 PM

      If Pence was also in on this Russian mess and impeachment proceeds, will we get Paul Ryan as our new POTUS, as the Seaker of the House is 3rd in line. Is that right? 😜

  15. Anonymous1:49 PM

    No surprise there. But I also personally know many "Bernie Bros" who are misogynistic pigs. Too bad for their behavior because Bernie might have had a larger following without them.

    1. Anonymous2:48 PM

      You shouldn't dismiss a candidate based on a segment of people who support him or her.

    2. Anonymous3:55 PM

      Oh, thanks for that 2:48 pm. We shouldn't criticize Trump for the rise of anti-Semitism, by your logic.

    3. Anonymous4:11 PM

      @ 2:48 pm
      Well it would have been hard to overlook the fact that Bernie was a draft dodging deadbeat Dad, but his misogynistic voters made sure I would have stayed home from the polls on election day if he would have gotten the nod.

    4. Anonymous4:16 AM

      Link or lie, 4:11.
      Fuck off and go clutch your pearls, bitch.

  16. Anonymous1:51 PM

    I would also like to state that though facebook tightened shit up and got rid of many people's "fake facebook pages" over the last few yrs it seemed like this last election yr they didn't give a shit about fake facebook pages being reported and the standard response was for the reporter to "block them" and nothing more.

  17. Anonymous1:53 PM

    This is the second poll this week that shows Republicans leaving Trump. Support for Trump among some Republicans was conditional. It was based on Trump delivering on his promises.

  18. Anonymous1:54 PM

    A White House Executive Order signing event abruptly ended without Trump signing the executive orders after the president fled the room because a reporter asked him about Mike Flynn.

    Video of Trump heading for the door as soon as CBS News’s Major Garrett asked about Flynn:

  19. Anonymous1:55 PM

    As Donald Trump fumbles towards impeachment one tweet at a time, Hillary Clinton delivered a speech at Georgetown University that reminded the country of how competent political leadership is supposed to look, sound, and act.

    ...Hillary Clinton may not be residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but that hasn’t stopped the former Democratic nominee/Secretary of State/Senator/First Lady from using her voice and reminding us all that Donald Trump is temporary. There are still great leaders who uphold the values of America’s commitment to human rights speaking out all across the country.

  20. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Before the primaries and when all the hoopla gets started as a independent I donate or purchase something for $5.00 to each of the candidates. Hillary was socks, pins and patches. Cruz a coloring book. Trump yard sign, jeb nothing, Bernie a book and hat. The hat sent by café express was made in china. I complained due to berns message of jobs in America. RNC a mug. DNC a Hillary sticker. I like to check each of them out. The bots, china and Russian operatives, uk plants attacked. Fox news help promoted and many friends, family, and associates divided depending on where you received political information. Small internet companies around the usa were purchased And hacking began. Phones were hacked and multi media sent out to your contacts. Your purchases tracked by your bank and reward cards, your phone tracked, odd emails appeared, odd phone calls, Scientology DVD's were sent to addresses. and the list goes on. Certain families were hit harder. This was not only Russian but criminal American's knowingly or not did it. Gamers were hired and were included, twitter included, facebook included. Classmates, Social sites, certain states and counties hit harder. So this was huge. Many of the attacks and odd behavior such as the bundy blm takeover, the pulse nightclub, the san Bernardino attack, and other events were connected. The bots used social media to energize and corrupt the willing. So? How to stop it? How to expose it?

  21. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Trump fans are going berserk over plans to sell their browser history

    1. Anonymous3:22 PM

      Ha, ha, Reddit! I have a vivid imagination but I'm sure it doesn't go far enough to even comprehend what that group of teenaged loser-virgin-boys is looking at to get their rocks off.

  22. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Senate Committee will subpoena witnesses in Russia probe by next week

  23. Anonymous2:15 PM

    The New Yorker’s new cover photo of Trump says it all

    The latest issue of the New Yorker is out, and its cover image is likely going to stir up some angry tweeting from President Trump.

    In the issue, the featured story is called “Broken Windows,” and the illustration for the story shows Trump golfing on the South Lawn of the White House, aiming his swings toward the executive branch’s windows.

  24. Anonymous2:17 PM

    A new executive order President Trump was scheduled to sign is technically not in effect, since he forgot to sign it at the signing ceremony.

    The executive order was aimed at reevaluating the role of the United States in international trade agreements ahead of Trump’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where Trump promised to end “the theft of American prosperity.”

    At the signing ceremony, when one reporter asked Trump about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s offer to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in exchange for immunity, Trump stormed out, without even signing the executive orders he was supposed to sign, according to Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink.

    ...Also present at the signing ceremony was Vice President Mike Pence and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, neither of whom thought to remind Trump to actually sign the document. While Pence appeared to try and stop the president from storming out of the room, Trump waved him off and continued his way out of the Oval Office. Pence was forced to simply pick up the executive orders and follow Trump into the hallway, where he presumably gave him the documents.

    Watch video of the mishap below, courtesy of The Hill:

  25. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Top Republican consultant connects the Nunes scandal to Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner

    Meet President Trump’s Ms. Fix-It

    Dina Powell is the Trump administration’s Ms. Fix-It.

    The deputy national security adviser for strategy, one of the few White House aides with extensive experience in a past Republican administration, has taken on a large list of responsibilities touching on foreign and domestic policy.

    Besides serving as a deputy to national security adviser H.R. McMaster, Powell was asked by senior adviser Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law, to serve in a new office tasked with using private-sector ideas to overhaul the federal government.

    Powell, who speaks Arabic and moved to the United States from Egypt at the age of 4, is also advising President Trump and his daughter Ivanka on economic initiatives.

  26. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Dem probing White House officials after Nunes visit

    The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee is probing a pair of White House officials about coordination between their staff and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.).

    In his letter to the White House Counsel Donald McGahn and national security adviser Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) asked whether the pair are "personally aware of the activities of your own staff" surrounding Nunes' visit to the White House last week.

    "Were either of you personally aware of the activities of your own staff in contacting Chairman Nunes, facilitating his entry onto the White House grounds, or providing him with access to classified information?" Cummings asked in the letter released Friday.

    Nunes was on White House grounds last week a day before he returned to brief President Trump about information he said he had learned about incidental surveillance of members of Trump's transition team.

  27. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Trump Declares "National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month"

    The president has been accused of assaulting more than 15 women.

    In an announcement late Friday, President Donald Trump proclaimed April as National Sexual Assault and Prevention Month, vowing to commit his administration to raising awareness on the issue and "reduce and eventually end violence" against women, children, and men.

    "This includes supporting victims, preventing future abuse, and prosecuting offenders to the full extent of the law," a statement from the White House read. "I have already directed the Attorney General to create a task force on crime reduction and public safety. This task force will develop strategies to reduce crime and propose new legislation to fill gaps in existing laws."

    "In the face of sexual violence, we must commit to providing meaningful support and services for victims and survivors in the United States and around the world."

    National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention month occurs every year. Here's a reminder that Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting a string of women. During the 2016 campaign, a video emerged showing Trump bragging about groping a woman without her permission.

    I'm gagging.

  28. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Tuff Guy Trump And Tea Party Dorks Meet Behind Gym For MACHO Slap Fight!

    ...Initially, Trump retreated to the White House to recuperate by punching Reince Priebus in the crotch and talk shit at some Democrats. Once he got his bearings back, he realized that his true enemies were those Freedom loons in the House. And then shit got real. His approval rating might be at 35% and tanking, but he was coming after them, dammit!

  29. Anonymous7:12 PM

    ...water under the bridge...don't cry over spilled milk...get a mop.

  30. You lost thousands because of the toxic atmosphere you fostered on this board.

    Do you really think Russian Trolls were targeting this little blog?

    No one could say one word in support of Bernie Sanders without being jumped on and insulted. By YOU too, Gryphen.

    Your "anonymous" policy allowed plenty of your regulars and visitors to be abused by Hillary supporters if they didn't fall in line and bad mouth Bernie with the rest. If they didn't swear their allegiance or voiced an honest doubt, they were set upon and accused of being Bernie Bros and hounded off of this blog.

    Supporters who had a legitimate reason to support Bernie were bullied and attacked for being "fucking children" or immature or accused of being "Bernie Bros."

    You're still doing it by failing to acknowledge that the DNC did make some mistakes that had nothing to do with fake news or the Russians and were in part to blame for the defeat. They were not blameless.

    Russia took advantage of every weakness and certainly manufactured plenty of fake news. But they didn't create ALL of it. Being a "blind follower" is just as bad as swallowing all of the fake news.

    Tom Perez is cleaning house, starting with a new slate and hitting the ground running. The jury is still out as to whether it will be enough. But at least he acknowledges there were weaknesses in the campaign and there is room for improvement.

    But I for one would like to see a STOP to the Bernie Bashing of both Bernie and his supporters. Sanders is doing what he can to further the Democratic agenda even though he is not a Democrat, whether it's acknowledged or not. (What what if he's not a Democrat. We all know that sometimes an Atheist can be more of a "Christian" than an actual "Christian.")

    It only serves the Russians' purpose to continue to attack Bernie supporters and continue to denigrate Sanders.

    And I'll say it again. Gryphen, you need to revisit your "anonymous" posting policy. There would be less bullying if people had to register in some way with a consistent handle.

    1. Anonymous8:47 PM

      Bravo, thank you for taking the time to write this, and say it so eloquently. You speak for more people than you realize.

    2. Actually I KNOW the Russian trolls were targeting this "little blog" based on the fact that usually the second largest number of visitors are from Canada, but that fell to third place during the election when visits from Russia outnumbered them two to one.

      As for allowing the free flow of comments and dissension that is kind of a hallmark of this "little blog."

    3. Anonymous12:40 AM

      Fuck you, Bernie was out today cutting down Democrats and saying how trump supporters aren't racists or bigots. FUCK BERNIE SANDERS!
      Mialiuppa you are nothing but a berniebot and I am tired of your lying face that did nothing but cut down Democrats, especially Hillary during the campaign. And as a lifelong Democrat I certainly don't need a lifetime politician who never held a job before to tell myself or my party what to do.

    4. Anonymous7:45 AM

      "As for allowing the free flow of comments and dissension that is kind of a hallmark of this "little blog."
      Gonna have to call "bullshit" on that.
      Most of my comments posts, but the ones that don't tend to be the highly critical ones.

    5. 12:40 just made my case. The only thing missing was "butt hurt."

    6. emrysa4:01 PM

      I am going to second mlaiuppa 8:22 PM, my thoughts exactly.

      I still dig you gryphen, but your constant attacks on bernie during the primaries made it very hard to come here and read every day. some of us thought that bernie was the better candidate, and it had nothing to do with the stories about hillary. some of us have been around for enough decades that we don't need any new information about hillary. who gives a shit about bengazi, or hillary's emails. none of that mattered to me, bernie had the best ideas, period. and yes I did vote for hillary in the general, because there was no way in hell I was going to reward a pig like trump.

    7. Anonymous4:12 PM

      @ miaiuppa
      You spread disinformation and nasty comments about Hillary Clinton every day on this site alone for MONTHS and are still doing so today. You personally attacked me multiple times with your lying BS. BTW Bernie isn't a Democrat, he used the party for $$$$$$$ only. Your "hero" walked away with about 10 million in his campaign acct, or as we in Texas call it, the Ron Paul retirement plan. Bernie is listed as an independent and should worry about his own party and not the Democratic party. Bernie has no say in what the Democratic Party does and he can suck up to all the deplorables he wants, I'm sure that makes your deplorable ass happy, but it won't change the truth which Deadbeat Dad draftdodging Bernie seems to have a huge problem with.

  31. Anonymous1:49 AM

    I never vote party, gender, race, nor religion. I vote character, commonsense, agenda, and message.

  32. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Bernie should live by his motto and party. He should stand up for the majority who are registered Independent Party. I expected him to run as independent, to give voice to the 99%. To overturn citizen united. To do as he preached and do it now. I am disappointed in him. I am disappointed in the Green Party. I am concerned for the democratic party and I know how corrupt the Republican tea bag hateful un-American unethical party is today. There is no honor rigging an election and selling America to a corrupt businessman and thief.


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