Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Donald Trump has multiple business deals with Russians who have ties to organized crime.

Courtesy of USA Today:

The president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering. 

Among them: 

• A member of the firm that developed the Trump SoHo Hotel in New York is a twice-convicted felon who spent a year in prison for stabbing a man and later scouted for Trump investments in Russia. 

• An investor in the SoHo project was accused by Belgian authorities in 2011 in a $55 million money-laundering scheme. 

• Three owners of Trump condos in Florida and Manhattan were accused in federal indictments of belonging to a Russian-American organized crime group and working for a major international crime boss based in Russia. 

• A former mayor from Kazakhstan was accused in a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles in 2014 of hiding millions of dollars looted from his city, some of which was spent on three Trump SoHo units. 

• A Ukrainian owner of two Trump condos in Florida was indicted in a money-laundering scheme involving a former prime minister of Ukraine.

I have to tell you that nothing about this even remotely surprises me.

From what I understand much of Russia is run like a state sponsored Mafia organization. And Trump himself comports himself like a mob boss in his affect and his techniques for bullying opponents into compliance.

I predict that this FBI investigation is going to uncover all kinds of interesting things about Donald J. Trump, and his business dealings, and that none of them will show him in a charitable light.


  1. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Gees I am surprised they haven't made Trump concrete shoes yet?

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM


  3. (Fu%&in} 'bout time on the part of USAToday!

    For a well informed background try this:

    I had a Dem County Directors meeting this morning. This is not whistlin' Dixie, folks. We ARE in a revolution.

    People are pissed and they also have arms and ammo. Let's not get to that and yet, Putin, Trump, et al have gotten us to this point with Chekin lingo. We have to resist and protest.

    Call your legislators. It worked for the healthcare issue. 60% of USA hates this 45th illegitimate oligarch.

    1. Anonymous3:12 PM

      Make that 66%

    2. Anonymous3:42 PM

      Healthcare Issue loser, but that might NOW change:

  4. Anonymous2:49 PM

    I am hoping for him at least getting conjugal visits from ivanka.

    1. Anonymous4:10 PM

      Why punish her?

  5. Anonymous2:49 PM

    Lol. Find me a President (probably with the exception of Carter) in the last 100yrs that hasn't had all kinds of ties to rich, connected, unsavory people around the globe- including Russians, and I'll buy you a coke.

    1. And so that makes it okay!?!?

    2. Anonymous3:29 PM

      Two huge different things about Trump are:

      1) All other presidents since Nixon, and including Nixon, presented Tax Returns PRIOR to elections so they could be scrutinized for connections.

      2) All other presidents since a long time ago set their financial situations aside in blind trusts so they are hands off.

      3) And for extra credit, All other presidents only had 1 job--the presidency.

      Trump is breaking rules that were never made into law because other presidents had the character to honor the office and respect the people enough to do the right thing.

      They did not have to have it engraved in the the stone of law to HAVE TO do it. They all just did it.

      Which in Trump's mini-mind makes them weak. Shows how dumb they were not to take advantage of a money maker such as the White House and presidency provide.

    3. Anonymous4:13 PM

      "breaking rules that were never made into law".... if they are not law, they are not rules.

    4. Anonymous4:20 PM

      Sure. 3:17 hump that $$$ baby young dumb full of cum coke

  6. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Give the FBI and the media their D'OH stickers for allowing so many well known facts to slip their not so firm grasp of the obvious prior to hot mess Donnie arriving in DC to rob and wreak havoc with his well oiled family and staff of incompetent losers.

    1. Anonymous3:34 PM

      They were more than happy to look the other way. I've no doubt that they knew. My question is, who is going to prosecute him? He's installed all his yes men!

  7. Anonymous3:07 PM

    No surprise here. Trump is a thug ... always has been. He is adept at fooling the multitudes of ignorant peawits(America's "morans").

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      He played Cannibal with ping pong. You know KOREA.

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Trump approval rating is now at 35 percent. That's pretty good for a con man.

  9. Anonymous3:30 PM

    OT - Gallup has the orange shit-gibbon's approval rating at 35%.

  10. Anonymous3:32 PM

    It is really disturbing that this comes out after he and pooty rigged the election. Seriously what happen to background checks and vetting a candidate?

    1. Anonymous4:11 PM

      Much of this was out there. I spent the summer reading everything I could find and did find a really good article about the debacle of the Trump SoHo that included information and pictures of the Russian gang people he dealt with.

      All of what I found was by real reporters -- NYTimes, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Politifact, Politico, Time, etc. But, none of their hard work made it to the television news shows. My guess is that everyone was sure he would not win and so let it go. Or, maybe network journalists don't want to feature hard work from print journalists. I just know that I ended up -- before the election feeling that there had been a lot of really good investigative work done, but I only found it by reading -- never heard any of it on tv news.

      Here are the articles I read way before the election having to do with Russian connections, money laundering, etc. And, look at publication dates!!! The info was there! but ignored!

    2. Anonymous4:30 PM

      Trump, in his bunker, is no longer setting the agenda. His tweets are just that: tinny and stupid and ignored. Finally, journalists are getting some credit; MSM must own not using their info.

  11. Anonymous3:32 PM

    The advantage of this info in USA Today is that now mainstream America who doesn't read much news will now know about hist ties to Russia.

    That will make other stories to come more believable for them.

    Face it. Not everyone is on top of this stuff and most people don't know much about Trump and his schemes. Not enough to have a conversation about it.

    This will give those less-informed some words to use in conversations with their friends.

    1. Anonymous4:31 PM

      Hope so.

  12. Anonymous3:53 PM

    EPA>" Republicans in the House of Representatives voted Wednesday to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of scientific data in their work."

  13. Anonymous3:55 PM

    IMPEACH this sob fatty orange blob!

    We did not vote the family in! Just get rid of them and all the traitors in the WH!!

  14. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Where's Olivia Pope from 2012 bringing out every single acandal on every gop member i congress. I am sick of these sob, not forcing one man no gibbon taxes. Sob.

  15. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Steve Bannon is a paid foreign agent of the Egyptian government

    ...It’s long been documented that back when Steve Bannon was still running the propaganda site Breitbart, it was renting basement office space in Washington DC from former Egyptian politician Moustafa El-Gindy. That in and of itself is not illegal. But now a former employee is alleging that Breitbart received discounted rent on the space in exchange for giving favorable editorial coverage to El-Gindy and his Egyptian political party. This would make Steve Bannon and Breitbart paid foreign agents of Egypt, which is illegal when that status is not registered with the United States government. There is no evidence that Bannon ever registered as a foreign agent, which would make him guilty of the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

    The former employee is pointing to multiple instances of Breitbart quoting El-Gindy favorably as a political expert as well as the below-market rent rate. That individual has filed a complaint with the Department of Justice, which the Daily Beast has obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (link). USA Today also has additional reporting on this story (link), and is confirming that Breitbart is now looking to move out of the space it had been renting from the Egyptian politician.

    Download the comprehensive seventeen page Palmer Report on Trump-Russia

  16. Just curious. Are you going to comment on the guy in Oklahoma who took out three home invaders in a clear case of self defense after they broke into his father's home? Oh yah, and he used an AR 15. Meanwhile the moronic gal who drove them to the scene of the crime is arrested and charged with three murders because in Oklahoma, if you are in the commission of a felony and anyone dies, even one of your accomplices, you are legally responsible for their deaths. Justice served.

    1. Hey it's just the law of averages that once in a great while a firearm might actually protect you from harm instead of accidentally shooting you in the face or allowing your toddler to take you out in your sleep.

      I will point out however that none of the intruders were carrying firearms and would likely have run at the sight of the young man with the AR 15.

      Not sure he needed to gun them all down.

    2. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Looks like she learned her lesson, also too let this be a lesson to other men and women to be very careful what kind of company you keep; sounds like she'll never see the light of day without bars in the way.

    3. Anonymous6:18 PM

      Come on reporters or anyone bring out the dirt on nunes. Get rid of him. He is not going by oath state, office. Rid yourselves of him. He has no interest in you, state citizens.

    4. Anonymous1:27 AM

      Of course he had an assault rifle. Was perhaps a meth maker or drug dealer? Home invaders looking for drugs?

  17. Anonymous6:11 PM

    That strange feeling you have in your ass are the Republicans

    All those Deplorables who voted Republicans and are complaining about your privacy being sold down the river, shut the fuc_ up

    The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

    They betrayed you for chump change

    by T.C. Sottek  Mar 29, 2017, 8:20am EDT

    Republicans in Congress just voted to reverse a landmark FCC privacy rule that opens the door for ISPs to sell customer data. Lawmakers provided no credible reason for this being in the interest of Americans, except for vague platitudes about “consumer choice” and “free markets,” as if consumers at the mercy of their local internet monopoly are craving to have their web history quietly sold to marketers and any other third party willing to pay....

    See the GOP list and

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      HA, the morons said we just have to call our ISP and tell them to take us off the list. why is it always up to the consumer to do this?

  18. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Congress just cleared the way for internet providers to sell your web browsing history

    Resolution is now off to the president’s desk

    by Jacob Kastrenakes  Mar 28, 2017, 5:57pm EDT

    1. Anonymous7:40 PM

      See sessions browsing history.

  19. Anonymous6:42 PM

    “That was some weird shit.”
    -President George W. Bush
    At Trump's inauguration

    New York Magazine
    March 29, 2017 7:24 p.m.

    What George W. Bush Really Thought of Donald Trump’s Inauguration

    The inauguration of Donald Trump was a surreal experience for pretty much everyone who witnessed it, whether or not they were at the event and regardless of who they supported in the election. On the dais, the stoic presence of Hillary Clinton — whom candidate Trump had said he would send to prison if he took office — underlined the strangeness of the moment. George W. Bush, also savaged by Trump during the campaign, was there too. He gave the same reason for attending that Bill and Hillary Clinton did: to honor the peaceful transfer of power....

    But, according to three people who were present, Bush gave a brief assessment of Trump’s inaugural after leaving the dais: “That was some weird shit.” All three heard him say it....

    1. Anonymous7:39 PM

      Hi five bush!

  20. Anonymous6:50 PM

    So obvious...NY Realestate=lots of loans/#bankrupticies=no loans. So no $$$......go to russian mob wanting to wash billions stolen during break-up of soviet union. They'll follow the money and Trump is done.

  21. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Who is ‘Source D’? The man said to be behind the Trump-Russia dossier’s most salacious claim

    .....claim that Trump had hired prostitutes at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton and that the Kremlin has kept evidence of the encounter.

    By his own evolving statements, Sergei Millian is either a shrewd businessman with high-level access to both Trump’s inner circle and the Kremlin, or a bystander unwittingly caught up in a global controversy.

    An examination of Millian’s career shows he is a little of both. His case lays bare the challenge facing the FBI as it investigates Russia’s alleged attempts to manipulate the American political system and whether Trump associates participated.

    It also illustrates why the Trump administration remains unable to shake the Russia story....

    1. Anonymous7:01 PM

      Hey the man wanted a urea shower. What's wrong with that?

  22. Anonymous7:22 PM

    Help us President Trump, we live in Indiana and we voted for you because you said you would keep jobs in America. Looks like you broke another promise as usual.

    Washington Post
    ‘There’s not a hope alive for us’: A factory Trump targeted begins its move to Mexico

    .....Rexnord, an industrial supplier in Indianapolis, was starting the two-month process of closing the factory and moving nearly 300 jobs to Monterrey, Mexico.....

  23. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Ivanka creepy face is the cons security blanket. Ewww.
    Stains. Eww.
    Throw them all out. Straight to prison.

  24. Anonymous9:07 PM

    "The president and his companies have been linked to at least 10 wealthy former Soviet businessmen with alleged ties to criminal organizations or money laundering. "

    Ok, what about Benghazi?
    Ok, what about the email server?
    Ok, what about being born in Kenya?
    Ok, what about the Whitewater Land deal?
    Ok, what about Vince Foster???

    (better sit down, folks, this is LITERALLY going to continue for the next X years.)

  25. Anonymous1:21 AM

    Stupid fool is a dead man walking. The rethugs will use him to get as much shit thru as fast as possible and then off him.So predictable.

  26. Anonymous7:39 AM

    A dossier about then-candidate Donald Trump’s connections to Russian that was compiled by former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele said that Kulagin “had been withdrawn from Washington at short notice because Moscow feared his heavy involvement in the US presidential election operation… would be exposed in the media there.”

  27. Anonymous3:12 PM

    This doesn't surprise me at all, after the US banks refused to lean him money because he was high risk, I am sure the ruskie's jumped at the chance to launder some money and trump was a perfect stooge because he isn't very bright.

  28. Has he got ANY idea of how bloody stupid he looks in that hat?


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