Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fox News host calls for Paul Ryan to step down hours after Donald Trump tweeted that everybody should watch her show.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

At the top of her show, Jeanine Pirro, host of “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” delivered a scathing commentary on Ryan’s performance in the days leading up to the decision to pull the House Republican bill to overhaul the Affordable Care Act.

“It failed within the first 70 days of President Donald Trump’s administration, a president who made the replacement of Obamacare the hallmark of his campaign and then used valuable political capital to accomplish it,” said Pirro, placing the blame squarely on Ryan. 

“Speaker Ryan, you come in with all your swagger and experience and you sell 'em a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure, and you allow our president in his first 100 days to come out of the box like that, based on what?” she said. “Your legislative expertise, your knowledge of the arcane ins and outs of the bill-writing process? Your relationships? What? Your drinks at the Hay-Adams with your pals?”

This woman is a nasty, nasty piece of work.

What was really interesting about this is that Trump sent this tweet earlier in the day.
I actually watched this last night, since MSNBC was visiting prison again, and was amazed at how Pirro managed to spin all of this to protect Trump and lay all of the blame on Ryan.

At the end of this segment Pirro had two guests on who clearly had not received the memo and were exactly on board with her version of events.

And though I am certainly no Paul Ryan fan, her version of events is pure unadulterated bullshit.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Big orange idiot really thinks that Paul Ryan is concerned by the ranting of a serial failed candidate whose criminal lobbyist husband went to prison for seven-figure tax evasion?


  2. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Sarah Palin read Boys Will Be Boys by Shailey Tripp and Vickie Bottoms and tell us what you think.

  3. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Yep Jeanine is a piece of work. She spread's her legs for trump.All the while throwing Ryan(much deserved) to the wolves.
    One nice lady who would eat her young for attention.Another scum from the world of trump.

  4. How far down the rabbit hole are we going here? This lunatic tweets secret code messages to his groupies and here we are again - what a loser. As with everything else he says and does, this manbaby fool doesn't have the balls to be honest about anything - he tells the media how things are just so awesome with his bff Ryan and how proud he is of all the hard work the know nothing squirt has done.

    But WAIT! His stubby fingers then immediately sent out the secret code message and gee whiz....another coinky dink! His groupies tune in and oh my! That dumbass broad is yammering on about what a shithead Ryan is and it's all his fault that it failed bigly.

    THIS is the Republican Party and it IS as bad as it looks. These asshats all standing in a circle and shooting each other as they continue to set the bar lower and lower.

    Please - PLEASE wake me up from this nightmare. SMDH

  5. Anonymous5:08 PM

    Boris the spy dog in the White House.

    With the ever-deepening Russian scandal looming over him, Donald Trump, on Friday, introduced a new member to the White House … his dog. Some say this is a calculated move to deflect attention from the controversy surrounding his administration and to endear him to dog lovers everywhere.

    “I’d like for you all to meet my new best friend, Boris,” said Trump. “He is a mix Black Russian Terrier and Mexican Chihuahua.”

    The adorable pooch was an instant hit with the assembled White House press corps..

    One journalist asked Trump if he named his dog after the late Russian president, Boris Yeltsin.

    ** “No,” said Trump. “I named him after my favorite childhood cartoon character, Boris Badenov, from the Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.” **


    (Boris is a spy for the fictional nation of Pottsylvania, and takes orders from the nation's leader, Fearless Leader (and occasionally the rarely seen Mr. Big). Boris's missions range from trying to steal a secret rocket fuel formula to eliminating all television from the United States as part of Pottsylvania's various attempts to seize power. Boris, who is thoroughly dedicated to (and takes delight in) all manners of nefarious deeds, would also sometimes engage in his own schemes, such as starting his own organized crime gang and hiring himself out as a professional executioner.

    If Trump’s aim was to distract the press from the political storm engulfing his presidency, he missed the mark.

    (or he's giving us all the middle finger)

    “Sir, with all due respect, and with all that’s going on, should you be naming your dog after a fictional Russian spy?” asked an intrepid reporter.

    “When are you people going to understand this whole Russian thing is a ruse perpetrated by Obama and the Democrat Party?” snapped Trump. “It’s a set-up to distract the American people from all the fabulous accomplishments of my administration.”

    “Why aren’t you reporting about the illegal Obama wiretapping of my office at Trump Tower?” asked the new president.

    Someone yelled out from the back of the room, ”Because it is not true. Only yesterday James Comey, your FBI director, asked the Justice Department to publicly reject your wiretapping allegation.”

    Trump pretended not to hear the reporter’s answer. Instead, he took a biscuit out of his pocket and threw it up in the air. Boris, eyeing the treat, jumped to snatch it.

    “Boris and I are going to be best friends and the American people are going to love him as much as me,” said the newly-minted dog lover. “They just have to get to know him.”

    “I have to admit, I was never a dog person, but just look at that face!” exclaimed Trump as he prepared to leave with Boris for another weekend golf trip to Mar-a-Lago.

    1. For a moment there, I thought you were talking about Boris Epshteyn. But he's OUT.

    2. Anonymous7:07 PM

      Is this a joke? Satire? Probably.

    3. Funny article. The photo is from 2013 and is an Affenpinscher, Banana Joe, who won best of show at Westminster that year.

      Trump is no dog lover despite the façade he tries to create.

      Breaking yet another tradition this year's winner of the Westminster dog show will not get to meet Donald Trump. I guess because he doesn't live in New York or Trump Tower any more.

      I guess Trump hasn't figured out that having a First Dog can be beneficial when it comes to the misdirection/distraction part of the job. Also makes you look more human, humane and a "man of the people." I guess he figures he's president now (and you're not) so he doesn't need any help, not even from a dog.

      Too bad, really. A dog is the only unconditional love money can buy. A dog doesn't judge you by the clothes you wear or how much money you have. There are no comments about how much weight you've put on or hair you've lost.

      A dog would probably be the best mental health treatment Trump could do for himself.

      Which is why he won't get a dog.

    4. Anonymous7:26 PM

      Devin Nunes may have run to Donald Trump to tell him about FISA surveillance on Boris Epshteyn

      Is this why Boris Epshteyn abruptly resigned from the White House?

      ...If Boris Epshteyn is under direct surveillance, it would only be because a judge granted a FISA warrant based on evidence that he’s been conspiring with a foreign power against the United States. Epshteyn is a Russian immigrant with ongoing business ties to Moscow (source). If Epshteyn is under FISA surveillance due to his Russia ties, and if Nunes saw surveillance evidence on Tuesday night that Epshteyn had incriminated himself or perhaps incriminated Donald Trump, it would explain why Nunes panicked and ran to Trump in violation of all protocol – and why Boris then resigned.

      Donald Trump just signaled he’s willing to walk away if we make him miserable enough

      ...When Trump and the Republican Party leadership put forth a bad health care bill and couldn’t even rally enough votes within their own party to make it pass, he tried to fix things by making threats against the Republican defectors. But once he realized they weren’t afraid of him, he cut his losses and declared the entire issue dead. Of course he blamed Speaker Paul Ryan for the fiasco, which was only fifty percent correct. Perhaps Trump should have tried actually reading his own bill before he went out and tried to promote it in half hearted and embarrassingly clueless fashion, in between his near constant rounds of golf. But the point is that once Trump realized he’d lost on the issue, he walked away from it. Nevermind that he’d been making it a verbal priority at rallies for a year and a half.

      If the overriding goal of The Resistance is to get Donald Trump out of office before he does any more damage, then this has to be seen as good news. Resignation is the quickest – and really the only quick – path for getting rid of him. Once Trump realized he would get nowhere on health care, he walked away from it. That suggests that if Trump concludes he’ll get nowhere by remaining in the presidency, there’s a viable chance he’ll cut his losses by resigning. In fact, bailing on his own failures is the one thing Trump has historically done the most consistently. Make him miserable and hopeless enough in office, and he’ll quit. He just telegraphed it.

    5. Anonymous9:08 PM

      Oops, never mind (h/t Emily Latella, snl).


    6. Anonymous11:03 PM

      lol Palmerreport.

      Why don't you put 'report after your last name and start your own official sounding blog like nobody Bill Palmer did?

    7. Anonymous12:44 AM

      Here you go, why don't you send Bill Palmer (supreme journalist?) some of your hard earned cash.

      Like most respected journalists, he has a gofundme page to Impeach Donald Trump!

      He is already at the astounding number of 26k of 1 million hoped for after only a mere 3 months lol!

      Because this is the kind of thing uncompromising and ethical journalists do. Right? No?

  6. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Truth be told, nobody has much of an appetite for the Shite Sandwich Ryan served up.

  7. Anonymous5:26 PM


    Secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially to cheat or deceive others.

  8. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Donald Drumpf Doesn’t Win Anymore
    “The closer” blew it.

    Donald Drumpf, who wrote a book about his preternatural ability to get deals done, lost in his highest-stakes negotiation yet. Drumpf failed to get House Republicans behind a badly battered health care bill backed by Speaker Paul Ryan, and the bill was pulled at the last minute on Friday afternoon at the president’s request.
    Drumpf, who barnstormed the country blasting leaders who he said had damaged the United States and promising that he would win so much that Americans would get tired of it, is decidedly on a losing streak, facing fresh questions over when and where he will find a signature victory for his young but stumbling administration.
    The major health care defeat follows an injunction against a travel ban from Muslim-majority countries that itself had to be rewritten because the original executive order faced such steep legal challenges. Both of those setbacks came amid the cloud of investigations and allegations into ties between Drumpf’s campaign and Russian officials that led to the resignation of his national security adviser Michael Flynn.
    Drumpf isn’t even winning in polls, which he used to frequently cite during the campaign. According to a new Quinnipiac national poll released this week, his approval rating is at 37% just two months into his presidency, when presidents have historically had high approval ratings.
    His press secretary, Sean Spicer, sought to deflect blame from the president, saying three times that he “left it all on the field” in his calls and cajoling of Republican lawmakers but that “at the end of the day we can’t force somebody to vote.”
    Still, Drumpf allies realize the blowup on health care is damaging to Drumpf and the prospects for passing his agenda.

    1. Except he didn't write the book.

      He paid the guy who wrote the book.

      It's only his book because he bought it and put his name on it.

    2. Anonymous6:50 PM

      Just like the university, the steaks, the hotels, the golf courses. Too bad his name isn't attached to the bankruptcies, frauds, and nonpayment of services. Before this is over, he'll wish his name was Mudd. The rest of us already know his name is $hit.


    3. Anonymous9:15 PM

      Georgia Peach, were ever 'lancetheboil' on mudflats?

      I always enjoy your direct (often subtly humorous) and fact based comments.

      Keep up your truth-telling!


  9. Anonymous5:41 PM

    The Death Of Trumpcare Is The Ultimate Proof Of Obamacare’s Historic Accomplishment

    The Affordable Care Act overcame the tea party protests of 2009 and the Democrats losing their filibuster-proof Senate majority in 2010. It survived two challenges in front of the Supreme Court and the calamitous rollout of

    Now it has withstood the attempt to replace it with the American Health Care Act, better known as Trumpcare.

    Somehow, despite the intense political forces arrayed against it, and the mind-boggling policy problems it tries to solve, the 2010 health care law keeps defying efforts to wipe it out. That says something about the people who wrote it ― and what they have achieved.

    Obamacare has never been hugely popular, and it has never worked as well as its architects hoped. Millions of Americans don’t like it and, even now, there are parts of the country where the markets are struggling to survive.

    But the program has provided security and access to care for millions of others. More importantly, it has shifted the expectations of what government should do ― and of what a decent society looks like.

    This week’s defeat of the Republican repeal effort shows just how hard it is to undo those changes. And it won’t get any easier.

    What Obama And Pelosi Did (And Trump And Ryan Didn’t)

    Donald Trump Continues To Back Paul Ryan Despite Conspicuous Tweet, His Chief Of Staff Says

    ...This was strictly “coincidental,” Priebus said during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday.”

    (yeah, now that's a load of bullshit)


      "The Trump administration has already begun using its regulatory authority to water down less prominent aspects of the 2010 healthcare law.

      Earlier this week, newly confirmed Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price stalled the rollout of mandatory Medicare payment reform programs for heart attack treatment, bypass surgery and joint replacements finalized by the Obama administration in December.

      The delays offer a glimpse at how President Donald Trump can use his administrative power to undercut aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), including the insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion that Republicans had sought to overturn."

      Let's not forget the Trump administration is already under investigation for obstructing enrollment by pulling advertisements that had already been paid for.

      "Without the backing of Medicare, the biggest payer in the U.S. healthcare system which Price now oversees, the nascent payment reform movement could lose momentum, sidelining a transformation many experts believe is vital to reining in runaway U.S. healthcare spending.

      Price "can't change the legislation, but of course he's supposed to implement it. He could impact it," said John Rother, chief executive of the National Coalition on Health Care, a broad alliance of healthcare stakeholders that has been lobbying the new administration for support of value-based care.

      The move Friday to pull the Republican bill only reinforces the risk to the existing law, which Trump said on Friday "will soon explode."

      "It seems that the Trump Administration now faces a choice whether to actively undermine the ACA or reshape it administratively," Larry Levitt, senior vice president at Kaiser Family Foundation, wrote on Twitter.

      "The ACA marketplaces weren't collapsing, but they could be made to collapse through administrative actions," he added."

      In which case I would hope someone would be suing the shit out of the Trump administration.

    2. "President Donald Trump in the coming days will sign a new executive order that unravels his predecessor's sweeping plan to curb global warming, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency said Sunday.

      EPA chief Scott Pruitt said the executive order to be signed Tuesday will undo the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, an environmental regulation that restricts greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants. The 2015 rule has been on hold since last year while a federal appeals court considers a challenge by coal-friendly Republican-led states and more than 100 companies."

    3. Anonymous6:04 PM

      Markets trying to survive, huh, and guess where. RED STATES.

    4. Anonymous6:59 PM

      Ah, yes, Dr. Price. Sad to say, he hails from Georgia. I think he forgot the oath, "first do no harm". My dad was a physician, a radiologist, and Price is no physician.

      "Politicians were not born, they were excreted." Cicero


    5. The Red States where they turned down the medicaid expansion and did everything to sabotage and the markets.

      They got what they wanted.

      If they want healthcare, I guess they'll have to MOVE.

      Of course, there's no place for them to go where it's working that isn't BLUE.

  10. Anonymous5:59 PM

    For Team Trump, it's a long weekend of bitterness and golf

    ...You can definitely tell where Trump's heart is at. He didn't want this fight, he didn't give a damn about this fight, this "healthcare" nonsense was all supposed to be the setup for the one thing Donald Trump feels passionately about: cutting Donald Trump's taxes. He didn't care what the deal was, so long as he could say he made it, and now that he can't even do that he's gone off to pout over 18 holes of golf while Steve Bannon drafts up the latest White House enemies list.

    Because to Trump, it's all about him being boss and the rest of you peons doing whatever he wants done at the moment, whether it's smart or stupid or will result in 24 million Americans losing their health insurance or involves a large vat of hot melted cheese. He doesn't care what happens, he just wants to know you'll stick your head in the vat of bubbling cheese when he damn well tells you to.

    'Yeah, well. Welcome to politics. I'd advise the man to get a dog, but I can't imagine there's any dog out there that deserves such a thing.'

    ...aaaand he just got a dog.

    1. No. He didn't.

      The dog that the wife of the owner of the National Enquirer set up for him, the golden doodle Patton? Well, she fell in love with him and decided to keep him. Trump told her fine, he didn't want a dog anyway.

  11. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Gee, I thought Congresscritters represented their constituents --ya know, the reason we call them Representatives? Exactly what part of their oath says their job is to make T.Rumpty Dumpty look good? Looks like Jeannie Weenie needs a lesson in the Constitution. Back to 5th grade for her.

  12. Anonymous6:11 PM

    Yeah, no accident, that...

    Drumpf casually and passive-aggressively tossed Ryan under the bus. After saying out loud, 'he worked hard' and not criticizing him in public...

    Not that I feel a smidgen of pity for Ryan; none at all, in fact.

    I'm rather enjoying watching this internecine warfare.

  13. ibwilliamsi6:13 PM

    "(Trump) then used valuable political capital to accomplish it..."

    The man wouldn't know political capital if it came up and sat on his face.

    1. Anonymous8:44 PM

      Orange buffoon probably thinks when he runs out of political capital he can file for bankruptcy, screw the creditors and get a new fresh start. Again.

  14. Anonymous6:25 PM

    I saw that one person was quoted in saying that for this country to find balance, it needs to unity under one leadership. Ok, that being said, what was Congress doing the last 6 years?? They did everything in their power NOT to do a dang thing. There was NO unity there. So NOW, all of a sudden everyone is supposed to play nice in the sandbox?? WHY THE BIG CHANGE IN ATTITUDE??? Heck, Mr. Trump's fanclub won't even back his healthcare disaster....which I find hilarious. Don't blame Paul Ryan.....It's tough to peddle crapola.
    Some people are touting that Mr. Trump isn't a politician.....with his track record, so far in this trainwreck of an administration , that is obvious. He also doesn't get the Constitution, either. This country is screwed in more ways than we ALL get to watch what happens when people vote for "the lesser if the two evils." Which, that statement is an oxymoron, in and of itself.

    1. Yes. Exactly that. That is how the Republicans think.

      When Democrats are in power you obstruct and divide.

      But when Republicans are in power everyone is supposed to shut up, roll over and agree to everything in the "spirit of bipartisanship."

      That's why everything is always the Democrats' fault, no matter what. They should have simply voted for that disaster of a non-health care bill just because.

  15. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Russia Probe Is ‘Most Important Thing I’ve Ever Done,’ Senate Intel Committee Vice Chair Warner Says

    The vice chairman and top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee on Sunday re-affirmed how critical he feels his work is in looking into issues related to Russia's attempts to interfere with the 2016 election.

    "I've said before: this is the most important thing that I've ever done in my public life," Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., told NBC's "Meet The Press."

    "And what I know now as I get more and more into this: I am going to double down on that statement cause it's extraordinary."

  16. Anonymous6:36 PM


  17. Anonymous6:51 PM

    And play nice w/Donald Trump? Give me a friggin' break! He's only good at creating some new bullshit every other day that sends the media off and running on a new topic of his choice!

    The media needs to stop giving him the constant coverage (cable!!!) and thoroughly investigate his Russian connections so we can get the slob's 'entertainment show' (barf!) off the air forever.

    His showmanship (use that term very loosely!) is a fiasco and irritating as hell to watch! I detest Trump and the men that surround him.


    1. Anonymous11:01 PM

      Do you actually have something to impeach him on or are you just repeating yourself daily?

    2. Anonymous7:04 AM

      !!:01 What don't we have to impeach
      Benedict Donald???? the Evidence is overwhelming. to say the least. Putinbot. and hey there is always the 25th.

    3. Anonymous7:29 AM

      Don't forget we always have the 2nd.
      Off with their heads..LOL

  18. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Cut it out, Gryphen! do you have to make EVERYTHING political? smh

    You seem to have conveniently forgotten that Drumpf considers presidenting a secondary part time job. Dont you remember he is still the world's greatest television producer? He's still Executive Producer of countless successful reality TV shows include The Apprentice and many, many others too numerous to name.

    When he tweets that we patriotical Americans should watch a show, he's wearing his World's Greatest Producer hat. And he's wearing it not just because it does a better job of hiding his bald spots than the official MAGA(tm) hat.

    Anyone who knows Drumpf will tell you he can be very, very focused for very, very brief periods of time and can take some jobs somewhat seriously when he feels like it.

    At the end of the day, can we really ask more of the 45h president of the US o'A than what he's already doing? The answer is clearly not just no, but HELL NO!!

    And, as we're learning more and more each day: the man is literally doing the very best job he is capable of doing.

    And I reckon that's gonna inspire a whole lot of people, dozens, perhaps hundreds, maybe a thousand!

    But, yeah, mostly it'll scare the shit out of nearly everyone else.

  19. Anonymous7:39 PM

    As Americans Abandon Religion, Trump Conservatives Push Church In Schools

    Although it is true religious Republicans have panted to make public education a theocratic endeavor for a few decades, it is probably true their efforts became paramount after a long-term study’s results last year confirmed their worst nightmare.

    ...The “General Special Survey” between 1972 and 2014 found that there is “a sharp decline in religious observance” among Americans. The report noted Americans were five times less likely to pray, and roughly half as likely to believe in god, or say the Christian bible was “divinely inspired.” In fact, of the nearly 59,000 respondents queried, most say they don’t even “privately practice religion or describe themselves as spiritual.” It is, in any universe, an acutely depressing downward trend for the religious right and confirmation that Americans support secularism in government precisely as the Founding Fathers intended in creating the U.S. Constitution.

    ...In December there were reports of a policy manifesto from an influential Christian conservative group with ties to Trump and Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos calling for dismantling of the Education Department to facilitate putting god and bible in public classrooms.

    The manifesto calls for all K-12 public schools to teach bible classes, post the Ten Commandments in plain sight, recognize and celebrate holidays “from a Judeo-Christian” perspective and abolish secular-based sex education materials from public schools facilities. The manifesto, “Education Reform Report” is the product of the Center for National Policy, a “front for radical conservative Christians” with close ties to DeVos and several “top White House officials,” including Trump’s fascist master Steve Bannon. The report’s demands can be summed up thus; ”the restoration of education in America that promotes religious schools and enshrine historic Judeo-Christian principles as the basis for instruction.”

    The radical Christian group laid down some “assumptions” to base the Department of Education’s theocratic agenda such as:

    “All knowledge and facts have a source, a Creator; they are not self-existent.” And that “Religious neutrality is a myth perpetrated by secularists,” and schools will “develop training on philosophy of education for K-12 faculty based on historical Judeo-Christian philosophy of education.”

    Trump’s choice to dismantle public education and replace it with theocratic indoctrination, Betsy DeVos said her goal is to use the full force of the Trump government to “Confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance god’s kingdom.”

  20. Anonymous7:49 PM

    Maybe he's bangin' her.

    1. Anonymous8:25 PM

      LOL. Maybe she's just happy he made a grab for her pu$$y. Isn't it nice to have a president we can respect? ;)


  21. Anonymous8:25 PM

    What an incredibly annoying sounding woman. Reminds some people of you-know-who...

  22. Anonymous9:17 PM

    IMPEACH the orage orangutan!

    1. Anonymous11:00 PM

      Whats the charge 9:17?

      You don't like him and have the sads? Maybe the mads?

  23. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I can't wait to hear Ryan's reaction! What a passive aggressive way to diss Ryan. So obvious. Sad.

  24. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Maybe Ryan should resign, but Pirro needs to jump off a tall building.

  25. Anonymous10:29 PM

    According to Seth Abramson, Christopher Steele will soon be testifying against Trump. And Louise Mensch says that the FBI successfully obtained a FISA warrant against Donald Trump as an "agent of influence" for Russia, with regard to money laundering. And recently resigned Trump aide Boris Epshteyn is suspected of being a Kremlin spy who set Trump up for the rumored "pee pee tape".

    Wow, things are really moving fast now.

    1. Anonymous12:08 AM

      Lousie Mensch lololololololol!

    2. Anonymous3:33 AM

      So Boris Epshteyn is a real person?
      Sounds like a cartoon character ala Bullwinkle's.

  26. It still amazes me that people who support such antics can complain about media bias in other outlets. To call it 'hypocrisy' falls way short of the matter.

  27. Anonymous1:11 AM

    I admit to a feeling of schadenfreude watching Trump throw Ryan under the bus. Somewhere, John Boner is watching, and laughing his head off.

  28. Anonymous1:52 AM

    Report: judge-granted FISA warrant defined Donald Trump as a Russian agent of influence

    Trump, Manafort, Page, and Boris Epshteyn named in warrant

    Four and a half months ago, former British Parliament member and current political journalist Louise Mensch reported that she had an inside source confirming a FISA eavesdropping warrant which covered the Donald Trump’s campaign ties to Russia. It was met with skepticism by some at the time, but events have since unfolded to vindicate her original reporting and sourcing. Now Mensch is finally able to reveal the four Trump campaign people covered in the warrant – and Donald Trump himself is one of them.

    As Mensch reported at the time, a judge issued the warrant against two Russian banks for alleged money laundering, not against any individual people – but four people from the Trump campaign were named within that warrant (source: Heat Street). Now that Congressman Devin Nunes has announced on live television this week that someone in the White House is under surveillance, and now that Boris Epshteyn has abruptly resigned from the White House in the fallout from it, Mensch is confirming that Epshteyn was one of the four people named in the warrant. But it’s one of the other three names that sets off the biggest alarms.

    In addition to Boris Epshteyn, the other three people in the Trump campaign who were named in the FISA warrant were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump himself. For these four men to have been named in the FISA warrant granted by the judge, they would need to have been considered Russian agents, or Russian agents of influence.

    In other words, back in October, a federal judge concluded that the FBI had sufficient evidence that Donald Trump was a (witting or unwitting) “agent of influence” of the Russian government with regard to Russian money laundering. The sudden resignation of Boris Epshteyn amid the Devin Nunes meltdown suggests that Epshteyn was possibly still being surveilled under that warrant. Louise Mensch was right about this story in November, and she’s almost certainly right about it now. Her latest reporting on the matter is a must-read on her political news site Patribotics.

    Boris Epshteyn Named in July FISA Application; Did Nunes Obstruct Justice?

  29. Anonymous1:55 AM

    While Russia has threatened pro-POTUS leaks, bot activity has dramatically increased, targeting scientists and politically vocal figures.

  30. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Anus mouth, seriously.

    "The various warring fiefdoms and camps within the White House are constantly changing and are so vast and complicated in their nature,” said one former Trump campaign aide, “that there is no amount of reporting that could accurately describe the subterfuge, animosity and finger-pointing that is currently happening within the ranks of the senior staff."

  31. Randall4:49 AM

    Yes, Pirro is full of shit and a horrible person
    ...but isn't it fun to watch them savage each other?

    note to self: buy popcorn futures

  32. Anonymous11:14 AM

    That's quite a "reach around," Trump. got anything else up your sleeve?


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