Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Amid an ongoing back and forth between Donald Trump and American intelligence agencies, Wikileaks releases documents from CIA hack.

Courtesy of the New York Times:  

WikiLeaks on Tuesday released thousands of documents that it said described sophisticated software tools used by the Central Intelligence Agency to break into smartphones, computers and even Internet-connected televisions. 

If the documents are authentic, as appeared likely at first review, the release would be the latest coup for the anti-secrecy organization and a serious blow to the C.I.A., which maintains its own hacking capabilities to be used for espionage. 

The initial release, which WikiLeaks said was only the first part of the document collection, included 7,818 web pages with 943 attachments, the group said. The entire archive of C.I.A. material consists of several hundred million lines of computer code, it said.

Now Wikileaks offers up some obfuscation to camouflage the source of this hack but if you are not already convinced that it is the Russians than you have simply not been paying attention.

Currently Trump is reeling from one anonymous tip after another showing that his White House is in turmoil, his ties to Russia are multiplying exponentially, and his mental health is in question.

Much of this Trump is blaming on intelligence sources, and as of yesterday those same intelligence sources threw cold water on his claim that President Obama tapped his phones.

In a word he is pissed!

So then we come to today and lo and behold Wikileaks, the same group who released information hacked from the DNC and other sources to help Trump win the election, have suddenly released a treasure trove of information concerning HOW the CIA conducts espionage and gains access to electronic devices.

What a coinky dink.

So how does this help Trump you might ask?

Well besides offering an irresistible distraction to the media, there are tidbits like this:

Another program described in the documents, named Umbrage, is a voluminous library of cyberattack techniques that the C.I.A. has collected from malware produced by other countries, including Russia. According to the WikiLeaks release, the large number of techniques allows the C.I.A. to mask the origin of some of its cyberattacks and confuse forensic investigators.

Now just let that digest a little. And then imagine what Trump supporters will make of that revelation.

Well here let me just tell you, because they are already doing it.

What this Umbrage program suggests is that the CIA could hack into a computer and then leave behind false data that will confuse investigators into believing that the hack came from another source.

So if you are a Trump supporter who does not want to accept the fact that the Russians hacked computers in America in order to help hand the election to your candidate, well now you don't have to accept that fact.  

You can simply convince yourself that the CIA hacked the DNC, State Department, Clinton Campaign, White House, and apparently themselves, and then blamed the whole thing on poor, blameless Vladimir Putin.

And if you don't think they are dumb enough to do this, well like I said you have not been paying attention.

Speaking of Putin and Russia, I would like to bring something else to your attention.

According to the New York Times this material was apparently hacked between 2013 and 2016.

This means that whoever had it in their possession (The Russians) has had all of those CIA tricks in their tool kit for as long as three years.

That means that they could have been using that stolen data to gain access to any number of computers, televisions, and smart phones in the possession of diplomats, reporters, politicians, you name it.

If you then remember that the Russians are famous for using blackmail to force powerful people to bend to their will, well then at this point I think some things might be starting to fall into place.

Now do you remember what else happened in 2013?

That is the year that Edward Snowden flew to Russia after stealing the global surveillance blueprints from the NSA.
And once again the picture starts to become a little bit clearer.


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM


  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    How cute- the Russians hack the CIA to prove they didn't hack the DNC?

    Assange is in quicksand now.

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Max Boot:

    Saturday: Trump attacks US intel for alleged wiretapping. Today: Wikileaks (i.e. FSB) releases files on US wiretapping. Coincidence?

    1. Anonymous4:08 PM

      My EXACT thoughts!!

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    That Darth Putin character should stick to comedy. Maybe all of you liberal ladies that have been talking about Assange in the most unflattering terms all these years ought to wise him up about how you feel.

    And maybe tell him the word he's looking for is "librul".

  5. Anonymous3:08 PM

    It astounds me what the alt-right believe. No doubt started with monsters under their beds as kids. It's a wonder that they even step outside.

  6. Wow Griffin if you would do research and think about it, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that it could be a case of CIA doing this in order to blame the other side and undermine Trump's reset with Russia policy. The US government is notorious for carrying out false flags and lying to the world in order to carry out its agenda. Gulf of Tonkin incident and Operation Gladio are just two examples of such operations and there was operation Northwoods which JFK refused to sign off on. No one has produced any credible evidence that the DC was hacked. The DC even refused to let FYI analyse their equipment to see if they were hacked by Russia. When have you heard of an investigating body relying on the word of a private corporation without trying to corroborate their claims? Overthrowing governments and conducting psyops is what these people at CIA and other clandestine intelligence agencies do for a living. Just look at the number of foreign governments overthrown and elections tampered with by the US government.

    1. So hacks that took place in 2013 were to undermine the "Celebrity Apprentice" guy's attempts to renew America's relationship with Russia, well before anybody thought he has a snowball's chance in hell of winning the presidency?

      Thank you for making my point.

    2. Anonymous3:38 PM

      Here’s what Snowden said about WikiLeaks’ CIA classified documents


    3. Anonymous3:55 PM

      The US has always overthrown foreign governments but cyber is not necessary, they can still do it the old-fashioned way with threats and bribery.

    4. Anonymous6:38 PM


      Come on now, Trump didn't just "accidentally" win the Presidency, this has been in the works for years.

      Democrats were given their 8 years of hope and change to keep them complacent, all while the GOP base was getting more and more angry and playing right into the hands of the rich folks that control the game.

      Trump's been their guy for decades and there was no way it wasn't going to be him. There is no "free will" in politics, it all happens as planned and on a schedule. They just let us vote for POTUS to keep us subdued and to make us believe that we have a voice.

      As it is, POTUS matters little, it's the men and women behind the curtain that are the real movers and shakers while POTUS just takes the praise and/or the heat.

    5. Anonymous8:31 PM


      I bet you believe that President Obama's birth was faked in Hawaii the week he was born in order for him to become President decades later.

    6. Gryphen I never said that hacks made in 2013 were to undermine Trump's election. You made that leading statement, attributing it to me. The DNC never allowed the FBI to examine their servers to determine who hacked them, but relied on the testimony of a private cybersecurity firm. For all we know it was a disgruntled DNC worker who leaked the DNC emails and files to wikileaks.

  7. Anonymous3:40 PM

    ‘He said it was a fact’: Wolf Blitzer refuses to let GOP rep dance around Trump’s unfounded wiretap claim


    1. Anonymous3:58 PM

      I'd read that but I'm balking at the mental image of Wolf Blitzer being in any way professional... the man is A-grade stupid, a proven world-class ignoramus.

    2. Anonymous8:29 PM


      Is this a case of it takes one to know one?

  8. Anonymous3:42 PM


    WATCH: House intel head Devin Nunes rebukes reporters for taking Trump’s wiretap claims ‘literally’

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes held a briefing on Tuesday afternoon where he addressed President Donald Trump’s wild and unsubstantiated Twitter allegations that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his office.

    Nunes said he had not seen any evidence that would back up the claims. When asked whether it was appropriate for Trump to make such a bold assertion without evidence or before any investigation, Nunes said, “I think a lot of the things that he says, you guys take literally.” He added that “we should [not] attack the president for tweeting.”


    1. Anonymous7:14 PM

      this nunes guy is unbelievable. So basically he is saying ignore everything trump tweets, because it isn't reliable, he is a liar.

      Really, is nunes going to tell us what not to take literally?

  9. Anonymous3:45 PM

    ‘You can’t wait one week?’: Shep Smith hammers GOP rep for pushing healthcare bill without knowing costs

    ...The Fox News host then circled back around to press Carter on how many people will lose their insurance under the new plan.

    “We don’t know how many people will lose insurance as the result of this bill,” Smith said. “When will we know?”

    “First of all, what will happen—“ Carter began, trying to dance around the question.

    “No, no,” Smith interjected. “But when will we know?”

    Watch the video below, via Fox News:


  10. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Hair Trump is done and he knows it. Everyone knows real estate is done with borrowed money. Bankrupt 5 times.....he couldn't borrow lunch money. Where does every unsuccessful gambler go...The mob. In his case, Russian/Ukrainian mobsters trying to launder assets stolen during breakdown of USSR. Just wait till it starts to come out. He's scared shitless. Sure, he was probably recorded, but it was the mob who was bugged not Trump Tower. He was stupid enough to talk on phone. I give him 6 months.

    1. Anonymous4:21 PM

      PS...As the shit starts to ooze out ...... he will become more unhinged. He never expected to get elected....it was just another reality show for him. He will become seriously deranged.
      And his empire will fall apart.

    2. Anonymous4:56 PM

      As Deepthroat said......"follow the money"..it always comes true

    3. Anonymous8:38 AM

      Ok Sarah - now go take your meds...hurry up!

  11. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Yeah, no. Liberals never celebrated Putin for helping Snowden. That was liberTARIANS.

  12. Anonymous4:23 PM

    EIGHTH Russian Connected To Trump Found Dead


  13. Anonymous5:00 PM

    Gryphen, thank you for putting the pieces of the puzzle together for me. I watched the news tonight and I knew it was all connected, but I didn't know how. Thank you!

    1. Anonymous5:35 PM

      Put the pieces of the puzzle together? Hahahahahaaaa!!!!

      Please, in your own words, break down your understanding of Gryphen's convoluted gymnastics effort to connect everything in several easy to read sentences, layman's terms. Lets see how this comes out lol.

    2. Anonymous8:28 PM

      Donald needs someone to grab tonight.Is that you? Or are you just hoping and praying that if you attack those who write about his lies and deceit he will notice you and hire you for that? Ask Sarah how that worked out for her.

    3. Anonymous8:45 PM

      Got it 8:28, so you can't really piece it together then...

    4. Anonymous4:34 AM

      8:28-- The lol person is just a troll. Enjoy, and ignore.

    5. Anonymous7:09 AM

      So can you actually regurgitate exactly what you think Gryphen has strung together? Still waiting........

  14. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Oh dang, mitch doesn't like replace aca version. So he is trying to get re-elected. I wanted to see him when he did not get re-elected.

  15. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I'm hoping that the CIA has planted programs in their computers that will destroy any entity trying to hack them. Hard to believe tha CIA would let themselves be hacked.


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