Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Former NSA analyst claims that Donald Trump is working with the Russians to target journalists.

Courtesy of The Independent:  

US President Donald Trump is allegedly targeting US journalists with help from Russian intelligence, a former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst has claimed. 

John Schindler, a security expert and former counterintelligence officer, tweeted: “Learned fm very reliable IC sources that Trump WH, w/help fm Russian intel, is targeting US journalists. Rough road ahead. Get ready, peeps.” 

It was not immediately clear in what way journalists were allegedly being targeted however the explosive claim is likely to add weight to allegations of Trump-Russia collusion.

This is the second time that this John Schindler guy has dropped a bombshell.

I am still not sure how much credibility we can give him, however we do already know for a fact that the Russians have been targeting American journalists.

And we also know that Trump essentially asked them to hack Hillary Clinton's e-mails.

And Putin has a well known history of targeting journalists.

So from what we already know about Trump, and Putin, is it really that far fetched to think that they might be working together to destroy their mutual enemy?

The press?


  1. Is anything beyond the realm?
    Not with the Russian mob subjugating the Republicans.

    1. Anonymous3:40 AM

      the latest leak from that vile Assange outfit is going to turn the CIA into a laughing stock. They are going to paint a picture that the CIA used their malware to make it look like the Russians hacked the DNC. There for anything the CIA says is bull shit and trump skates. This is nothing more than RUSSIAN propaganda and disinformation!!!

    2. Anonymous5:32 AM

      Just remember that not long ago John Schindler worked for Jared Kushner's Observer trashing Hillary Clinton. Also, the 20 committee has some history, as the XX committee, or double cross.

    3. Anonymous5:35 AM

      Why Hillary’s EmailGate Matters
      In casually disregarding basic security, Secretary Clinton harmed our country and helped our adversaries
      By John R. Schindler • 01/28/16 11:56am

    4. Anonymous11:25 AM

      Isnt that what forensic IT guys are able to figure out?

  2. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Not far fetched at all. I saw on our local news tonight that Stephen Colbert has taken over the number one spot in 11:30 PM ratings. Maher, Oliver, and Bee ratings all up. People are fed up! LOD and Maddow are the only others worth watching. Forget Sunday morning shows.

    Mainstream media is run by their corporate masters and I don't believe one damned thing they say, but I grew up in the Cronkite/ Huntley-Brinkley era when journalism was true journalism.

    1. Anonymous5:56 AM

      I remember Cronkite being on board with ginning up the Vietnam War.

  3. Anonymous5:04 PM

    Ex-CIA director: World is wondering ‘what the hell is going on’ with Trump’s wiretapping tweets

    ...“He’s not the head of ‘The Apprentice’ how, he’s not a TV personality. He doesn’t have, you know, the convenience of basically saying whatever he wants to the American people and to the world without substantiating that there is any kind of truth to what he’s saying.”

    “He can’t do that as president of the United States without damaging the office of the presidency and without damaging our country,” he continued. “So, look, presidents of the United States have a staff. They’re supposed to have people around them who are able to determine what the truth is and a president who is responsible will take the time to ask that staff and the people who are working for him ‘what is the truth and what can I say?'”

    “Everybody is asking––what the hell is going on in Washington D.C. right now?” an exasperated Panetta added.


    1. Anonymous6:17 PM

      Yet no one with the power to request it will ask this man to submit to a mental fitness exam...

    2. Anonymous3:35 AM

      It's plain as day - a mentally ill fucking nut is in office!! WHO is going to say the emperor isn't wearing any clothes??

    3. Anonymous8:21 AM

      Well by all means Sarah Palin - S P E A K!

  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    The GOP’s Obamacare Replacement Is Just A Gigantic Tax On Women
    Under the Republican’s new health care bill, women would face financial repercussions for being poor. Or using birth control. Or being pregnant. Or having children who need medical care.


  5. Anonymous5:18 PM

    I thought I recently saw a Trump tweet saying we needed to 'weed out' bad journalists (or something to that effect).
    Can't find it now.

    1. Anonymous5:46 PM

      He could start with Fox News, of which he can't seem to turn off.

  6. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Donald Trump’s jet setting Russian pal Dmitry Rybolovlev hires spokesman from Breitbart

    Rybolovlev keeps flying in to meet Trump, and now he’s hired a Breitbart spokesman

    For the past month Palmer Report has been reporting on the curious travel habits of Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev, who has a habit of flying halfway around the world on his private jet in order to arrive in whichever city Donald Trump happens to be visiting at the time. Now that MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has picked up the story, Rybolovlev is finally denying parts of it. But he’s doing so through a spokesman who has inexplicable ties to Trump adviser Steve Bannon.

    Rybolovlev’s private plane flew into the small town of Concord, North Carolina while Donald Trump just happened to be holding a campaign rally there. His spokesman is now acknowledging that this occurred, and there would be no point in denying it, as the flight plans for the plan can be tracked publicly via its M-KATE call sign. The spokesman is also refusing to deny that Rybolovlev was on the plane when it flew to Concord. But what stands out most is that Rybolovlev’s spokesman is Brian Cattell – a former writer for Steve Bannon’s Breitbart.

    Why is Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev using someone from Breitbart as his official spokesman in issuing a public denial of his ties to Trump’s White House? Does he not realize the irony, or the new questions which it raises? How did Cattell of all people come to serve as Rybolovlev’s spokesman? Was Steve Bannon involved in connecting the two men? Was Donald Trump involved? McClatchy is reporting the bizarre quasi-denials from Cattell. Rybolovlev also massively overpaid Trump for a house in Florida a few years ago that neither of them ever lived in. Maddow also recently reported that Rybolovlev has financial connections to a Russian money laundering scheme run through Deutsche Bank and the Bank of Cyprus, the latter of which is also connected to Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

    We’ve also tracked Dmitry Rybolovlev’s plane having flown ten thousand miles into South Florida while Donald Trump was visiting Mar-a-Lago earlier this year, further suggesting that their earlier Concord rendezvous wasn’t mere happenstance. And as we pointed out this week,


    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Trump says he never met this Russian billionaire — but their jets keep mysteriously crossing paths


    2. Anonymous6:19 PM

      No big surprise. Bannon/Breitbart are meddling in the French elections as well. Bannon has a major world strategy planned.

    3. Anonymous3:37 AM

      Hiring Breitbart so that the fools who still believe Trump will still believe Trump.
      This is a real vulnerable situation for Trump - patriots of my dad's era, who voted for him, won't take kindly to Russke collusion.

  7. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Donald Trump fired Corey Lewandowski days after he approved Carter Page’s trip to Moscow

    Donald Trump fired Corey Lewandowski days after he approved Carter Page’s trip to Moscow

    ...Here’s the timeline as we now know it: in mid June of 2016, Donald Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page requested approval to travel to Russia and give a speech in Moscow. His direct campaign supervisor, J.D. Gordon, urged him not to do go on the trip. But the decision ultimately fell to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who signed off on it, under the condition that Page not attend in his capacity as a campaign adviser (source: Politico). Days later, on June 20th, Lewandowski was fired.

    Page then traveled to Moscow and gave his speech on July 7th. As we reported earlier this week, activity from the alleged Russian email server inside Trump Tower spiked while Page was in Moscow, suggesting it had been set up to communicate with him. That email server was shut down on September 23rd, and Page resigned from the Trump campaign just three days later. Then a FISA warrant for that email server was allegedly granted in October.

    Page also now admits he met with the Russian Ambassador at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in late July, less than two weeks after his Moscow speech. In hindsight, Carter Page appears to have played a key role in the Donald Trump campaign’s covert communications and collaboration with Russia. Page’s publicly visible speech in Moscow during the campaign was a mistake which brought public and media scrutiny to the campaign’s Russian connections. It was a speech which any competent campaign manager would not have approved.

    And yet it’s now known that Corey Lewandowski signed off on Page’s Moscow trip less than a week before he was fired. Was this foolish decision the straw that broke the camel’s back and got Lewandowski fired? Or is it evidence that Lewandowski truly didn’t know about the campaign’s Russian collusion, and didn’t realize that Page’s speech was a bad idea?

    It’s worth noting that...


    1. Anonymous6:02 AM

      Lewandowski's 'firing' was/is a red herring.
      He's still making Plenty of money. They needed a way to get him out of the limelight, and this method was a perfect distraction. Plus it made the campaign look as if they had lost some face over the deal.

  8. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Thanks for nothing, Zucker, you promoted him!


  9. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Holy crap Batman!

    Tonight Rachel Maddow is referencing lots of different media info regarding Trump, Russian and the dossier. Too much for me to write about.

    Becareful, your blood will boil.

    One Congress Intelligence Committee investigation in the House is headed by Trump campaign transition official.

    Another Congress Intelligence committee in the Senate is headed by National Security Advisory to the Trump campaign

    The Trump picked Deputy Attorney General nominee is now being questioned in his Senate confirmation. The Trump hand picked Deputy Attorney who will be replacing Sessions in the investigation against his boss Sessions, Trump, Trump campaign and the Russians so far won't agree to pick an independent special prosecutor to examine his boss Sessions and Trump during his Senate confirmation.

    1. Anonymous3:39 AM

      As Rachel said, congress isn't going to investigate - it is up to the press and the people.
      Class action something coming soon against these fuckers. That or real revolution.

  10. Anonymous6:05 PM




    1. Anonymous9:02 PM

      @6:05 Did he send the nude photo to your Mama?

  11. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Russians have been trying to hack various top-level journalists' emails for the past two years. Now it makes sense.

    OT Lisa Murkowski is apparently voting against Trump's healthcare bill together with 3 other politicians, one of whom has been running away from his constituents for weeks.

    I'm smelling another McConnell strategy here. We know that like any other Republican Lisa doesn't have one principled bone in her osteoporotic old body but what we don't know yet is if the strategy is aimed at having the bill pass or fail.

  12. Keep going Palmer report commentator. You are right. So is Louise Mensch. She is a snake and a a good one ...as it turns.

  13. Anonymous6:24 PM



    Washington Post:
    The Trump White House is totally changing its tune on wiretapping and hoping you don’t notice

    By Chris Cillizza
    March 7, 2017 at 3:09 PM

    .... On Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted this:


    Donald J. Trump 

    Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!

    3:35 AM - 4 Mar 2017


    On Tuesday afternoon, in his first on-camera briefing in a week, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said this when asked for proof of Trump's wiretapping claims: “It’s not a question of new proof or less proof or whatever.” Instead, he insisted, the goal of Trump's tweets was simply to get congressional investigators to look into the possibility of wiretapping. Congress is now doing this, so, in Spicer's mind, mission accomplished....


    1. Anonymous7:02 PM

      Someone must have informed little donnie that his accusations against a former president with no evidence is an impeachable offense.

      He should not be let off the hook so easily. He is a child and needs to be taught a lesson.

    2. Anonymous7:10 PM

      You don't know what impeachable offenses are 7:02. Guess what, the Donald is not getting impeached. At least not on any of the crap that is being spewed about currently.

    3. Anonymous8:58 PM

      @7:10 PM Donald Trump's dick is too small and unusable from age for you to be constantly sucking it. Barron was conceived by artificial insemination, and Trump's sperm caused the autism.

    4. Anonymous4:52 AM

      Neither do you."The Constitution sets specific grounds for impeachment. They are “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors" That includes collusion with Russia.

    5. Anonymous7:06 AM

      Lol, you said accusations against former Presidents are impeachable offenses. No, that is not an impeachable offense.

      And so far, beyond all the stretching and gymnastics the left has been attempting, there hasn't been any crime of collusion committed.

    6. Anonymous7:46 AM

      @8:08"Barron was conceived by artificial insemination, and Trump's sperm caused the autism." Because at 60, drumpf used Viagra and he gets off on 'golden showers' and Sadist SeXxx.

  14. Anonymous6:28 PM

    If you ever think that these theories about Putin are too farfetched to happen just remember that Putin stole a Super Bowl ring out from under the owner of the New England patriots and then brazenly denied it.

    1. Anonymous7:03 PM

      Super Bowl Rink?

      I see nuthink
      I know nuthink

    2. Anonymous7:05 PM

      If someone wrote a spy novel or movie with this plot no one would believe it.

  15. Anonymous7:47 PM

    State of Hawaii sues to block Donald Trump’s revised Muslim ban before it goes into effect


    Sally Yates is testifying about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal to House Intelligence Committee

    Trump fired Yates after she tried to warn him about Russia


    Sean Spicer has another Twitter accident, tweets private message about how tough things are


  16. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Hey Hey Ho Ho

    Hairman Mao has got to go!

    1. Anonymous8:19 AM

      yeah you said that on the other thread

  17. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Trump is now desperate for money for The Wall

    The Hill:
    Report: Trump considering cuts to Coast Guard, airport security to fund border wall

    March 07, 2017 - 10:42 PM EST

    The Trump administration is reportedly considering cutting funding to the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and other agencies to find money for the president's proposed border wall and immigration enforcement plans.

    The Washington Post reported that a draft plan, created by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), would also cut the budget of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

    The budget for the Coast Guard would be cut by about 14 percent, from $9.1 billion in 2017 to $7.8 billion under the drafted proposal. The TSA and FEMA budgets would be cut by about 11 percent to $4.5 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively, according to The Post.

    According to the plan, the budget for the Department of Homeland Security would increase by 6.4 percent to $43.8 billion.

    The Post reported that $2.9 billion of that would go toward building the president's proposed border wall. Another $1.9 billion would go toward "immigration detention beds" and other expenses from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and $285 million would go toward hiring more Border Patrol agents and ICE agents....


    1. Anonymous3:41 AM

      It would be a hoot is everty time part of the wall went up, it got knocked down. I hope US workers sabotage it. I really do.

  18. Trump's Twitter Distraction:


    "In the midst of this, Trump created a distraction: accusing Obama of wiretapping the Trump Tower, with no evidence. Faced with the biggest scandal in American history – presidential treason – Trump, with a tweet, accuses Obama of a scandal bigger than Watergate.

    Trump’s tweets are strategic. I analyzed the tweets on NPR’s On the Media, and a diagram has been shared widely on social media and also appeared in the Washington Post.

    Trump’s tweet is a doozy. It is an example of all four of Trump’s strategies.

    Pre-emptive Framing: He frames first. He creates a new presidential scandal – Obama’s wiretapping — an accusation without evidence, and with all evidence against it.

    Deflection: He puts the onus on his squeaky-clean predecessor.

    Diversion: The press bit and the diversion worked. It generated headlines questioning whether Obama, rather than Trump, had committed wrongdoing.
    The diversion worked, at least temporarily.

    Trial Balloon: Will the public accept it, or listen to a discussion of it long enough to distract the press and the public from the treason issue?

    The media is still focused on the false accusation, not on the investigation of Trump’s Russian connections and the treason issue. (Of course, the growing nature of the scandal is making it harder and harder for Trump to pivot away from his Russia problem)

    Pretty effective tweet. But it gets more effective."

    There's much more.

  19. Anonymous3:31 AM

    John drops huge bombs every damned day, get on his twitter feed and read. Your eyes will bug out.

    1. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Dropping false narratives does your brain no good. He is looking for attention. That is about it.

  20. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Rachel Maddow: PLEASE ask the military for an atropine pen and get a food taster.
    She is exposing Trump/Russia every night...every single night. My hero! And you know how Putin feels about teh gays and how trump feels about women. I send her positive energy every day since I don't pray anymore, for protection.

    1. Anonymous7:07 AM

      Lol, do you think Maddow reads here?

    2. Anonymous7:48 AM

      I too am worrying about her safety.Also Colbert, O'Donnell,Bee, Maher etc. Anyone who speaks out about the madman in the WH.
      O/T My daughter has a tee shirt that shows tRump using the Constitution as toilet paper.She wore it out in public and some guy walked up to her and said"he is a Good man".Being an outspoken person she replied"He sucks Putin's dick". The gut took off.

    3. I think he'll go after Rosie O'Donnell first. He *HATES* her. Then he'll work on SNL. I think Alec Baldwin is in more danger than Rachel Maddow.

      Now Bannon is another story. He'd go after Maddow in a second.

  21. Anonymous4:54 AM

    One last tiny bitch effort before they go to cause trouble to American's via tiny short kgb agent pooty and his puppet don john's fertilizer outhouse cult. Yep, scared little nasty boys playing naughty games together. Keeping the heat on tiny kgb satan and his asho pos liar buddy.

    1. Anonymous8:29 AM

      hey your sleep texting - roll over and zzz

  22. Anonymous4:56 AM

    Time to take down RT and their lying ass cult.

  23. Anonymous5:42 AM

    Russia has never been known as smart. Just sneaky. And putin a little man with huge complex.

    1. Anonymous8:19 AM

      you would know Sarah

  24. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Yep. A piece of Blue Sky Rd for sale. Right below the copper mining and nice river flowing south. Yep we gotcha bucko. EXPOSED.


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