Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Good Morning. It's Tuesday and Donald Trump's approval ratings are now at 36%.

Courtesy of Gallup: 

President Donald Trump's job approval rating fell to 36% for the three-day period of March 24-26, following Republican House leaders' failed effort to pass a new healthcare bill that would have replaced the Affordable Care Act. 

Trump's three-day reading prior to Friday's events was 41%. His previous low point was 37%, recorded March 16-18. His highest reading was 46% in the week following his Jan. 20 inauguration, and he has averaged 42% for his term to date. 

Trump's current 36% is two percentage points below Barack Obama's low point of 38%, recorded in 2011 and 2014. Trump has also edged below Bill Clinton's all-time low of 37%, recorded in the summer of 1993.

Who thinks this is just the beginning of a downward trend?

I wonder if Donald Trump is tired of winning yet?


  1. Anonymous2:15 AM

    The answer is 'No' Gryph.

    We the people are tired of #45 winning (and whining).


  2. Anonymous5:09 AM

    I don't believe 20% of the voting usa citizen population approve nor voted for this fraud and bigly liar.

  3. Anonymous5:55 AM

    36% is pretty high consisting he hasn't really don't anything except hold rallies and sign dubious executive orders.

    Remember he was going to finish off his list in the first 100 days and spend the rest of the time golfing.

  4. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Trump is a fucking asshole and I cannot say it often enough. Under his dictatorship, America and its population is doomed.

    The 'powers that be' need to stop him in his tracks and impeach him! He has already committed treason!

  5. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Trump is being compared to some great folks in some cases.
    As a stand alone his approval rating should be much lower .
    I hope deplorables and some fox watchers wake up sooner then later?
    This man is very stupid."bigly sad" .What a moron!

  6. Anonymous7:08 AM


  7. Anonymous7:26 AM

    Good (Fun) Physic Read: "timeline has the ACA imploding and then exploding." We will see....


  8. Sarah Falin8:32 AM

    I know things can get worse for our presidunce.

    Like what happened to me.

    You think things are in the 5 gal mud bucket crapper, but you already have your boarding pass for the gravy train aaaaand suddenly the shit hits the fan because the h8trz are h8tin!

    Next thing ya know it's the 3rd of July and I'm writing a last minute screech!

  9. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I predict his support wont drop much further. He's got a floor of 35%-40%. His ardent supporters are living in their own world and believe that his continuing failures are the result of biased media, corrupt Democrats, disloyal staff, and unreliable Republicans. Nothing will ever be Drumpf's fault.

    And taking it a step further, this thin-skinned, incurious, incompetent, narcissist, pathological liar is more likely than not to win re-election. If he isn't impeached before 2020, of course.

    (Anyone remember 2004???)


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