Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Former Hillary Clinton campaign advisor puts it all together.

Yeah there is really no argument against this.

The American voters should have known about this, and the fact that they did not changed the outcome of our election. 

And the question that is on every Democrat's mind is why did FBI Director Comey reveal that Hillary Clinton was under investigation ten days before the election, and said nothing about the ongoing investigation into Trump's ties to Russia?


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  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Just thinking out loud but I'm wondering if this is bigger than what we can even imagine. I can see Trump's campaign getting a whiff of what was coming down the pike and Comey coming out with the bullshit Hillary email stuff to keep the investigation on track. If they can take Trump and his cronies down "bigly" maybe the people in the FBI, and possibly others thought it was worth it. Trump and his campaign loved Comey until yesterday.

    1. Anonymous9:23 AM

      8:42, my thoughts to some extent too. But, we still have an election that was derailed and if Trump is impeached we still have Pence. Pence would be a lame duck, but he would still be occupying the seat Hillary Clinton should be occupying. Maybe Come plays a good game of chess as we should remember Comey does not like her. OT, but since we may be in uncharted waters here i’m throwing this out. If it is determined the sitting president is convicted of treason does this mean we could rerun the election?

    2. Anonymous9:34 AM

      I don't think so, but if Trump is involved, Pence and Ryan are in the know as well. Take them ALL down.

    3. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Oh my God 9:23..... You just exposed your absolute dim-bulbness.

      Read the Constitution lol!

    4. Anonymous10:41 AM

      If the President is indicted for bribery, treason or high crimes and misdemeanors then the impeachment process is started and following the VP would fill the seat

    5. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Hey dim-bulb 9:58, have a read.


      "Saying Philadelphia's election system had collapsed under "a massive scheme" by Democrats to steal a State Senate election in November, a Federal judge today took the rare step of invalidating the vote and ordered the seat filled by the Republican candidate."

    6. Anonymous11:31 AM

      9:58, one has to wonder why you are here? Having a hard time defending the indefensible and looking for kicks on a blog that is obviously not your cup of tea? It only shows a propensity toward bullying behavior that clearly makes your day, not ours.

    7. Anonymous11:38 AM

      Then rewrite the fucking constitution with an amendment. We have never had this situation, do it needs special response. Anyone eho thinks otherwise is the dimbulb.

    8. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Unfortunately, Anon at 9:23 am, there is a long line of people who would take office - Pence, the speaker of the House, and many, many more. Since they are now all Republican, none of them would be very good.

    9. We could be impeaching each successor depending on what they knew and their involvement.

      Next would be Pence, although I suspect he is politically astute enough to have keep his nose clean as far as proof.

      Pence as president would nominate a VP. Who that would be? Hard to say. But you can be sure it would be someone outside of the Trump scandal so that if Pence was taken out, whoever it was would be safe until 2020.

    10. Anonymous2:32 PM

      Lol those trying to defend dim-bulb.

      This is exactly the Democrats biggest problem, living in non-reality land. How about telling dim-bulb to get an education and understand how the processes, gears of government and the Constitution work, as otherwise the wheels would have come off the bus years ago.

      Nobody can or should take you seriously if you have no idea what you are talking about. And the Federal Government doesn't take actions based on 'feelings'.

    11. Anonymous3:25 PM

      However, 9:58, that part of the Constitution involves a president committing crimes while in office - stealing the election while a candidate... different story.

    12. Anonymous5:47 PM

      No 3:25. You are an idiot playing a tune for the idiots. There are no election do-overs. My god the stupid.

  3. If people were duped into voting for Trump because of garbage lies spread about Clinton, that's the stupidity of Americans showing. Russia did not hack our voting machines, which means the vote count was correct. It's to bad people don't understand how the Electoral College works, but it's certainly possible for the winner to lose the popular vote.

    1. Anonymous9:30 AM

      No luke Russia may not have but their little liar kgb operatives did. This would be liars in certain states that had dirty politicians, commissioners, election officials, dirty electorals. And yes even electronic voting machines that changed the vote, along with early ballot and overseas ballot hanky panky. Yep. Dirty lying scumbags cheat to win. and they have temporarily created chaos but will soon be jailed for doing it. Did you not read the 7 mountians agenda? or Scientology agenda? It is all about crazy ass liars in siphoning money for their project. Read up luke.

    2. Anonymous9:35 AM

      Not so. Here in MI, machines went down in Wayne County (Detroit) and thousands of people voted with provisional ballots, which, thanks to Snyder, were never counted. And the VOTE COUNT already has Clinton ahead by 3 million.

    3. Anonymous9:57 AM

      You are buying bullshit 9:35. The vote was legitimate. Trump clobbered Hillary in the Electoral College. which is what determines Presidents. He is the President. Your whining is not going to turn back time and change the legitimate results.

    4. OMG there are dirty, rotten, lying, corrupt politicians in America trying to control the outcome of an election?
      So what do you do about that anon. 9:30?

      A tornado hits, a blizzard hits, ballots get delivered to the wrong place, the power goes out, shit happens, which doesn't mean an evil force is in control of stopping a fair count. Why did Snyder not count those votes and what did the court say about that? Because the winner did not win the popular vote does not mean the election was rigged, or unfair. The presidential election is won by the winner of the Electoral College, not the popular vote, it's been that way since the beginning of our country and is constitutional law since the Constitution was signed. If you want to change that, fine, it's called amending the Constitution, good luck, but don't cry foul because you don't like the winner.

    5. Anonymous10:44 AM

      Trump didn't really "clobber" HRC in the electoral category, I'd hardly refer to 227/304 as a hammering.

      However if the large blue states such as New York and California had electoral representation that matched their populations the outcome would have been very different.

    6. Anonymous11:34 AM

      Luke, you don't know yet, that Russia did not "hack our voting machines." They could have. Most experts are saying they deliberately did not, despite access and ability. Investigation continues and your conclusions are premature.

    7. Anonymous11:38 AM

      And we know this for a fact?

    8. Anonymous12:34 PM

      MI's provisional votes should have been counted and there should have been a state-wide recount. Snyder and his GOP fought tooth and nail to prevent a recount. If they were so confident of the outcome, why did they object to a recount?

    9. Anon. 11:34
      And so are yours if you want to imply the Russians did hack into our voting machines, not to mention that no State has reported any such evidence. We have State officials reporting their vote machines were not hacked, so it's up to you to prove otherwise. You sound like a Trump supporter claiming Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, even though all the officials in Hawaii have stated Obama was born in Hawaii.

    10. Anonymous2:27 PM

      Clobbered her.

    11. Anonymous3:31 PM

      In Mich there should have been an automatic recount because trump won by less than 1% of the vote, something like 7,000 votes.

      In Wayne county they know that there were more people signed in to vote than ballots counted.

      they began the recount and Synder, a republican, stopped the recount for no reason other than Wayne county usually votes Democrat.

      These are the facts and has nothing to do with russian hacking.

      If the republicans really wanted to prove MI was legitimate, they would have finished the recount.

      Also it is very interesting that Oakland County,which has the highest per capita income in the state, residents are many CEOs of auto industry, VOTE FOR HILLARY NOT TRAITOR TRUMP !!!!

    12. Anonymous3:31 PM

      No state has yet looked for it Luke. And BTW, wasn't it Tiny Hands T.Rump who claims there was widespread voter fraud?

    13. Anonymous3:44 PM


      Now, if we look at 2008 Obama v. McCain the results were historic; 365/173, that could be truly referred to as a "clobbering" if one were to speak in such provincial terms.

      However, much to my great chagrin, 489/89 Reagan v. Carter in "the great beforetime of 1980" was a clobbering of historic proportions.

      That is the executive branch contest that trumped all others.

      That contest could be equated to the great amassing of humanity on the National Mall at the first Obama Inaugural as compared to the tiny lawn party that was the Trump Inaugural.

      Wonder when our current "commander-in-chief" will actually read a political history book and realize that his "win" was not as historic as was Reagan's?

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    On Election Day, Trump Was The ONLY ONE Under FBI Investigation, Not Hillary Clinton


  5. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Hillary lost, Trump won. He is President no matter how much you bitch and whine. He won the electoral college, it is done.

    1. Anonymous9:22 AM

      This is NOT over. The majority of citizens want the truth, and do not respect a cheater and a traitor. This mentally deficient person has to be taken out of office, before his entire family is ensconced in the WH, running this country.

    2. Anonymous9:36 AM

      Not my 'president.' And I never voted for Bannon or Ivanka or Jarod Kushner to ruin my country.

    3. Anonymous9:54 AM

      Presidents staff is Presidents choice 9:36, nobody votes for them. He is your President 9:22 and 9:36. It is over. Time for you to get over it.

    4. Anonymous9:58 AM

      Nope. Ya cant be president if you committed Treason to do it. Mr trump will resign or be impeached for his lack of ethics and character. He is already on the way out the door whether by choice or handcuffs. He knows it and so do the American people.

    5. Anonymous10:14 AM

      Lol at you 9:58.

    6. Anonymous10:19 AM

      HE is the President. You seem to suggest that means we shouldn't concern ourselvs with criminal investigations of the President. Seems to me that his Presidency is MORE reason to investigate possible criminal and treasonous behavior, not less. Perhaps I misunderstood you. Could you clarify?

    7. @ 9:54 AM: Dolt45* is not now & WILL NEVER BE my POTUS! He is obviously unqualified, terribly unfit to serve as Commander-in-Chief & Head of State, and woefully unable to discharge any of the duties of POTUS!!! He can barely read (call out words), definitely cannot comprehend, and has the attention span of an infant. I will not get over this heinous theft of our democracy. Telling someone to do so is tantamount to saying our Constitution is merely words on parchment, that those who sacrificed for freedom died in vain, and that this great experiment in democracy, the greatest the world has ever known is one huge flop. Nope. Not buying it.

    8. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Mr. Trump is not intelligent enough to get a decent haircut.
      He is a liar , a cheat and a con and a vindictive egomaniac.
      Yes he may temporarily be in the white house when not hacking/cheating at golf.
      In other words he is a bully and an imbecile.

    9. Anonymous1:05 PM

      @9:54, this is YOUR president, suck it up buttercup:




    10. 8:54, here you are prattling away on a blog about how you view the matter and stamping your feet and insisting that you are only one that is right and all the dimbulbs make you lol.

      I think it's safe to say that you are not a constitutional scholar so your view is no more right than anyone else's. Maybe if you use more lols you can convince people of your so-far imperceptible brilliance.

    11. Anonymous3:16 PM

      And Nefer tags in to join the losing fray.

    12. Anonymous3:33 PM

      Fuck you 9:54 - sideways with something coated in sandpaper. My flag flies upside down; the US is in distress with a usurper in the White House.

    13. Anonymous3:34 PM

      OMG are you trying to convince yourself?
      Are you so stupid you don't understand he can be REMOVED from office.

      get over it yourself, he is going to be impeached or resign.

    14. Anonymous4:39 AM

      Drumpf is goin to jay-ulll!

      Drumpf is goin to jay-ulllll!

  6. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Defending Trump Is Killing Conservatism (or exposing it for the vile belief system it is)

    ...Donald Trump's tweets are, at various times, ridiculous, offensive, and obviously untrue. Sometimes all three. David French doesn't like what this is doing to conservatives:

    'The tweets, however, are exposing something else in many of Trump’s friends and supporters — an extremely high tolerance for dishonesty and an oft-enthusiastic willingness to defend sheer nonsense....I’ve watched Christian friends laugh hysterically at Trump’s tweets, positively delighted that they cause fits of rage on the other side. I’ve watched them excuse falsehoods from reflexively-defensive White House aides, claiming “it’s just their job” to defend the president. Since when is it any person’s job to help their boss spew falsehoods into the public domain?

    ....GOP gratitude for beating Hillary Clinton cannot and must not extend into acceptance (or even endorsement) of presidential dishonesty and impulsiveness. Trump isn’t just doing damage to himself. As he lures a movement into excusing his falsehoods, he does damage to the very culture and morality of his base. The truth still matters, even when fighting Democrats you despise.'


    Integrity to Defend Trump’s Tweets


    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      So David French is suddenly against Trump?

    2. Anonymous9:54 AM

      David French was adamantly opposed to Trump throughout the primaries. He even ran as a Presidential candidate against Trump.

    3. Anonymous10:54 AM

      Very interesting to hear this from a dyed-in-the-wool ReThug. Hats off to him in this instance!

  7. Anonymous9:03 AM

    "Yeah there is really no argument against this.

    The American voters should have known about this, and the fact that they did not changed the outcome of our election."

    Yeah, actually there is great argument against this. There is still no evidence of this great vote shift you seem to continue believing occurred. And there is no evidence because it did not occur. The conclusions arrived in the in the media world, before the election, was that people had made up their minds months before November 8th. They pundits and media got their asses handed to them with bad polling and lazy hubris (Maddow anyone lol).

    BTW, have you found any of these mystery voters that changed their votes yet Gryphen, for an in depth interview?

    1. Anonymous9:37 AM

      Go away stinking troll.

  8. Anonymous9:03 AM

    How the White House Got James Comey Wrong

    Early on Monday morning, a couple of hours before the start of the first House Intelligence Committee hearing on Russia’s involvement in the Presidential election, one of Donald Trump’s closest White House advisers made a startling—and completely erroneous—prediction: James Comey, the F.B.I. director, would testify that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. “The Russian collusion thing has always been bullshit,” the official said. “I think Comey will come down and say there absolutely was no contact, collusion, or anything like that with the campaign.”

    ...But the larger takeaway from the White House’s spin is that the top people around Trump may have no idea how much exposure the President has on the issue of Russian collusion. Two hours after the White House official confidently predicted Comey would vindicate the Administration, Comey did the opposite, saying:


  9. Anonymous9:06 AM

    James Comey’s Remarkable Five Hours on Capitol Hill


  10. Anonymous9:07 AM

    The Trump Campaign Has Been Under Investigation Since July


    1. Anonymous10:38 AM


    2. Considering nothing was done either before or after the election my only comment is "So what?" and big fucking deal.

      They were under investigation from July until the November election and the December electoral college and not one fucking peep about it?

      That would have turned the election.

      But no. Only crap about Hillary and Comey's letter et al. That turned the election.

      And now we have the fucking traitor in the White House STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION.

      So what the hell did this investigation accomplish?


    3. Anonymous6:25 PM

      I think Guiliani and Flynn had plenty of influence over some of the FBI agents. I'd like to see both of their heads roll along with Trump, Manafort, etc.

  11. Anonymous9:16 AM

    The Democrats have their breakout star

    ...Schiff was just getting warmed up. He walked through Michael Flynn’s calls with the Russian ambassador, his lying about them and his firing. Then, like a good prosecutor (he once was one), Schiff made his closing argument:


    Five questions after Comey’s testimony

    ...The longer the president and his feeble press secretary cling to the allegation, the more apparent it will be that Drumpf has lost touch with reality.


  12. Anonymous9:22 AM

    We may have to investigate the investigators. And who the heck did republican assclowns promise to about the Affordable healthcare Act repeal. The Russians? Everyone want healthcare. And every usa citizen should have it. The problem is the private insurance companies and their lavish parties and bloated exeutives spending the money on crap. Republcians just make shit up constantly.

    1. Anonymous3:41 PM

      Employers, employers who don't want employees, but slaves don't want easy access to health insurance. It breaks their stranglehold on employees. If an employee or a family member has chronic or serous health issues - they won't leave a job, no matter how shitty they are treated or how unfairly paid - because they would go bankrupt or the family member would die without health insurance. We'll also see a big drop in new business start-ups. If you could get insurance, you could be self-employed without risking everything.

      Corporations want slaves. Inaccessible private healthcare is a way to put the chains back on working Americans of all races.

  13. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Trump’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Twitter day


  14. Moar Palin FALIN9:30 AM

    The wicked witch of Wasilla crawls out and screeches about Comey!

    Palin is described accurately as " the failed vice presidential candidate and former half-term governor of Alaska"...lol


    "“Why is tainted Comey still part of Team Trump?” Palin said in a Facebook post. “How long does he get to ride the train?”

    Palin linked to an article on her own website, written by Lawrence Richard and citing a dubiously sourced Sept. 10 report posted on Breitbart News that allegedly “exposed” Comey’s connection to the Clinton Foundation."


    “The swamp runs deep,” Palin said. “Where are Congressional ‘investigators’ on this conflict of interest issue? Why aren’t dots more clearly connected by those in authority, those privy to information that we peasants are not?”

    Yabbut Sarah FALIN is one of the Fucked Nooze/ BreitFART Sheeple rather than a peasant.

    What kind of a peasant has a multimillion dollar PAC?

    1. Anonymous10:10 AM

      When is Palomino Eight Track Skidmarks next court date?

    2. Anonymous11:47 AM

      I just checked court view and his Domestic Violence case was heard and dismissed.

      However the custody case reached a Global Agreement meaning that they reached a mutually beneficial settlement re: custody and/or child support.

      I have a feeling that she got majority custody in exchange for dropping the DV charges.

      They have petitioned for both case files to become confidential.

  15. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Hearing probes Trump Russia 2016 coordination

    Congressman Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about today's historic hearing in which the FBI confirmed that there is an ongoing counterintelligence investigation into the Donald Trump campaign and its potential coordination with Russia.


  16. Anonymous9:40 AM

    The 7 Biggest Cons In The GOP's Obamacare Repeal Pitch

    In the face of bad reviews from health care policy experts, the insurance industry and providers, and a revolt from some members of their own caucus, Republican leaders are scrambling to sell their Obamacare replacement bill by employing a boat loads of half-truths, inaccuracies, contradictions and metaphors.

    The legislation, the American Health Care Act, would pay for a major tax break for the wealthy with massive cuts to Medicaid, while shifting around the tax credits provided by Obamacare to the benefit of young people and middle-income earners, with the old and low-income earners bearing the burden.

    Here are the seven biggest cons Republicans are peddling in their pitch to sell Obamacare repeal.


  17. Anonymous9:42 AM

    This Issue IS the issue> " He needs to be blocked out of concern for our national security and sovereignty."
    "Democrats need to force McConnell to do this, because right now Republicans are not only enabling the Russian takeover of our government, but they are covering it up with sham “investigations” led by people who are basically investigating themselves.
    "Not even an hour after Justice Scalia’s death, Mitch McCONnell announced that Republicans would block President Obama’s nominee no matter who it was."
    "Democrats can’t stop Gorsuch, but they can force Mitch McConnell to change the Senate rules to assist Putin, and this is what they need to do. He deserves to wear that badge publicly.

    There should be no mercy shown to anyone who is selling this country out by allowing possible Russian puppets to be installed in positions of such enormous power they leave us wide open to no checks and balances. Clearly Republicans are unable to serve as checks and balances, even when their president is under FBI investigation for collusion with a hostile foreign government."


  18. It's so painful for so many reasons.

  19. Anonymous10:10 AM

    These areas went overwhelmingly for Trump. Now he wants to cut more than one of their lifelines.

    Little by little, it is sinking in that President Trump’s agenda will hurt untold numbers of his voters, on multiple fronts. New reporting indicates that some voters in Appalachia worry that Trump will champion cuts to regional development and that some Rust Belt supporters now fear that the GOP replacement for Obamacare will deny them coverage. GOP senators such as Susan Collins (Maine) and Bill Cassidy (La.) are now suggesting that Trump-friendly demographics will be directly harmed.

    Here’s another new example of this: Trump’s budget may wipe out a program that sends doctors into medically under-served rural counties throughout the Delta region, many of them in red states.


    1. Anonymous10:52 AM

      Too bad, I hope they all learned a valuable lesson.

    2. Anonymous12:54 PM


  20. Anonymous10:36 AM

    d john(jack-off)T b4 beddy buy everynight.

  21. Anonymous10:36 AM

    I was ALWAYS a supporter of Hillary Clinton and am proud to say so.

    Trump is the devil and pure evil upon our country. May his actions screw the people that voted for him. They truly are going to learn the hard way as to their beloved dictator!

    This is all amazing to watch as Trump is being proven to have committed treason. He needs to be impeached, arrested, put on trial, found guilty and either hung or shot, have mass media coverage of the death and it shown throughout our country and world!

    Then his funeral should not be publicized or covered by the media as he would have gone down in total disgrace - even worse that did Richard Nixon (Watergate scandal).

    1. Anonymous2:20 PM

      Ah yes, another democratic process hating, and extreme violence promoting, against the sitting POTUS on the IM no less, liberal.

    2. Anonymous3:48 PM

      The sitting POTUS got there illegitimately and is no more than a usurper in the White House.

      ANd you seem to have reading comprehension problem 2:20 - which Palin could you be? - oh yea ..any of 'em all of em.

      Note the words "put on trial," that is part of the process. But I believe it is you and your clueless reTHUGS who are pro-capital punishment.

    3. Anonymous3:49 PM

      @ 2:20 we had great instructors, 8 years of hatred and violence proposed and perpetrated by republicans on President Obama.

    4. Anonymous5:45 PM

      Lol and you seem to have a total lack of intelligent thought and apparently a skewed version of justice 3:48. There isn't even a hint of any charges, and yet you think,
      and I quote you at 10:36:

      "He needs to be impeached, arrested, put on trial, found guilty and either hung or shot, have mass media coverage of the death and it shown throughout our country and world!"

      Why even have a trial if you already have the verdict and punishment lol? Get a grip little snowflake before the Secret Service comes to visit you.

    5. Anonymous4:35 AM

      Uhm, they put Nixon on a postage stamp, don't forget that.

  22. Anonymous10:37 AM

    We certainly are living in interesting times.

  23. Hedgewytch10:41 AM

    Since yesterday afternoon I've now seen 3 quotes using the word "treason" This shit just got real on DT, I wonder if he understands just how real?

  24. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Time & People Cancel White House Correspondents’ Dinner Party – Update

    .... Meanwhile, celebrities might migrate to the alt-White House Correspondents’ Dinner Samantha Bee announced this week. The Full Frontal host’s event, sure to be a robust roasting of President Donald Trump, is being held at the same time on same night, at the Willard hotel....


    1. Oh, man. Now *that* is a dinner I'd love to attend.

      I wonder if they'll film it and put it up on the internet?

      Would love if it was broadcast opposite the actual dinner. Hands down Samantha Bee and her colleagues would draw more market share.

  25. Anonymous10:49 AM

    So, am I correct in assuming that the FBI, by not revealing this, was working for the Russians, too?!

    What are our options now, as citizens? To me, the ONLY logical option would be to hold a completely new election - both for Congress as well as for POTUS, and throw out everything these guys have done since November. Because Congress also is in cahoots in this all!

    1. Anonymous11:36 AM

      Fruit of the poisoned tree.

    2. They may not have been working for the Russians but they didn't want Hillary elected. And if you're against one candidate you are by default for the other. So the FBI was working to get Trump elected by undermining Hillary.

      Comey may be trying to save face now but he's just as guilty as the rest of them.

  26. Anonymous1:00 PM

    This guy left out that Hillary was a lousy candidate and her campaign was an arrogant failure. I am not a troll. I am a Democrat who is heartbroken that she was our nominee and Trump is our President. If we are not honest about all the reasons for the Clinton defeat we will make the same mistakes again. If 's too easy to blame the entire defeat on Russia and avoid an honest assessment of what happened. The Clintons should have gone away a long time ago.

    1. "This guy left out that Hillary was a lousy candidate and her campaign was an arrogant failure."
      That's your opinion, not objective fact.

  27. These are the questions that should change our need to know the outcome of elections in such a short amount of time.

    The FEC is notoriously toothless, considering the global importance of legitimising the outcome of a Presidential election. It seems to me that we have reached that stage that foreign intrusions into our process is a given, that the parties involved are not acting in the best interest of the US, there are bad actors permanently imbedded in the election.

    There are no political consequences for acting in bad faith anymore, only a bonus check.

  28. Anonymous3:23 PM

    BIG REMINDER folks: Hillary was not under investigation - a big nothing burger excuse to re-open was used. Weiner's lap top... on which they found nothing that hadn't been previously examined and dismissed.


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