Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Hillary Clinton comes out of the woods ready to fight.

Courtesy of SF Gate:  

In the latest sign that she is ready to come “out of the woods” politically, Hillary Clinton offered a mantra Tuesday in San Francisco to those opposing the Trump administration: “Resist. Persist. Insist. Enlist.” 

Clinton appeared on stage for about an hour Tuesday at the Professional BusinessWomen of California Conference at Moscone Center West, with most of her remarks focusing on the struggles women face in the workplace. 

Resist actions that go against our values as Americans, she said. Insist that we can all do better. Persist, as Clinton said Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., did when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., tried to prevent her from quoting Coretta Scott King on the Senate floor during the debate over Jeff Sessions’ appointment as attorney general. 

Then bring that “passion we’ve seen in the last few weeks,” to the voting booth in 2018. “Show up and vote, for goodness sakes.” And enlist in the resistance effort — “get in the arena,” she said, by running for office or starting a business that is supportive of your employees. 

What Clinton found “so maddening” during was the recent health care debate was that Republicans were not showing empathy to the people they represented. 

“Really? Take away maternity care?” Clinton said. “Really? Take away mental health and substance abuse care? Who do these people talk to? Do they not have any idea about the suffering that goes on?”

It is nice to see the People's President again.

I think she provides an important voice for the resistance and that she can help rally the troops and keep them fired up for the battle ahead.


  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    After meeting with Democrats yesterday, POTUS spent today saying they should be easy to handle for a while. Because that's all it takes?

  2. Anonymous4:53 PM

    Appointment of First Lady Ivanka Trump to cabinet proves Chief Pervert Donald Trump to be a henpecked moronic bladder of corrupted flesh.

  3. Anonymous5:05 PM

    And shame. Shame these career politicians who have forgotten who voted them in and that the middle class is the backbone of this country. And when the middle class disappears, revolution follows.


    1. Leland3:05 AM

      Before revolution comes, though, there are years of dictatorship or its equivalent.

  4. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Richard Burr’s Conversion Means Senate’s Russia Probe Looks Like the Real Deal

    The committee’s top two members both pledge to work across party lines, and to follow where the evidence leads.

    Sen. Richard Burr has become a believer.

    The Republican chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee—who endorsed Trump, voted for Trump and served on Trump’s national security advisory council during the campaign—will preside Thursday over the first open hearings on Russian “active measures” against its adversaries. In stark contrast to their House counterparts, Burr holds the unflinching faith of Democratic Vice Chairman, Sen. Mark Warner. The two men stood together Wednesday afternoon at the front of a packed, sweaty Capitol press gallery.

    “I have confidence in Richard Burr, that we, together with the members of the committee, are going to get to the bottom of this,” Warner said. “If you get nothing else from today, take that statement to the bank.”

    Following the president’s election in November, lawmakers jockeyed for position as various committees sought to lead investigations into Russian interference with the U.S. election process. The responsibility for the Senate’s main probe was ultimately handed to Burr’s panel, but it was not always clear how far Burr was willing to investigate.

    In fact, after Trump’s election, he told reporters he didn’t believe his panel should be probing links between Trump’s campaign and the Kremlin. “That’s not our role,” he told reporters on Jan. 12.

    By the next day, Burr had changed his mind after Democrats on the committee threatened to boycott the investigation if Trump team ties wasn’t included, according to Politico.

    1. I think at this point Burr is looking to one up Nunes and show Nunes for the incompetent dick that he is. As in "*this* is how you run an investigation". I guess there's no love lost between the Senate and the House. Even among the GOP there is some rivalry.

      Or they just can't stand Nunes.

    2. Leland3:08 AM

      Or both, malaiuppa.

  5. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Trump Official Accidentally Leaks Plan To Steal Land From Mexico For Border Wall

    Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto may not be too happy once he hears of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s plan to make that border wall thing happen. You see, the terrain on our southern border isn’t exactly the most uniform thing in the universe and at times there may be complications — like the Rio Grande River.

    E&E News reports that Zinke told a crowd at an event held by Public Lands Council this week that the Trump administration didn’t want to build the wall on American soil because it would mean handing the entire Rio Grande river to Mexico — so he just wants to take the land instead:

    “The border is complicated, as far as building a physical wall. The Rio Grande, what side of the river are you going to put the wall? We’re not going to put it on our side and cede the river to Mexico. And we’re probably not going to put it in the middle of the river.”

    Zinke stopped just shy of saying that we’d take the land by force, but he made it pretty clear that the United States isn’t going to give up the river — and Mexico isn’t going to hand over land on their side to build a gigantic ugly wall on the border.

    1. What does Zinke and that doofus Trump think they're going to do? Build the wall on the Mexican side?

      Do they think the contractors are just going to swoop in in the dead of night and the next morning, SURPRISE!, there's a wall on the Mexican side?

      Do they think Mexico isn't going to object to this?

      You know what this is, right? It's taking land from a sovereign nation.

      Trump is going to start a war with Mexico!

      And you better believe he'll justify it with, well, it's compensation for the cost of the wall they refuse to pay for.

      It will be interesting to see who brain dead red neck white trash contractor will agree to do this. Because you know all of their equipment and materials will be seized right after the Mexican military arrests every one of their lily white asses.

      Stupid. You just can't fix stupid.

      But apparently you can vote for it.

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Trump’s Approval Rating Makes SHOCKING Change With His Own Supporters (IMAGE)

  7. Anonymous6:50 PM

  8. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I'm still weary, do I believe Warner...

  9. Anonymous7:06 PM

    After House Intel Committee implodes, Senate Intel Committee steps up big time on Trump-Russia

    ...And so when Richard Burr and ranking Democrat Mark Warner stepped in front of the cameras today to set the stage for tomorrow’s first round of Senate Intelligence Committee hearings, the results weren’t surprising. The two principal members presented a united front today in bipartisan fashion. Warner hung back and allowed Chairman Burr to do much of the early talking, which means the Democrats on the committee have no complaints about how Burr is running things. And when Warner stepped up and said the committee might go after Trump’s tax returns, Burr didn’t push back against the assertion.

    1. Anonymous10:09 PM

      The Senate Intelligence Committee examination of Russian interference in the 2016 election may turn out to be the seminal investigation of the Trump presidency. This afternoon’s press conference by the chair and ranking member put Trump himself squarely in the crosshairs and, in stark contrast to the circus on the House side, suggested a seriousness of purpose that the Trump White House won’t be able to parry with bombast and misdirection. No congressional committee investigation is perfect or pure, but clearly the Senate probe is where the action will be. Here’s what we learned.

    2. Anonymous10:12 PM

      Everything We Learned Today About The Senate Intel Committee’s Russia Probe

      One thing was made crystal clear in a Wednesday press briefing on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election: this investigation is a very big and very serious deal.

      In an hour-long appearance, committee Chair Richard Burr (R-NC) and Vice-Chair Mark Warner (D-VA) framed their probe as one of most ambitious investigative efforts ever taken on by a congressional committee. Burr, a 22-year veteran of Capitol Hill, framed the investigation as “one of the biggest” he’s seen in his tenure in Washington, D.C.

      Warner concurred, saying, “When we started this, we saw the scope, what was involved, I said it was the most important thing I have ever taken on in my public life. I believe that more firmly now.”

      Their solemn assurances to investigate the full scope of Russia’s involvement, to look into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russian officials, and to produce a truly bipartisan report on their findings offered a stark contrast from the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation, led by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA).

      ...The committee will move slowly and deliberately

      Burr said the committee would not release names of people who would be interviewed, nor ask them to come before the committee until the “appropriate time.”

      Warner noted that the committee would not schedule its interview with Kushner, the only person named as an interview subject so far, until “we know exactly the scope of what needs to be asked” of him.

      Both lawmakers emphasized the wide-ranging scope of the investigation, which will also look at Russian capabilities and previous influence campaigns.

      The committee’s first open hearing on Russian election meddling, scheduled for Thursday, will take that broad, historical approach. No big intelligence names are scheduled to testify, but cybersecurity experts will speak to Russia’s methods and motivations.

  10. Anonymous7:07 PM


    Ivanka Trump Takes An Official Job In The White House

  11. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Stop with the fucking bullshit that she's been in the fucking woods like she's been hiding!

    Are you a hater, Gryphen? If not, get this idiot notion out of your fat head once and for all, this "hiding in the woods" meme was begun using an old photo from years ago when Hillary was walking near her home.

    YOU KNOW that Hillary has been going to the theater a lot and making speeches etc SO WHY ARE YOU PERPETUATING THIS INSULT THAT TRIES TO MAKE OUT SHE'S AFRAID?????

    1. I take it you did not bother to watch the video?

    2. Anonymous5:31 AM

      Concern trolls work really hard at it.

  12. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Even Daltrey gets it:

    Roger Daltrey, the frontman of English rock band The Who, says Democrats blew the U.S. election by nominating Hillary Clinton.

    The 73-year-old lead singer told New Musical Express in an interview published Wednesday that a "dead dog" could have beat the former secretary of state.

    "On other pieces of politics, let's put it this way: when you say that middle America and the Democrats lost it, but Trump didn't really win it — because Democrats threw it away by putting Mrs. Clinton up," he said. "A dead dog would have won it against her, look at that."

    1. Anonymous9:46 PM

      Obviously Hillary won the popular vote so she wasn't the wrong candidate at all. Take your BS and shove it. I am so tired of the misogyny that you dickwads seem to think it's the woman's fault all the time. If you dickwads had been paying attention for the last 6 months you would know that the whole election and most likely massive election fraud has occurred and the Russian government and their puppets in the GOP are responsible for that.

    2. Anonymous11:02 PM

      Thank you 9:46pm! I'm sick of this bullshit yhat Hillary was such a terrible candidate blah blah blah. She was an excellent candidate! Never before has soneone been so qualified to run this country. Never!

      Fuck of 8:33pm.

    3. Anonymous5:30 AM

      You take your information from an aging drug addled rock musician,I'll take mine from a DR Maddow.

    4. Anonymous8:27 AM

      Lol, of course you go with $$maddow$$.

    5. Anonymous8:31 AM

      Hillary sucked, everybody knows it.

      She didn't lose because she is a woman and because of misogyny 9:46, you are the only one saying that.

      She lost because she sucked as a candidate and was force fed down the throats of the democrats by the DNC.

  13. Anonymous9:03 PM

    This Is Why The Erasing of LGBT Americans On The 2020 Census Matters

    LGBT will not feature on the 2020 Census as a category. This official prejudice matters for both practical and symbolic reasons.

    ...If you want to understand the anger felt over the news that LGBT people not being counted in the 2020 Census, consider this: if you are straight you have always counted. You have no idea what it is not to be counted, or not to count, or what the implications of not being counted may be.

  14. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Senate Finance Committee ranking member Ron Wyden goes after Donald Trump’s tax returns

    On the eve of the Senate Intelligence Committee hearings on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, one member of that committee is formally and publicly asking two of his fellow committee members to join him in his effort to unearth Trump’s tax returns. Senator Ron Wyden, who sits on the Intel Committee and is also the ranking Democrat of the Finance Committee, is leading that charge.

    Wyden sent a public letter to the two ranking members of the Senate Intel Committee this evening, Republican Richard Burr and Democrat Mark Warner, making the case for why they should support his efforts on the Finance Committee to unearth Trump’s taxes.

  15. Anonymous11:41 PM

    It is shameful strong hardworking women such as Hillary must be attacked. I remember reading an article about the Bill and Hillary friendship with don the con. Hillary and Bill were flown by private jet to a fundraising Island retreat off coast of california and were photographed there. It turns out that the island retreat is where don and buddies had lavish sex parties. Hillary was there for fundraising. But last year the photo was used saying how Hillary was in on orgies and crap. She was set up for that photo. And then a twisted sick predator used it against her during the campaign. This was the KGB trump game and ploy to destroy and twist stories.
    I believe it was another trump buddy Epstein in California now serving in prison.

    1. Anonymous3:23 AM

      Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein were big pals up until the underage girls rape stories broke. Bill flew on Epstein's plane, dubbed The Lolita Express, several times without his secret servicemen along, to Jeffrey's Bahamian island retreat.
      This information is all available via Google.
      See the pictures of Bill and Hillary at Donnie's last wedding. Were her and Bill's big smiles Real, or did donnie pay them to smile like that(cuz he paid them to show up)? Which would be worse?

  16. Anonymous11:48 PM

    My only question is why was the dirt on trump and stumps not exposed by professional journalist, FEC, FBI, CIA, DNC, GOP, RNC, ETC. 2yrs ago or longer? If you researched? it was there. If you actually wanted to know about trump? It was there. His victims have screamed for years. And nobody heard it but those who cared? In our busy life can we listen and care about our fellow americans?

  17. Anonymous11:55 PM

    If trump really loved America he would resign today and take his illegal bunch with him. He would confess and spill the beans on Russia and buddies. If he and his family fear the outcome of his tangled debt/financial web of corruption and money laundering, it would appear better to come clean, face the charges and maybe get some protection. But choosing to rig elections to achieve, to corrupt, to destroy America to save your ass from the mob is wrong choice.

    1. "If trump really loved America"
      Trump doesn't love anybody or anything including himself.

      The only thing he cares about is trying to fill the vast empty hole in his soul by demanding praise and worship and by making trying to make himself bigger by trying to diminish others.

      He is an utter failure as a human being and will never do the right thing for the right reason.

    2. Anonymous7:33 AM

      Agree with Nefer. Mom and Dad didn't love Donnie, and we get the seriously rancid results.

  18. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Will the world ever be a place where men aren't shamed for being sensitive and women aren't ridiculed for being strong and a leader?

    1. Leland3:22 AM

      Probably not - as long as the three monotheistic religions are in control of the peoples' minds.

    2. Anonymous3:24 AM


  19. Anonymous2:51 AM

    Hillary for prison!


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