Friday, March 31, 2017

Caught between a rock and a hard place Sarah Palin attempts to defend both Donald Trump and the Freedom Caucus, but throws Paul Ryan under the bus without a second thought.

Okay, stay calm, I can do this.
Courtesy of the Wasilla Wendigo's Facebook page:

1) Freedom Caucus members who opposed the Trump Movement in 2016 were dead wrong to do so, as proven by we who are on the front lines of the real (hurting) world knew from the start that only Donald Trump could defeat Hillary Clinton and her liberal media minions. Thank God, literally, Trump won, or we'd hit the rocks under Obama 2.0 with Hillary at the helm. Guarandamnteed.  ("Guarandamnteed?")

2) But they learned... and the Freedom Caucus just saved us from Obamacare 2.0, which would have codified the unaffordable, unsustainable, unwanted government-controlled medical Ponzi scheme that the vast majority demanded be stopped. (Only an idiot would call that train wreck Obamacare 2.0. Oh that's right, I forgot.) If Barack Obama had proposed that government-forced unfunded insurance mandate, not a dang Republican would have voted for it.

3) Since when do the duly elected - actually standing on Republican planks to empower the people and build a great nation via government shrinkage (Is that what Todd calls it?)- deserve to get clobbered by RINOs, liberals and neophyte public servants all at once, without Conservatives and Independents stiffening the spine and proclaiming we've got their back? Freedom Caucus members need to hear it. Especially those who since the Trump Movement roared across the country realized we're dead serious about D.C. fulfilling campaign promises to create a smaller, smarter government to salvage our sovereignty and solvency. ("Smarter?" Has she seen the intellectual lightweights this man has appointed to his cabinet? Oh I forgot, that IS her peer group.) I'll bet they hear loud and clear we'd suffer under TPP, blown up debt ceilings, bogus "stimulus" packages full new government entitlements created by politicians picking winners and losers in our fragile economy, and other boondoggles they may have previously been conjoled (Not a word.) into supporting under GOPe leadership. (Okay is she not aware that Trump has his own "stimulus package" coming in the form of  a trillion dollar infrastructure package? I mean it will likely fail, but that is still his plan. So is she encouraging them to block that plan?)

4) Interesting the Freedom Caucus is hammered for previously going along with Big Government types acting as Congressional leadership. Well, so did everyone else in their ranks! Lesson learned. I'm sure they now realize Speaker Paul Ryan - who's only adult life experience is growing government - does not speak for pro-private sector freedom-loving Americans. (Look I am all for piling on Paul Ryan, but he was only doing Trump's bidding with that healthcare plan. Whether Palin wants to admit it or not.)

Now, get it together, GOP. We didn't spill our blood, sweat and tears building tracks for the Trump Train to lead to a land of disarray and democrat empowerment. (Oh come on! That was where it was headed before it even left the station.) Those of us who spent our political capital to usher in positive change - losing jobs and friends along the route - will use obstruction as fuel to barrel through the next election too, ensuring even more D.C. shake-up. (So to be clear, even though HER president is now in the White House, and the Republicans are in charge of both the House and the Senate, Palin continues to encourage her supporters to work as obstructionists and to undermine government efforts at every step. Good to know.)

- Sarah Palin

It looks as if Palin is taking a page out of the Jeanine Pirro playbook and attempting to excuse Donald Trump, as well as the artist formerly known as the Tea Party, of any wrong doing while laying all of the blame on Paul Ryan whose job is only slightly less enviable than Sean Spicer's.

However defending BOTH the Freedom Caucus AND her orange tinted boyfriend is going to prove increasingly difficult if Trump keeps tweeting things like this:
I see a very explosive head on crash coming in the near future.

I wonder if Palin will become a casualty of that, or if she will jump off the Trump train before it happens?


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I expected her loyalty to disappear as soon as it was clear that she wasn't going to be getting a cabinet position. Sooner or later she will turn on him and he will slap back. It will be like 2 toddlers fighting in the sandbox. And fun to watch. BTW, Bristol and Dakota seem very hush hush about having moved to Texas. Perhaps they both realize that yanking Trip out of school and dragging him across the country--again--won't go over well with many people.

    1. Anonymous2:37 PM

      You can't criticize Bristol for taking her kid out of school and then go on to criticize Trump and Melania for leaving Barron in his NYC school.

    2. Anonymous3:02 PM

      Ms 2:37, yes, I can. Barron trump would move to a new state and a new school Once. Just like Chelsea Clinton and the Obama children. Bristol has done it time and time again. And the Obama children changed schools during a natural break--January rather than abruptly like Trip keeps doing. And accepting the job of President of the United States is a very unique situation and an appropriate reason to move. Whatever Dakota is doing is a choice, not a necessity. He could find a job in Alaska if he wanted one.

    3. Anonymous4:14 PM

      Yeah, what was so all fired important that they leave immediately? I don't know of any family, especially now that it's April, who would not ask to let their children finish out their school year.

      Leaving friends is tough at that age, but we all know that education was never a family value and never will be in ALL of them including Duh.

    4. Anonymous4:45 PM

      What happened to Levi's joint custody?

    5. Anonymous5:21 PM

      4:45: seems like he lost it. Since she is married now, she can take the kid at will. He only gets to spend vacations with his dad.

    6. Anonymous6:01 PM

      Never even mind that Bristool is supposedly hugely pregnant according to Dukota. Obviously she has birthed the newest fish picker in Alaska already several months ago. It's not like the truth matters any more than the futures of her array of children.

    7. Anonymous6:48 PM

      Using babies as a money laundering loop hole? Maybe?

    8. Anonymous8:43 PM

      Since when have the Palins considered a kid of theirs a priority. An ornament maybe, a publicity stunt for a few bucks to sell to TMZ is more like it.

      And i am going to say this and get lambasted for it but Levi is not the brightest bulb.If she takes Tripp out of state he gets him for all of Summer and he should insist on it! What a train wreck.I feel sorry for Tripp he has been used even before he was born with Grandma Palin [ I bet she hates being called Grandma] using him as her pro life prop and saying they were going to be married to running down Levi and suddenly saying how her daughter was a hero for being a single Mom.

      That kid is going to be so screwed up he wont ever know a stable home. Kentucky to Alaska to Texas. Mom hates Dakota, leaves him and than is back again!That kid must feel like a pin ball.

      What an "F" upped family.

    9. Anonymous9:24 PM

      If you measure sucsess by the dollar than Sarah has achieved her goal.

      Bristol has always been her best friend and is now moving to Texas?Funny now that Barstool caught a man Mama is put on the back burner. Remember when Barstool used to travel with Mama everywhere? Now the money from the speeches and the Pac has run dry Palin sits on her ass looking for a camera to be in her face.

      She will spew anything to get off on her need to be noticed. As her looks fade so does she that was all she ever had, that and a talent for being a loudmouth fame seeking idiot that appealled to all the other losers out there.

    10. Anonymous9:45 PM


      There certainly is not a lot of stability in the kid's life, but that's what you get from the great christian pro-life, pro-abstinence sluts such as Bristol who just keep poopin' out an endlesss stream of kids from an endless stream of baby daddies and doing a shitty job of raising them.

    11. Anonymous7:08 AM

      Is Tripp autistic too?

    12. Anonymous8:40 AM

      ..we that are on the frontlines.... Hurting world?????? Who the hell are you talking about ,you filthy grifting moroooon? You've been living off the poor and uneducated for Years. You deserve no say,no input. And until you pay taxes for your hard work to feed and support your famdamnmily,just SHUT THE FUCK UP,PALIN. You're a bum,a fraud & and a trouble maker. The town tramp,mother to Barstool the town bicycle. Another bum,instigator. Get a job ya stupid bitches and maybe you'll get to sit at the Adults table. Nobody gives a flying fuck what you think,screech.

    13. Anonymous10:54 AM

      How fare you say Levi is not bright! He was smart enough to dump Barstool and marry the highly educated Sunny Oglesby who's had more college than 90% of the Valley! Plus they have two adorable daughters who are beautiful blondes. Does Barstool have that?

    14. Anonymous12:34 PM

      Good trolling @10:54 am! Ha ha!

  2. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Sarah redefines blithering idiot. But I have to say I am impressed with her numbering system. She's got her 1-4s down like an ace, and as a bonus, she has made them completely interchangeable, and also superfluous.

  3. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Does Sarah make you quake in your boots with her ferocity, want to rise up and use obstruction to barrel through with her? No, me neither.

    1. Anonymous3:40 PM

      Gasping for attention is more like it. I'd also beg to differ that her true and right political viewpoint is what lost her jobs and friends. We ALL know that's bullsh*t.

  4. Anonymous2:48 PM

    So if Trump and Pence eventually go down in a flame of Russian collusion then she'll be singing the praises of Ryan.

    There is little certainty in this world but the one certain thing is that Mrs. Palin will throw her support to whomever is holding the power; remember, she was for Cruz before she was for Trump.

    She hasn't had a realization of any real political clout since she got in bed with old man McCain and she milked that for all it was worth, since then she's a fickle flag-waver that few can take seriously.

    1. Anonymous3:44 PM

      Darn straight! She'll jump off that train in a nanosecond if it's headed for the cliff. $arah is for $arah PERIOD.

  5. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Thanks for reading this shit for us, Gryph. I try, I really do, but there's no pay-off any more for the energy expended in translating English grammar into Palinese.

    1. Anonymous4:30 PM


    2. Anonymous7:51 PM

      And Bumpity Bumpit. My eyes glazed over after the third word...You da man, Uncle.

  6. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Ryan is not someone she'd approve of as she shouldn't as he's a mental midget.

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      both are equally devilish and selfish and accomplished liars but have to say Ryan is much better educated than 'she who' claims to have earned a degree that she did not.

  7. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Sarah who? Are you talking about that bitch who is so insecure she has put on tons of makeup? Fuck that Wasilla biotch.

    1. Anonymous7:24 PM

      You beat me to it. "Sarah who?"

  8. Anonymous3:29 PM

    What is Secretary of Veterans Affair Sarah Palin doing on Facebook?

    1. Looking like a Mary Kay 8o's makeover.

  9. Anonymous3:31 PM

    How's Sarah's loser doing?

    Which one? You pick one.

  10. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Truly, this woman is as close to completely irrelevant as possible. The world has moved on in the past nine years. I think she should be busy buying a Betty Crocker cake mix so she can put together a birthday party for Trig. She can pick up some dog food for Jill Haddah while she's at it.

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Sarah is completely unaware that Trig's birthday is next month as she should be. She is not his mother.

    2. Anonymous7:11 AM

      His birthday passed. April was hi reveal date, the date Sarah took possession of him, the date of the handoff at MatSu, the date he was released from the NICU stepdown unit in Anchorage.

    3. Anonymous9:00 AM

      Tri g was a Febuary preemie. Remember the Valentine's t shirt on newborn trig.

    4. Anonymous1:16 PM

      April b-day?? ;o) The puppy has arrived.

  11. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Sarah Palin is DESPERATE for any putrid scrap of attention she can muster. She's a 'political' cockroach, feasting on the fetid carcasses of the DC extremists. Her opinions are negligible, easily dismissed, mired in delusion and self pity and extreme narcissism and fueled by drugs and alcohol.

    1. Anonymous4:19 PM

      I like your style. What you wrote.She is a pig.

  12. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Poll: GOP support for Obamacare repeal plummets by 11 points

    House Republicans haven’t just failed to repeal Obamacare — their attempts to do so seem to have also caused the law’s popularity to skyrocket, making the path to future repeal even tougher to achieve.

    A new poll released on Friday by McClatchy-Marist found support for Obamacare repeal plummeting, particularly among Republicans. In just one month, the number of Republican voters who want the law abolished dropped from 68 percent to 57 percent — an 11-point swing.

    By contrast, a full 65 percent of the public want the bill to be either strengthened “so it does more” or left as is, according to the poll. A Quinnipiac poll last month found only 17 percent of the public supported Speaker Paul Ryan’s American Health Care Act.

    The Freedom Caucus has a new wish list, and it's pretty revealing

    The Freedom Caucus laid their cards on the table in a meeting Thursday with the Washington Examiner's editorial board. The group of conservative House members have narrowed their demands to two items:

    Ending Obamacare's essential health benefits requirement, which stipulates that health insurers must cover 10 specific categories of medical care. This includes things like mental health services and maternity coverage.
    Ending the Obamacare requirement that insurers charge sick and healthy people the same prices. This is called "community coverage," and the Freedom Caucus would like to get rid of it, instead letting insurers charge higher premiums to sicker patients whom they expect to cost more.

  13. Anonymous3:48 PM

    President Trump’s Russia problems are getting worse here at home, with the FBI conducting a formal criminal probe into his campaign’s ties to Moscow and his disgraced former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, seeking an immunity deal in exchange for his cooperation with the House and Senate panels conducting Trump/Russia investigations of their own.

    That would be more than enough in and of itself for an embattled president already facing historically low approval ratings. Unfortunately for Trump, the Russia problems don’t end there: His top Cabinet members continue to openly — and explicitly — contradict his stated policies on Russia during trips abroad.

    1. Anonymous9:09 AM

      No takers on his immunity deal. He must be a big fish they plan to fry with the rest of them.You can't take these people's word under oath. They lie. Better to go off what you know and can prove.

  14. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Your vote in the 2016 election explains almost everything about your climate beliefs

    Wow. Our planet will be destroyed by fucking idiots.

  15. Anonymous4:05 PM

    It's good to see that Sarah is still doing God's
    Work? Whatever the flock that means?
    Oh yeah, it means just saying shit that she heard someone else say, that might get someone, anyone to notice her. No one cares about your stupid opinions.
    Sarah, dumb and irrelevant as always .Go do your ugly toe claws. You hateful ignorant dipstick!

  16. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Hey Retawwwd how about telling Track to give up all his rights to all his children? They would be better off. Tell him Jordan says he can keep his pocket knife in return.

  17. Anonymous4:20 PM

    That woman is toxic hateful. Why is she so evil mean? Why is she so mixed up and deceitful? She is so confused and distorted. I hope she gets medical care.

    1. Anonymous4:53 PM

      Sarah is a schizophrenic .Look it up if not familiar.

    2. Anonymous5:31 PM

      453 well that would explain a lot! Yikes! Yeah Sarah take your meds or brain cylinders will always misfire! Got it?

  18. Randall4:23 PM

    It's always fun when Sarah tries to "talk smart"
    ...a little sad, too, in "poor thing, bless her heart" kind of way.

  19. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Please, someone tell me: WHAT is that word salad I just read??? I refuse to re-read it, my head is spinning like crazy already!

    1. Anonymous8:13 PM

      I'm with you 5:19. What the hell did Palin just ramble on about? It sounds like she is for the Freedom Caucus but is for Trump at the same time.

      Trump ran down the Freedom Caucus.So Palin thinks she "sacrificed" her job and friends for what? .

      What job did she have? Fox News gig? She lost that because she was too stupid even for them. She babbles like a deranged prophet from some weird cult, i bet she hears voices inside her pea brain that tell her she should be in a position of power and her "calling" is not being used by Trump.

      Palin always leaves her rants open for interpatation so her cult following [ as few as they are]can marvel at her so called insight.

      I present to you a woman who once was a darling of the Rebublican Party, a woman who put herself above her family for fleeting fame, a woman of limited brains but a lot of ambition for herself and a belief that she was "special". Money is not enough for such an egoist as her. Her kids blew it for her,Track a woman beater, Bristol an the drunken brawl, Todd a deadbeat loser who plays every year at trying to win the Iron Dog and loses because the old fart likes to play.

      Piper is the only one left who could go to college and what are the odds of that?

      I almost, almost feel sorry for Palin because she has had to be the bread winner for years providing Todd his planes and her kids their houses and none of them respect her for it. None of them can live on their own without Mommy. That is a failure as a parent. The most important unpaid job she ever had she failed at for her own gain.

    2. Anonymous9:02 PM

      She wasn't the breadwinner, 8:13 PM, Todd was until she found out that there was good money to be made in politics and she'd be famous. A STAR. Now she lives in infamy of her own accord.

    3. Anonymous9:44 PM

      And Todd had no problem taking advantage of it. He retired and lost his balls before he was even fifty.

      Trailing along behind her for the paycheck.

    4. Anonymous1:29 PM

      Poor Todd. Whatever happened to Sarah's "Cabinet Position"? I'm sure she was thinking it was gonna be some exotic travel gig where she would be able to hone her "Foreign Policy skills". Instead, she's worse off than many of us predicted after she quit as guvnah. Personally, I realize now that I gave her too much credit of being a GOP punch line on late-night talk for years to come. And so much for the Judge Judy-clone she was gonna be...

  20. Anonymous6:03 PM

    Looks like Tomi Lahren got a new job as palin's writer.

  21. Anonymous6:59 PM

    Ooh, buffoon..

  22. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Jeez. Really? $arah, again? Desperation is so pathetic, but it's obviously the only thing in her closet these days. Poor $arah.


  23. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Is brisdull and dumkota doing the show louisiana flip n move?

  24. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Even Michelle Bachmann went away.
    I just laugh at how all fired important she thinks she still is.

  25. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Quite a telling little tweet from Donnie. Not even 100 days in and he's worried about 2018?

  26. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Simple Sarah will just keep trying because she is totally oblivious to her irrelevance and stupidity and wants to return to her 'golden' years of unfettered grifting. Even a large number of the poorly informed figured out she is nothing but a huckster.

    1. Anonymous8:41 PM

      Well, if $he'd wanted to stay a simple and unfettered grifter, $he should've kept her a$$ and her opinions in Alaska. 'Cause the larger your audience, the more obvious your fuckups. and $he is now very obviously a fuckup. Gotta love karma.

  27. Anonymous8:35 PM

    Tina Fey:

  28. Anonymous8:48 PM

    pete4palin • 6 hours ago
    Has Palin's post appeared anywhere in the media?
    The answer was NO, and please send to any news outlet you know. Giggling....

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM

      Oh him. I actually feel sorry for him. He is single and works odd jobs and is always on government assistance. He actually has posters of Palin near his computer. Once he posted a pic on C4Pee of it.

  29. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Wasilla wendigo? Please stop with the culturally ignorant misappropriation. You white man who sees himself as a real Alaskan, haha.

  30. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Somebody has been watching way too many fictional movies. Scientologist and the 7 mountains gang need less brainwashing and more reality.

  31. "Those of us who spent our political capital to usher in positive change - losing jobs and friends along the route -"
    Oh, that's where the brainless old harpy's "political capital" and "jobs" went.

    Sure. All righty then.

  32. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Texas is Alaska without snow.

    1. Anonymous12:38 PM

      No it's not. You are an idiot.

  33. Anonymous7:23 AM

    WHUt the fuck is this MESS, Sarah?
    Does anyone on earth think she has a communications let alone journalism degree?

    I am helping some students prepare for the GREs which have two essays, one in which you analyse and argument and one in which you take and defend a position.
    Well, no surprise to us, but Sarah violates every single tenet of a good essay and falls for every trap/pitfall. It is actually funny to read it with this in mind.
    Run ons, subject verb agreement...hell having a subject and a verb, cutesy phrases, slang usage, grammar errors, one after another, use of profanity.
    Yikes. She's get a zero.

  34. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Interesting that this has gotten zero media coverage. Even at her website, after almost 24 hrs, there were only 4 comments.

  35. Anonymous8:18 AM

    I assume by "neophyte public servants" she means Trump?

  36. Randall1:45 PM

    Poor Sarah...
    she thinks being snotty makes her sound "smart".


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